Earlier today, I noticed that Internet Aristocrat had retweeted something from Gawker’s Sam Biddle. I’ve only ever seen the bum’s work a few times, and honestly, I don’t care about his opinions on any subject. But this needed to be called out, and I’m glad Aristocrat brought my attention to it.

Here’s the tweet in question, screencapped in my own tweet from a little while ago:

(I should have used “They despise us,” but I messed it up.)

We can report to you that Gawker is already acting like this was a joke. I really do hope that it was an actual attempt at comedy, because the other conclusion disgusts me. Giving the benefit of the doubt for a second, let’s say it was a joke. Does that give someone an excuse to demean a whole group of people? Let’s see what the man behind Anita Sarkeesian’s curtain, Jonathan McIntosh, has to say about it:


I couldn’t agree more, Jon! It would be hypocritical for someone to criticize someone else for doing the same thing they themselves are doing. Simply saying “it’s a joke,” does not absolve one of their moral responsibility for spreading vile hatred. Too bad that Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read doesn’t agree with me and Mr. McIntosh:








(Notice that Max Read call us stupid in the last email.)

I guess all the hundreds of retweets and complaints means no one cares? The fact of the matter is, the ones who don’t care, is Gawker Media and their disgusting allies in the press. I actually think that a lot of them do want to promote the bullying of nerds. Even if Biddle himself was joking, but what about all the game journos who favorited or retweeted his comment? Because there sure was a shitload of them who did:

BULLYNEWWell, would you look at that? There’s our old friend Patrick Lucas Austin. You remember him, right? He’s the shithead who used to work at The Verge. Last week, he said he was gonna go to Comic Con, and punch the first person who said GamerGate. I guess he’s been waiting for someone else to come out and openly advocate bullying. Biddle finally fulfilled his wish. Time, Ars Technica, The Daily Mail…the hate brigade is all here. I wish I could say I was surprised.

So we have a hate mob, full of the same players and publications, advocating that nerds be “bullied into submission.” I wonder what they would have said if a politician had made a similar “witty” joke about black people and slavery? Or about Asians? Or about any other group? Gawker would bury them. But when they do it, it’s just a joke. This hypocritical double standard is what we have endeavored to destroy. We can’t rest until it happens.


  1. more fuel to send to ad sponsors. this is actually good because it shows what a bubble world they live in. pop it.

    1. Man these people are to stupid, are they really this idiotic, they just keep adding fuel to the fricking fire every day.

  2. Of course it’s a joke. That’s just something you learn in schools, so everyone should know that: Get beaten and mocked mercilessly for years, it’s all in good fun and you shouldn’t take it seriously, defend yourself once and you’re menace to society.

    Go fuck yourselves Gawker.

  3. Horrible, self serving, hypocritical bullies who don’t care about facts or logic, but rather about trying to propagate a narrative that’s been disproven time and time again.

  4. “Black people are scum and deserve to be shot on sight by the police”
    “What the fuck!? That’s WAY over the line!”
    “It was a joke! God, can’t you understand trolly jokes and satire? #checkyobloodpressure”

      1. Yeah, I made it up but it’s one of those things where “satire! joke!” seems to be used to defend anything people want.. but only when *they* talk about it and only when *they* are called out on it.

    1. the difference is that black people actually face that reality. if it’s real, it’s not funny. the joke is that the “bullying” gamers face from non gamers isn’t an actual issue but you all act like you’re realistically structurally oppressed. go to school, gain some reading comprehension.

      1. Nerds aren’t really bullied.

        You want to kill yourself over the bullying?

        Grow up pissbaby!

        This illustrates the sociopathy and callousness of SJWs perfectly.


        Are you hurt? Are you in pain? Are you being brutalized?

        Who cares!

        The only thing that matters is whether or not you’re part of the groups deemed “worthy”.

        You think the beatings are bad?

        That’s nothing compared to slavery! You apologize to every POC at once!

        After all, it’s not like non-Whites can be nerds.

        Black nerds? Asian nerds? Who ever heard of that?

        People in one group are all the same!

        People in one group are never in more then one group!

