Full Account of Big Baby Brianna Wu Having Me Tossed From Panel (UPDATE WITH VIDEO)

Full Account of Big Baby Brianna Wu Having Me Tossed From Panel (UPDATE WITH VIDEO)

I went in about 20 minutes beforehand and caught then end of the previous panel. Seemed inoffensive enough. We all sat there for a minute as the room cleared and new guests rolled in. I got a better seat and waited for Brianna to roll in with her big gangly ass. She finally did, with her abuser husband in tow, but I didn’t look up.

I surreptitiously took few pictures, and decided to tweet one of them out. Now, I’m not a stupid man when not blind drunk, so I knew there was a chance someone would see this on Twitter. But, I did that shit anyway. Why? Well, I knew that they would look terrible for kicking me out over taking a picture of a panel speaker at a public convention. How big of a fucking baby do you have to be to kick out an adversary?

Think of C.H. Sommers. They protest, scream at her, try to ban her from speaking. What does she do? Keeps right on smiling and smoking fools. She doesn’t have opponents ejected from her speeches. That’s the act of a coward.

Anyway, back to the story. Wu starts loudly bitching about them not having a DVI connection. Check your DVI privilege, bitch. But after that, she was looking hard at her phone. She then surveyed the room and locked eyes with me. She came up to my table and said “Are you the one who sent this?” I didn’t event try to deny it. I said yes, I was.

She looked at me with total rage, like she wanted to take a fucking swing at me. I guess I would hate me too, if I were her, considering how bad I’ve fucked her up here on the site.

She’s said “Get him out of here.” Then some goony bearded white dude came over and said I needed to leave. I asked him why, and he said,  “Because she wants you gone.” Wow. Great fucking convention you fucks are running there. You throw people out for taking a picture of a panelist? Total trash. The convention kinda sucks anyway, so I would advise anyone else to sit out future RavenCons. They’re boring and they throw out peaceful dissenters. It’s not worth your time.

They didn’t throw me out of the entire convention. But I left anyway, because as I said, it sucked. The Twitter reaction is amazing, and I will come back and put the top stuff down below this account when I get home. I’m still at the Arby’s across the street, and am about to drive home. What a memorable evening, all thanks to Big Baby Wu. I’ll try to update this with audio later as well, it the backup recorders came thru.


UPDATE: Here’s the hilarious video hahaha…

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • the red army

    are we in bat country?

    • Fatherless

      …bat shit crazy country?

      • the red army

        no stopping then

    • Patrick Ross

      Don’t stop here.

    • ThatGuy

      Yes we are, and no stopping!

  • Syltique

    That sounds like a scene out of a movie lol. Bravo! I can’t wait to read about it all on twitter. What authoritarian asses lol.

    • Silence Dogood

      My experience with conventions is the fucking goobers who run them are MASSIVE loser in their everyday lives and the kind of people who run “security” are nothing more than nerds/geeks with a lust to engage in some bullying. A goony white guy with a beard? He’s the special flavor of loser, who I’m sure can count the number of times he’s had sex on one hand and that’s because they’ve been with that one hand.

      Thank you folks I’m here all week!

  • Chicago_Joe_GG

    Lol, Ralph. Why did you say you were at an Arby’s? hahaha you’re just asking for it on that one.

    Anyway, fuck those idiots. At least they learned not to kick you out of the place entirely from the mistake the Calgary Expo made last week.

    • raimsammi

      He’s gotta get his product placement in there somehow, like a bad Adam Sandler movie.

    • Patrick Ross

      Maybe the con organizers just dumped him over the fence as if he were a dead possum. “Well, it’s Arbys’ problem now.”

  • tz1

    Next time have someone sit at a discrete distance and record if not livestream. I’d pay to see that.

    Social Justice Wu-rriers.

  • Dr. Michael Poole

    this might be the single best post in the history of the retort

  • tz1

    Ah, the convention organizers weren’t DeVIous enough? STEMinists can be hopeless. Maybe the problem was that the cable or connector was the wrong gender.

  • raimsammi

    This was a private event. Was photography allowed?
    All proof of this is crucial.

    • Nohbody

      If Ravencon uses similar policies as to other cons that I’ve actually attended, unless it’s specifically stated “no photographs” the general rule is that it’s allowed as long as it’s not disruptive (like, f’rex, a million candlepower spotlight or a flash that could rival a thermonuclear detonation).

      • raimsammi

        You mean like the “cosplay is not consent” signs that state you should ASK other con-goers?

