Sorry for the slow posting today, but my dog is actually dying, so I’ve been kinda busy. I hate to “pull a Wu,” but that’s actually happening, so it is what it is lol. Also, I don’t begrudge anyone an attachment to their pets, even an unstable bully like Brianna. Also, I will give her some small credit for not spreading that obvious “Ralph paid for a swatting” libel. Randi Harper and Sarah Butts, on the other hand, showed that they are the lowest of the low over the last couple days.

Anyway, since I don’t have time to do a full column until after I go take care of all of this, I figured I would do some type of feature just to open up a thread for discussion. I’ll call it the Twitter Blitz. What I’m going to do is, take some of the top tweets I’ve seen today and put them here in a thread. You can comment on them below, or just scroll through and catch up a little bit. Your choice.


I’ll be back the evening with more. Thanks for reading, and hopefully enjoying,

  1. I am sorry about what is going on with your dog. I have been in that situation and it is really tough. Now going to the tweets I have 2 I want to comment. 1 Bob Chipman, oh you mean what you fuckers tried to do with that Atheism + horseshit! There was a time where I use to like Moviebob but jesus christ he has lost his mind. Now going to 2. I am great full that there is a panel at pax that is not a woman oppression panel. It actually shows a positive light. I hope the SJWs don’t try to sabotage this because that is what keeps them in control. They need to believe in the patriarchy boogieman otherwise they lose everything. This might be the first positive step to getting rid of that myth. I hope it goes off without a hitch.

  2. I know how you feel,stay strong my dear sir
    Lost my best friend a few years back and i still miss him every day

  3. Ok quick Bob Chipman update. I was going through my youtube and his Fifty Shades of Grey review was up. I figure I’d give him one more chance. Maybe with this review we can sit back and have fun roasting that film over a fire. WOW was I wrong. Not even 20 seconds he goes into gender politics. He says the movie is shit but he of course says it’s a shame this movie has a female director at a blockbuster and it turns out to be crap (yes because there is no such thing as female directors these days…..oh wait a second). The boston accent was at an 11, he was angry the entire time, he cursed every 5 seconds with no censor. Yeah he has gone completely off the rails. It seems that Escapist editorial was keeping his ass in line and he has gone full blown mental. Of course he plugged in the classic words of misogyny (i am really getting sick of that word) and sexist. Jesus man. Well I guess this is partially my fault. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

    1. I haven’t watched any of his recent videos, but good god, that shit you claim he said about the female director… I mean, is he just surprised that a director can not have a penis and STILL do a terrible job? Yet another example of these assholes never being aware of their own sexism. Incidentally, I recall one time on Twitter, immediately after Nintendo revealed that Zero Suit Samus would have an alternate costume (the two-piece one, referencing her appearance in some game endings), Bob only berated Nintendo for stating that a female designed said model. It’s all the sadder to think about given what a diehard Nintendo fanboy he is. A new Smash game is a time for practically everyone, both hardcore and casual Nintendo-lovers alike, to go batshit crazy with excitement over nearly every announcement… and he’s just gonna go join the small crowd that’s booing at the mere existence of a powersuit-less Samus (whom was already featured in the previous Smash, BTW). To think, this is somebody who praised Bayonetta.

      1. The female director thing just pisses me off because oh so because it is a female director it is all of a sudden a shame. There is a reason why the blockbuster scene is dominated by men. Because that is generally the core audience. Also there are plenty of women in the film directing business. He even makes a gamer gate joke by saying that mostly men are the ones bitching about the film because it is a chick film. Actually no there are a lot of women hating this thing. All my feminist friends (rational ones not the batshit ones) were ready to roast this film over a fire. Do those feminists not exist in his eyes?

        1. Two things to consider:

          One, it’s not about the director. The film is crap. The source material is crap! If you want an example of a good FEMALE director, check out Kathryn Bigelow. Both ‘The Hurt Locker’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ were pretty good flicks.

          Two, if you think the feminists are pissed over 50 Shades, you should see what the BDSM community had to say. Oh my. 😀

          1. I understand why the BDSM community is pissed. 50 Shades is the Intimidation Game for them.

    2. So a film directed by a woman, of a series of books authored by a women, aimed squarely at women, is misogynistic?! That’s got to be some Olympian level hoop-jumping for him to come to that conclusion.

      1. Well of course it’s misogynistic to him. He defines misogyny as anything that makes his almost non-existent penis wake up, which then in turn triggers his SJW conditioning to make him hate himself. Icky, icky, naughty, naughty perversion and deviance!

        That guy is a huge cunt.

