Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early

Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early


When I first signed on to, I was skeptical. Some features were lacking, the reply system wasn’t very smooth, and there were several other quirks that kept me from using it very often. Things have improved a bit since then, enough that I think it’s worth a second look.

Yes, there are several areas for improvement. A direct messaging system would be nice. Hashtags that “trend” instead of stay the same day after day would also be a good idea. A lack of mobile apps was another complaint. Well, they now have an Android app, although Apple has so far been stonewalling them.  Still, with prominent people getting kicked off Twitter left and right (Mister Metokur is the latest high profile victim, as well as TRR contributor Christi Junior), Gab has now grown into an even more viable option.

There’s a vigorous debate today on my timeline about Gab, with many folks saying it’s worthless and many people saying it’s not. I don’t know if it will end up panning out in the long-run, but I do really believe it’s a decent option. Is it as fun as Twitter? No. The main reason for that is the lack of left-wingers to make fun of. But it is a good second option, or first option if you’re kicked off Twitter altogether. And with the things I post, even though I I am always vigilant about staying within the Twitter rules, I could very well end up being kicked off soon. The support staff there have a lot of leeway to ban whoever they want for whatever they want, which is why the terms of service (TOS) is so vague.

Anyway, hit me up on Twitter DM’s or at [email protected] if you’re still waiting to get on Gab. They gave me 100 invites to send out and I am eager to do so. If you hate the service and don’t see much point in it, that’s also fine! Just ignore this.

For the record, I am not being paid by them in any way whatsoever to post this article or send out invites. You can follow me on Gab under username @TheRalphRetort.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • For my two cents worth, I find the site pretty enjoyable- Not as populated as twitter, but I’m steadily gaining followers, which is more than I can say for the other twitter-alternatives I’ve posted to.

    And Gab was of concrete value during the election- grassroots supporters were able to communicate with hashtags quickly and clearly, spreading info that would have been shadowbanned and suppressed on twitter. So even if it’s not as big and raucous, it definitely served a function even in it’s early stage.

    Plus other tech companies seem intent on smearing it as a ‘racist’ site and blacklisting it, which makes me think Gab may actually threaten their hegemony. Fingers crossed.

  • MooPheii

    “Anyway, hitThey gave me 100 invites to send out and I am eager to do so. If you hate the service and don’t see much point in it, that’s also fine! Just ignore this.

    For the record, I am not being paid by them in any way whatsoever to post this article or send out invites.”

    You understand being given things that are not money also count as payment. Yes? Most users only seem to get around 5 invites starting out.

    What favours did you give for your extra 195? How’d it taste, honey?

    • Silence Dogood

      While you’re not completely wrong, in this case you are, in fact, mostly wrong. People are given keys, etc to hand out as a form of promotion – it doesn’t benefit them in any direct way so they can choose to either help or not help, depending on both their interest in the service and their user bases’ interest. He was given more keys because he has a much, MUCH wider user base to talk to than “most users”. If Ralph isn’t getting anything for it then we are obliged to take his word for it, simply because some intrepid internet autist WOULD find out about it and spam it all over the internet to ruin his credibility and Ralph isn’t that stupid. Please return to whatever corner of “ermahgurd someone shared something? SELLOUT SHILL!” – it’s retarded and trite and frankly I’m sick of it as I am sure many others are at this point.

      • MooPheii

        Okay, while I have to thank you for the extra info about Gab, I have to ask: Paid promotion vs Gift promotion. What. The. Fuck. Is the difference? Honestly, Dogood, come on.

        Of course you don’t have to answer because no one on this piece of shit site is obligated to do fuck all. Especially not take anything here seriously. Dude… the, erm… ‘person’ that runs this website is a lying sack of cum. Also, after reading this, apparently a fucking hypocrite. He has absolutely no evidence, but still suggests a, oh my gawd, FEMALE game-making employee sucks cock to get ahead. (… lol). And here’s actual proof that he makes favours? Are you kidding?

        • Thank you for supporting!