        • Nohbody

          I’ve never been to a con with those signs, but from what I understand that’s about actual harassment of cosplayers, like grabbing them or sexual harassment. Taking a picture in a public (as in not in a person’s private room) is not harassment, especially not of a panelist sitting in their seat in the panel.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    So wait..they don’t even need a fair/rule breaking reason to eject you from something you paid for? These conventions really all seem to suck major ass :

    • raimsammi

      Rule #1 would have fit

      • Wisdomcube2000

        Can you by any chance link me to the rules? It sounded like he didn’t do anything wrong from what I skimmed in this article.

        • Wisdomcube2000
          • Silence Dogood

            They’d have to prove it’s harassment. Her skimming Twitter for mentions of herself makes her a fucking narcissist, not a victim. It’s called get off your fucking phone and give your presentation. Man I loathe that… that… transvestite donkey witch. Sorry Sarah Jessica Parker, but you’ve been usurped.

          • shinningprodigy


          • Anita

            Her seeing the tweet is from the ralph retort and being familiar with the content of the ralph retort and the kind of language used regarding her on the ralph retort would be entirely fair reasoning.

            I mean, I fucking hate these pieces of lying shit as much as the next guy, but when you put this kind of material out there and this kind of criticism and do it in such a juvenile way, what the fuck do you expect?!

          • Dick Gozinia

            considering she was telling an old Banker dude not more than a few weeks ago how fucking important she was, it’s pretty safe to say she’s far more juvenile than ralph is. on that note, she deserves every bit of ridicule, no matter how scathing or venomous it is, because she is far more scathing and venomous (and narcissistic, to boot) as all of her fucking the tractors. that fucking eunuch can go fuck a flag pole, and you can get the fuck off of our planet. where the fuck did you come from, the planet funkotron?

          • ZetaBlade
          • Pintheshadows

            ‘as all of her fucking the tractors’

            Typo of the week.

          • Dick Gozinia

            I blame Google for that. Fucking speech to text algorithm never gets this shit right.

          • Silence Dogood

            Oh please. It’s free speech and what Ralph has here doesn’t remotely fit the legal definition of harassment, no matter how much these shitwits want to twist it to mean something other than what it is. I challenge her to show one thing on here that Ralph has covered that isn’t true. She lies non-stop. I can’t think of a single thing that wasn’t demonstrably bullshit. She literally had him thrown out of a panel because he was mocking her online, as is his RIGHT under the first amendment under the protected category of satire.

          • Nohbody

            To be fair, there’s usually a dead period before and after a panel when people shuffle in/out, so the actual panel may not have started at that point (and cons tend to not be all that great at punctuality in general, anyway).

          • A Real Libertarian

            Looks like Rule #1 means Wu needs to be removed from the premises.

            I mean scrolling though the tweet feed of a fellow con attendee sounds like stalking to me.

            Oh, and if they try “she’s the guest of honor, Ralph isn’t!” I should point out that that’s saying it’s OK for the panel givers to stalk & harass convention-goers.

            That doesn’t sound like a very “safe space” to me.

  • WTF Magazine

    Wu is such a fucking retard

    • Anita

      What the fuck is up with the way her husband walks? He moves like my cat when he’s terrified of a stranger who has come into the house, only with even less of a spine.

      • Silence Dogood

        He looks to be ethnically… Azn. As in he’s like, from that part of the world and grew up in the culture etc. Now that probably sounds racist, but actually go out and interact with people who are very insulated in Asian communities. They do things very… different. Not bad, just noticeably different.

        Oh, also he’s married to a fucking TRANNY. She might have had her bits snipped off, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were together pre-op, which makes him at least bisexual. He probably had his locking chastity butt plug in. That’s how she keeps him in line. Well, that in the “yes dear, whatever you say dear” absolute obedience some Asian men display.

  • Sand Ripper

    Ralph, you should have waited until the presentation was underway before uploading the pic, just to see if Wu would have caused a scene in front of the audience. 😉

    • Gwarh

      Exactly, that would have been much better. Let her sabotage her reputation on the court of Twitter.


    I’m amazed she didn’t say something really lulzy, like “HOW DARE YOU?! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” or “YOU ARE TRIGGERING ME!”

    • Jon Snow

      ‘Get him out of here’ is close enough in my book. how large of an overinflated sense of self importance would it take to utter those words?

      • Silence Dogood

        Lol, to be perfectly honest I would have denied having sent it. I would have been like, what are you talking about? Is the panel going to start soon?

  • JasonC5

    Time for you to have a stream with Sargon of Akkad or Veemonro’s channels along with the HoneyBadgers on these expo outings and SJWs.

  • shinningprodigy

    Can’t say I’m surprised. She probably thought she could one-up calexpo. Could be wrong of course.

    That pic above tho needs a disclaimer. I nearly lost my lunch.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    “I’m still at the Arby’s across the street” He’s going to kill again.

    • bazzar

      I hope he reads some tweets by @nihilist_arbys while he’s there.

