Well, you already knew anti-GamerGate has no fucking morals and they’ve proven that they’re also allergic to truth-telling. So, it comes as no surprise that they have once again trumped up some bullshit charges against one of out supporters, a guy who goes by GG_Stitch on Twitter…

The woman asks Stitch a series of questions to identify him. She acts pretty bloody cute and innocent with her questions. Stitch is then introduced to the male professor and the first woman is quick to add ‘we’re being filmed and we’ve been streamed to GamerGate the entire evening’. The male professor then goes on to say ‘What’s GamerGate?’ like a fucking dipshit. The professor gets uncomfortable when he realises Stitch is pro-GG and excuses himself quickly. Stitch acts like a twat by sticking around for 20 extra minutes doing dumbass dares the chat was telling him to do. Then his ass gets stopped by security saying that he matches the description of the guy that was saying ‘threatening comments’ during the talk.

Master Milo has more over on Breitbart

The GamerGate supporter, who identifies himself as Cristian Flores to the officer around 1 hour and 48 minutes into the footage, had been fooling around to amuse his viewers. He had picked up a packet of Ritz crackers and placed one of them on a sign, and turned a tap on and off again at the request of his fans.

At one point he is heard to call out “Big Milo!” after an entreaty from his followers, a reference to an eight-hour YouTube stream by this reporter that discussed freedom of speech and featured many prominent names in the GamerGate movement. But the allegations made against him that he made “threatening comments” appear to be entirely fabricated…

Breitbart reached Flores by telephone shortly after the incident, who said he was detained on site by police for some time but allowed to leave without being arrested. “I’ve never made threatening comments to anyone,” he said. “But someone called the police on me. I don’t know what the whole point was.”

Milo had the entire stream video in his article, but I clipped out the part with the policeman questioning him…


This is just the latest episode along these lines. If you’ll recall, something very similar happened to your’s truly not that long ago, courtesy of Brianna Wu. The difference was that I got out of dodge quickly while this guy decided to hang around. Luckily, the cop seems to have seen through the rad fem bullshit. Some police officers would have went along with the SJWs, so this is a very fortunate development for Mr. Flores. Even though he fucked up by staying as long as he did, I still have to give him props for going there and recording the thing in the first place. The full panel vid is hilariously off-base, so I suggest you guys check that out as well.


The moral of the story is, these clowns don’t require a real threat in order to call the police. Radicals use these sorts of tactics in order to harass and intimidate their political enemies into silence. Luckily, GamerGate supporters are made of stronger stuff, and refuse to be cowered in the face of fabrications and fake ass police reports. You bastards are never going to win by going that route. But please, continue doing it, because it only makes us stronger.