When talking about SJWs and their sometimes hilarious interpersonal relationships, we do have to keep one thing in mind: they’re all batshit crazy. So, it’s really only degrees of craziness that you’re discussing when you talk about their disputes with one another. Nonetheless, I’m going to go ahead and show you these chatlogs that Chloe Sagal just released of her asking Brianna Wu for help, and being coldly rebuffed.


Long story short, Sagal is in a dispute with PayPal over some possibly shady shit she did. I don’t know, and don’t really care enough to read about it. I think it was for some surgery she was trying to get done. Someone will post it down in the comments. I’m conceding that she’s questionable. But, all she’s asking Brianna Wu for is a lousy retweet. I don’t think that would kill her. If my nutty friend begged me for a RT, I would give it to them. “A retweet does not equal an endorsement”, as the old line goes. So what’s the big deal? I guess Brianna just doesn’t want to share the wealth:

As I alluded to above, Brianna Wu is now pulling in over $13,000 per month on the Patreon she set up to hire a personal Twitter handler. If you’re incredulous over that, you’re not alone. Ms. Sagal and other on the anti-GamerGate side seem to be quite pissed as well. But, remember: It’s not a suffering competition!

They could have fooled me!