I’m just going to write up a little info tidbit I just received. I announced on Twitter that I’ve received an email from BMW that confirms that they are no longer doing business with Gawker Media. This comes on the heels of the email from 2 weeks ago, which also said they were done with Gawker. The importance here lies with the time in between emails. The SJW counterattack has failed where BMW is concerned. Mercedes is still staying extremely quiet, but BMW has stood up for the consumer loud and clear. I know where I would be looking if I was in the market for a luxury automobile.


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So, keep up the good work, people. The SJW misinformation campaign isn’t swaying those who actually care about making money, like BMW. Idiots like the IGF may apologize, but for the most part, corporate America (and indeed the world) is listening to us.

Emails work!