        That’s why stereotyping is OK.

        Plus, you can tell how right this is by how people react.

        Say “bash the niggers” and everyone denounces you.

        Say “bash the nerds” and everyone applauds.

        You can determine what’s right by how much praise you garner.

        I mean how evil must you to defend those people.

        Those gross, inferior beings.

        Some shitlord said that “character is what you are in the dark”.

        But what pitiful thing lives in the dark?


        This is why we fight.

        Not for popularity, not for the “right” victims, not for “social justice“.

        But, for integrity, for all victims, for actual justice.

        And history shows we can not lose.

      2. Holy shit I could have bet a million dollars on an opposing person saying something idiotic and trying to excuse it with calling it “structural”


        Black persons who were never bullied at all are (according to yo1077 above). way more victims than the nerds who due to bullying are now dead by suicide.

        (As a person who knew some of those nerds no longer alive hearing some brainwashed shell like yo1077 claim those DEAD people do not count as victims.)

        And this person thinks calling it “structural” will make it ok?

        Pure insanity!

    2. Yes, by all means equate a historically abused and enslaved race with fucking video game enthusiasts. That’s not absurd at all.

      1. NEWSFLASH!

        Every single race has been historically abused and enslaved. Most of the time they were historically abused and enslaved by their own kind. Blacks were historically enslaved by other blacks, Whites historically enslaved by other whites and Asians historically enslaved by other asians.The slaves building the great wall of china sure as heck were

        1. enslaved and abused
        2. NOT by white people

        I could keep go on with examples how after blacks were enslaved and abused by other blacks they were sold to middleeastern/arabian people who cut of the boys “johnssons” …but why bother? Most likely you dont even care about genital mutilation unless its done to women/girls

        Most likely the only reason you care about abused of blacks is that you can only see black men as blacks – you dont even see black men as men cause how would that work with MEN not having that golden standard of being an “historically oppressed group”

        Your brain must really explode by any attempt of logic and consequence. Congratulations Jezzer!

    3. Seriously? You’re equating the plight of “nerds” (whatever that means) with what has been done to blacks in this country for centuries?

      You’re a joke. Nobody really takes your “cause” seriously.

      1. Holy shit I could have bet a million dollars on an opposing person saying something idiotic and trying to excuse it with calling it “structural”….Now there are TWO of these clowns.


        Black persons who were never bullied at all are (according to bigyaz here). way more victims than the nerds who due to bullying are now dead by suicide.

        As a person who knew some of those nerds no longer alive hearing some brainwashed shell like bigyaz claim those DEAD people do not count as victims….

        This is pure insanity!

        People I knew who are dead due to bulllying… nobody cares about them and the cause of preventing bullying of people like them????

        The guy aboove might actually be right about this being sociopathy in action.

        1. Oldest, weakest trick in the book: “paraphrase” (meaning totally mischaracterize to fit your agenda) someone else’s argument and then pretend you’re somehow refuting it. I won’t be wasting my time with you. And it’s pretty clear public opinion is overwhelmingly against all you poor, oppressed, overwhelmingly white, male video gamers who obviously are privileged enough to afford this hobby.

  5. So this guy is now encouraging bullying at GamerGate supporters. In a month to raise awareness against bullying? This sickens me to no end.
    Gawker can go to hell.

    1. Remember, it’s not just Gawker, but all of those media outlets who are supporting the incentive to bully. Yes, the media are largely hypocritical pathological liars.

      More journalists are coming forward to admit that professional journalism is nothing more than a propaganda outlet. They’re paid to push agendas based on lies.

  6. You posted the same image twice. Not nitpicking just for the sake of it – was that an accidental double-paste or are we missing an image?

  7. We have dug our own graves in the first place with us firing the first shots. Graves that were being dug three years ago. There were a lot of blatant unapolgetic misognist swine that believed in what they say.

    And two anime avatars from two questionable series? this doesnt help your position

  8. It’s a joke.
    It’s always a joke.
    What do they say when someone catches them hitting you?
    “We’re just having some fun”

    Nerd Shaming and Social Ableism are rife among the anti gamer gate group.
    They don’t just use it as a weapon, they positively revel in it.
    …Ultimately, it’s because they believe it’s okay to be vicious if you think the person deserves it.

