All day today, I’ve been having to deal with people who doubted the authenticity of this morning’s Gawker story. Specifically, people have doubted wheter or not Nick Denton actually made that post. Many have outright told me they believe it to be a fake. Well, they were wrong. It’s real, and we have confirmation from none other than Denton himself. KingofPol was right.

In fact, it was KingofPol again with the evidence. Here is the screenshot where Denton confirms the veracity of our earlier story (he also deleted his account shorty after this, further confirming):


There were yet another group of people who claimed that Denton was just joking, but the post itself was legit. Well, I’m not sure why he would be getting so upset over a joke. Also, it’s pretty fucking rich to hear a scumbag like Nick Denton talk about privacy. How many people’s privacy has he personally been responsible for violating over the years? Thousands? Whatever the number, it’s pretty damn high.

Scumbags like Denton keep thinking they will be able to outsmart GamerGate, but they keep getting blasted out of the water. One reason, is because they keep underestimating us. They see our infighting and ragtag nature, and think we will be rolled eventually. But we keep winning, inexplicably. I’ll admit, even in my wildest dreams, never did I think we would inflict so much crucial damage. But, it’s happening. And it will continue to happen, so long as you keep sending those emails. The fallout from the Gawker wreckage will be felt for years to come…if we finish the fight.



UPDATE: This story has since been thrown into doubt. We can no longer say it’s confirmed. Read more HERE.

  1. Eh, that’s not really a true confirmation, that’s just the same account ‘confirming’ it. If it was a fake account to begin with then it’s just a fake ‘confirming’ itself as real. I’m skeptical because there are confirmed trolls feeding disinfo to rile people up/make us look like fools for buying into it. A real confirmation would be a post from his twitter account or something we can verify.

    Still, I want to believe.

    1. Of course…. Everybody WANTS to believe this. That is the best way to get somebody to believe a lie, put it in a spoon full of sugar.

      People are swallowing that Denton is the cartoon villain they though he was, and at the same time buying the lie that there are traitors in our ranks.

    2. He’s not going to come out in public about this. And it’s right up his alley to pull something like this. I’m fairly confident it’s legit. The tone matches the Playboy interview. I’m not an expert at language analysis or anything, but this sounds like him.

    3. What convinces me is the fact that he actually deleted that account that day. This is an admission of guilt. Why would he delete an account that is years old on the day that this came out?

      1. well we also got federick as witness confirming it
        didn´t KoP send his shit to Milo too?

        so i rather tend to say its true then false either way we keep doing what we do best
        ruining dentons business

  2. Okay…so where is the proof? Can we get a archive of that post or…something? Anything? We need hard proof and not screen caps. That being said:
    Fuck Nick Denton. I hope he gets sent to the worst god dam prison we have. Maybe the one with the serial killers who eat brains or something.

      1. That confirms nothing.
        Fishy as fuck and a plea of, “OH GOD PLEASE DON’T SEND ME TO BUTTFUCKISTAN PRISON!”
        But it confirms NOTHING of what has been said of him.

        1. I think Nick Denton would love Buttfuckistan Prison. Have you seen the boyfriend he’s getting railed by? He’s the male version of a trophy bride.

  3. What a scumbag this guy is. Hopefully once we’re done with Gawker, he will have no career prospects more prestigious than selling pencils from a cup on the sidewalk.

        1. I saw a different post of this type a week or two ago, not from Twitter though. That one claimed shills were getting $25 per post. This shop seems to be based off of that old picture, but I have no idea as to the original’s authenticity. The amount paid by Gawker in the original image was over $5,000 though.

  4. I am at a loss for words, the amount of beating Gawker just took from a bunch of trolls, who lack leadership and are capable of only harassing women (that being us GG apparently) is just stunning, completely owned in a single day? o man i wonder how will he squirm his way out of this one.

  5. Yeah, the founding myth of Gawker happens to be true. I was a journalist at theFinancial Times. Whenever you work at a newspaper, particularly a newspaper with high standards, you’re struck by the gap between the story that appears in the paper the next day and what the journalist who wrote that story will tell you about it after deadline. Pay attention to his writing on this playboy article, and check the one above… pretty damn close. Anything before pay attention is his writing.

