I went to bed early last night. Shame on me. As I was sleeping, KingofPol dropped one of the biggest bombshells yet. According to a screenshot allegedly from Gawker owner Nick Denton’s Facebook page, he has infiltrated GamerGate. The tone policing people like me and KoP were talking about being a threat? Yep, that’s the angle Denton and his paid thugs are using.

He explicitly admits that he’s been trying to sabotage the group for weeks. Denton also shits on the mainstream media’s efforts to shut us down, which is actually kind of funny. This notorious tax swindler actually thinks pretty highly of himself. He really is the oblivious blowhard that everyone makes him out to be. After reading this post, I am now 1,000% more determined to bring his shit media empire to an end.

Here’s the full leak below. I am actually kinda stunned that he was so fucking stupid as to put this out publicly. But, this is Nick Denton we’re talking about here. I guess he just had to brag on himself:


This piece of gutter trash actually thinks he has accomplished something. I never wavered, myself, but there was a lot of doubt and recrimination in the air yesterday. Ironically, the man who is going to have both started, and ended that, is Nick Denton. I was telling people as loudly as I could yesterday that all this tone policing garbage was nonsense. Well, not only was it nonsense, but it was also apparently the work of paid shills. We had heard reports of Denton paying people last week, but I didn’t have any evidence to corroborate that. Thanks to KingofPol, now we all do.

tJrwGMqwPol, you can definitely be proud of this scoop. Hopefully, this will put an end to the tone policers..either way, I know I don’t give a fuck about them. We’re going at Gawker Media and their corrupt media allies as hard as we can. Some traitors will not slow that down. I think we can assume who some of them may be, but let’s not go on a witch hunt. Just be on the lookout for their tactics. We now have apparently confirmed that Nick Denton is so threatened by us, that he has hired people to try and take us down from the inside. You know what would be a perfect way to welcome that news? Sending emails to Gawker sponsors. Keep the pressure up. They’re starting to take us VERY seriously.


UPDATE: More can be read on this story HERE.

  1. “Guys! When I paid those shills and trolls to post shit and doxxes in the board it really paid itself off, really!
    It was money well spent you guys! Gamergate is over you see!”

    1. or i would like to say, until hotwheels show us that KOP lied to him and this is pure bullshit, may that teach us something folks, TRUST NOBODY

  2. This reveal was done either to feed his massive ego or he’s the dumbest fuck in the world. Probably both. Did he never watch Bond movies? The villain waits till Bond has no escape to reveal their master plan….then Bond wins.

    1. Or maybe he just wants to create discord and see us eat each other by being paranoid.

      But we’re smarter (hopefully)

  3. I definitely have witnessed a few of these “paid shills” in action. He paid rather a lot of them. They bit down HARD after that lazy sunday stream and doing so made them gains, but also made their idiot of a leader blow their cover. Shills, take that money and run, the guy that hired you just pissed his own money away.

    1. It almost sounds like KoP trying to defend himself or regain legitimacy.
      Regardless of what he said, he’s not tactful and rambles like an idiot.

      EDIT: After seeing Hotwheels confirmation, I will choose to believe that this is a real thing.

      1. Oh look, TONE POLICING. lmao, go away shill, you’ve all been outed. I wish the internet had stakes to burn people at. KoP can say whatever he likes and ramble, because FREE SPEECH IS WONDERFUL. The important thing is that KoP doesn’t confused his opinion with facts and that when he makes claims as objectively true, he backs that shit up with evidence, not feels. Now begone. You’ve sold your soul, now kindly burn.

          1. Because he’s out to make a name for himself.
            The tone of the writing isn’t very convincing, (sounds like he’s speaking to a studio audience, rather than his Facebook friends) and because KoP damaged his image recently.

            I have no doubt there ARE shills. That doesn’t mean I look up to KoP as some kind of beacon. We have far more reasoned and articulate people on our side.

            Go ahead and check my post history if you think I’m a shill.

          2. Umm… you don’t know that? Hotwheels undoubtedly enjoys his new celebrity status, regardless of his “motivations”. You don’t know what King of Pol’s motivations are, save his stated one of getting to the truth. You just sound like you’re tone policing him frankly. Again, if you’re going to make a claim you need to back it up with evidence, or I’m going to call bullshit and you’re going to look like a bullshitter. Your feelz don’t count for anything, sorry. (not sorry). KoP didn’t damage his image. He stated his opinion and that’s his right to do so, and you nor anyone else gets to judge him for it.