  • Silence Dogood

    I’m sorry you had to go through all that Ralph. 🙁

    On the bright side I just came across this:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSG4xqjDqnM and OMG this is fucking awesome hahahaha, the sound of crumbling narratives indeed.

    • Social Justice Whitey

      Teal Deer rawks,,,

    • bazzar

      At some point someone is going to get worried about what might happen at E3, and we can expect certain people to be thrown under buses.

      • Silence Dogood

        E3 is very, very professional and VERY focused on consumerism and their reputation. My guess is they would handle these situations very differently. In fact, I’m sure the tide of screams that’s going to be met about Milo and Nichegmer is going to be met with a carefully crafted reply of “Grow the fuck up children.” Just like that Australian convention that protected Based Baldwin’s right to appear.

  • garf02

    where is the video ralph D:

    • Silence Dogood

      *gentle petting* Soon, soon there shall be much merriment had at the expense of a mentally ill tranny.

  • Jaker_K17

    How long until she claims you threatened her or your presence was threatening or some stupid bullshit?

    • Angus66

      His very presence was extremely “Triggering”…..

  • Clayton Weaver

    A public event that removes your rights. I foresee RavenCon closing its doors forever if they keep listening to SJWs and irrelevant people like Wu.

    • Patrick Ross

      According to their website, she’s the “guest of honour.” I presume the multiple levels of irony are unintended.

      • mrwizeass

        If she’s their “guest of honor,” I don’t see them being around much longer.

      • supergarr


    • garf02

      panelist DO can filter the people in the panel, but as the guy in suit said (I guess, you cant hear shit) they can not kick him out of the con and Wu was clearly upset when she hear that

      • Anita

        I’m pretty sure he was kicked out because of who he was. If it was just the fact that he had taken or posted a picture, they would have warned him and politely asked him not to use any recording or photographic devices again.

      • Brad Fillion

        That was the best part, the fury when they said no! Ralph’s an asshole but he did nothing wrong here.

    • Me

      It’s not a public event. Nor is it a public space. They have every right to control access, and to limit activities (like videotaping/etc.) in that space. That’s what that paid-for badge means.

      Mind you, since it’s not written policy, it would be harder to legally enforce.

      • Con’s are public events open to the public organised and run by private companies. Not sure where the confusion is in that.

        • Me

          Nope. Go to one, read the fine print. Look into the relevant case law. Ask who holds the event space contract with the hotel.

          Been doing this for 25+ years. Tossed my fair share of id10ts who think “oh, it’s a public event, you can’t tell me what to do.” Oddly, they’re the ones that have gone to jail.

          • crydiego

            Good point. Do you how the Calgary Comoc Expo is organized? Is it a private corporation, or a composite of private and public? I assume it is a mix of some kind. Still, they have the rights you speak of.

          • Me

            Calgary appears to be a Canadian corporation. Based on the HBB posting, it appears there’s some possibility they may become a former Canadian corporation.

    • Nohbody

      In the fine print of every con I’ve been to or heard of, they do reserve the right to remove attendees that are deemed to be disruptive, with “disruptive” generally being up to interpretation outside of specific issues (assault, sexual harassment, and such).

      In this particular case, though, RavenCon and Wu-wu were being pissy little bitches.

      [removed stuff about another con, apologies for the brain scramble]

    • arrow2010

      LOL, cons don’t need gators to break attendance records. Don’t overate the importance of gators.

      • Clayton Weaver

        No, don’t need gators to break records, but they do need people to attend. Seeing how reactionary Wu and the rest have been by quickly declaring any and all criticism as GamerGate it is only a matter of time before she kicked others out just because they looked at her funny. We only know of Ralph being kicked out, but we don’t know if she went on to kick out others as I’ve not seen any other stories of this nature.

        • Gwarh

          Until her (and other SJW celebs) power is checked and denied she will continue to escalate. Taking umbrage at smaller and smaller things.

          They are like children who are never disciplined. They will attempt to get away with anything we (Greater Society) let them get away with.

  • Red-Tail

    What a fucking bitch. I don’t get how people are so blind to her stupidity and paranoia.

  • shinningprodigy

    Ugh I kinda regret watching that video now. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

  • kasey307

    What a ugly evil bitch!

  • MeteorMess

    “He took a picture of me, kick him out of the planet”

    Jesus Christ these people are beyond the concept of stupidity.

    • Angus66


  • Tanner Thomure

    I laughed way to hard at this. Did you at least let out a really bad fart? And that’s why they had to remove you?

  • DavidicLineage

    Quoth the raven “what a whore”.

    • Phil Giordana Fcd

      Upvoted for E. A. Poe reference.

  • nrrork

    Aww man, I wish she HAD taken a swing at you. Not because I want to see you get punched, I’d just LOVE to see her lose control in front of EVERYONE like that. . .

