Some women don’t seem to understand  a fundamental fact about Victoria’s Secret underwear and their models: they’re both meant to be attractive to men. Yes, women are the ones who are doing the purchasing, for the most part (although men shop there for gifts etc., all the time), but if the products aren’t appealing to men, then they lose their cultural cachet. You don’t get Victoria’s Secret just to look nice. You get it to look sexy.

Some ugly chick’s and/or feminists (as we know they often go hand in hand) are up in arms about a recent ad that was posted on the company’s Facebook page. The cover photo shows the top-half, but if you’d like to see the whole thing you can click here. Here’s some of their complaints, from that same article:


“Your customers are women, not porn stars,” one female commenter wrote. “Stop catering to men.”

Another commenter seconded the overtly sexy nature of the photo.

“Am I the only one who notices their pictures are starting to get more trashy? They don’t even look “professional” anymore (photography) they’re just awful….” Another female commenter wrote.

The photograph itself isn’t even that bad, although I’m not gonna take the chance and show it here. It shows a striking blonde pushing out whip cream into her hand from a Reddi-wip container. Of course it has sexual connotations, but again, that’s to be expected. It’s a fucking Victoria’s Secret lingerie ad.

The whole point is to make women seeing said ad think about how enticing this would look to a man. Yes, they have other products that are loungewear, but this outfit isn’t one of them. How goofy do you have to be in order to fail to realize that? I would go check these profiles for women’s studies credentials, but it’s late and I’m on my phone. I don’t think it would come as any surprise to all of you to see those there, though.

I don’t really have much more to say here, I just thought this was funny and worth a short hit before I went to sleep. If any women readers would like to comment on this, that would be welcome. I’d also like to hear from the men as well, as always. It’s also worth pointing out that Victoria’s Secret controls 61.8% of the lingerie market. I doubt they need any pointers from jealous feminist harpies.