    1. SO, you’re telling me that they find being a professional stifling? Nobody worth employing acts the same way at work as they do when out with friends.

      1. You mean you dismiss the notion of employing anyone who is his/her genuine self all the time, and who doesn’t “act” a part while at work ?

  6. Pro Tip for Shitlord Shill Master Denton, Gamers LIVE ON THE FUCKING NET. We have hackers, crackers and anything else he can think of who live, eat, sleep, breathe and shit digital media and who will attack every person remotely connected to him, from employees to distant family members, all for the barest chance of gaining an avenue into his private conversations. He CANNOT HIDE so long as he tries to use the Net. This is OUR world, and he’s a filthy, parasitic disease residing in it.

  7. While I have my reservations like others I really do hope these postings are authentic. When you consider it there really is no other way to stop us. We have no leader to target but we do have more prominent and outspoken members. It’s obvious we are not going to back down so the only real option is destruction from within. Hire shills to start harassing our more prominent figureheads and get them to leave. This could lead to a domino effect or it might not. This happened with Slade Villena, one of those prominent figures. He was ready to quit because of internal drama someone was causing but he seems to have come to terms with it.
    The funny thing is that not too long ago some of the more prominent anti-GG were calling for us to denounce Slade and press fart to continue because of some questionable things they had done in their past. It makes you wonder if any of the anti-GG people own mirrors.

  8. Forcing the closure of his private Facebook account is most definitely a win.

    What worries me more is the threat that he made towards the anonymous leaker. It’s entirely possible that Denton and Gawker generally have Mossad connections; and they’ve already participated in extrajudicial murders on American soil. Stay safe. This could get worse before it gets better.

    1. Ahahahaha… okay look, I totally agree and support the idea that Gawker is made up of phenomenal idiots and jackasses, but Mossad? Really?

      What in God’s name makes you think anyone in the intelligence community gives a flying fuck about GG? Beyond some vague interest in social media manipulation?

      I appreciate the frustration that might stem from having to play whack a mole with the social justice brigade, but really, you need to check your bullshit filter settings.

      Refocus. Right now anti-GG is playing checkers while GG has been playing Civilization V with the DLCs. Hitting Gawker in the pocketbook via advertisers is the RIGHT way to do things. Don’t get sidetracked with conspiracy theories.

      1. The screenshots I have. You didn’t see them. I sent them to Milo. Stop condemning what you don’t understand; go Google “Urban Moving Systems”.

        1. Oh God just stop. Next you’ll be on Infowars.

          It’s always very tempting to believe in conspiracies. I understand that. The problem with conspiracies and secrets, though, is that your chances of something leaking increase geometrically with every extra person involved. Or as the old saw goes ‘It takes three people to keep a secret — if two of them are dead.’

          Stop injecting truther bullshit into GG. There’s enough work to be done as it is.

          1. And here I thought this site was about free speech.

            Do the research or don’t; but if you don’t, get off my fucking back.

            “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” –Einstein

    1. I disagree. The level of bullying at Gawker has escalated into something that justifies this response. I was violently threatened just yesterday on another issue by a Gawker commenter who claims connections to three national-level espionage agencies in three countries…

      1. Witch hunts will hurt us. Just keep calm. And be safe. There’s no point in going to Gawker to comment. We do our thing and keep on trucking.

        Again, be safe. Be sensible. Trust but verify.

      2. Just make sure you have ample evidence when accusing someone.There’s a risk to catch innocents in the crossfire.Also i hope you’re OK.

        1. I am fine, thank you – for the moment. 🙂

          But I promise the espionage-media connections in our modern era are real. Look up “Operation Mockingbird”. Spy services love nothing better than a few fingers in every newspaper’s pie; and blogs and websites are the newspapers of our era.

          1. Paranoid much ? …I mean, DAMN, I left Xe a while back after serving in Naval Intelligence and the D.I.A., and even I’m not THAT paranoid !

          2. If you don’t know what Mockingbird was, you have no business serving in espionage.

            No wonder our intelligence services are crap these days. Xe mercenaries are the LAST people our government should be hiring to do security work. Your old company are murdering scum who killed civilians for sport.

