I went in about 20 minutes beforehand and caught then end of the previous panel. Seemed inoffensive enough. We all sat there for a minute as the room cleared and new guests rolled in. I got a better seat and waited for Brianna to roll in with her big gangly ass. She finally did, with her abuser husband in tow, but I didn’t look up.

I surreptitiously took few pictures, and decided to tweet one of them out. Now, I’m not a stupid man when not blind drunk, so I knew there was a chance someone would see this on Twitter. But, I did that shit anyway. Why? Well, I knew that they would look terrible for kicking me out over taking a picture of a panel speaker at a public convention. How big of a fucking baby do you have to be to kick out an adversary?

Think of C.H. Sommers. They protest, scream at her, try to ban her from speaking. What does she do? Keeps right on smiling and smoking fools. She doesn’t have opponents ejected from her speeches. That’s the act of a coward.

Anyway, back to the story. Wu starts loudly bitching about them not having a DVI connection. Check your DVI privilege, bitch. But after that, she was looking hard at her phone. She then surveyed the room and locked eyes with me. She came up to my table and said “Are you the one who sent this?” I didn’t event try to deny it. I said yes, I was.

She looked at me with total rage, like she wanted to take a fucking swing at me. I guess I would hate me too, if I were her, considering how bad I’ve fucked her up here on the site.

She’s said “Get him out of here.” Then some goony bearded white dude came over and said I needed to leave. I asked him why, and he said,  “Because she wants you gone.” Wow. Great fucking convention you fucks are running there. You throw people out for taking a picture of a panelist? Total trash. The convention kinda sucks anyway, so I would advise anyone else to sit out future RavenCons. They’re boring and they throw out peaceful dissenters. It’s not worth your time.

They didn’t throw me out of the entire convention. But I left anyway, because as I said, it sucked. The Twitter reaction is amazing, and I will come back and put the top stuff down below this account when I get home. I’m still at the Arby’s across the street, and am about to drive home. What a memorable evening, all thanks to Big Baby Wu. I’ll try to update this with audio later as well, it the backup recorders came thru.


UPDATE: Here’s the hilarious video hahaha…