    • Brian

      If it was posted in the middle of the presentation, she just might have.

  • Splattergrunt

    So…she makes a HUGE scene to kick you out instead of quietly talking to security that seemed to be present. Drama Queen much there Wu?

  • Landale

    And of course someone goes out of their way to block the person recording that bullshit.

    • Should have stuck the camera between his legs “how you like dem apples!”

  • wow

    Ralph I hate you a lot but this is bullshit

  • Silence Dogood

    LOL at the security wearing a kilt. 2 kinds of guys wear kilts. Bad asses, and geeks who are trying to LOOK like bad asses and fail fucking spectacularly.

  • Silence Dogood

    And why the fuck wouldn’t people be able to record? Oh, right, because Wu is going to lie her ass off and doesn’t want to get BTFO’d all over social media.

    • mrwizeass

      Here’s to hoping someone didn’t listen or found a way to record her inconspicuously.

      • Silence Dogood

        I wonder if anyone knew shorthand and took notes? A TRANScript would be nice… cwutididther? 😉

  • mrwizeass

    “He took a picture of me without my permission.”
    That’s what happens at public events, you stupid bitch. And to actually demand that you be booted from the entire convention!? She’s got some balls. Or rather, DID have some balls.

    • Patrick Ross

      She was the guest of honour. The con was treating her as a celebrity. Taking pictures is what people do when they see a celeb at a convention.

      • arrow2010

        It’s just a display of power.

      • Angus66

        I don’t know if I should upvote or down vote your comment….. I mean you did call Wu a “celeb”

  • Ben (Broken)

    The difference being Christina is sane and carries integrity with her at all times. I’m sorry this happened bruh but you have to admit,the outcome was pretty damned predictable!

    Personally I think we should just leave Bri alone. Not because I like her but rather because I believe she would fade from relevance if no one gave her attention. I mean every time someone from GG pokes her she gonna play damsel and try to make a big production out of it!

    Don’t get me wrong,Ralph! I lost my sides at the whole fiasco. I felt a lil guilty for doing so but alas,I’m only human! I also thought she acted immaturely and you should have gotten to stay so long as all you were doing it taking a few harmless pictures!

    But seriously, this might be a good point for a “last hurrah” before moving onto better things…..

    • Angus66

      I’ve been saying the same thing when I hear “we should just leave them alone and they’ll go away”.

      It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

      BTW, it appears we’re not welcome in our own culture anymore:

      • Angus66

        I’m 48 and I know EXACTLY how you feel…

        …no apology needed!

        • Angus66

          Here is another of my “favorite” quotes from the SJW camp.
          I wonder who this “superior, progressive audience” would consist of?

  • William Burr

    Dude, don’t just get up and go when they tell you to. Make them move you. If you move, it lets them think it makes sense, because you’re the one doing it. After all, you’ve been convinced to do the work. It’s only once they actually have to have persons haul your physical mass around that anyone understands that what they’re doing is total bugfuck nutso.

    • DavidicLineage

      Strongly disagree. He showed himself to be the reasonable one, and that was the right move. Those con staff on the video like him better than Bri now, right?

      • William Burr

        Eh. Just no. It doesn’t look reasonable, it looks like the weaker position (after all, he’s the one who had to leave). It also leaves the stage for the dominant party to get to say what exactly happened there. Sure, in a brief bit, it looks okay, as he’s forcibly ejected. But no, overall, I cannot agree that somehow it is the better position. History, etc., written by the victors, etc. It’s often important to be the last man standing. While it may be *honorable* to bow out, it is not necessarily *effective*.

        • DavidicLineage

          y…you’re kidding, right?

          This isn’t in any way a standard conflict, and your analysis method would be outdated if used on the Cold War. There’s one methodology that is acceptable because it costs us absolutely nothing, and if that’s an option you always pick it. That’s letting them cannibalize themselves. He did his part, as have plenty others. Sit back. You’ll see.

          • William Burr

            This addressed nothing! So okay. We’ll sit back. And see. Not that capitulating here will indicate any right-or-wrongness of any position, but I guess we’re relegated to sitting-back-and-seeing to determine what’s good or not now. If party A sits back harder than party B, they’re more right?—don’t answer that, I don’t want to spoil my chances of being right by seeming that I’m trying harder than party B…

          • Mr Snow

            Gotta agree with Ralph being right by leaving. If he would have stayed it would have just given ammunition for the anti-gg crowd.

            Wu looks insane, because somebody tweeted a picture of her.

          • William Burr

            Y’see, Wu only looks insane to you because of your allegiance. To the other side, it’s just a reasonable request to have a harasser ejected. That’s how all of these things are nowadays, a veritable Choose Your Own Adventure of what constitutes “ammunition.” Which is why the real, tangible, physical act is important, and the physical act here was capitulation.

