As I mentioned in my last piece, the person who single-handedly brought me into this GamerGate fight was Leigh Alexander. Basically, I felt like her “Gamers are Dead” article declared war on me personally.  At that point, I knew almost nothing about her, her history, or her character. Now, after doing some research, I can safely say that not only is she a corrupt critic who tries to spread her message through coercion and ostracization, but she’s also a jerk who takes particular pleasure in bullying and ruining careers.

There was already a multitude of evidence pointing to the inescapable conclusion that Ms. Alexander is a bully, but I after I wrote my last piece, I was alerted to some more. As I mentioned in the lead, Leigh gets off on ruining careers. It’s almost pathological. I already showed you a couple tweets where she takes glee in ruination last time we talked. Here’s she is bragging about getting a bartender fired: EVIDENCE1She actually takes joy in this. And she seems to have a real problem with bartenders and fast food workers. I guess that’s just her elitism shining through again. Leigh just can’t help herself: EVIDENCE10EVIDENCE11She claims to be some female champion, yet she has no problems shitting on some young woman’s dreams. I wonder how this person felt when someone she looked up to, and looked to for guidance, instead crushed her like an inconvenient bug? EVIDENCE4Think about what kind of person would do something like that to a youngster that aspired to work in their field? Not only a youngster, but a fellow woman. So much for feminist camaraderie.

As it also turns out, Ms. Alexander isn’t above trying to get an actual peer fired. This is pretty much hilarious, since much of the gaming press has criticized GamerGate for (successfully) going after advertisers, and trying to get people like Leigh fired. Anyway, here’s a couple more gems, including her musings on animation (like she knows something about it lol): EVIDENCE5

EVIDENCE6Here she is trying to get a GamePro editor fired because he posed the question, “What does rape have to do with the new Tomb Raider?” Admittedly, he could have teased the next issue a lot better than that. But trying to get the man fired? It’s almost like Leigh is on some kind of personal crusade because some 12-year-old’s didn’t let her play Super Nintendo:


She’s also not above doxxing those that disagree with her. Here, she posts a guy’s email online for everyone to see. He was bitching about comments being disabled on one of her articles, and said he was ready for public discussion…but Leigh knew he didn’t mean anything like this. He likely just meant turn the comments back on (*I erased the guys name and email.*): EVIDENCEFIX

Here she is AGAIN, this time simply advocating a doxxing, when it isn’t even clear the guy sent a threatening email (sounds confusing, not threatening):


One more, just because I felt bad leaving it out. There’s so much here it’s unreal. How does this woman still have a prominent position in gaming? EVIDENCE17

And you can see her and her clique are very bitter people. Read Mattie Brice talking like she is owed a job at a major outlet. They resent everything mainstream. Why can’t we see their genius?!: EVIDENCE13Why does she act this way? She hates gamers, that’s why. She’s also just a natural bully, as you can see with her making fun of minimum wage workers and getting bartenders fired. Plus, she just generally doesn’t like being rhetorically challenged, and want to punish anyone who dares to try.

Here are some examples of here disdain for gamers bleeding through into her work:

LEIGHSHATREDMAKINGMELOOKBADAnd if you don’t like that work, it’s damn near impossible to escape it. Kotaku shares her stuff like it’s gospel. I looked back and saw countless instances of her stuff being pimped out on there, long after she left the place. Hell, it’s like she’s still on staff there. I’m not going to post all those screens, but trust me, they’re there. 

As you can see by this litany of offensiveness, Leigh Alexander is pretty much the last person who should be lecturing anyone on the acceptable standards of polite society. She shits on the poor, crushes young peoples dreams, crusades for peers to be fired, and is just an all-around asshole.

Here are a couple of more tweets for the road. I just couldn’t leave them out, especially the one where she pretty much shits on career women with babies. Leigh’s a “real” career woman:


To the surprise of no one, Leigh has delusions of grandeur. I think this might be the most telling tweet of all: EVIDENCE7



UPDATE: It seems like our work here has hit a little too close to home for Ms. Alexander.

