Although GamerGate has been burning brightly since at least August 20th, I didn’t really get into the fray until August 28th. Why the 28th, you ask? Well, that was the day I read the infamous “Gamers are Dead” article on Gamasutra. I had read a few pieces from the author in the past, but had never paid her much attention. That was my mistake, but it’s one that I won’t be repeating again.

If you look back into Ms. Alexander’s writing, you can see clearly that this theory about the death of gamers is something that she has been kicking around for awhile. The thing is, it’s not actually true. She’s evangelizing and propagandizing a theory that she wants to be true, but all the evidence says it isn’t. She pushes the feminist indie scene as “the most important thing happening right now,” even though the games barely sell, and the populace ignores them. But if spreading bullshit was her #1 offense, she wouldn’t be the Worst Critic in Gaming.

She also likes to spew offensive shit on Twitter. As you can see, Leigh has a nasty propensity to threaten young up-and-comers’ careers when they disagree with her. She does it quite explicitly and without fear of repercussions. This is a woman who thinks she’s fucking bulletproof. I’m actually ashamed of myself for not knowing more about her before GamerGate, because she’s a huge threat to creative freedom and the right to dissent.

And that’s not all. Alexander seems to have some deep-seated hatred towards gamers, especially if they’re male. Look at this tweet she posted last fall, which was also included in that Huffington Post article where she’s giving a preview of her “gamers are dead” nonsense.


She’s apparently made it her life’s work to destroy gamers because of some perceived slight when she was twelve years old. If that’s not bizarre, I really don’t know what is. Some of you may be shaking your heads now in disbelief, but read her manifesto on her site for yourself (she’s taken out the “we have an army” part, but we have screenshots). Of course, if you read the manifesto and juxtapose it with the HuffPost interview, you can see that the rules she sets for others only apply to them. The great Leigh Alexander lives outside the rules us mere mortals have to follow.


GamerGate has done much good, and opened many eyes. Without a doubt, one of the main accomplishments of this movement was exposing this hypocritical bully, Leigh Alexander. She’s definitely not the only journalist with something to answer for, but she’s the most rotten of a rotten bunch. The sooner she’s gone from Gamasutra and mainstream gaming criticism, the better.