          3. You sound like you are stupid as fuck. Don’t worry about what I think. So I find your idol boring, what do you care? I’m a /pol/lack to begin with. I also understand how to present myself.

          4. lawl an ad hominem. Yep, you’ve totally got me with that character attack. Don’t worry about what you think? Good, fuck you, you’re a shill and you’re a soulless, shitty excuse for a human being. And you clearly don’t understand how to present yourself or you’d know how to construct an argument. And he’s not my idol – I didn’t know who any of these people were before GamerGate. Retard drama isn’t a concern of mine, it’s ethics and censorship and people who can’t use 101 level logic in their thought processes. Now gtfo.

          1. QQ a death threat has to be leveled at a specific person; try your SJW bullshit elsewhere. Wishing for people who are objectively evil to be punished isn’t sick. You’re a pathetic shill that wants to live in a world where everyone tolerates everything. Newsflash, entitled trust fund babies that make the world a worse place, bigots, racists and misandrists who bitch about how even oppressed people are oppressing others and need to just “listen and genuinely apologize” in their 3rd rate mental olympics should not be tolerated. They should be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day and permanently branded as hypocrites until they day they improve the collective lot of humanity by dying off.

          2. Quit being a dick munch.
            It’s not tone policing to disagree, insult or not like a personality.
            Tone policing is about telling you (or KoP) what to do.
            Which nobody did.
            I don’t listen to KoPs stuff, but he seems clever enough even if he has opinions/positions I disagree with or even find offensive.
            Note: still not tone policing.
            You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself, because you came off more of a shill than anyone else. Shit stirring and ego pushing is what made us all suspicious, not the tone policing itself, which will occasionally happen because people are human.
            (amongst my friends we have sick humour, but I got “tone policed” by a friend after his mum got diagnosed with cancer. I apologised and dropped it til he felt better. Sometimes people tone police because they’re feeling hurt, and even when we ignore them or dismiss them it doesn’t make them evil or shills. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar)

          3. You’re not tone policing, but HE WAS. When you say “such and such is untrustworthy because they say this or come off as that” that is PRECISELY what tone policing is. Objective facts and evidence have nothing to do with personal views or opinions and king of pol provides just that. He could be a Neo-Nazi and I wouldn’t give much of a shit (I wouldn’t respect him), but if he could provide legitimate information, I’d take it for what it is. I don’t distance myself from a source of information and someone who’s willing to put their neck out their because of something as trite and shallow as image. The world of adults =/= high school.

          4. Still not tone policing.

            Tone policing is telling other people what to do. Saying something is unacceptable to say, or saying that they are not allowed to be offensive.

            That is more just “being wrong”

            Let him be wrong.
            As long as reasonable people are around to make sure he doesn’t spread his “wrong” unopposed we’ll be fine.
            I actively support Milo for instance, and yet I *despise* his politics. (he seems a cool enough guy himself)
            I’ve disagreed with everyone attacking Milo for his politics, because his politics are irrelevant.
            He is actively promoting ethics in journalism, even if he isn’t perfect. That is enough for me and it should be enough for everyone.

      2. Who gives a shit about KOP’s tact? He doesn’t own Gawker, and he’s on the right side in this. Take a hike.

      3. Also bro, if you choose to believe something based solely on an endorsement alone and not evidence then you’ve gone #FullMcIntosh. L2independently verify.

          1. Awww that’s a cute photo. I didn’t know you were MR. Now I feel bad for treating you like a functional human. Sorry. <3

          2. That’s sir to you, boy. And your falling back on tired drawing and meme’s make you look pretty MR to me.

    2. How much is Denton paying you for this?

      I don’t believe a word of what that faggot KoP says, but Hot Wheels wouldn’t lie to us.

    3. the only idiots i see are the SJWs. And Nick Denton is an asshole yes i agree. Is he realy clever ? no not at all. This is a hashtag and not some realbattlefield where this nobody is some general moving around his troops…

  4. I’d prefer if we had a journalist like William Usher or someone verify the person and his connection to Nick Denton. I just don’t want there to be any doubt to whether it’s true or not.

  5. I knew Gawker was afraid but holy shit, I had no idea it was this bad. It might be a good idea to add a list of the advetisers Gawker has left so that people don’t have to going looking for it after they read this.

