If you’ve read the site more than once, you already know that I usually talk a lot of shit about Ian Miles Cheong. In fact, my favorite name for him is usually Little Hitler, due to his past comments about, well, loving Hitler. Then he tried to blame all that on the supposedly toxic culture surrounding gaming. But that seems like ages ago after tonight. To be clear: we still have to wait and see how he acts in the future. Still, he did exactly what I asked of him the other day, which was apologize to gamers. I don’t see how I could personally maintain credibilty and still refuse the apology. So, I must accept it. In case you missed it yourself, here’s the stunning turn of events:

Now, I’m not saying forget about all he did and said. In fact, he still has me blocked, and I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. But you can accept an apology while remaining on guard for the future. His actions will tell us how serious he is. He’s been moving in this direction for a good month or two now, but it’s still stunning to see him do exactly what I suggested he do just a few days ago

Lemme know what you guys think. I know opinion is slightly divided over this, and I respect the different views on this topic. I’m going to cautiously accept the apology, and hope Cheong continues to move in a gamer-positive direction. Only time will tell. He should think about reaching out on an individual level. We’ll see if that happens, but it’s hard to say one of our top critics renouncing his past comments on gamers is a bad thing, in my opinion.


UPDATE: More from Ian and GamerGate’s Oliver Campbell…