After reading Raph Koster’s AMA on Reddit last night, a thought popped into my head. I’d long marveled at the cohesiveness of our movement, but I hadn’t quite been able to put it into words. I finally feel I was able to, with this tweet:

In any mass movement, there will be divergence of opinion. We’ve had plenty of our own within GamerGate. Some say that we’re too harsh here on the site. They argue for a more moderate, accommodating strategy. Conversely, people like me believe that raining fire upon our opponents is the way to go. Some folks are for making a deal with the media, others want to burn it down. On Twitter, I’ve had fellow GG members tell me I was making a mistake with the chargeback campaign. But even despite such stark differences, we’ve always stuck together in this fight. We don’t disown each other because of arguments about tactics, or overall strategy (like the SJW side does). GamerGate members stick up for each other. They help each other. We may have our fights, but after they’re over, we get back to the job at hand.

Attempts to divide our global movement along party, gender, or racial lines, have completely failed. Ploys to get us to drop the GamerGate banner, have fallen on deaf ears. They’ve kept repeating that we were getting beat up in the mainstream media. That hasn’t dissuaded us, either. They’ve tried every single thing they can think of to divide us, yet nothing works.

Moving forward, It’s important to keep in mind all that we’ve accomplished. As the weeks turn into months, the industry is going to get more and more serious about stamping us out (the holiday season is coming). Our alternative media scares them, because they know they’ll have a harder time controlling it. They’re comfortable with their current set of lackeys, and have confidence that they can manipulate them (to the detriment of the consumer). They won’t let us in the door willingly

So, as we continue to beat on that door, until one day it comes crashing down onto their heads, it’s imperative that we cherish our most important asset. Our unity sets us apart from other coalitions, and it’s what has allowed us to go as far as we have. We can never forget that. Don’t allow any disagreements among us to divert us from our goals. We owe it to ourselves, and to the future generations who’ll follow in our footsteps. If GamerGate falters, we may not get another chance to set the wrongs right.



  1. We need to stick this out, they will crack before we do. Tweet the Gamergate hashtag whenever you can. Don’t let it die, the smugness will never end if we lose. I won’t be able to stand the parties of self congratulatory’s sites like Kotaku and Polygon will have if we lose.

    It’s our turn to spin the narrative, the narrative of truth.

    Also when ever that hack Devin Faraci makes a dig, just tweet the video that reminds him of when he got knocked the fuck out. That would be fun to watch.

    Remember divided we fall.

  2. MundaneMatt recently made a video arguing more or less along similar lines, though he takes it from a case of moderating voices. But the best takeaway, methinks is being better civilly and morally than the opposition. And that would entail bolstering our own narrative and direction, in the long term pulling the culture away from the corrupt journos and their SJW allies.

    Now this doesn’t mean that we forget or accept the slander coming from the other side. Still, we’re in this together. To bite their bait and stoop down to their narrative would make us no better than them.

    1. I write some hard hitting stuff. Some would probably say it’s uncivil sometimes. But, I try not to target people that haven’t targeted us first. For me, it just comes down to us all having a different role to play, like I said in the Boogie article. Of course, as our GamerGate Network grows and matures, there will likely be less of a need to go on the attack. But, I feel like we’re a long way from that point.

  3. The irony me being a supporter bashed by some of other GamerGate supporters for being of the “wrong gender”. But I understand their scepticism and frustration, and I will continue to support what I feel is right. You are doing some fine work here. The SJW aim to create a “war of genders” , let us hope that we too won’t fall under the influence of their false rhetoric and truly will stand united, no matter our tactics or our genders, our something else.We are working towards the same goal and I will equally support those who bashed me as well as those who didn’t, there is no place for me to be butthurt because this is bigger than me and I want to see SJW fall no matter what for targeting a community that I’ve never felt wronged by, that I always felt a part of, where I was “one of the others” and not “special” or “different”, where a lot of my childhood has been spent and many friends where met, and if anything is different today, it’s not because of the gamers, or because of the people who support GamerGate, it’s because of the SJWs. So fuck them. These people don’t know gaming, and they don’t know gamers and they didn’t grew up in any of those communities they stand against now. They just appeared, driven by their need for attention, by their unwarranted self importance, by their GOTIS, and greed. And in the end, no matter who says what, and who critiques me in what way, I will forever stand for their liberty to do so, so fuck political correctness, and fuck censorship too.

    So thank you for this site, no matter the stance you are taking or the tactics you use.

    1. I haven’t seen that sort of thing from GamerGate, myself. I’m not sure who you are, so I obviously can’t comment on your personal situation. But, thank you for the kind comments about my work. Every single one really does mean a lot. I know that sounds lame, but it’s true lol.

      Also, I am 100% with you on “fuck censorship” and fuck “political correctness.”

      1. It has happened only once and it really is nothing I would call as in any shape or form to be something that defines the supporters. I’ve mentioned it, not because I see those few anonymous users there as important but to better make my argument concerning unity, understanding and free speech we need to have (and in major part we do have it, unlike the SJW).
        Since English is not my first language I do have issues with my points coming across the way I intended but I am glad that at least the “thank you for your work” part remained clear.

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