    1. Ooooh, like a metaphorical “kill list”? That’s a fun notion. Utterly shatter people’s credibility if caught shilling. Nothing like pulling off some scumbags mask and letting the world see they have no soul.

  6. Now I’m beginning to wonder if Occupy wasn’t infiltrated by paid SJW shills to prevent the formation of aggressive leadership.

  7. This is great. Finally more insight on why “tone policing” needs to go. Rubbed me the wrong way immediately due to it being tied with “concerned trolling”.

  8. I’m quite sure there are shills.
    I’m quite sure they’re paid
    I have no doubts our opposition is willing to use the scummiest tactics on the face of the earth.

    Yet, I don’t approve of you taking an unverified picture as proof. It makes this movement look like it’s full of people that don’t even understand how easily this could be doctored.

    And it makes you look like our opposition. Willing to believe on “words” without verifiable sources when it fits your narrative.

    I don’t meant this in any offensive way, but I’m not retweeting your articles when they are this weak. gitgud, and gitgud now.

    1. I completely agree. If this was legitimate it could cause a massive controversy. That picture alone is worthless.

  9. I just offend these so called “tone policers” Ask them when their episode of ghetto gaggers is airing.

    It works wonders on MRA’s that try to concern troll MGTOW’s for language they deem ‘too extreme’.

  10. If any shills are reading this. Take the money and run. Your boss is a nutter, and your involvement with him is not something you want future potential employers to learn about should they google you.

  11. Just a little light reading if you need any proof these douche bags are propaganda “pros” (they’re actually horrifically inept because they drink their own koolaide). https://archive.today/SgCU2 They know all about tone policing and really don’t like it when their care bears do it to each other.

  12. Really? The proof is a screenshot from a secret hidden account? Anyone can create a temporary account, post whatever they want, delete it and say it’s from the secret account. Serious you guys, its the secret facebook for rich ppl.

  13. I received my paycheck yesterday. It was great.

    Nah, I don’t know. I think the logical thing is to keep calm
    What’s a shill gonna do? Spread an opinion? That’s not even dangerous if you just counteract it with logic and sensibilty.

    DON’T CALL EVERYONE A SHILL. Don’t be that person who hides under free speech to be an asshole and go on your Ebony tower calling everyone shill (yes, much like SJW who call everyone sexist or racist ect)

    Remember not everyone comes from the Chan’s, so not everyone is going to be as pointed and crude as you. Remember WHY we’re doing this. So that devs can grow organically and not forced into a narrative

    For gaming, not for drunken internet celebs that do meet and greets (lol wtf). Not for chicks who want to get into politics, and definitely not to inflate our sense of worth.

    So let’s do this! Let’s make sure gaming is a place of merit and fairness.

    Everybody kiss now >3>

  14. What if he said this precisely to make GamerGaters backlash against the tone policers so that those with more extremist opinions become even more vocal? Either way, it reeks of desperation.

    1. That’s why the solution is to always -not- to freak out. Maybe he wanted this to be seen so that we would grow paranoid and attack each other (look at the very comments here) some people got their frilly panties in a twist over nothing.

      Some people are on the fence and asking about GamerGate, others just have ideas which may not be the best ones. Others are shills.

      But you can’t call everyone a shill or dismiss them as such.

  15. when an idiot wants political correct speech in gamergate he is an idiot, period! This self censoring of your thoughts is what these people want. When i say fuck them i mean it and i tell them that every time i can. I dont care about tone policing in any way because i am myself and not the “work” of some other idiots i dont know and surely dont like.
    I was never a friend of this policing nonsense because for what ? To show the SJW crazies that we care about their bullshit ? Never!
    these asshole have called us the worst kind of stuff and now we are the ones who have to calm down ? FUCK THAT and fuck everyone of these people.

  16. I’d like to suggest a simple method to verify that everything is as it appears regarding this message and the supposed presence of shills in the movement. One or more high profile members make a community-wide request for one of these shills to come forward. Offer to double the amount being paid by Gawker (via crowdfunded methods if necessary) for concrete proof that they are being paid by Gawker to shill. This could come in any number of forms, but would need to be as rock solid as possible, and should include some proof of payment (paypal notification, check stub, etc). If we can get one of these people to break ranks (hopefully this shouldn’t be too difficult given that they’re willing to trash a group now for payment) then we’ll have the definitive proof needed to really broadcast what’s happening here. Just a thought.

