I have to say, I didn’t expect this. For those of you who didn’t see the GamerGate segment on HuffPost Live earlier, let me fill you in. Our women completely owned the proceedings. They even had the host flustered, at one point. He totally lost his cool, and began almost yelling at the women. He did calm down from there, and the second half was much better. But, it was still pretty damn amazing to see him blow up like that.

The most amazing part wasn’t the host losing his composure, however. It was how splendid our girls looked under pressure. Jennie Bharaj was a monster throughout, and got in the key closing line. Jemma Morgan did not take any shit at all off the host. She resisted his attempts to turn the convo around, and was witty throughout her appearance. Journalist Georgina Young took a more moderate posture. While not a member of our consumer revolt, she has been swayed by SJW bullying into almost backing us outright. She told that story today, and it’s an important one for any neutrals to hear.

All three of these women dropped truth-bomb, after truth bomb. Every time a potential derailment came up, they swatted it down with relative ease.  I guess that’s the part I didn’t expect. I knew the women would do great. I just didn’t think it would look so easy. Maybe their style and grace just made it look easier.

The other thing I didn’t expect, was for us to come off looking so good. Even though I was rough on host Ricky Camilleri a couple times, he didn’t do a horrible job, overall. He did repeat a bunch of stale and bogus SJW talking points, but like he mentioned, this was a one-sided panel. So, he had to go at them a little bit. I won’t give him a total pass for his antics, but we could have done a lot worse. Also, he talked like it was his decision to have the panel in the first place. If so, we must also give him some credit for that. And if it wasn’t him, I want to thank whoever it actually was who made that decision.

The reason I want to thank them, is because I don’t think we’ve ever had an opportunity like this before. A panel filled with only our people? The other side gets that all the time, but we never do. It was a rare opportunity to present a positive face without a anti-GG troll like Brianna Wu trying to muck things up. All three of our women being smart, funny, and easy on the eyes, probably didn’t hurt the cause, either.

The people were going nuts on the Kingofpol stream, and rightfully so. This did feel like a major win. I wanted to call this article “The Beginning of the Win,” but I thought about it, and decided that was unfair to our other recent successes (Intel, MEDC, etc). The was just one more step in our winning campaign. But we don’t have to fake it. We really are winning right now. Think about all they’ve thrown at us. Consider that almost the full weight of the media, old and new, has been stacked against us. Not only are we surviving. We’re thriving. Today, our composed women seized the moment, and helped us immensely. Excellent job, ladies.

  1. Being in the livestream chat was great, many hilarious smackdowns against the host when he got a little too douchey for his own good. I don’t want to bash the guy, because I get where he’s coming from and he didn’t have to do this panel, but it was funny to see him squirm a little. 😀

    1. I would argue that we do need to focus at least some of our strengths to dispel and disprove myths and lies of misogyny since it’s the SJW’s most often used excuse. We need as many opportunities to distance ourselves with that since most neutrals and people new to this whole thing will react more to sensibile topics like that. Things that are controversial breed strong emotions, and many believe wrongly that GG is misogynist, we won’t convince them otherwise if we only talk about journalistic integrity and don’t address those accusations and clearly say “you got it wrong”.

      1. As a dude that has tried to purport himself as a complete gentleman at all times, being called a misogynist kinda ticks me off. Also, to say I’m a rapist is a laugh, as I’ve literally let a group of girls beat me till I bled without lifting a finger in offense (it helps that there were security cameras catching the whole thing on tape), and I’m still a virgin, despite almost being old enough to drink. The only thing I’m guilty of is being a heterosexual white male, far as this goes.

  2. While I would personally also add that the conversation is being constantly derailed and moved to sexism and misogyny and the GG talk about them is mostly defending themselves from such accusations; the girls did an awesome job. I was actually proud. Now all we need is TB to go on one of this interviews and deal the final blow. GO GG!

  3. That was pure golden. And I dont care about the biased moderator in any way. You great angles of gamergate did it. You Won for all the gamers out there who just wants to play games and dont be teached every day or fooled by very wrong hipsters of real privilege!

  4. That sleazebag of a interviewer that kept interrupting the fine ladies didn’t stand a chance. They were like the Erinyes (Furies) – goddesses of vengeance with impeccable rhetoric. Hats off. This will most definitely help the gamergate image in the public space.

    1. Sleazebag? He gave them an opportunity to speak their minds and to correct trough him all that bullshit they say about GG. If it weren’t for that sleazebag this interview wouldn’t have happened. It’s his job to press the issue, if they talked about journalistic integrity all the time there wouldn’t be opportunity for girls to defend themselves and GG. And defending ourselves, in an articulate way, fighting against the smear campaign is what we need.

      1. So, are you arguing that we should give him a break for being shitty since it gave our girls a chance to shine? I mean, that’s great and all, but the interviewer was still kind of a shithead.

        1. No he wasn’t, it was proper and objective journalism work. In case the “other side” is missing from the discussion the interviewer is supposed to mimic the most pressing questions and assumptions they make, play the devils advocate, and trough that allow the growth of a discussion and defense of the ones being interviewed. If he went with the girls, not arguing what they say, then it would be biased reporting in the style of Kotaku and the like. Even with explaining himself, and saying that he would love to hug them he kind of overstepped the boundaries of objectives since he clearly showed he supports and likes the girls. Crawling a way into an ass of a person being interviewed and asking only the “appropriate” question is not what journalism should be and neither it would lead to a proper discussion that would change anyones mind.

