I had to go to sleep earlier, after  fun night spent talking shit on Twitter. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s how I spent the day as well.  I used to hate Twitter, but now I have so many friends (and enemies) on there, that it’s pretty much an awesome place for me to be. It also doesn’t hurt the site much, since it’s the main place I promote my stories. The story for today is pretty simple, though: UK mobile company Giffgaff has pulled their advertisements from Gawker Media. 

I’ve passed this along to forensic analysts, but they haven’t been able to totally verify it, due to third party servers. I believe it’s legitimate, though. I feel confident in that assessment, because this person is a well-known supporter, and has no reason to lie. I also have the email in my possession. If it’s a hoax, then it’s a very elaborate one. Either way, consider this paragraph the asterisk.


Not much else to say, except that Gawker continues to eat shit sandwiches daily, and it’s a beautiful sight. It pleases me so much, that I now want to forgo sleep in order to soak in all the joy. Unfortunately, I have to sleep. But, I’ll always have the latest news about GamerGate, and our assault on Gawker in particular, eventually updated here on the site.

Keep up the emails, because as we know, emails work. Follow your fellow GamerGate comrades on Twitter. Tell your friends about our efforts. Go back to people who may have shot you down months ago. It’s important that we continue to reach out. Continue to spread the message of our amazing successes in this cause for consumers. We cannot fail if we continue on this path. Good work once again, GamerGate. Also, thanks to Giffgaff for being consumer champions. Reward them with your patronage if you happen to live in the UK, and are able to do so.