Gameranx Chief Blames Gamers For His Nazi Past

Gameranx Chief Blames Gamers For His Nazi Past

If you read our column last night, you already knew that Gameranx chief Ian Miles Cheong was a total waste of human flesh. But, in case you weren’t convinced, today, he had the nerve to try to blame gamers for his Hitler loving past!

The trademark SJW lack of self-awareness was on full display. After spending all week on Twitter saying his Nazi supporting past didn’t matter, today, he tried to pump out a half-assed apology. Instead of being a man, and owning up to his disturbing, Third Reich supporting, past, he instead chose to slander gamers once again. Leigh Alexander would be proud.

We’ll have more on this clown later this week.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Michael Anon

    “he had the nerve to try to blame Nazis for his Hitler loving past!” You might want to correct that…

  • simplicissimus

    Ian has no class. He could have just owned up to it and left it alone, but he stirred up drama by trying to shift blame. What a bag of dicks.

  • NotoriousPAT

    Oh yeah, the gaming community is so likely to make people neo-nazis! I can’t go two minutes in World of Warcraft without someone shouting “heil hitler!”. And a movie about someone who demolishes Nazis (Indiana Jones, Captain America) would never be popular with gamers!

    • Arch Stanton

      Or games like Bloodrayne, Wolfenstein….

      • Damn, I really wish we had another BloodRayne. Heh, maybe this time the deranged world-ending cult should be on a college campus!

        • Arch Stanton

          Yeh, BloodRayne was fun, but our blood drinking heroine is probably too politically incorrect for the PC police running gaming these days.

          Heh, yes, Miskatonic University with rainbow haired hipster cultists, great!

  • Arty McBert

    I would so enjoy getting in a boxing ring against Ian Miles Cheong, so much that I’d pay a thousand bucks. Hell, I’ll even let him go barefist, not that it would help him much. Just one round so I can wipe that smug, arrogant and smarmy attitude off that jack ass’s face.

    • Kyle W

      *Careful* now, Arty! You’re showing your support of the ‘Hetronormative, Patriarchal, Hegemony’ with comments like that! Hand-to-Hand combat is a tool of the Oppressor. The Gaming Morality Force uses, lies, Doxxing, Mental Bullying, Reputation Assassination & Impersonal Slander/Libel. Those are the proper UNcowardly weapons for a TRUE Social Justice Warrior!

  • sanic

    I’m not saying it was toxic gamers but it was toxic gamers.

  • chickenrittle

    I think he’s talking about the specific community where he made those comments (, who have been laughing him off as a complete joke since well before he left the site. Still doesn’t excuse him, though that site is pretty loosely moderated, so, like on /pol/, there are some people who believe, or pretend to believe, some nasty stuff.

  • goy

    hitler did nothing wrong, the holocaust is a hoax and jews control the world. go on enjoy your blue pill though

  • msq

    I wonder what he’s gonna say next? That gamers and video games were responsible for World War 2?

    • A Real Libertarian

      Well, of course…

      The war happened because the Judo-MRA hordes were secretly taking taking over the world as described in “The Protocols of the Elders of CisHet”.

      However, a certain well-known activist against cultural appropriation formed the National Social Justice German party.

      He, however failed in his quest for liberation of his people from their oppression at the hands of the privileged race.

      Why else is the classic enemy in the bigoted game industry Nazis?

      • msq

        He might as well say that a gamer travelled back in time to kill Franz Ferdinand…

        • A Real Libertarian

          Gavrilo Princip was a straight white male!

          And a teenaged atheist who had contact with horses.

          So obviously privileged.

  • B. Constance

    I’m dumbfounded. He’s jumped the shark. ‘Gamers Made me a Nazi’. It’s not that far from the jokes we were making a while ago – ‘gamergate is an ISIS front’, etc. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Pepper

    This guy is an idiot. Even if you remove the fact he’s pro Nazi and pro Hitler, by claiming gamers made him this way he admits he’s the very person he hates. Does this man have a brain?

  • Pekola

    Doubling down on the toxic gamers narrative. because it’s easier to blame everything instead of just backing away and apologizing.

    Mr. Ian. Please, if you’re reading this. You need to stop and reconsider your stances. The majority of people would be willing to look past your previous behavior if you stop looking down on them and accept that they have valid points.

    It’s disingenuous to blame the gaming community for your behavior. So again, please reconsider.

  • Guest

    One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one’s youth.

  • LongLiveGamerGate

    We all know Hitler hated the Jews because they insulted his mother during those CoD2 matches.

  • C G Saturation

    He’s the chief of Gameranx?
    Hey everybody, another example of how being a huge asshole nets you fancy high positions.

    And yet another example that there is no “patriarchy”, just an assholearchy.

  • Zhan

    1) It’s true that the community he was a part of – RPGCodex – is a toxic community.
    2) It’s not true that it influences you at all unless you are completely insecure or a panderer. I’m younger, still part of the same community, and good luck finding anything I say that’s misogynistic, homophobic, racist, antisemist, etc.

  • coffeetable

    “The trademark SJW lack of self-awareness was on full display.”

    It isn’t just that, though. Not only do these people refuse to take responsibility for any of their own actions, but they actually shift the blame for those actions onto the people they disagree with. It’s like they are at war with reality.

  • coffeetable

    I used to think images like the one below were meant to be jokes. Who the fuck knows now?