        • Old fashioned ideology.

          In the era of instant communication History is written by those who broadcast it first, or most often. And with the prevalence of symbols and memes, memory is more powerful than truth, you only have to be remembered, not right.

          We’re part of a generational impasse where emotional arguments, carry more weight than accurate ones, and we trust the messenger rather than the message, especially if that message is something we agree with already.

          Strength or confidence based victory only works if one side is effectively censored or removed from participation. and when the loudest person broadcasts their intention, you never have to consider rational thought until a counter argument is heard to rally against.

          As a result of that weakness to trust people, justice via the media is swift and reckless, and has a long list of aggrieved people in it’s wake who were unapologetic about being wrong, and don’t apologise, ever.

          Radical politics has a few methods they like to use to censor debate, and people are just as adept at ignoring content that doesn’t fit a pattern, just to make the pattern fit.

          E.G. If I tell you Dihydrogen monoxide kills thousands of people per day, would you be outraged ? It’s in all kinds of food, chemicals, and it’s poisonous. And scientists see no problems with including it in our food or giving it to children, etc.

          Am I framing Dihydrogen Monoxide as a threat ? sure. Do you agree that it’s a threat ? maybe.

          If someone else you didn’t like, now told you Dihydrogen Monoxide was the safest ingredient you could possibly ever add, and that children were entirely safe ingesting it, would you believe that person ?

          besides, It’s no longer the victor that writes history, it’s Video.

          TV news has shaped how we see the world, so that a story without a face only becomes news when someone is willing to attach a face to the narrative, and represent it.

          It’s a weakness of traditional TV and a weakness of the media consumer. Video, is the final word in any dispute when it can instantly counter accusations, retort against fantasies or misdirection, it can’t ask or answer questions, and it can’t help, it only warps reality around it as an artifact.

          • William Burr

            Oh please. Reach is not engagement. Your “Video Killed the Radio Star” theory of news is comforting to slacktivists, potato-chip-munching youtube watchers, and Twitter warriors everywhere, and nobody else.

          • Angus66

            This is all unfortunately true. Just look how Anita, Zoe and Wu have the media locked up with all their BS. No one is hearing/seeing (quickly enough, if at all) a counter-argument.

            Add to that the media has framed the three as victims who are “standing up for what’s right” against incredible odds – the entire awful, misogynist, hateful internet gaming community.

            I work in a moderately sized company with 200+ employees from blue collar all the way up to top management. I have brought the subject up to three co-workers of mine. None know me very well and they’re likely “average” as far as games, tech and the internet goes – not really into online gaming and all three still consume the common/major news channels – CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox etc.

            One had seen the Anita/Wu/Gamergate piece, one had heard about it from someone else and the third knew nothing of it.

            Let’s just say that two out of the three had EXACTLY the kind of opinion of Gamergate and MALE video gamers as Anita, Zoe & Wu want them to have. The remaining person said they’d look for more info on the web, and the next day had the same opinion as the 1st two.

            It was VERY frustrating to see and I don’t think I’ll ever convince two of the three that what they have consumed is 99.99% BULLSHIT.

  • Ross

    Note, the guy made this new rule after the event.
    “Throw him out because he took my picture”
    (“Oh shit I better tell everyone to not record anything now that we have already thrown someone out for that very reason”)

  • bans

    Ralph certainly came off as the better…man person.

  • whatever

    Security Dude has a nice utilikilt, needs to lose like 20 pounds in his gut to pull it off correctly.

  • I guess Calgary Expo isn’t the only thin-skinned convention out there.


    God dammit Ralph, you needed to film the whole thing. You had one job.

    And also: Arbys? Again? YOU’RE A MONSTER.

    EDIT: I’m an idiot and missed the video update. When I saw the look on her face, I fucking lol’ed. 10/10

  • Social Justice Whitey

    Video of Ralph being kicked out from another angle and Wu’s full response,,, http://youtu.be/PCyMkgqY2FM


      But do you have the video from Arbys?

    • Angus66

      Edit: working now… And VERY funny!

      • Social Justice Whitey

        Check yer gadget or computer. Still working fine from both of mine. And for other people as well. Gotten a few likes since you posted that.

        • Angus66

          It’s working now….


    I can already anticipate how The Mary Sue is going to spin this:

    “At last night’s RavenCon, brave, beautiful Brianna Wu’s life hung in the balance. The Leader of GamerGate, Mr. Ralph Retort, held a knife to Wu’s neck for several hours until a SWAT team could take down the hateful misogynist. Mrs. Wu, a tireless pioneer of women in gaming and creator of Revolution 60 (the best game ever made – go buy it on Steam now!) was shaken, but unharmed.