  17. Ironically, he could have defused gamergate easily but now supporters won’t rest until Gawker crashes and burns. The idiot’s narcissism will be the end of his crappy media network.

  18. This should be brought to the attention of the FBI. While Denton never explicitly admits to sending or paying people to send death threats, it should be enough to get the FBI to pay him a visit. Who knows, maybe it’ll even lead to a federal search warrant being executed on his home and the Gawker offices. Something like that would get coverage from all the major news outlets around the world.

  19. I man the new section on KiA and I can assure you there are paid shills.

    The easiest ones to identify come in packs, using similar or the same buzzwords, all focused on the same these i.e “you need a leader”, “tone policing” and today “The nick denton thing isn’t real”.

    Also they will permanently polite no matter how many times I insult them.

    1. What do we want : BURN them all or pull out the clubs and bash them to bits!
      When do we want it : NOW AND FOREVER
      What do we tell them : GO FUCK YOURSELF
      Do we want tone police aka thought police : FUCK THEM NOW AND FOREVER

      means, i agree with you 😉

  20. What makes this even more fucked up is that paid shills will navigate the #GamerGate hashtag, read our points and see who we really are (opposed to mainstream perspective) and still act against us, as if they think journalism needs to remain corrupted. Maybe not all of them, if KoP has now made friends with Gawker employees to spy on Denton.

    1. Liana K comes to my mind. First she hated us all with a “passion” and now she is inside gamergate pretending to be nice -but immidiately attacked Ralph for an article about her. Why she dont appologized for all the bullshit she wrote and showed some appreciation for the work Ralph is doing clearly shows she is still very “confused”…

      1. Liana K is a see-saw kind of neutral. She’s sympathetic to GG but still holds Marxist-feminist ideals that make her sympathize with Kotaku/Polygon etc.

        Seeing new faces popping up for the sake of concern-trolling is what worries me, need to be on the look out for any one who says the words “prominent voice”. It’s bullshit. The only prominent voice is the glaring evidence that make us speak out at all.

  21. I’m a bleeding heart, liberal minded kinda guy.
    I like free speech, but I think “political correctness” (ie: tone policing) has its place.

    That said, I was REALLY fucking suspicious at the volume of tone policing and how unknowns were doing the pushing. People I’d not seen tweet much (and I’m small potatoes/new myself :P) were egging on fringe pro#gamergate voices to cause drama.

    The most obvious was shills “supporting” Liana K.
    Personally, I think she’s genuine (though self serving, and if Liana reads this, I honestly don’t mean that as badly as it sounds :P)
    I like her well enough, but she is prepared to be dishonest to avoid criticism, rather than accept criticism that would actually gain her further acceptance and praise (outright denying being antigamergate made me cross, we witnessed it…)

    When a single shill is pushing Ralph’s month old article as a reason to argue, and blaming Ralph for bringing it up, I knew something was wrong.
    I totally e-stalked through Ralph’s log. The result?
    3 tweets referencing Liana in the previous 14 hours, 2 of which were explicitly defending himself.
    It’s sad but understandable that Liana would fall for it (the article in question is rather harsh :P) but I’m hoping it’ll blow over.
    Paid shills wont outlast us, because he wont/cant bankroll them for long. Bit tough to explain that expense 😛

    I’m still skeptical of the authenticity, but considering JUST how obvious the shilling was to those not being directly manipulated I cant think of another explanation.

  22. It is important that this information about organised lying is forwarded to the FBI since they need proof that it is going on. Posting tweets with a false origin may not be a crime but a conspiracy to send death threats probably is. The FBI and the prosecutors can then demonstrate to the jury that false from addresses on the threats are deliberate and premeditated. If Gawker are behind it then the FBI can also demonstrate an alleged financial motive.

    1. The FBI is unfortunately probably complicit in this; or at least rogue factions of it are likely to be.

      FBI offices are located in Chase Manhattan banks these days. Chase is owned by the Rockefellers…close friends of the Rothschilds, who are the ones getting Quinn and her friends all this exposure.

      1. No. Gawker may be run by third rate gangsters but the FBI is still clean.

        Gawker appears to be demanding sex with menaces from the computer games firms. (Possibly even money.) The above article shows the company has been sending threats to people who disagree with them. Women receiving threats have been talking to TV programs. The unarmed gamers have decided to make a stand rather than run away. This shows the weakness of using a feminist girl’s group as enforcers.

