As you might have just seen over at KiA, 8chan’s /gg/ is still run by the GNAA’s Niko of Death. The screen was just leaked in the thread as well. I was told not to leak this, so I just made the announcement on Twitter instead, and told people to take it or leave it. During the middle of all that, the news came out. But there were more screens that didn’t get shown, and that’s where I come in. Since they broke the agreement, fuck it lol. 

Here’s the full leak:IiFudOQYCPtGiLY-g70y1pEe3IFroH-a7zTqH_0CcVCX3yat


Personally, I’m still not a fan of the other board, and am not gonna support it. They have my links there blocked over some bullshit grudge being carried out by /v/’s owner. It’s lame and I’ll never back that sort of thing. Hopefully a strong #2 board can come about in the next couple weeks to replace it. I guess the other board could stop being lame too, but I wouldn’t count on it.


UPDATE: Counter theory is going around that the leaker was “worked” into releasing this, and that the board is in fact not owned by GNAA. I really cannot tell what’s true at this point, so I will just let time tell, I guess. I know I do want to see a strong #2 board, regardless of what happens.

UPDATE II: I’ll keep this updated with happenings from Twitter. Aubrey Cottle (@Kirtaner), is the guy who owns 420chan. There’s also a well-known anti-GamerGate troll in this group that goes by the name of Iggy Galvez (DM log has since been leaked). The fact that he’s hanging with a baphomet mod after all his crocodile tears in the past is astounding. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the other side to call him on it, though.

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a skype convo up there? Who would make a sock puppet and then manage to get a sock puppet in a private chat room.

  1. I cant still quite believe you fell for this shit Ralph… What happened to you? Do you not realize how hard hq people have been shilling their board? Sigh, whatever.

  2. Sorry, what? GNAA? As in, the guys who have been spamming Slashdot for almost twenty years?! Who even knew that was a real organization? I always thought it was just random idiots copying and pasting the same piece of spam for laughs over the decades.

    Also, all this shit makes us look fucking retarded. I give up. If you think we make hay over one SJW snarking at another one time on twitter, just imagine that infinitely amplified as they and others look-on toward our cesspool of childlike idiocy.

    This is all truly a face-palming thing. Ugh.

  3. It’s funny how they’re trying to damage control, but all this does is confirm what everybody not in their club thinks of the whole thing anyway.

    It’s the same group complaining that GG is throwing a tantrum making ALL the noise. The nearest I can see to GG throwing a tantrum is repeatedly telling them to shut up or fuck off.

    Funny though. They’re so proud of their little ruses that nobody falls for, because any reaction at all is somehow a victory.
    Pathetic ><

    Sadly, I think many supporting them that are in it for the lulz also genuinely oppose SJWs.
    It's odd to share so much in common with chan edgelords that cry whenever confronted with their own absolute faggotry.

    Even more amusing are people that pretend one group being arseholes or shilling somehow disproves another group doing exactly the fucking same.

  4. Ha! Sorry, but this shit is hilarious…y’all runnin’ around like a fucking chinese fire drill.

    Seriously though; send emails, tell everyone the truth, and fuck the SJW’s!

  5. Can someone who isn’t a giant faggot just make a new GG board? Seriously this shit is a retarded waste of time.

  6. Oh Jesus titty fucking Christ, what is it with these kids and adults acting like kids who can’t just buzz the fuck off and go do something productive with their lives? Oh. Right. Mental illness. And in a lot of cases just being a shitty, worthless, angry excuse for a human being (that’d be Teridax in particular). I’ll never get what makes someone excited to make other people angry on the internet. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that they’re profoundly ignorant and stupid and thrive in chaos since they can’t get ahead in an organized environment. But here’s a fun idea: Why doesn’t someone who is publicly known just create a gamergate board so there’s no more of this idiotic shit with gnaa (the van is coming kids, make no mistake)?

    1. ..its th’ same template with different trim: these gnaa fools and th’ aayy team ladies, theyre basically just little tumblr special snowflakes that dont mind saying faggot….they want to be really really special and fear anything too big for them to correctly evaluate, so they attack it and have their little clique and oh my what bad bad boys they are! They pretend to not give a fuck but you know what people who truly dont give a fuck are doing? Not bothering at all with any of this shit and something else completely…they want you to see their “wacky antics” and boring ass schlock so bad, its like a teen girl preening in front of mirror getting everything just so and then wiggling her ass down th’ hallway acting as if she isnt concearned or trying and above all th’ rest of th’ cattle and my oh my looky at me!…gnaa and aayy team and tumblr special snowfags are th exact same creature with different styles…nothing more,,,th kind of pussies who only know how to shit things up, but in reality, not enough to fucking matter at all…and like tumblrettes, they pick th’ stupidest names possible, going for yet another preen in fronta dat mirror then off down th’ hall to try and strut its boring flat ass…

  7. This shit is a fucking disgrace, a couple of tiny channer cliques trying to hold all of GG hostage by fucking around with it’s 8chan boards. Obviously it’s not working but it’s annoying nonetheless.

  8. Meow runs /r/AgainstGamerGate, which, despite the way it sounds, is a neutral debate board. Probably what they mean by “playing both sides”.

    Could be wrong.

  9. Hey look! A chat of known trolls decides to talk in the open about how they totally own the /gg/ board! There’s no way that they could just be saying bullshit to make people paranoid and troll them!

    Oh, Ralph wrote a big article that flat out states that the board is being run by the GNAA? So much for actually doing research before writing your articles. You just took a virtually baseless conspiracy and reported it as if it were proven truth.

    This is a fucking disgrace of an article.

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