  9. The beauty of this is that the FBI and the DHS are allegedly on the issue to look into the whole mess.

    If it turns out that Denton’s shills are actually conducting threats of violence and harassing people, they’ll abandon ship on the grounds that none of them are paid well enough to afford legal fees. Further, none of them likely have the means to evade federal authorities in a meaningful way, so the threat of an actual investigation – at the hands of people who know what they’re actually doing – is likely enough to ward off the worst of the shills.

    The scariest of the elements of 4chan have all but retired from the game, and those that migrated have negligible technical skill. Those that have bent a knee to the Gawker network are likely not much more than a bunch of hired keyboard warriors, meaning that everyone at the card table is threatening nuclear holocaust at a card table with nothing worth anything in their hands.

    The only difference between Gamergate and Anti-Gamergate at this point is that one is a consumer revolt and the other has been mistreating their readers for years.

    And how sweet it is when the latter is going to fall because they can’t stop screwing themselves over, and the former just has to be loud enough to make them do it.

    1. Unfortunately, some of the shills and bullies on Gawker may have Federal connections themselves.

      I procured screenshot evidence of at least one violent bully making threats today who claims a connection to an unnamed Federal agency, Israel’s Mossad, and the German Bundesnachrichtenduenst (the FBI-ish analogue over there).

      1. In that case, consider this a good time to take up drinking a little more heavily.

        If it’s unnamed, it’s probably his home country, and that probably means America because these people are largely based in the Bay Area of California. The fine they issue for whatever vague charges brought against you won’t seem so bad under the influence. If it’s the Mossad and you’re captured, know that you’ll probably not have any alcohol at all due to Sharia Law. If the Germans get you, your liver will need the practice for all the dark beer you’ll be taking in in place of water and actual nutrients.

        Chances are good he’s bluffing, though, in which case you’ll have likely gotten into some misadventures through intoxication and had a few stories to tell when you’re older.

        Good luck, and keep emailing those advertisers!

        1. I don’t drink. Trust me, I’m more worried about whoever Nick Denton is threatening right now – and the possibility that all of Gawker is part of the same Mossad axis of hate that attacked New York on 9/11 – than I am about the man who threatened me.

          I hate to drag external politics into all of this; but…I’ve been researching world politics very heavily for some time. There’s a corrupt axis running through a great deal of world media that is connected to the same CIA factions that were once saving Nazis during Operation Paperclip; and to the Mossad – which is among the most murderous, amoral, violent espionage agencies on Earth.

          If Gawker has corrupt CIA/Mossad ties…these people are capable of extrajudicial killings. Stay safe, people.

          (By the way, the Israelis do not follow Sharia; that’s an Arab concept. Israel is a frequently hard-drinking, weed-smoking, promiscuous, frequently amoral experience all around, in my experience with the country and its people.)

          1. Fair enough.

            In any case, people that carry around that kind of weight don’t talk about it. They just make people disappear. It’s rule number forty of the Evil Overlord List: Use your superweapon as early and as often as possible instead of holding it in reserve.

            By all means, though, stay safe. Just know that, if the Mossad were actually invested in a news site or Gawker’s interests, it probably wouldn’t be getting paid the money that Denton’s also failing to pay his interns, nor would it be getting much in the way of payment for you when there are much more vocal targets in Gamergate.

            Schizophrenically speaking, it’s crossed my mind a few times that this might be a bad idea to get involved in.

            But then I remember that I’m basically in the safest place I could be, as part of a mob that’s pissed off about a bunch of Californians fucking its favorite industry up with their stupid and spiteful anti-consumerist ideals.

            If an international espionage ring is so unregulated that it has an agent splinter cell on the take for Nick Fucking Denton and his sycophantic Legion Of Doom, someone would have noticed it long before now and probably skullfucked it into oblivion by now.

          2. Oh, trust me, you’re right – this guy has no power himself, or I wouldn’t have heard a word.

            But his connections might.

