It’s been a long couple of days in Baltimore. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the troubles they’ve been having there, with riots breaking out overnight. Almost every public person had denounced these violent acts, from President Obama on down. But there’s one guy who seems to think this is an appropriate course of action. His name? Jonathan McIntosh. 

Here’s the tweet he retweeted out to his followers:Screenshot_2015-04-28-12-13-24~2

He also tweeted out an article from The Atlantic that said the calls for nonviolence were nothing more than a cover for the rotten establishment. It’s one thing to understand why riots happen, but it’s quite another to offer support for them, or to criticize calls for peace. I’m pretty sure Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling in his grave reading this shit.

People like #FullMcIntosh don’t care, though. Their interested in the romanticized vision of violent class struggle. In reality, that vision is a nightmare. If people have grievances, they must address them peacefully. Destroying poor communities only makes then worse, not better. Peaceful protest is fine, even disruption can be justified. But violence cannot…unless you’re a degenerate like Jonathan.