I have to say, I didn’t expect this. For those of you who didn’t see the GamerGate segment on HuffPost Live earlier, let me fill you in. Our women completely owned the proceedings. They even had the host flustered, at one point. He totally lost his cool, and began almost yelling at the women. He did calm down from there, and the second half was much better. But, it was still pretty damn amazing to see him blow up like that.

The most amazing part wasn’t the host losing his composure, however. It was how splendid our girls looked under pressure. Jennie Bharaj was a monster throughout, and got in the key closing line. Jemma Morgan did not take any shit at all off the host. She resisted his attempts to turn the convo around, and was witty throughout her appearance. Journalist Georgina Young took a more moderate posture. While not a member of our consumer revolt, she has been swayed by SJW bullying into almost backing us outright. She told that story today, and it’s an important one for any neutrals to hear.

All three of these women dropped truth-bomb, after truth bomb. Every time a potential derailment came up, they swatted it down with relative ease.  I guess that’s the part I didn’t expect. I knew the women would do great. I just didn’t think it would look so easy. Maybe their style and grace just made it look easier.

The other thing I didn’t expect, was for us to come off looking so good. Even though I was rough on host Ricky Camilleri a couple times, he didn’t do a horrible job, overall. He did repeat a bunch of stale and bogus SJW talking points, but like he mentioned, this was a one-sided panel. So, he had to go at them a little bit. I won’t give him a total pass for his antics, but we could have done a lot worse. Also, he talked like it was his decision to have the panel in the first place. If so, we must also give him some credit for that. And if it wasn’t him, I want to thank whoever it actually was who made that decision.

The reason I want to thank them, is because I don’t think we’ve ever had an opportunity like this before. A panel filled with only our people? The other side gets that all the time, but we never do. It was a rare opportunity to present a positive face without a anti-GG troll like Brianna Wu trying to muck things up. All three of our women being smart, funny, and easy on the eyes, probably didn’t hurt the cause, either.

The people were going nuts on the Kingofpol stream, and rightfully so. This did feel like a major win. I wanted to call this article “The Beginning of the Win,” but I thought about it, and decided that was unfair to our other recent successes (Intel, MEDC, etc). The was just one more step in our winning campaign. But we don’t have to fake it. We really are winning right now. Think about all they’ve thrown at us. Consider that almost the full weight of the media, old and new, has been stacked against us. Not only are we surviving. We’re thriving. Today, our composed women seized the moment, and helped us immensely. Excellent job, ladies.