GamerGate is obviously not going away. The other side missed their chance to kill us. Though progressives (SJWs) did a wonderful job of poisoning the well of public perception against GamerGate, even that is starting to lose potency.

We KNOW the megaphones in the traditional gaming press are suffering. We know that in a field where play through YouTubers and Bloggers become increasingly a bigger go-to person than the games media, the gaming press in all their stupidity, thought that there was bigger rewards pandering to non-gamers. This turned out to be a huge mistake, as we’ve seen over the course of the last year.

We know that for the traditional gaming press, the traffic is down, bounce rate up, AdBlock prolific, and use of archive links is huge. We also know that they are treated with suspicion by advertisers. They are perforating and there is nothing much that they can do. They are dying a death of a thousand cuts.

What is the eventual effect going to be? Think of all those
journalists that have contributed to all those horrible “Gamers are
Dead” articles, and the articles that followed. Imagine when the sites
can no longer sustain themselves, and close their doors. There will be a huge collection of corrupt, unemployed, dishonest, talentless
“journalists” that the gaming industry does not take seriously any
more, that are trying to compete for freelancing opportunities. What then?

I will tell you what “I” think. I think there will be panic and
confusion. They will all try to pile into Patreon and realize that
they did not get in fast enough and that the “Progressive” community will be already giving to Randi Harper, Zoe, Brianna, Shanley, Jim Sterling, Christine Love, Mattie Brice, and others. There simply is not enough money to spend on these people now that they have done their bit. So the freelancers will try blogging and few will even be as “profitable” as Offworld. So what then? Some will try to get non-gaming work and HOPE that their Deepfreeze articles don’t follow them. Others will turn on their peers or their Progressive handlers and write salacious and nasty pieces for GamerGate consumption. Some will do an Ian Miles Cheong and simply try to divorce themselves from their part in things.

So what of the Progressive jackboots? With their gaming media as megaphones no longer a factor, it will take away a fair bit of their power. Gradually the mainstream media will drift away from the “controversy” and whatever incursions the Progressives thought they made, will no longer have the momentum. There will increasingly be a dissatisfaction with the Patreon victim bux profiteers. A kind of “what have you done for me lately?” An acknowledgement that IF no one in the press is making anti-GamerGate propaganda, to which they can strut around and
cry in, what then? OAPI and CON? Will they even be things? Will they be registered? Will these people still be getting invited for talks, or will they be push aside for the new news, (just like Leigh

Better still what happens when the public perception slowly comes
around. Through things like SPJ Airplay. The public is going to realize GamerGate has a strong, diverse and intelligent voice and one that is NOT as has been shown as a nasty, stupid, violent, privileged and inarticulate. What happens when the war of attrition has a few of anti-GamerGate pillars fall (as we know they will)? When the nastiness of people like Randi and Zoe catch up with their narrative and image of themselves that they are trying to push? When Anita’s duplicity and fraud and Jon Mac’s craziness is recognized publicly? What happens when Brianna’s dishonesty and craziness catches up with her? When Sarah Butt’s moral failings become public? When the sliminess of Chu, Kluwe and Kuchera is recognized? When people like Bobby O are exposed for the nasty Jackboots that they are?

WE know these shortcomings, but the public is not as interested in that side, and is focused at present on the narrative that the SJWs
painted. What happens when the other side gets exposed completely for the frauds they are?

I think the next year will be awesome for us. I think we have taken a
tremendous flurry of blows and our opponent has nearly punched
themselves out completely. I think they are nearly “out of gas”. They
are worn down.

We ought to start pushing back and steadily increasing the pressure. I would personally love to see funded campaigns (like the one of
Deepfreeze ads on Twitter during E3) to be used to get
funded cheap costing individuals to work on increasing Google search result names for each of those individuals listed in Deepfreeze. Whenever you search the Progressive Journalist’s names, I would want their Deepfreeze article to be the first entry. Same with the gaming press companies listed in Deepfreeze.

I would like another similar site listing similar non-libelous
examples of the lies and dishonesty from the NON-journalist SJWs and to do the same things. Any time they search Randi or BobbyO or Sarah Butts, they are exposed for the nastiness and lies that they have populated in a race to smear us for ideological reasons.

