GUEST EDITORIAL by Insensitive Bastard (@Insensbastard)

Over the past year or so that GamerGate has waged its campaign against unethical practices in both video game’s germalism and the industry as a whole, one question often comes up: should we engage in a culture war?

This is a contentious issue and I certainly can see why. But I think we need to take a step back and gain a wider perspective. I’m in the camp that believes that GamerGate is a culture war, although not of its own making. Where does it come from? Those who would seek to undo GamerGate for their own political and financial gains—the corrupt and the ideological.

Like it or not GamerGate you are in a culture war, and if you feel your best course of action is to stick your head in the sand and ignore it, then be my guest. However, quit telling other gamers to ignore a glaring problem in gaming. Much like the 1990s with the Jack Thompson-types, we are again under attack. Not by right-wing tradcons, but by left-wing gender ideologue.

In the course of the last year, I’ve hosted and participated in several live chats, countless tweets, and made some 70 videos on my insignificant YouTube channel. One thing comes up, again and again: “Right-wing groups are trying to co-opt GamerGate.” But any amount of serious examination causes this to fall flat on its face. The right wing is largely ignoring this entire debacle. Sure you have Reason and Breitbart making articles, but you don’t hear shit about GamerGate on Fox News or on right-wing radio stations.

On the other hand, who is mentioning GamerGate? MSNBC, BBC, PBS, CNN, Comedy Central, and other LEFT-wing groups. To say they’ve been less than kind to GamerGate and gamers as a whole would be a monumental understatement. The right wing isn’t your enemy here. They might not be your friend, but they aren’t shitting on you, nor are they prancing professional victims like Sarkeesian, Quinn, or Brianna FUCKING Wu on television giving them a national audience to shit in your mouths.

It isn’t MRA’s, MGTOWs, or antifeminists taking shots at GamerGate. It’s Colbert, and the cunts at DiGRA. I’m okay with you throwing shit, it’s long overdue and it’s much deserved, but make sure you are throwing said shit at the right people. To decry MRAs or the right wing tradcons seems a tad disingenuous. They aren’t fucking you up.

The fact is there are some among you who are far too wrapped up in our “image.” Image is bullshit because it is PR. GamerGate will never look good to the outsider, this is for the same reasons that MRAs, MGTOWs, or the right wing will never look good to the outsider: the demonization by the feminists, the left-wing, cultural Marxists, identity politicians, and professional bullshit artists. They play victim and guess what, GamerGate, if there’s a victim there has to be a perpetrator; that’s you.

Like it or not, you have been thrust into a culture war. I know you didn’t want it, I know you didn’t need it, I know you didn’t ask for it, but here you are nonetheless; balls deep in a culture war.

Games and gamers are under attack by hardline academic feminists. Sargon of Akkad has made several videos of these feminists outright plotting against you and gaming as a whole. You have feminist superstars like Sarkeesian getting a global podium to spit venom in your faces; you have organizations like the Anti-Defamation League pumping out curriculum against gaming and gamers to shove into Common Core. These same people have went to great lengths to silence your voices, by co-opting SJWchan, Reddit, dozens of news sites, and pushing bullshit DMCA’s against the prominent voices in GamerGate to include Sargon of Akkad and MundaneMatt. The examples are glaring and in your face. If that isn’t a culture war then do tell, what exactly needs to happen before you do admit this is a culture war?

Yeah, I’m right-wing (Libertarian to be exact), yeah I’m MGTOW, yeah I’m an antifeminist, but I’m also a gamer. I was a gamer long before my political leanings and long before my personal choice not to get married or have children. I am but one of many in your ranks. The claim we are here to co-opt your movement is utter bullshit. The minute these left-wing fucknuts go to call you ‘right-wing reactionaries’ you respond like you are being accused of being Stormfags. There’s nothing wrong with having right-leaning or right-wing political views and it doesn’t mean we are unable to compartmentalize these ideas, it also doesn’t mean we are out to co-opt or corrupt GamerGate. We are lending our voices to support GamerGate not because we are antifeminists, MGTOWs, MRAs, or even right-wingers, but because we are gamers. It is not we who thrust you into this culture war. It was the left-wing feminists and germilists colluding together to paint you as the reincarnation of Uncle Adolf.

Who are the corrupt germilists colluding with? Who are they plotting with? Social Justice and hardline feminists. You cannot talk about one and ignore the other. It’s a festering problem that isn’t going to go away by sticking your head in the sand, it’s going to go away by rebuking their bullshit at every turn. If they make another video or article, we’ll shit on that too. They are the establishment, they are the ones with political and economic power, and they will stop at nothing to co-opt gaming.

I don’t want these dipshits co-opting my lifelong hobby, and I’m sure the majority of you don’t either. So let’s cut the bullshit for a moment. Yes, journalistic ethics is important but we are in a culture war and feminists, cultural Marxists, and social justice shitheads must be admonished at every turn.