Earlier today, I noticed that Internet Aristocrat had retweeted something from Gawker’s Sam Biddle. I’ve only ever seen the bum’s work a few times, and honestly, I don’t care about his opinions on any subject. But this needed to be called out, and I’m glad Aristocrat brought my attention to it.

Here’s the tweet in question, screencapped in my own tweet from a little while ago:

(I should have used “They despise us,” but I messed it up.)

We can report to you that Gawker is already acting like this was a joke. I really do hope that it was an actual attempt at comedy, because the other conclusion disgusts me. Giving the benefit of the doubt for a second, let’s say it was a joke. Does that give someone an excuse to demean a whole group of people? Let’s see what the man behind Anita Sarkeesian’s curtain, Jonathan McIntosh, has to say about it:


I couldn’t agree more, Jon! It would be hypocritical for someone to criticize someone else for doing the same thing they themselves are doing. Simply saying “it’s a joke,” does not absolve one of their moral responsibility for spreading vile hatred. Too bad that Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read doesn’t agree with me and Mr. McIntosh:








(Notice that Max Read call us stupid in the last email.)

I guess all the hundreds of retweets and complaints means no one cares? The fact of the matter is, the ones who don’t care, is Gawker Media and their disgusting allies in the press. I actually think that a lot of them do want to promote the bullying of nerds. Even if Biddle himself was joking, but what about all the game journos who favorited or retweeted his comment? Because there sure was a shitload of them who did:

BULLYNEWWell, would you look at that? There’s our old friend Patrick Lucas Austin. You remember him, right? He’s the shithead who used to work at The Verge. Last week, he said he was gonna go to Comic Con, and punch the first person who said GamerGate. I guess he’s been waiting for someone else to come out and openly advocate bullying. Biddle finally fulfilled his wish. Time, Ars Technica, The Daily Mail…the hate brigade is all here. I wish I could say I was surprised.

So we have a hate mob, full of the same players and publications, advocating that nerds be “bullied into submission.” I wonder what they would have said if a politician had made a similar “witty” joke about black people and slavery? Or about Asians? Or about any other group? Gawker would bury them. But when they do it, it’s just a joke. This hypocritical double standard is what we have endeavored to destroy. We can’t rest until it happens.