I DO believe that supporters of GamerGate are on the right side of
history and there will be a time in which the Anti-GamerGate people of 2014-2016 will find themselves constantly embarrassed in their part in campaigning against us. They will attempt to disassociate and
re-invent themselves. I want it to be the Scarlet Letter that Alex Lifschitz wished on us. They deserve no less.

Keep grinding gamers. Keep holding the line. They will fall and then
we will march over the top of them.

  1. The anniversary is fast approaching. Wonder if that will cause people to check out our side. Who knows but i’ll love to see the reaction of SJWs when they realize they failed to end us. To think we could of ended this in a short time.

    1. Thanks mate. I think there is a lot of fun coming our way and we’ll deserved. You guys are awesome what you’ve done

  2. I hope Deepfreeze is just the beginning. I envision a Deepfreeze that expands to cover all journalism and media outlets. I envision apps that allow people to leave reviews for sites to warn their social media connections of unethical content. We all see that there is a problem, now let’s build a solution.

    1. We are in the age of the internet, where within a matter of seconds a person on the complete opposite side of the world could read what’s posted. It’s almost hilarious that people posting things to the internet for a living didn’t realize that all their unethical behaviors would eventually catch up to them. We do need a deepfreeze that encompasses all journalism. Who is there to watch those that speak to the average person?

  3. Good article.

    I am rather interested how this plays out in the larger culture war. The exact same shit was playing out in the early 90s, complete with rape hysteria, PC idiocy, and prudish, anti-sex feminists more or less making the world a shittier place.

    And the forces of good kicked their asses in the mid 90s. But the problem was that we left them alone in academia. So they were not defeated absolutely.

    We will win this culture war again, because we stand for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of conscience. That means that if I think gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness that should be treated as such before pumping prepubescent kids full of fucking hormones because there is a chance they can live a normal life, then I can believe that without being judged. Likewise, if I have a thing for 2″ tranny clit-cocks, then I should be allowed that treat.

    But we need to take the war to campuses. We need to fight to cut funding in every gender studies program in existence. We need to teach women to pursue valuable educations; cutting enrollment is the best way to cut out feminist academics. But it most go further. Prominent voices must take up the debates, must expose the lies and shoddy reasoning.

    If we neglect to deal with the academics the way the latter generation did in the 90s, this shit will continue to happen.

    1. “And the forces of good kicked their asses in the mid 90s. But the problem was that we left them alone in academia. So they were not defeated absolutely.”

      This time, we need to drop the ring in the volcano.

    2. Agreed. I believe I alluded to the idea that attacking the demand for such useless degrees is a better idea as it’ll be more effective

    3. US schools’ history classes are very likely part of the problem now that you bring up elementary schools. From when I was in school pretty much everything, elementary to high school, history taught was insanely limited in scope.
      “The world began when good people fled from the evil British lands and made their own perfect country. Then there was a civil war because the south was totally evil and had slaves and there was literally no other reasons at all for the fighting. After that the US was completely awesome and saved the whole damn world when some German and Japanese people went insane. Then nothing at all ever happened anywhere ever until some assholes hijacked some planes.”

      That right there is more or less what gets drilled into people’s heads here for a dozen years or more. It’s really not surprising after that that most people really can not grasp that there is a world out there. History classes are in need of major improvements as well.

      1. Oh god, you described my experience with history class almost perfectly. It was always “America, America, America, America! Greatest country in the world!” I don’t think I ever actually had a “world history” class (and even that was mostly limited to WW2) until high school. As a result, I was always wary of all the damn jingoism that’s rampant throughout this country (and was only made worse with 9-11). Hell, as the PC culture has proven, America actually seems to have LESS freedom than the rest of the developed world, but people still have the gall to call this “The Land of the Free” just because.

      2. I’ve spent most of my life in North Dakota. If there is any place defined by small rural communities full of racism and bigotry, this would be it. Until people started moving here for oil jobs seeing anyone not white as fucking snow here was almost unheard of.
        There were never any foreign exchange students either, so the concept of their being any other skin color was completely foreign to me. It was that fucking bad here. Though perhaps I should be grateful for it to a degree, not being aware that anyone actually put value in skin for so long it never once became a thing for me to do it.