UPDATE 1.5: Thanks go out to Milo Yiannopoulos of for this tweet. We take every ally we can get, and he’s been one of the most staunch.

UPDATE 2: I had access to the stuff below, but I actually held back and left it out. I didn’t feel it was needed, given everything else. But I’ll leave it to you readers to decide.

UPDATE 3: I’ll have another short piece on Leigh Alexander tomorrow, September 17th. I had actually wanted to take a look at someone else., but I was sent a few more racist colorful tweets.


      1. Yeah but feminism wasn’t always a dirty word. Leigh isn’t a feminist, she’s an extremist. True feminists, like all good activists and progressives, strive for social equality between all genders, races, etc; an improved quality of life for everyone…Leigh wants supremacy.

        That’s not an exaggeration either. Look at how she stamps out dissent and tries (often succeeds) to end people’s careers because she doesn’t approve their message…she doesn’t want to hear a debate or a different opinion she wants everyone marching in lockstep with her exact vision for the future.

        Leigh Alexander is a feminist in the same way the KKK are a race-relations group or the Westboro Baptist Church are a Christian outreach program.

          1. I just don’t like to tar a whole movement with the same brush. I’ve encountered a lot of feminists during #GamerGate who still fight the good fight, it’s just that their voices are often drowned out by these militant arseholes (and that’s when they’re not directly attacking rational feminists, by calling them ‘fake women’ and other ridiculously offensive things.)

          2. Some old-school feminists want to cling to their original label (see also: Christina Hoff Sommers). While I’ve personally advocated the adoption of “egalitarianism” as a much better term for a movement that espouses equality, I can see why some of the ACTUAL feminists (like Sommers) would rather not abandon their name to the extremists who muddied the waters.

            Point is, you can’t simply say “all feminists are radicals”, because it’s simply not true. There’s a tug-of-war for the term, currently. I prefer to refer to third-wavers as radfems to emphasize that they are NOT truly feminists in any sense of the movement they’ve attempted to co-opt.

  1. “It’s not ok to sensationalise rape to promote a video game magazine” but it’s 100% fine to sensationalise rape to CONDEMN a game, its developers AND any gaming site that disagrees with you? Right??? I mean, considering the articles that go up on these sites, that appears to be the message. Surely the correct message is “don’t sensationalise rape”. Doesn’t matter if your intentions were pro-social justice and you think you’re making the world a better place by telling everyone that Tomb Raider or whatever is a horrible patriarchal blight on gaming and is oppressing you. You still did the same thing -.-

      1. Holy shit. I thought she was the Megaphone (sounds like a Transformers villain). She may have a split personality as well. Somebody can make a psychiatry PhD just from her (basket) case.

        1. I generally don’t like to play armchair psychologist –I’m sure my own Twitter posts could reveal a few things about myself– but Leigh is a whole other level; it’s hard to ignore when a person displays all their crazy so openly to the world.

  2. I actually think she might be insane. Not in a hyperbolic sense, I literally think she is mentally deranged. This goes way beyond your standard level of e-celeb self-importance and into the realms of her being a real danger to people.

  3. “Real career women don’t have kids”

    What the fucking fuck? Tell that to all those women leading commercial industries while having kids and a family. Leigh Alexander is nothing more than a school yard bully, and social media is her playground. I can’t believe for one second that in a one-on-one conversation she could remain civil long enough to see her entire reality shattered by sheer reason and open discourse.

    Fucking-A… rage mode complete. Does she even know how many fucking sailors, airmen, soldiers, and marines, particularly high-ranking officers), who are redefining the role of women in the military, are parents and have families?

    1. What the fucking fuck? Tell that to all those women leading commercial industries while having kids and a family.

      Tell that to all those women slaving away at minimum wage jobs to feed their families.

      Oh wait, I forgot those filthy peasants should be fired for reminding Lady Leigh they exist.

    2. She is indeed a monster. She stands against family, children, honest people who try to make a living – there is no shameful job! This is beyond gaming and the press – she is just a shitty person.

