When I first signed on to, I was skeptical. Some features were lacking, the reply system wasn’t very smooth, and there were several other quirks that kept me from using it very often. Things have improved a bit since then, enough that I think it’s worth a second look.

Yes, there are several areas for improvement. A direct messaging system would be nice. Hashtags that “trend” instead of stay the same day after day would also be a good idea. A lack of mobile apps was another complaint. Well, they now have an Android app, although Apple has so far been stonewalling them.  Still, with prominent people getting kicked off Twitter left and right (Mister Metokur is the latest high profile victim, as well as TRR contributor Christi Junior), Gab has now grown into an even more viable option.

There’s a vigorous debate today on my timeline about Gab, with many folks saying it’s worthless and many people saying it’s not. I don’t know if it will end up panning out in the long-run, but I do really believe it’s a decent option. Is it as fun as Twitter? No. The main reason for that is the lack of left-wingers to make fun of. But it is a good second option, or first option if you’re kicked off Twitter altogether. And with the things I post, even though I I am always vigilant about staying within the Twitter rules, I could very well end up being kicked off soon. The support staff there have a lot of leeway to ban whoever they want for whatever they want, which is why the terms of service (TOS) is so vague.

Anyway, hit me up on Twitter DM’s or at [email protected] if you’re still waiting to get on Gab. They gave me 100 invites to send out and I am eager to do so. If you hate the service and don’t see much point in it, that’s also fine! Just ignore this.

For the record, I am not being paid by them in any way whatsoever to post this article or send out invites. You can follow me on Gab under username @TheRalphRetort.