        1. Do you have bonafides on your source that the FBI is clean?

          My guess is that Gawker is heavily in bed with what I like to call the axis of Israeli bullying – Mossad connections, heavy spying on its users, and so on. That kind of hypersexualized aggression is very typical of that set.

      2. The evil “New World Order” was first started by the evil “Ignatius of Loyola” (a Basque “knight”) and continued by the evil “Adolfo Nicolas” and his evil “Jesuits”. The Rothschilds and Rockfellers are just puppets.

  23. The money controls everything. I tell you if you give these nutbags million dollars to kill a child, they will do it.

    1. Yup. Particularly with Gawker apparently in the Israeli Mossad’s back pocket, or close to it.

      I have wondered if Gamergate was a socially engineered Rothschild “scandal” from the start, and some things I’ve seen recently seem to confirm it.

  24. It’s far worse than you think. I just procured a screenshot showing that Gawker is complicit not only in this kind of penny-ante espionage; but actual Mossad spying for Israel.

    The Mossad, for those who don’t know, are actively involved in the extrajudicial murder of Americans regularly – and worse.

      1. From a conversation I just had on Gawker with a rather bullying and abusive commenter there.

        Surprise surprise, I call him out on it; and pretty soon he’s threatening me and claims he reported me to the CIA/FBI, Mossad, and the Bundesnachrichtenduenst. Yes, the GERMAN spy services too.

        The world media lock by these corrupt, Rothschild-owned “social engineering” syndicates” is part of Gamergate as well; I’ve seen at least one Rothschild voicing public support for Zoe Quinn. Sadly this shit goes a lot deeper than people might suspect, but at least on this site I doubt anyone is surprised.

      2. Oh, and he claims to have a Mossad family member. I don’t see a reason to doubt him. The Mossad and their families are abusive at a level that perfectly matches all the drama I’ve seen come out of this scandal since it started; it wouldn’t surprise me if Quinn also has connections in that way.

  25. Someone on Reddit posted a reply from Denton stating that he knows about the leak so he closed down that Facebook account. In the last sentence he states that if he finds out who the traitor is they will have far more to worry about than just finding a new job.

  26. This is probably the funniest thing I’ve read about Gawker all day.

    God bless Nick Denton for having a name so easily misspelled as Dick Nenton.

  27. Who was tone policing who exactly?

    I’m following this story, but you need to explain it with a little more detail for the rest of us that aren’t psychic. How was this supposedly a blow against GG?

  28. He might have SAID this but actually have done jack shit. Either way, don’t get all paranoid here. The thing that WILL break us apart is if we feed these shills by calling the wrong people… shills.

  29. I still think this is faked. There have been other faked documents (Tweets, receipts, etc.). I know it is unlikely for the source to come forward but that would be the only way to prove this is real unless it was confirmed by another person with access to his profile.

  30. Well he did get Internet Aristocrat to take a break from GG so I guess he didn’t completely fail. IA will realise most of the people getting pissed at him for the stream were tone police shills soon enough though after this.

  31. As someone pointed out earlier Denton later has the nerve to complain about the violation of privacy. Seriously? FUCKING seriously? Gawker is burning and the ship is sinking.

  32. Oh my god, this “leak” is such a hammy Bond villain monologue. “Kill the Batman” ahahaha you kids…

  33. After having read infinitechan’s Medium post and KingOfPol’s screenshots from the same place (among other things previously), I believe the Facebook post is real and KingOfPol lied about Stephen Totilo being the source. Also Denton stepping down as Gawker’s president within a month of this adds fuel to the plausibility fire that he might have written this.

    When Milo said “it’s an obvious fraud”, he didn’t say why, everybody just believed him; but Milo may have determined that only from a single phone call to “Rachael”, the person who emailed KingOfPol, and Rachael may have frozen up or may not have been female. Unfortunately nobody asked Milo (or he never said) how he determined it was “an obvious fraud”.

    infinitechan mentions that Rachael’s progg.gawker email doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t deleted. For KingOfPol to have faked Denton’s post and Rachael’s Gmail screenshots (from his phone), that’s a lot of work, and to take that much time and make it look that good (I see no image flaws in the screenshots and no critical analysis of them), that would be a quality that I’d imagine would be re-used to fake more things, and I haven’t seen that pattern connected to KingOfPol yet.

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