    1. Every offensive shit they say or do is a joke, if we even make one joke about anything is fricking misogyny or harrassment.

    2. Never thought I’d see the day someone who is pro GG could say “ablest” with a straight face and mean it while defending GG.

      We are truly one of the single most diverse groups on the web.

    1. Yeah, before he decided to jump in bed with them.

      At least, that’s what I consider his dismissal of corruption and bullying amongst devs is. Jaffe, you are leaving developers like myself out to die. Thanks a lot.

  9. On top of this, Kotaku put up another anti-GG article, and Gawker interviewed Eron G., doing their damndest to make him look like the “jilted ex lover with an axe to grind” the Anti GG crowd has been trying to paint him as since Day One (funny how almost all press about him from Anti-GG sources and commenters almost repeat that verbatim?).

    I’ve tried to drop some truth in both articles (refuting the comments that Eron’s Zoepost is full of lies when it’s chock full of damning evidence, and showing screencaps of GG blocking trolls from dropping Zoe’s dox from 8chan), but as expected, I get no response or acknowledgement.

    It’s funny how the readers of these sites swallow this tripe with asking for solid evidence or even questioning that is being presented, especially since Kotaku is one of the main targets of GG. That’s like the asking the KKK to give a fair and unbiased account of the Civil War.

    “Well, son, the negroes were getting uppity, and we had to defend ourselves from their unprovoked savagery. Also, President Lincoln died from being a Yankee pus-bag and anyone who claims that he was assassinated is a white-hating conspiracist!”

      1. who wrote that buzzfeed article? Whoever let them pass high school english should be ashamed. No only is it lies, but its nonsense written by what appears to be a 8th grader.

    1. It’s because people go to those sites to look for enemies to fight. They get off on news that makes them believe that their own country and their own social groups are “morally superior”. It’s the only way they can define their pathetic, meaningless lives.

      If you keep that in mind, the slant on all of their articles makes sense. It also explains the ridiculously low level of IQ evident amongst their site’s comments.

    2. No, Eron G. makes Eron G. look like a “jilted ex-lover with an ax to grind,” because Eron G. IS a “jilted ex-lover with an ax to grind.”

      1. How can he be “jilted” when he dumped her abusive ass?

        Oh, right.

        Because SJW dogma is deeply sexist.

    1. Jezebel is also offering a reward for photos of fuckable men.
      I find it interesting that the same people complaining about how women are judged on fuckability also dismiss men based on fuckability.

      The hypocrisy is more than staggering.

      Then there’s TheGuardian privately pushing for gender-based genocide.
      You can’t make this stuff up, people.

  10. These are the same people throwing a fit about a Chinese woman seducing a married man and then getting beaten in the street by his wife and her friends.

    Double standards as usual.

    In regards to the Chinese woman incident, (and I’m writing it here since all of those sites’ comments are moderated to shit and full of idiots) the Western media neglected to report this important fact: in large Chinese cities, it’s the women who hold the power in the family.
    In other words, the husband belongs to the wife more than vice versa. That is what I’ve been told by Chinese women themselves. It changes the entire perspective of the attack.

    Yet another example of the Western media attempting to push a skewed narrative.

    I should also point out that some women get a thrill from seducing a married man, so it’s ridiculous to always immediately blame the man. What can a man do against a woman constantly throwing herself at him? File a restraining order? Pretty much every option a man has will lead to him getting ridiculed for being unmanly.