          1. He was not objective. It’s one thing to play devil’s advocate, it’s another to imply anti-feminism is bad.

            Reads like those “GamerGate needs to do X otherwise they’re just…” rhetoric.

            That said, he gets leeway for listening.

          2. You have to realize that most people in real life, not that into “internet culture” and not directly connected to groups dealing with gender issues, are not aware how extreme feminism has become, or how it’s lacking. In their heads being against feminism = not respecting or liking women. That is why he explicitly asks if the girls are for equality and respect. He needed them to clear up, that they are not against women (and by extension gamergate) but against extremism). Not for himself, but for the viewership and all that may “get it wrong”.

        2. Yes, we should. Sure, he was a bit douchey, but A)He was correct in saying that it’s his job to play devil’s advocate and attempt objectivity (or else it’d look like bias), and B)He didn’t have to do the panel at all, but chose to – that shows a desire for fairness and covering all sides of a story.

  5. definitely a good show. now that you’re all happy. Remember this is far from over, get back to brainstorming new ways to spread our message, and emailing advertisers.

  6. I think the reporter did a great job. It’s his job to provoke the discussion, he doesn’t do that do say “yes I want to bait you and I disagree with you” he does that to give the girls ability to speak their mind on that issue. What he is doing is basically giving them the opportunity to correct him. And I appreciate that he tried to explain that. Being OBJECTIVE is a part of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY. If he said “oh yes I see, so you girls are right, this interview is over” well that wouldn’t be much of an interview and not objective at all. And as he said, since there are 3 supporters on one side, he has to voice something from the opposition. His job is to report, and to give venue to those who have something to say. Not to take sides. If he did, he would be no better then all the media we are fighting against.
    I am also sure, that if he didn’t recognize how one-sided the media has been to GG, and that if he completely and utterly disagreed, he wouldn’t have this interview.

    1. Some of his questions were a little odd, but he did explain that he had to play devil’s advocate. That’s reasonable. And yes, it’s respectable that he was willing to give GamerGate a chance to have a voice, unlike other media over the past two months.

      1. I guess, but prior interviews stacked with anti-GG people had their platform already, so these three were thankfully given equal time. NO NEED TO GIVE ANTI-GG VIEWS – THEY ALREADY SPOKE.

  7. Good! Currently watching it now.
    I still feel that it’s not only the journalists that are corrupt, there’s a lot of corruption and bullying within developer circles as well. That probably needs to be focused on a little more.

    Edit: Figured out the error trying to view the stream, it was on my side.

  8. As much as I enjoyed it, it could have been much better. Jennie was way too aggressive and needs media training if she’s ever going to do something like this again. While we might feel that being aggressive a good thing, a fence sitter or someone who hasn’t heard about #GamerGate will most likely be put off by it. Getting this kind of media coverage is NOT about circle jerking a meme by getting a snide comment in that no-one who isn’t involved will understand.

    Unless someone watching that segment already knew about “listen and believe”, Jennie just looked like a weird, snarky bully at the end. That is not helpful at all.

    And “Mr0303” in the comments, talking about “impeccable rhetoric” clearly watched a different show. The rhetoric was clumsy, unfocused, sometimes repetitive and sometimes didn’t address the question at hand at all.

    Georgina was far and beyond the best of the three. She was calm and prepared, she laid out her argument without appearing abrasive at all.

  9. They DID to very well and the ‘neutral’ was a *true* neutral and not a posing shill. The interview did bring to mind though, that we in GG MUST TAKE BACK THOSE WORDS. I can’t stress this strongly enough. ‘Misogyny’ does NOT mean- ‘Calling a woman out on her crap.’ Harassment does NOT mean- ‘Saying things that make me feel bad.’ (Death Threats notwithstanding). Sexsim IS possible for both Males and Females (Tons of Green Tea Party people arguing that it isn’t. Only Men can be sexist they say.)

    And the Biggie- Feminism. Of course, their definition of feminism is completely incorrect. Rooted
    as it is in PostmodernismRelativism & Cultural Marxism. A system
    where all truth is relative and the meaning of words is completely based
    on your own personal preference. In the Radical 3rd-Wave ‘Men are Abusers from Birth, Women are Never abusive’ Feminism that the Gaming Morality Force believes, they try to *trick* unwary people into thinking that that is the ONLY version of feminism out there. It is not.

    The vast majority of those in Gamergate love the Rationality-Based Feminism of Christina Hoff Sommers so much they call her ‘Based Mom’. And she is, VERY Based.

    1. I bet if you ask gamers, they don’t have an opinion on feminism either way. Or at least, they didn’t until it began influencing their circles.

      I also bet if you ask most of them, they’ll say that they’re pro-equality and not against women.

      They are however, very against censorship and shame.

  10. I guess this is why they are usually so reluctant to let anyone challenge the ange they are pushing on this story, that it’s a campaign of harassment because gamers are mad that women play video games too or something (Not like that’s’ a recent development, I played with female gamers all the time in EQ – that game actually brought some of them into the hobby).

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