      1. I’ve got nothing in mind for GamerGate’s anniversary. It’ll come and go like any other day and we can’t really be sure there’ll actually be anything useful about it.

        I do have something in mind though that’ll just be a little more than a month after the fact. Biddle’s Bring Back Bullying anniversary. That will be quite useful if people work on that.

        1. It’s funny (not really) how that man still has a job after making such statements. Especially, considering how other people get shit canned for being taken out of context.

  4. There’s another fake academia feminist group called Not Your Mama’s Gamer that’s trying to go the exact Feminist Frequency route to fame and fortune. They have a Kickstarter about underrepresentation of minorities in games or something and a website full of articles written by a random feminist academia dribble generator in extra inflammatory mode. Their Patreon is at $122. LAF.

  5. Great article. You made me think back to this past weekend reminding myself how deep down everyone in Gamergate, whether big or small, are truly wonderful people.

    Never felt prouder to be a shit lord ladies and gentlemen. Never felt prouder.

  6. Here’s hoping someone publishes a ‘Gamers are Alive’ article from any gaming sites that we have supported over the past year.

    1. That would be awesome, we certainly have proved it over the past year after all. Hell, it’s thanks to GG that I finally got off my ass and started working on my own game. I had always kinda daydreamed or fantasized about following my dream, but aside from some random tinkering with modeling programs or something like Source SDK, I never really did anything. At this point, though, I’ve got the rough draft of the story for my game pretty much done and on paper, I’ve been learning 3D modeling in Blender and have made a few models and I’ve been messing around with Unreal Engine 4 here and there, I’ve actually JUST started blocking out the first dungeon, the starting area (though there’s not much to show there, yet.)

        1. Sure will! Gonna be a long time before it’s done, since I’m doing most of it on my own, but I’ll be posting updates once I really have something to show.

  7. It’s good to see that the gaming community has been able to send a clear message to the gaming industry that people like radical feminists (Anita) and SJWs (aka special snowflakes) does not speak for gamers and never will. They only thing these people have gain from all of this is another community that loathe them.

  8. unfortunately I have a rather different view, take a look at the use of the tag.

    at this rate gg will be dead by Christmas, and I don’t blame it all thing’s die out.

    what I really would have wanted was for people to take my idea about turning deepfreeze into a real watchdog seriously.

    after I made that vid I realised that if DF is promoted enough to be the go to place for gamer’s then as the DF regulated site’s get more click’s the kotaku’s the ploygon’s might sign up to get regulated for more click’s and as a result all the sjw’s journalist’s will leave because they would rather do that then be connected to something monitoring there behaviour and so they will be gone from the popular gaming site’s.
    however like I said I think we will be dead by christmas and no one seems will to help make real regulator or even build, they just want to destroy, and just destruction get’s you nowhere.

    1. That really doesn’t support it being dead by December. Looks to me to be staying fairly constant, though admittedly also slowly lowering over the current year so far.
      You point out Deepfreeze, and yet you claim that nobody does anything but destroy. Not everyone can create. Not everyone should create. Plenty of people have been supporting the various creations throughout all of this however.
      Keep an eye on Gamescom. Shit will happen around then.
      September will see a spike. Watch the Tokyo Game Show, watch people lose their shit. Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid, Destiny expansion, Mighty No. 9, NHL, FIFA, NBA. Expect some really stupid shit to get spewed around the releases of these games, expect the backlash.
      October will see a spike. It’s a good time to remind the world about Biddle, I can not stress this enough. Disgaea, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Divinity, WWE, Halo. Expect some really stupid shit to get spewed and expect the backlash.
      November. Call of Duty, Fallout, Star Wars, Tomb Raider. Expect it.
      December. Stupid shit all around, and sheer fucking stubbornness to push into another year. Expect it.

      1. in the video I linked I talk about how people should promote deepfreeze on other gaming forum’s and anywhere else you can (not all of them will block or ban you), and that’s what I mean, no what’s to help build by promoting, they just have “destroy the sjw’s” completely on there mind rather than trying to help build the competition to the other site’s. I encourage people to watch my video in my original comment to see what I mean.

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