    1. That would make sense if China didn’t have the most infanticides of female children in the world (and this is not western media data but offical Chinese data). In a sense, yes Chinese women are respected as the ones who handle all finances in regards to home and take care of it, but a lot of archaic customs still live. This is a former Confucian culture we are talking about here, the laws have changed to being pretty acceptable but there is no way for the mindsets to switch from “woman is half of a man” to “woman is my overlord and I must obey and fear her”. I’m not sure how many Chinese women you have met, but from what I have experienced this doesn’t actually ring true.
      Tho of course it may and does in some cases vary a lot depending if we are talking about the urban or rural areas. They certanly aren’t oppressed, but they aren’t exactly privileged either.
      As far as the incident goes, well if somebody throws a vagina in your face if you love and respect the person who you are with you won’t take it and say “oh I simply cannot resist”. I do not apply a standard to other people that I do not apply to myself. The cheater is always the one to blame, not the “evil seductress”. And I completely believe so no matter the gender. It applies to both. He was the one that should have been beaten, and if he was a she, then she was the one who deserve it let’s say. I would feel territorial in the case of being cheated on, but I would be more thankful to the lover who showed me that I am with a person that cannot be trusted.
      It’s true what you say about some women, but the same goes for men. Forbidden fruit is always sweeter.

        1. It’s true that Chinese men have it bad when it comes to finding a wife and are certainly held up to a lot of criteria they need to pass. I do agree with what you say, but I wouldn’t equate that with them being oppressed or women being held in specifically high regard. To the point where men are subjugated. They know they lack women, they realize that, and still continue to get rid of them.
          However I am not from China so I don’t truly know. I like else, base this on second had info and my own reasoning.
          The real situation is probably somewhere in the middle and varies from area and people. I think that Chinese men, still have it better then western men here.
          But again, I repeat, this is just my impression and in no way I see it as a solid fact.

  11. Wow, the hypocrisy is so obvious. How can people actually take their side? Are people so blind? And who the f*** types like that from a professional email account? No capitalization or punctuation, and he is the head of a fairly large, yet shitty, “news” site? Are immature 15 year olds running that place? It would make sense since they make decisions based on whims rather than professionalism and business.

    These people need to go, or our society is f**ked.

  12. “Ultimately Jezebel is reaffirming what we’ve known to be true for decades: women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and should act as servants to their husbands.” God I feel like an asshole for even typing that out, and it’s just supposed to show how stupid and horrible his logic is when used for literally any other group of people. If someone actually posted that and tried to pass it off as “just a trolly joke” they would get fucking crucified, and for good reason. It’s a horrible thing to say, even if it’s “just a joke”.

  13. You expect this kind of shit from gawk without articles like this being posted, this only further increases that expectation.

  14. If I saw that guy at ComiCON after he said he will punch the next guy who said GamerGate, I will challenge him and say it, if he punches me, I will flatten him. I don’t take threats or acts of violence toward me kindly, if I must break his arms to stop the threat, I WILL DO IT. I say come at me and I will make you regret your decision… fuckin’ hell.

    1. No no, take it like a man, and let him enjoy the time in jail and thousands of dollars in legal fees even if he doesn’t get convicted.

      but really I hope someone forwarded that to the comicon staff so they can put him on a “not welcome” list.

      1. I suppose, you’re right about not losing my cool because I’m generally a calm and patient man, it gets tiring after a while of this kind of nonsense, I was wrong to jump to this conclusion but I won’t be silenced about speaking of GamerGate, if he thinks he can shut me up then he’s wrong, I will proudly speak about it and he will sit there and enjoy it. If he doesn’t like it, he can be “OFFENDED” or some nonsense. He won’t make a move, I know he won’t, he will resort to the typical stuff behind the protection of a computer screen and EVEN if we decide to drop that, he has been challenged to a boxing match for charity, my money is to that he doesn’t show up at all, if he does show up then we have a charity to donate to. 🙂

    2. People should organize to print out black t-shirts with white letters that say #GamerGate and come together. That would be such an awesome bitchslap. Full buses of people with GG shirts coming in.

  15. you guys realize that the punchline of the joke is that gamers have overblown victim complexes and by getting so worked up and upset over this you’re just proving the point, which is why it’s becoming increasingly hilarious to everyone at gawker (and outside the gaming community), right?

  16. “I fired him… psych!”

    Jeebus, even if you think its a harmless joke, that’s a fucking shitty reaction.

  17. So we know their tactic. They actually think they can force us to feel differently?! What do they think is going to happen if they win?
    Were going to buy their shitty games?
    Because even if they are good!
    We wont be buying them!

