So, not only does Gawker media employ bullies like Sam Biddle, they also reward them! I guess editor Max Read wasn’t joking when he said that Biddle was going to get a raise from his advocacy of violence. Biddle really is going to receive a raise.

According to Business Inisder, Biddle will be promoted to the position of senior writer on the main Gawker site. If you had any doubts about Gawker’s tone deafness, put them to rest now:

Biddle will spend November on sabbatical. When he returns in December, he will be named Senior Writer at Gawker, focusing on subjects related to the Internet, including cybersecurity, cryptography, activism and politics. (Gawker employees who have been with the company four years are encouraged to take a one month paid sabbatical.)

“I expect it will evolve from there, and I fully expect him to write about a wide range of topics that have nothing in particular to do with the Internet,” Gawker’s Editor-in-Chief Max Read told Business Insider in an email. “Sam is one of the great pure bloggers — fast, sharp, opinionated, funny — and I want to run his work on the front page no matter what it ends up being about.”

So, there you have it. Gawker media is a place where bullies are protected and rewarded. Keep sending those emails, and we’ll receive our own reward. The arrogance of Max Read and Gawker are astounding, but they do nothing but play to our benefit.