Sorry for the slow posting today, but my dog is actually dying, so I’ve been kinda busy. I hate to “pull a Wu,” but that’s actually happening, so it is what it is lol. Also, I don’t begrudge anyone an attachment to their pets, even an unstable bully like Brianna. Also, I will give her some small credit for not spreading that obvious “Ralph paid for a swatting” libel. Randi Harper and Sarah Butts, on the other hand, showed that they are the lowest of the low over the last couple days.

Anyway, since I don’t have time to do a full column until after I go take care of all of this, I figured I would do some type of feature just to open up a thread for discussion. I’ll call it the Twitter Blitz. What I’m going to do is, take some of the top tweets I’ve seen today and put them here in a thread. You can comment on them below, or just scroll through and catch up a little bit. Your choice.


I’ll be back the evening with more. Thanks for reading, and hopefully enjoying,