  18. I hope any of you anti GG and SJW are reading this.
    Well yes, yes I was bullied back in school.
    Yes even back then the bullies would play the victim.
    And yes, even back then people would believe them.
    Yes I did escape from it into the world of video games.
    Yes, the games were the only place where I was accepted my whole childhood.
    Yes indeed I was pathetic.
    And yes, I was ugly too.
    Yes instead of people, I was saved by video games.
    Yes my bullies said it was just “playing” and “joking” too.
    Yes, I’ve learned that “playing and joking” were terms for severe sexual abuse.
    Yes my first suicide attempt was at 13.
    And yes, I understand that you are oppressed because a character in a video game you haven’t even played shows too much skin.
    Yes, I understand that being psychologically and physically abused for years is funny to you.
    Yes, of course it is, you and your lives were always perfect.
    And yes I wished I was you, I wished it so badly.
    But I don’t care, I don’t do this and support this because of you.
    I do this and support this to protect the only thing that has kept me sane trough those years, and to support all the strangers around the world, who shared all that with me.
    There will always be people like you, and that shows perfectly how unimportant and meaningless you are, deep down you know this. And every time you laugh at us, at me, it doesn’t hurt now, because I know you wish you had to fight, and survive, you wish you you could be stronger, you wish you could be not so meaningless and empty. You want to be a victim but you cannot escape the fact that you are a bully. A bully who had it too nice. Because just like in games, if it’s too easy, it won’t feel like you achieved anything. So you hide behind the shield of irrational ideologies and false victimhood, to convince yourself, and others, that you are doing something important, and that you had to fight.
    The fact that I’m pathetic…I don’t mind it at all :).

      1. I really didn’t expect such a positive reaction, in fact I was very happy I have my anonymity while tying it. Especially considering that no one around me now knows about the sexual abuse part, this is the first time I actually have formed it into words so even tho it’s an anonymous comment online, it’s kind of a big deal to me. That said, I saw you tweeted it, thank you so much for this positive feedback, I don’t even remember if ever happend a time that people didn’t “laugh it off” or treated it as “kids will be kids”.

    1. A tale that could easy apply to almost all of us and you said it far better than I could have ever hoped to, and for that I say thank you.

      1. Yeah, after reading that, I don’t think “video games kept me sane” is the best angle to use.

        Everyone, when SJWs start on their self-righteous rants, remember.

        Remember what lies beneath their face of “justice”.

        Remember their heart of malice and sadism.

        Remember what they do when they think they can get away with it.

        Remember THIS.

      1. No problem, tho I don’t have an anonymous account on twitter so I would prefer email if it’s not a problem?

  19. Bravo, great story. I donated to the

  20. Well, you ARE pretty fucking stupid if you’ve gotten your underwear in a bunch over an obviously tongue-in-cheek post on TWITTER, for God’s sake.

  21. It was a joke, and a bad one.

    However, if you can’t acknowledge the horrible behavior of some gamergate supporters, then you have a similar credibility problem.

    Nerds are people with interests. When a critical mass of nerds evolves a misogynistic subculture, it’s pretty important to disavow that sort if behavior if you want to be seen as reasonable people. Otherwise, you are just contributing to the stereotype.

      1. No, man, I’m not victim blaming at all. I was/am a nerd, and boy, have I been bullied in my life.

        I just think it’s important to be consistent. I don’t think that one can claim to be bullied and not condemn ostensibly like-minded compatriots who also bully.

        I’m all for being passionate, but there’s too much vitriol and too much hyperbole. It does support the stereotype of people like us lacking circumspection. Do with that what you will, but I’m not endorsing the Gawker comments.

        1. Actually, most Gamergate supporters are constantly calling out the actions of others. When there’s a new threat GG supporters jump on it. The threats to Anita and the school were met with disgust and hatred from both sides.

          GG supporters are policing. The problem is anti-gg’s aren’t. They criticize us for not calling these guys out, even though we do. However, they let things like this from their side go unchecked. Some even willing to support it. If a GG supporter came out and made a joke about how women need to stay in the kitchen and leave gaming to men Gawker and everyone would be on it like flies on poop. They wouldn’t care if it was joke.