            As for Mossad and paying people – I do not think you realize how stingy the Israelis are generally. I worked for an Israeli hedge fund owner for free for several months, and when I informed him I was taking a Sunday off to attend a friend’s mother’s funeral, I got a nasty, Goldman Sachs-type letter from him “questioning my commitment to the project” and got accused of not working hard enough.

            (I e-mailed him back a picture of Steven Slater popping two beers and sliding down the JetBlue emergency ramp. That was pretty satisfying.)

            I get a truly bad vibe from Denton, is the reason I bring it all up. I believe he’s capable of hatred and murder. Hence, again, stay safe.

          3. In fact, Denton’s tendency to abuse people, pay pittances, and treat people like shit is precisely one of the reasons I wonder if he’s affiliated with that set.

          4. Again, fair enough.

            I’d still take the idea with a grain of salt. He’s not been under any kind of scrutiny for his actions until the advent of Gamergate, meaning this is probably the first time he’s seen criticism for amassing what amounts to an Offspring Of Wealthy People Club that doubles as a daycare for embarrassing children of the aforementioned wealthy people.

            I’m not surprised he’s freaking out and acting like a tyrant, or even handling things badly. I’m just hoping that one of his meltdowns happens on a public feed and gets cycled through the 9gag/Tumblr/etc of news feeds until everyone’s sick of hearing about it. Further, I want him to step down from whatever position he holds in order to escape the criticism for the company he’s been keeping and the sorts of things he’s done to manipulate and make the stories his people tell.

            And shit, if he goes nuclear and sends someone from an espionage agency after everyone that criticizes him, he’s going to have quite a list to blow through if he waits longer than this week. It’s already more than is feasible to handle, at this point.

            Let him rage and be tyrannical.
            The world will show him how much it cares when his corp crumbles around him and everyone turns their back on him.

          5. I endorse the strategy and will probably start writing boycott letters myself.

            I might have to do the same thing for Facebook, in fact; Zuckerberg’s another of the public-hero-private-tyrant types. The shit I’ve been through on Facebook (which is absolutely in Mossad’s back pocket) makes even Gamergate look like a pleasant afternoon.

          6. Denton has a lot to be concerned since several people are digging into his past. Just an FYI it has been confirmed he has two people in the Bureau bought and payed for. It has also been drudged up that he had previous deals with certain criminal organizations. If you check his money transfers there is a paper trail. We are following the money. All of this information will be released in two-weeks after we vet the rest of the information we have dug up. We are also data dredging Mr.Jonathan McIntosh and have found some interesting things there as well. These people really need to hide their tracks better.

          7. Do you always talk shit about things you don’t understand? You should see the death threats I’ve gotten from the Israeli security axis on Facebook – up to and including threats to rape my family and murder them.

            The Mossad nightmare that is afflicting the world is real. If you haven’t researched it, then kindly stay out of the discussion.

          8. I have more fear of a clown car full of evil clowns than “the Mossad Nightmare that is afflicting the world” but I’m sure the 12 year olds that are threatening you on the internet get a hoot out of how far over the edge they’ve pushed you !

          9. ” I left Xe a while back after serving in Naval Intelligence and the D.I.A., and even I’m not THAT paranoid !” –Matthew Smith

            Forgive me if I don’t love it when mercenaries come here to talk shit. Xe is scum and so are you if you served with them.

          10. Let me turn this around on you:

            What exactly does Denton have that would benefit an espionage agency? I mean, what could be so useful that they would deploy covert (or overt) action because he’s butthurt?

            Remember, this isn’t Vlad Putin, or Barack Obama, or Bill Gates.

            I’m sorry, I think Hall is just spinning moonbeams and paranoia here.

          11. Jesus fucking christ the conspiracy theorist in this one is so ridiculous. Mossad caused 9/11. I can’t even… Do you have any verifiable evidence of this? I mean holy shit.

          12. Yeah I do. Go google “Urban Moving Systems”.

            The Israeli man I worked for was quite open about his family’s foreknowledge of the attacks. Stop condemning what you don’t understand and go do the research.

          13. I heard from a guy that I worked with that his family knew about something. This is now evidence that everyone else should believe. I do understand what you are saying. I don’t believe it. I have done the research on this subject, I used to be a 9/11 truther about 8 years ago or so.

