As said on Twitter a little while ago, today seems to be TotalBiscuit day here at Right after I published my earlier post, I was alerted to a attack piece written by SJW poofter David Gallant. Noted shithole Gamasutra was his chosen venue. I guess that only makes sense, since that’s where the War on Gamers was declared by the boozy Leigh Alexander. Keep in mind, these are the same people who censored RogueStar, but now host a straight out attack piece on TotalBiscuit. I guess as long as you have the “right” kind of views, you can say whatever you want on their blogs.

Here’s a small sampling from his post today, titled “For the Sake of the Industry: No More TotalBiscuit.” Yes, that was actually the title:

“You probably already know of John Bain, also known as The Cynical Brit, also known as TotalBiscuit. The self-proclaimed “#1 PC Gaming Critic of YouTube” has nearly two million subscribers on that service, and nearly four hundred thousand followers on Twitter. It’s likely that he’s covered your games, perhaps even garnering you a boost in sales. He’s a cancer survivor: that alone is admirable. He’s undoubtedly done many positive things that I’m sure will be listed in the comments below this post. However I need to make an appeal to you, the Gamasutra audience, and the collective games industry:

We need to stop enabling this man.

For a long time now, Bain has been exhibiting harmful opinions and being very dismissive when called to account for them. He wields his audience as a weapon against criticism. He very plainly supports GamerGate and aligns himself with the worst harassers in the movement. He is not a man we should be celebrating, promoting, endorsing, or helping; to do so is to lend support to his regressive opinions.”

“He has the wrong set of opinions, so we need to shut him up!” That’s the SJW Mindset. This is why I always try and be very careful before I call for someone to be fired or put out of work. Leigh Alexander was targeted because of her unprofessional behavior and attack on consumers. Dina Karam cheated some backers of Mighty No. 9 out of what they paid for. Their view are odious, yes. But that’s not why they needed to go. I’m concerned with real gamers not having much of a say at all on these sites. The time skewed in favor of the SJW minority is the issue, not that they’re allowed to speak at all.

Anyway, back to Gallant’s insane screed. Here’s his list of transgressions committed by TotalBiscuit: 

  • Retweeted a charity stream that asked him not to do so, then argued with the streamers as his GamerGate-supporting followers flooded the stream’s chat and made it unusable;
  • Threw a fit over Intel’s new Diversity Initiative;
  • Appeared on a livestream with several prominent GamerGate organizers, including harassers like Slade Villena;
  • Been buddy-buddy with Milo Yiannopolous, the same “journalist” who harassed Brianna Wu over her dying dog and who asserts trans folk are merely mentally ill;
  • Participated in GamerGate’s “Thunderclap”;
  • Links regularly to posts on /r/KotakuInAction, one of GamerGate’s organizing points, and a place routinely filled with slurs, transmisogyny, racism, etc.;
  • Routinely mocks concepts like “punching down”, chosen pronouns, trans identities, etc.;
  • Created a short Twine game for the explicit purpose of mocking Twine games and their developers;
  • Expressed support for notorious YouTube anti-feminist Thunderf00t;
  • Recently incited hate against Brianna Wu;

As I said in the earlier column, the charity allegation is fucking laughable right off top.

He was right to throw a fit over Intel’s bullshit (UPDATE BELOW). Diversity is one thing, but partnering with crooks like Anita Sarkeesian and IGDA is quite another.

The stream Gallant is talking about? I was on it myself, along with Internet Aristocrat, Sargon of Akkad, RogueStar (Slade Villena), and some others. TotalBiscuit was moderation personified on this stream. I was actually wanting him to crank it up a notch lol. To portray his appearance as some sort of offense is ridiculous, and par for the course for the contemptible David Gallant. His games are fucking trash, so he has to lie about a great man like TotalBiscuit. What a shitbag way to make a name for yourself.

The rest of the allegations are just as batshit crazy. I’m not the only one who feels this way. As it turns out, Gallant didn’t receive as much support from the Gamasutra commenters as he was probably expecting:


The only one who backed him up, was the same loser SJW who trolls all these stories to add her inane rantings to. For the most part, I don’t see too many people buying into this, except for the usual suspects on Twitter. Of course, when a nobody like David Gallant calls for a highly esteemed figure like TotalBiscuit to be erased from the industry, most people just look at it and laugh. I know I did. Thank you to the comments as well, as they only increased my enjoyment.