          These guys are trying to justify the actions of someone by down playing it. They don’t see their side doing the same things.

          1. The problem is that GG guys aren’t an ethnicity or a gender or share a particular sexual orientation. You’re guys that like to play games. That is your single unifying trait. So, it’s tough to claim persecution when all you have in common is that.

            I suppose though, that you also want to dictate who is entitled to create, participate or criticize. You want an amorphous code of behavior that supports your right to dictate who gets to create, participate, or criticize.

            The problem is, the world doesn’t work that way. Women are a protected class, so they can’t be excluded from the developmental workplace. Games are available to anyone, so you can’t realistically expect to exclude. Lastly, the first amendment protects the right of almost anyone to say almost anything. There is no right to protection from being offended. There’s no right to threaten the safety and security of others without penalty. There’s no right to the grace of good public opinion.

            GG has utterly failed in the court of public opinion to validate

          2. …its rationale. It hasn’t proven the community it purports to represent as being inclusionary.

            The way you do away with stereotype is to constantly and consistently defy stereotype.

            Let’s put it this way…regretfully, I know a whole lot of civil war reenactors and every single guy that chooses the confederate side is, in real life, an unmitigated asshole. Everyone of them spouts the same bs rationalization for the confederate cause, which was the right for individual states to allow people to own other people. Now, it might be fun for them and they’re free to do it, but that doesn’t change my opinion of them an iota

          3. We have never excluded women. We’ve been accepting of all women to be in this industry. We’ve donated over $70,000 to a charity dedicated to helping get women into the industry. Something Zoe Quinn tried to destroy. We accept everyone into the gaming community. #notyourshield was created to show how inclusive gaming has become. That it’s not the misogynistic, straight, white boys club the games media portray it.

            We understand first amendment rights. We’re not asking for the media to shut up or for us to control them. We’re asking for transparency and ethics. Things that should be standard and expected from professional journalists. In fact, the other side or at least supporters tried to silence Gamergate with mass censorship. Sites like The Escapists, 4chan, and Reddit (who have been against Gamergate) all would delete any discussions made about Gamergate. TotalBiscuit’s reddit thread was one of the biggest cases. Thousands of comments deleted.

            We do not tolerate threats of any kind. We’re usually one of the first to blacklist the person making the threat and have also contacted the FBI multiple times.

            The only reason it seems GG has “failed” is because the no one is willing to listen. No one is willing to get our take on the subject. The public hears one side of the story and believes it without looking into what the other side has to say. We’ve proven time and time again we’re not these horrible things the games media says we are.

          4. I don’t want to be too argumentative, but I have trouble understanding why such a lucrative and relatively attractive field would need $70,000 of charity in order to advance inclusion of women. Let’s face it, tech, and gaming in particular, has an institutional problem with hiring women that is one of the worst among all industries. It’s 2014, not the Civil Rights Act era, which is when one might have expected to see third parties advocating for hiring of women. And, $70,000 in 2014 doesn’t buy much.

            Transparency is a two way street, in the sense that you can lay claim to the good things, but must also take ownership of the bad. I’m a huge Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerd; I get the reactionary sexual mores of some games. But, just because I

          5. …get it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand why women would find such games acceptable. Moreover, when you make violence, even simulated, utterly fantastic violence against women participatory or first person, you’re deluded if you think it won’t provoke a reaction.

            Because I’m a nerd, I also understand why many more visible changes have to be mainstreamed before people listen. It’s because no group with which I’m acquainted, not sports fans, cross-fitters, re-enactors, you name it, no group is more immersed in their interest than Sci-Fi/game/comics fans. You can’t argue that there aren’t huge amounts of groupthink among those groups, especially among the guys

          6. …who cleve most closely to the popular stereotype. And, let’s face it, the gamer community hasn’t had the benefit of articulate messaging. I read comments that blow me away, not just because of the social impropriety, but because of the all too familiar descriptions of what should happen to women who complain.