    3. I know and have met several women who ARE top of their game. Deans of colleges, CEO of major corporations, not to mention several local business owners who all seem to manage this. I guess they aren’t focused on their “career” enough to be valued by Ms. Alexander.

      Out of all the bullshit I’ve heard come out of GamerGate this is tops. This is outlandishly sexist.

    4. Seriously, as much as I spit on that cunt, the virus has taken a hold of you too.

      Women belong in the kitchen, for the most part.

      1. Troll somewhere else. I’ve worked with women during my military service who have likely done more work & good than you’ll ever likely accomplish.

  4. Nothing insightful to add here, just – Wow, what a shit person. It’s been my experience in life that people like this generally tend to undo themselves without much need for help. Hopefully she learns some humility as well as compassion for people.

  5. It was precisely this attitude that caught my interest (and anger) with GG in the first place. I don’t fit her maladapted/basement-dwelling/hateful male nerd mould at all (the irony being that it’s effectively the complete opposite) and yet she saw fit to lump me and the multitudes of other people involved in #notyourshield with her preconceived, bitter and contemptuous notion of what a ‘gamer’ is and how we’re all ‘dead’. I don’t give a toss about ZQ and her personal antics for the sake of casting a moral eye on her sexual choices, or about hunting down radical feminists, or anything like that. I simply want transparency of the gaming press, reviews I can enjoy and rely on without wondering whether they’ve been jumped up through personal and/or financial connections, and not to have this sort of arrogant, presumptuous and incredibly narcissistic personality tell me that my input is worthless as a gamer because she’s already decided who I am and what I do, despite the fact that it’s completely incorrect and, furthermore, that I’m actually patronising her and her cronies’ sites. If she represents a headline figure in the gaming journalism industry, then it’s a sad place to be.

  6. GamerGate is a thing because of this woman and the insistence of various high traffic gamesites like Kotaku on shoving writers like Leigh Alexander down our throats. No wonder their losing traffic! Seriously, we need to go war against this bitch and drive her out of the industry, not because she’s a woman but because she has so much contempt for gamers.

    1. i dont think she realizes that gamergate is actually holding all our trolls and hackers back as we have a bit of respect.if gamergate fails then its open season on people like her and its going to get ugly.

  7. Why are feminists so obsessed with carrers? Working is banal and stressing.

    I guess that happens when you are aging and still have no children. Basing your self worth in a carrer is the only thing you can do.

    1. In any other industry/work profession people have been fired for much less. Disgusting. The fact that you are defending this type of attitude and actions shows what kind of person you are.

      Also, it’s a trap.

  8. I pity her for revolving her life around the hate she harboured in her teens against peers who wouldn’t let her play super nintendo. Really sad, also how she’s overmaterialistic and thinks she will ever be mentioned in any historical documentary. Mentally insane, if you ask me.

  9. Surprising just how much of a nasty, power mad bitch she is. She really does want to be feared. Great ending too. She loves to dish the muck out but she can’t take it herself. Even just a small sample.

  10. This woman does not deserve to be called a journalist, real journalists have ethics and standards, she does not. She’s a glorified blogger, nothing more.

  11. She is the personified essence of what GamerGate exists to combat. A walking mountain of hatred and spite, sustained only by the outrage she generates with each new article or post. She has no business in this industry.

  12. I don’t think Leigh understands that the “violent cultural backlash” she seems to desire so much would not work out so well for her side.

    Her side doesn’t have all the guns.

    Also, due to her conduct in the lead up to said “violent cultural backlash,” she is placed herself on the high value target list.
    I had never heard of her until I was linked to these articles on her. Truly, she is a spiteful internet bully who has earned her comeuppance, when it comes.

  13. Maybe all this self promotion load of cheese by Ms. Alexander, Ms. Marcotte, Ms. Sarkeesian and Ms. Watson has really gotten away from them and out of hand. Wish The Dead were touring, Jerry’s streaming bandwidth is insufficent so no go. Good Karam begets Good Karma.

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