It looks like all Gawker talks about turning over a new leaf was just a bunch of bullshit. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, since that’s all a snake like Nick Denton can actually accomplish. The thing is, it’s so poorly written. I don’t claim to be some modern day Mark Twain, but my goodness. I’ve seen some really atrocious pieces to come out of there as of late. Also, I know that blogging can have some sort posts here and there. I do it all the time, but Gawker has taken it to the extreme when you look at their recent trajectory. Before I get to the meat of this story, take a look at how far the mighty have fallen:

Not only is their traffic down, but they’re also up to the same old name and shame bullshit they’ve always done. Take a look at what they’ve recently done to a write named Giles Coren. The article is behind a paywall, but someone posted it on imgur. First, let’s excerpt the Gawker post in question:

Coren, who is married, has since deleted the tweet, but it remains preserved in a post on Yahoo! UK that correctly suggests that joking about using feminism to try to fuck a woman in a professional setting is, uhh, very sexist. And not funny! At least not in the way Coren hoped it would be, anyway.

Here’s the article itself, sourced from imgur:Bw3iJle

He’s right. This shit isn’t going away anytime soon. If you get marked as an enemy by these rad fem nutters, you can expect a lifetime of attacks from outlets like Gawker. To be fair, I don’t think ideology matters all that much to Nick Denton and his cronies. He’s all about making a buck, which is why this latest drop in traffic has to hurt badly. Think about where these monsters were a year ago versus where they are now. It feels great to have helped play a part in that, doesn’t it? I know it makes me smile broadly. Anyway, I’m going to go get ready for the show, which starts at 6PM EST. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I’m going to.