    3. This is a question of is out of the BLUE, but wasn’t that meth head “FreeBDSWhale” AKA Randi Harper a fan of fifty shades? Because I remember months ago on her YouTube “echo chamber” channel she liked the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. IMHO, I guess she wants to be dominated by men, but she really should hit the treadmill first before going on a booty call.

  4. Something needs to be done about the ADL. Common Core is garbage, but this concerns me greatly. Because hundreds and thousands of little Anita’s and McIntosh’s is the LAST thing this world needs right now. -_-

    1. Just saw the common core indoctrination thing. Perhaps being a 1st world country is not so good after all.
      You keep all the ‘privileges’, I don’t want them if they lead to common core and social justice.

    2. Unless it results in a grand, global civil war that reshapes the geo-political map and ushers in a new age of peace and prosperity (idk, we’ll call it the 6th Age) where all the ignorant, stupid and ideologically motivated are purged… then that might be a good thing… long run and all.

      You know what they say about monsters, even the kinds that live in people’s minds – Kill it with fire.

        1. I love that meme. I also love the glass parking lot and diamond desert expressions (the diamond desert being extreme heat and pressure + time for all to break apart and when the sun comes up you’ll go fucking blind looking at it. It’s a really obscure anime reference).

          I would like to thank Halo for introducing me to the concept of “glassing” in the first place. I had not realized such a beautiful way to purge existed.

  5. How the FUCK was Atheism “great”? It’s not a fucking hobby, it’s a profound lack of belief in the supernatural based on a lack of evidence! These fucking hipsters are the trash the REAL free thinkers chased out of their group with the politically correct bullshit.

    MovieSlob Logic: Atheism rejects the idea of a white, male patriarch with omnipotence because it promotes oppression… uh oh! Can’t cling to that anymore because it conflicts with WOMEN being oppressed by white, male patriarch mortals!


      1. LMAO omg my ableism is so terrible. I keep forgetting how jealous I should be of being mentally retarded. Their place in the Progressive Stack is just so elevated.

        I’m convinced the SJWs are really all covert worshipers of the Old Ones. They are all devout followers of the Blind Idiot God, Azathoth.

        Zoe Quinn’s vagina is LITERALLY the Maw of Madness.

          1. Someday I hope my shitposting ability will be on the level of redditchanit, but that is probably just a pipe dream. Anyway, back to haxxzoring light boards via the Dark Nets.

          2. Pardon me while I smear this mixture of privileged white shit and the tears of females crying over imaginary first world oppression all over myself for an exhilarating skin treatment. It helps keep my Patriarchy-propagating skin nice and supple.

            Although… my boss is a woman, so much like Alucard, I guess I’m not oppressing women in that regard. 🙁 I must try harder.

          3. I’ll stop shitposting for a second and say that majority of SJWs got reincarnated into a gaming character in one of my favorite games. Good thing developers had enough common sense to add ‘I can kick you out anytime I want!’ option.

            Needless to say, even tumblr doesn’t like her, even though she represents literally every aspect of its stupidity. Them bitches will never be satisfied.

          4. Yeah, they’re just degenerate, hypersensitive, pearl clutching children who are terrified of any “icky adult feelings” – like sex or violence or satirical, irreverent, off color humor.

            I spent my entire time through high school “explaining” to people that there’s nothing wrong with crass humor if your intent isn’t to harm an individual or group – there’s an obvious difference between shockingly funny and intentionally cruel.

            There’s a reason that the SJW celebutards hate atheists (look at their profiles) – the mantra of atheism is:

            Nothing is sacred. Question everything.

            If nothing is sacred, then everything is open to satire, and their feels WILL get hurt. And as far as questioning goes, yeah, the polar opposite to “listen and believe” aka “shut the fuck up and do/think what I tell you”.

          5. I’m just gathering the shit for an archive I’ll be making.
            I really hope everyone contributes. It’s gonna be fun watching all the butthurt(No, not the good kind.).

  6. Dear Ralph,

    Sorry about your dog m8. Alas, our companion species don’t live as long as we do. After you’ve grieved for your friend you can eventually seek a new, young furry friend to give a good life to. It’s all we can do, unfortunately.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your dog Ralph, I feel for you. I’m going through a similar situation with my dog as well and I may have to put her to sleep, unfortunately. I won’t go into the details, but she’s very old and very sick with very little to no chance of recovering. But hey, I know it’s something every being and creature on this planet has to deal with inevitably deal at some point in they’re lifetime. I hope that things turn out alright on your end Ralph, and take care.

  8. *sigh* I’ve had two dogs and I’m on the third now. I genuinely hope there’s an afterlife that involves my fuzzy four-legged buddies.

    Ralph, for what it’s worth, it does get better. The hurt doesn’t exactly go away but it does heal. But it’s gonna leave what I called a ‘dog shaped hole in your life’ for a while.

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