          Also, I don’t believe getting a bunch of invites is any sort of favor, especially since I am right now giving them to anyone who asks, regardless of their stance about or towards me.

          • MooPheii

            Yes, thank you so very much for shitting your diarrhea for me to come and inspect. It’s a lot of fun! And, don’t worry I have all the proper protective gear to guard against infections.

            Ahem: “For the record, I am not being paid’. No, you just got patted down. No actual skin-to-skin contact, just a light fondle.

          • Typical

            And what are you being given, except your imaginary shot at a blue haired hippo for standing up like what you imagine a man would?

          • MooPheii

            Ohhh, Yeah. No, sorry you only get one reply per day. Speaking of fapping it, maybe spend more time redirecting blood to your brain, dearie. Luv ya!

          • Typical

            Oh, I get it, you’re the blue haired hippo in question. Go make a sandwich bitch.

          • MooPheii

            Hey, look I have absolutely no doubt that you’re incapable of doing such a simple task yourself. But I’d much, much rather watch you get raped up the ass.

          • Typical

            Oh, man rape is a joking matter, typical kind of hypocrisy to be expected from SJW cunts. Know what to tell a woman with 2 black eyes? nothing, she didn’t listen the first 2 times, what difference does a third make?

          • Typical

            Back to fapping it to Link for you I guess, neckbeard.

          • MooPheii

            Ha ha ha, what? The fuck does Zelda have to do with this, freak?

            I mean, I’ll rub my clit to Link, sure. He’s the most beautiful male-thing in the world of gaming.

          • Typical

            well I mean since zelda’s asexual fairy man and this site are your apparent only interests, which is actually remarkably more robust a profile than 99% of the other losers who make new accounts just to come here and cuntsplain, I figured you should fuck off over to your wiiu or whatever.

          • MooPheii

            Wow. It’s like… if you were already on fire. And THEN you exploded into a million, brilliantly coloured little pieces. Simply magnificent.

            I look forward to seeing the next batch of vomit you probably call intelligence.

          • Typical

            I know you do, you dumb bitches are fascinated by real men, that’s why you fuck them while keeping your cuck boy friends around to listen to you bitch about why you can’t find a good man.

          • Plus, even if it is a ‘favor,’ you disclose it right there in the article.

            If you wanna get on DeepFreeze, you’re gonna have to try harder than that.

        • Typical

          If it’s so shitty, why don’t you just fuck the right off then, cunt? Holy shit, nobodies with day old profiles coming here to whine like a flappy old pussy, just leave if the site is so terrible, I mean, I know you’re just heading back to your little cunt community to high five about how we all got told in hopes some fat whore with face piercings and blue hair will let you sniff her panties, but other than that, what’s your end game here?

        • Silence Dogood

          I think he was just making a blowjob joke at her expense because it was funny and his sense of humor is crass. Or are all the womynz special delicate flowers that must be protected from all sorts of offense? You’ve also conveniently danced around the whole matter of either EA or her lying about her role since EA has disavowed her and that racist Indian guy.

    • DM

      I think most people have the 100 invites to give out, I started with five, invited people and then the number was bumped up to 100.

      • MooPheii

        Ohhh. Ok. Thank you for being informative!

      • MooPheii

        Ohhh, I see. I’ll take your word on that, thank you.

    • That Guy Who Goes There

      He’s turning into Harry Knowles. “Pwesents!”

      • MooPheii

        lol. Always thought that guy kinda looked like Dr. Zaius.

  • Silence Dogood

    I fully expect your recent bout of “fame” is going to get you kicked off Twitter, ESPECIALLY if you link your own articles because “muh hate speech and muh harassment and mysoggyknees”. There is absolutely a Left Wing ideological purge happening on that platform to people who engage in “wrong think” and you can fully expect there are internal conversations going on with the Trust & Safety Committee on how to get rid of you and several others. Basically it looks like they’re taking a staggered approach so as not to create large scale backlash and a user exodus that would benefit potential competitors. You will all eventually be banned or at the bare minimum shadow banned/throttled. Alternatives are a good thing and Twitter will fail completely when it becomes a PC Hard Left hug box.