    When reached for comment, Anita Sarkessian said ‘I’m so jealous. Her Patreon donations are going to go through the roof!’. Anne Wheaton also had this to say: ‘Every time Brianna Wu inhales oxygen, I’m going to donate a $100 to Zoe Quinn’s Hair Dye and Facial Piercing Foundation. Take that, GrandmaGropers!’. Her husband Will could be seen in the distance, crying and setting his wallet and himself on fire. More on this story as it develops”

  • Guest

    What does the schmuck at the end say?

  • ever heard of a bro on a diet

    it was called gamergate 101? isn’t that like asking a person who chose to be child free to head parenting 101?

  • Daniel Hemingway

    OT, but you’re a handsome man, Ralph.


    So, all it takes is one little harmless photo of John in front of a panel and tweet to him and send him into a fucking frenzy?

  • Alex

    Well screw these big conventions…


    I wish you could’ve stuck around for a bit longer. Just the fact you being there in John’s presense would’ve been enough to flip his mind and eventually lose his shit during the panel.

  • Agustina

    Gotta give credit to her, she’s actually so disconnected from reality that she actually believes that she was in danger.
    Hey, if you’re going to make shit up at least stand by it… right?

    • JennyS

      He didn’t look scared to me, just a bully.

  • Mr Snow

    Ralph, lol we could be brothers 😀

    Good on you man, you were nice and respectful. No #gamergate con would ever do this shit to people.

    • Anita

      No #gamergate con would be allowed to hold a convention at any venue on the planet. I mean, people will stick up for Stormfront and other neo-nazi groups and their racist hate-rallies on the basis of free-speach, but dare to imply that the flood of SJWs into gaming are doing so disingenuously and are just looking for another place to push their shitty agenda while attacking everyone who enjoys that hobby like we do and you’re a fucking terrorist. Nobody is going to let “basically ISIL” have a venue!

  • Hrondir

    All I got from this was that Ralph is a fat neckbeard.


    • hurin

      We should buy this for Ralph.

      • gixxerharry .

        Looks like Wu is capable to beat you up Ralph

        Better do something about that Ralph

    • Will_Z_Macht

      He is not beach body ready.

    • chris perez

      Too much Arby’s roast beef but that shit is really good.

  • Rage intensifies. Look at Wu. She’s like a mad dog with rabies except she’s not foaming yet around her mouth. The guy was just calmly sitting there and she literally kicked him out for not breaking any rules. Who da fuck Wu thinks she is? A fucking president of the World? She’s a spoilt brat who pissed tons of parents money and made a mediocre iOS game (well, others made it for her). Her regular job is whining on Twitter and creating fictional harassment to fuel her Patreon. That’s Brianna Wu in 1 short paragraph.

    • Anita

      Wu looks and acts like an unmedicated schizophrenic. I don’t understand how everyone around her is so fucking oblivious to that.

      • Silence Dogood

        Because they live in a culture of hypersensitivity and GOD FORBID someone challenge ‘her’ otherwise they will be called:

        transmisogynistic (because that’s a thing now, even though spell check disagrees)
        homophobic (well, there’s no cock and balls anymore, so, I guess they wouldn’t use that one)
        ummm…. Republican? (Probably)

        It’s a common tactic used to silence people – shaming under the guise of “halp I’m a protected category of person being discriminated against!” No, Mrs. Wu, being challenged on a controversial topic, that YOU chose to have a fucking panel about, isn’t something that merits that kind of bullshit.

        But yeah, to people who aren’t some degree of blind and/or partially or fully retarded, she does look like an unmedicated schizophrenic. But, honestly, have you BEEN to a lot of conventions? The people who go there can tend to be a bit… off. And they go there to gather with other… off… people.

  • Anita

    That’s pretty shitty and uptight (she probably doesn’t want the idiotic shit she keeps getting caught saying to get out there), but it probably didn’t help when she noticed who you were (by your twitter account).

    If you want the reputation of respectable journalist or inquisitive dissenter, don’t write your articles in the style of an angry Stormfront moron, calling everything a “war” and “us against them” and calling people “the enemy” and pieces of shit and cunts and so on.

    I mean, all that shit is fine… just not if you want people to take you seriously.

    • Dick Gozinia

      I think I know why you picked the name that you have…

  • VRH

    bahahahahahaha this shit is funny, does she mention doxxing in video? what a clown hahaha thanx ralph for this, made my day

  • Sevuz

    First Wu wants attention then she/her does not. Make up your fucking mind Wu xD

  • utera

    The way she lumbered towards him…scary.

  • Marie

    well, at least that objectively shows how stupid she is! good going!