            Until the community quells the most visible examples of its dysfunction, both in industry and consumers, I think you’re going to be tilting at windmills.

          7. Making video games is not cheap. $70,000 isn’t much to make a game but it’s a start. Which is what a lot of women need. At least a chance to show their worth. It may not be the civil rights era but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aid the women struggling in enter a male dominated industry. A little help can go a long way.

            That’s not the kind of transparency we’re talking about. Letting the reader know what your relationship is with the person you’re review or discussing. Whether if you’ve given them money for their game, are good friends, your brother, etc. Even then it’s only required if you actually have a relationship with this person.

            Unfortunately, you’re comment just kind of ends at, “But, just because I.” I’ll wait to see what else you may have written. I don’t want to make assumptions of off some words.

          8. Take a look underneath.

            I don’t think that the tech press is really all that good at traditional journalism. For some reason, tech companies seem to think that being asked to address the insufficiencies of their companies is the agenda of “haters”, a turn of phrase I loathe. But, there are also huge conflicts, which you correctly note. Still, many in the gaming community choose to interpret criticism as attack and profoundly disagree with the idea that games and associatively, the people who play them can be misogynist. But, if you play a game which includes first person simulation of violence or sexual assault against women as a feature and you don’t expect criticism, I think you’re deluded.

            Unfortunately, it’s too easy for anyone to find myriad examples of misogyny and hateful or threatening language arising from the gaming community. Look at this post, for example. Disagreement with someone doesn’t call for calling someone a “piece of shit”, or worse. Advocates for gaming are not the most articulate of messengers when that’s the way they get their message out.

            $70,000 doesn’t mean anything in the sense that the industry should be hiring women. Sure, they should also be starting new ventures, but the hiring demographics of gaming companies are appalling. If you want to spend $70,000, spend it on publicizing the inequities and demanding that companies develop strategies to realign their hiring practices. That would be far more productive than investing it in a high burn-rate business.

          9. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for anyone to find myriad examples of misogyny and hateful or threatening language arising from the gaming community. Look at this post, for example. Disagreement with someone doesn’t call for calling someone a “piece of shit”, or worse.

            I see Sam Biddle being called a “bum” for supporting bullying on National Bullying Prevention Month, and I see people supporting him being called “disgusting”.

            I’m not seeing any “threats” or “misogyny”, and any “hatred” would be more accurately described as “contempt”.

          10. Have you looked at Reddit? I wasn’t referring just to this blog. C’mon, you can’t honestly be denying that that shit is all over the place.

            As I said, gamers as a group get a bad rap. But, until the tenor of some games changes, and the insular culture and defensiveness of (really, kind of crude) bad online behavior wanes, the impression of gamers that’s popularly held will persevere.

            I outright loathe guys who call women every name in the book and talk about rape and other assorted violent acts toward women gamers. I don’t think they’re the main problem, but how anyone can look at hiring and the representation of a lot of female characters in games and not see root cause is beyond me.

          11. I wasn’t referring just to this blog.

            – You, 5:51 PM, November 05, 2014

            Look at this post, for example.

            – You, 5:24 AM, November 05, 2014


          12. I’m not sure where we’re at, man. I agree with you that gamers are being stereotyped. I also said that it’s terrifically easy to find examples of gamers fulfilling the stereotypical perception of gamers.

            You can’t not acknowledge that there’s a pretty significant number of guys in this culture of gamers and Sci-Fi fans that are, to put it mildly, crude in their expressions to others and about women. If you refuse to do so, then you’re essentially saying that you don’t need to increase hiring of women, you don’t need to consider the origins of the controversy and the very visible problems it created for some women and gamers writ large. You’re saying everything is fine, and it isn’t.

  22. “black people and slavery?”

    This is why you people will always be marginalized. You marginalize yourselves, and few take you seriously, with good reason.

    I’ll leave it up to you to interpret what I mean by “you people” but it’s definitely not the standalone term “nerds.” “Nerd” is necessary, but not sufficient.

  23. So the nerdy white boys who traffic in misogyny and rape threats are butthurt over a little bit of lighthearted trolling. And then wonder why nobody takes them seriously.

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