I thought we might be done with Jonathan McIntosh around these parts for a long time to come, but as it turns out, I miscalculated. I should have known that a psycho terrorist sympathizer like him couldn’t go out and do anything of value. He has to shill another video series in order to make enough shekels to support his heroin habit social justice pursuits.

He actually uses the boogieman of the BIG, BAD, AND SCARY COMMENTS SECTION as a way to pitch this shitty project…

“Have you ever read an article about sexism in the media, and then made the horrible mistake of scrolling down into the comment section? Because if you have, then you’ve seen someone try and derail that conversation with demands of “What about the men?” Now the last thing the guys who are making that demand really wanna do is have a serious discussion about the sometimes harmful ways that media represents masculinity. And they especially don’t want to have that conversation if it’s inspired by feminism. And so, that’s exactly what this project is going to do.”

Here’s the full video, if you can stand it…




It’s sounds like it’s pretty much going to Tropes vs Women, except with a dude, and that dude can talk about other media besides video games. Although to be fair, this is the guy who wrote and researched most of Tropes vs Women, so I expect it will at least be up to that “quality.” It seems like maybe Anita Sarkeesian and #FullMcIntosh had a disagreement over where to go after wrapping their last project. That could have been one of the reasons they parted ways. I’m pretty sure he brought shame upon himself somehow, no matter what happened. Anita took his brand and he got jack shit. Now he’s scraping for dollars on Patreon (not that there’s anything wrong with that /wink). Sad.

Yea, super excited. https://www.patreon.com/popdetective
Excited isn’t the word. http://archive.is/OGYLa

Anita raised over $200,000 for her recent shitty project. McIntosh will be lucky to get $20,000…very lucky. Part of me is glad he’ll be around, though. We need the laughs that only a classic #FullMcIntosh freakout can inspire. In this time of national turbulence it would almost be sad to see a clown like this leave the field.

Then again if he got indicted for tax fraud or something I’d probably laugh my ass off, let’s be honest. I’m pretty sure most of you would as well. Still, let’s laugh at the crazy fucker while he’s still around.