  • WTF Magazine

    Goddamn that video was a scream.
    ‘ Hurr dis is Da Ralph Retort who doxed my family durr’
    Wu’s an idiot

  • Callan Elliott

    What a fucking cunt. Almost objectively so

  • Dick Gozinia

    deductive proximity check. seeing as the picture was probably updated on her feed almost in real time, the stupid fucktard probably looked in the direction where the picture might have been taken from based on location of all objects in the room. to imagine the stupid tit had enough logic to figure that much out.

    • Dick Gozinia

      Hard to believe the putz has something of an IQ, but I guess even braindead slugs remember to breathe.

  • Mad Vandal

    The hypocrisy is mind blowing. Somehow Ralph is the “stalker” all the while it was Wu who is obsessively looking for him and watching his twitter. “Stalker” indeed.

  • Typical

    He is such a fucking faggot.

  • Manga Kamen

    And with that video, my faith in humanity has dwindled. And at the end there… No recording?

    I’ve been a part of panels at conventions, at most, people ask that you don’t take photos with flash because it distracts them, but video and non-flash photography is allowed at pretty much every other convention.

    This… This is…

    Well, I’m pretty much speechless on this.

  • MrSonicAdvance
  • Hendrik Vanderstijn


    • Syltique

      The irony ..

  • Erthwjim

    Who the fuck still uses DVI?

    • bazzar


  • Pintheshadows

    Well, that was eye opening and paints Brianna in an even worse light than she had done herself.

  • Milan Stefanovic

    Hahaha, you fucking troll you, Ralph. But yeah, the way she behaved after someone tweeted a pic of her, to me it looked over the top to much. I mean seriously. You payed money to go there. So by definition she has to shut up and talk, not say, he cant be here. She should have waited untill you DID something BAD before she got you kicked out. Not, oh, he took a picture of me and tweeted it. It just shows how much Briana Wu seems to sit on twitter like some fucking addict. Even on that video, she stared at the phone. She could have ignored it and spent time talking to pepople.Nope, twitter is more important, whille her Midget “Husband” went around talking to others.

  • Dave The Sandman

    I think the most telling stuff is right at the end of the video

    “there will be no recording of this panel AT ALL!”

    Oh really…..I wonder why.

    Just in case anyone wants to do a proper job of catching Wu, or the SJW Thoughtcrime Censors at their worst, may I recommend you shell out a small amount of cash on a pair of vid glasses like these next time. Big geek glasses like these blend in perfectly with hipster heavy audiences. Record discreetly, get the goodies, then go public. Think PI.


    Tip 2 – next time wait till the job is done before taking to Twitter eh? Dont forewarn the enemy, and dont give the fucksters any excuses to throw you out. You cant nail Wu et al for lying when you dont have any evidence of them at it

  • James Quin

    For anyone wondering, Brianna Wu also won this year’s Ravencon cosplay contest. All the judges agreed she pulled off a wonderful performance of Margaret White from the 2013 version of “Carrie”.

    • Jaker_K17

      Are you sure her cosplay wasn’t SCP-096?

  • Angus66

    I wish the video was higher quality so I could see the EXACT LOOK on Wu’s face when she read the tweet on Twitter…. 😀

    Edit: I wish I could have seen the look on (his)her face when (s)he is told that he can’t be kicked out of the convention… I’d pay real $$$ for that image.

  • Richard Drakos

    I gotta say, of all the people on the Anti-GG side, Wu is by far the nuttiest. “She” get’s “triggered” over the smallest thing and comes crawling back to them the second Anti-GG turns on her.

  • Alan Cliffe

    You were kicked out but the bloke filming was still there did he get the whole show? I tweeted a message 2 brianna and called her a coward and guess what? got blocked.
    Zoe, Wu and sarkeesian are the greatest fraudsters in the whole of gaming. seriously just say no comment but no, they have to get the last word in. and that word is patriarchy? third wave feminism? I’ve shat it.

  • TtTreatise

    This video raises the more important question of why “theralph” ever makes fun of anyone’s physical appearance, ever.

    • Phil_McG

      Eh? Ralph’s a normal looking dude.

      He’s not gorgeous like Milo, but you probably aren’t either.

      Wu is a train wreck of a human being and deserves to be made fun of.

    • chris perez

      So he’s slightly overweight, so what? The only person I have ever made fun of myself is Harper and she deserves the ridicule for always representing herself as slim in her avatar pictures when she is rather morbidly obese. I do admit it is a bit unprofessional for Ralph to make any remarks about a persons appearance as the content of their character is what matters most but then Ralph has never claimed to be a professional reporter so I overlook little things like his remarks about appearance.

      Just curious but why is your Discus account private? Got something to hide?

