As I’ve gotten feedback on our site, again and again, people have urged me to take on Silverstring Media. We’d always planned to do so, but since the people seem to be calling for it, why not now? This is the first entry in the series. 

Earlier today, I announced on Twitter that I was going to be doing a piece on Silverstring Media later on in the afternoon (if you’re reading this, you’ll see that it got delayed until the evening. sorry bout that). Since then, they’ve spent their time trying to hide the members of their organization from public view. I mean, maybe they are re-designing their website? We can’t say for certain, but it smells like a cover-up. We’ll wait and see if they restore this information elsewhere. However, it doesn’t really matter either way, because we already have the information now:

It also seems like employees have been deleting incendiary posts from their Twitter account. Is that possibly so they can continue to manipulate and twist the narrative in a way that would make any old (or new) school propagandist proud? Erase the evidence. Pretend like it didn’t happen. Ostracize those who disagree. Those are the methods of the anti-GamerGate mob:

Speaking of the mob mentality, I don’t know why they hate YouTube personality TotalBiscuit so much. After all, he wrote a Twitter post calling on everyone to hold fire a long ago. He mildly took one or two shots at the SJW crowd, if you could even call it that. Using the term SJW was the biggest offense most could find. But Zoya Street of Silverstring Media found all sorts of imaginary slights. She hurried to her keyboard and furiously penned a nonsensical takedown of TotalBiscuit, cramming in every bogus extreme feminist talking point under the sun. Just read this paragraph:

Sex is not a thing that women give men in exchange for something else. You don’t put kindness coins into women to get sex in return, no matter what video games might have told you. Sex is a thing that two (edit: or more) adults do together without coercion. Anything else is assault. I don’t know what TotalBiscuit has been through that makes him see sex as a barter economy, but he needs to unlearn that mess.

First off, I have no fucking idea why she even felt the need to say all this, since it has absolutely nothing to do with what TotalBiscuit wrote. Second, what the hell is she talking about? Women give men sex in exchange for things all the time. Has this public intellectual somehow never heard of prostitution? Is she going to argue that’s sexual assault? Is she so anti-man that she really thinks that women never use sex in order to materially benefit? It’s laughable just on the face of it.

As you can see in this pastebin, Silverstring Media is intimately connected with many journalists and other members of the video games industry. Journalists such as  Jenn Frank, Mattie Brice, and Patricia Hernandez are all identified as involved, to varying degrees, with a project to fundamentally change the culture of video gaming. It now appears as though Silverstring is their stalking horse.

It’s time to send that stalking horse to the glue factory.

Over the next few days, possibly even weeks, we’re going to dig deeper into this group, and show you how they manipulate the media to their advantage


PART 2 of our look at Silverstring Media, and how deep their web of influence goes, will be up on within 48 hours. We’ve only scratched the surface.