    • I’m thinking that might come soon as well in light of the Mass Effect post blowing up. Noticing heat from all the usual suspects and I’m sure they’re whining about me to Twitter nonstop.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I’ve been a GAB member for several month and love it. No censorship issues and I KNOW the other members are conservatives. None of the Gabber I know are racist but they are ALL fed up with government lies and bullchit and not taking it any more. Donald Trump is MY President and it’s about time we all come together since we are being manipulated by a small group of America-hating scumbags who don’t appreciate the great nation and some scumbag politicians like Paul Ryan who need to go home in 2018.

  • tomthumb015

    Gab has promised a photo upload option, pretty much standard for any social media platform. Its dragged on for so many months now, alot of people have lost patience waiting. Gab needs to deliver, if it wants to attract more traffic and users?

    • I have had a photo upload feature for many months.

      As Andrew explained, such features are costly and would be opened up to donors at first.

      On Twitter, like Facebook, YOU are the product. On Gab it’s not that way or demonstratively heading that way.

      Send them $14.88 every now and then.

  • Craven Moorehead

    why stay on twitter? theyve shadowbanned everyone and changed the algorithm so that no one will even see your shitposting. LEAVE TWITTER and watch their stock collaspe. EXODUS.

  • For those of us who use Twitter as a non-mainstream news and information source, the Gab community is now at the stage where it is providing this, with a lot less spam.

    For those after cripple fights, Gab also has these (though of course not so many due to the aforementioned derth of libtards and generally perceivable higher IQ and decency).

    Hell, Gab even has a few lying jews (lower ranking goblins, too be sure).

    And no banning.

  • Jeff Mullins

    Well I’ve been on Gab for a few months and I’m not impressed. I’m so sick of seeing every social network with white backgrounds. They should’ve designed it like the old Twitter where people could upload an image to use as their background and they could upload an animated gif for their avatar. Gab has failed to be a good alternative to Twitter. .

  • thehotgates

    Gab is a bit echo-chamber-y. Partly the design. Partly demographics.

    I’ve been there a little over a month. I had 80 followers, until I sorted thru them. Approx 2 dozen followers hadn’t posted in over two weeks to a month. iow, new users aren’t sticking around. Another 30% of my 80 followers were soc-cons and christian cons.

    On the ‘politics’ and ‘news’ hashtags, once you find current posts on those hashtags, most of the posts are talking about christianity, in some form. The busiest hashtag is ‘faith’, with new posts every minute or two.

    Other than a few lone voices shouting into the darkness, the philosophy and science hashtags are intellectual sewers.

    Altright, NRx, etc, don’t have much of a presence on Gab.

    The site design is definitely not user friendly. Difficult to navigate. Plus, if you aren’t saying what everyone else is saying, you won’t get any ‘likes’ or followers.

  • Anyone Know Home to Signup for Pro/premium @conservativeread

  • MKFenris

    For some odd reason I have twice as many people following me on Gab than Twitter. And that is more odd than why JRock idols followed me on twitter. Cause no matter platform it’s just rants about normies tainting something I like or…shitposting anime girls.

  • I’m enjoying Gab so far – it’s growing all the time. Spend any length of time there and you do notice a diversity of viewpoints though it is of course mostly right-wing. You do need to possess the ability to handle truly free speech though, and to not get easily triggered and blindly react to people you disagree with – there are some members with some pretty non-mainstream views which some may not be used to seeing expressed quite so openly, but this is to be expected on any free speech absolutist network. I’ve learnt just to scroll past things I don’t agree with, even from people I’m following, but I do get the distinct impression that some people cannot do this and just turn into trolls blindly shouting and swearing at people, obviously completely triggered! That’s not the best way to get the best out of Gab IMO – live and let live, agree to disagree with others, respect their right to a different view, and you’ll be fine! I’m thinking of closing my twitter account over the next few weeks and making the switch complete – I just don’t trust the current mainstream SM giants much at all now so I’m giving up Facebook and going over to Minds as well.