  • This made their HOME page of all things.. and they do slightly misrepresent [/s] what happened – https://archive.is/VlX9M

    “…Mr. Ralph was not ejected from our event, but asked by a member of the RavenCon staff to leave the panel on the request of the guest hosting. As is common with many panels, this guest had requested no recording of any kind by attendees, and Mr. Ralph — who had not identified himself as a journalist — began taking photographs before RavenCon could publically state this. As seen in this video —https://youtu.be/2xjIWxj9uCI — Mr. Ralph was requested to leave, and he did so peacefully and gracefully. Mr. Ralph still holds his convention badge and we welcome him to attend the rest of the event provided he adheres to the rules of the convention as posted on our website athttp://www.ravencon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ConRules.pdf”

    Conventions rules DO NOT say there is a no photography/recording rule in place, only that

    “6. Photographs, audio recordings, and videos taken during RavenCon may be used by RavenCon for the purposes of event documentation, media coverage, and promotion of the convention.”

    • Syltique

      Slightly misrepresent?

      • Fixed. Added an “[/s]”

  • Toastrider

    Alright, my review:

    First off, well done Ralph. Yes, you got tossed out of the panel, but by refusing to escalate (which could’ve ended poorly), Wu comes off as the tardbait here.

    Even better, rumcious is absolutely right. RavenCon’s own rules do not forbid recordings or images. Now they look like bootlicking toadies.

    I really wonder if there will be a GG-related panel at DragonCon. Last year things hadn’t really lit off, and the Women in Gaming panel I sat in on was fairly calm. Oddly enough, there WAS a MtF trans there on the panel as well. He/She (w/e) definitely wasn’t Wu though.

  • 5pb

    This is the future the SJW’s have created, controlling public spaces with their own laws.
    Start the true revolution now.

  • Charmieos

    I am more laughing that for being a “Game Dev” all she is brought in to do is talk about us

    • chris perez

      Gamergate made that fucking idiot. She has nothing else but a shitty IOS game that by second hand accounts she had very little to do with the development. Right now that idiot is nothing but a hipster welfare patreon leech and she needs to keep her victim narrative going or lemmings stop paying her bills.

  • DirkBelig

    What surprises me is that she saw it at all. Shouldn’t she have all the GGers blocked?

    • Jaker_K17

      No. Why would someone who plugs her Pateron every time she gets “harassed” or “threatened” block what she claims to be the source of these tweets? As far as I can tell, she doesn’t use the blockbot. I’m not blocked by her and I follow Sargon, Ralph, Sommers, Baldwin and Mark Kern, who, as far as I’m aware are the biggest names on the GG blockbot.

      • Angus66

        The lie that “we aren’t profiting off harassment” is getting weaker and weaker all the time.
        That Wu doesn’t use the blockbot is news to me though.

        Sarkeesian has even added that she’s “not a scammer/con artist” and she’s not “faking harassment to get sympathy and $$$” to her recent presentations.

        Her audience of course laugh when she makes those statements, totally buying the lie.
        Anyone who looks at the patreon accounts of Wu, Zoe or Anita should be able to connect the dots that harassment = $$$$$$ for them….

        • chris perez

          I just checked Twitter and i’m blocked from her account so she probably turns the blockbot on and off. The funny thing is if you do a search of her name in google the first option is twitter and the second, patreon.

          • Angus66

            Not surprising at all……

  • Blight

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Taco Salad

    The Security Lead was very clear, when he to Ms. Wu “he left..” now get on with it. Throwing rocks has gotten rocks thrown back. You are the reason your situation is not what you hoped with pseudo-celebrity. Move on, learn Ruby and how Dockerization mircoservers works and start being a technologist again, or for the first time.

  • Gwarh

    “Think of C.H. Sommers. They protest, scream at her, try to ban her from speaking. What does she do? Keeps right on smiling and smoking fools. She doesn’t have opponents ejected from her speeches. That’s the act of a coward.”

    Egg Fuggin Zacktly

    • Angus66

      I regret that I only have one upvote to give….

  • Flo

    BW is a total loser.

  • Darkguardian

    They must be working up to San Diego Comic-Con by hitting the smaller Comic-cons as a warm up.

  • Guest

    Don’t know if it’s still a viable tactic, given the rise of the modern police state, but if you’d insisted that you’d broken no rule, and weren’t going to stand or to leave, you’d have made them look like the villains and shifted the sympathy to yourself. At least that’s the way the Quakers did it at anti-war demonstrations in the 1960s, and those times appear to be coming round again. …

  • Wells Bristol

    What was she even there to talk about? Certainly not her game. She’s at the point of being paid to literally just complain bout how harassed she is. I always thought the whole professional victim thing was just hyperbole but here we have a person being paid, even being a “Guest of Honor” At a “gaming” convention. What relevance does she have to the industry? Her whole identity exists because of her hatred for GG, without that she has nothing

  • Beige Lantern

    He didn’t even state you were removed because you did anything. He said you had to leave because she said so.

    But we live in a patriarchy.