          14. There is far better evidence than that, if you make the time to go see it. Your own disbelief is also not particularly admissible here. You have to provide facts and evidence. I encourage you, once again, to research Oded Ellner and Urban Moving Systems…

          15. I did google it, it led me to Wikipedia.


            “The five men worked at the company Urban Moving Systems, owned and operated by Dominick Suter. After the men were arrested the FBI searched their offices and questioned Suter, however Suter fled to Israel before he could be questioned further. Eventually, Suter’s name appeared on the May 2002 FBI Suspect List, along with the Sep 11 hijackers and other suspected extremists.[61]

            According to a former CIA chief of operations for counterterrorism Vince Cannistraro, there was speculation that Urban Moving Systems may have been a front for an intelligence operation investigating fund-raising networks channeling money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. On March 15, 2002, The Forward claimed that the FBI had concluded that the van’s driver, Paul Kurzberg, and his brother Sivan, were indeed Mossad operatives, who were in America “spying on local Arabs”.[62] ABC news cited this report on June 21, 2002, adding that the FBI had concluded that the five Israelis had no foreknowledge of the attacks.[63]”

            So I don’t see any reason to believe you that they actually had prior knowledge because they are only implicated by being in the right place at the right time. Many other people coincidentally left around the same time, but didn’t come under scrutiny. Maybe it doesn’t match your anti-semitic beliefs enough?

            Also I have seen “” and it’s a joke.


            Have you seen this site? Debunking pretty much every single claim on

          16. You have got to be kidding me, right?

            Five Israeli men get arrested in a van for Urban Moving Systems cheering the death of three thousand Americans – and you BELIEVE Cannistraro and the CIA and the FBI when they tell you that it’s “Hamas” instead?

            You do know the CIA was heavily involved in the cover-up, right? And that it pays to finance sites like Debunking 9/11 and 9/11 Myths? I’m not expecting much out of this, Coleman. You clearly indicate with your “joke” statement that you came into this with your mind made up already.

            And by the way – I’m a Jew. So take your “anti-Semite” rhetoric and shove it up your fucking ass! Why is this entire country so brainwashed lately?

      2. NO ONE says in public he has connection to the BND. If you would someone is in real danger. And i tell you why. Real criminals (the organized crime) look out for these people and not only criminals…
        Silence is golden and people of the BND are not allowed talk about their affiliation in any way. This is not a golf club!

      3. slight correction here, the Bundesnachrichtenduenst (BND) is the CIA equivalent (just really incompetent), the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) is the FBI equivalent.

  10. As if GameJournoPros wasn’t enough? When people go on Pac-man next time to talk about ethics, please stop talking about reviews. Talk about shit like this.

  11. In this world there’s two kinds of people: Those with loaded guns and those who dig.

    Nick Denton is one of those who dig.

  12. Don’t lower your guards just yet. A villain like Denton wouldn’t come out and say “Oh no I’ve been foiled!” in the open like that unless there’s something else he’s doing. Just saying.

  13. He wanted to create the world where no one’s life was private, especially celebrities. Well in this “utopian” world of his, even his life gets to be put under the microscope and he has no right to complain, it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  14. I thought privacy violations were liberating?
    So, he’s a hypocrite on TOP of everything else?
    Still, as others have said it could be a fake account, and some people DO love photoshop.
    We can only hope this gets investigated as this kind of activity MUST breach some kind of law.

  15. Could be real, could be a clever ruse, could be fake.. The only thing i have a real issue with is that this wasnt sent to Milo.. Why would anyone leak shit to King of Pol when you have a legit investigative journalist?

    And it reads exactly like something KoP would LOVE to see, happy coincidence?

  16. Even though it’s taken so long I’m glad this is happening to them. Karma is such a wonderful mistress.

    inb4 weaponizing karma.

  17. Wtf, how is taht confirmation? It’s can be just fake form the same pesron. Jesus, stop with this bullshit until it’s really proven.

  18. It was not a fake account, I looked it up shortly before he shut it down. Given the amount of fire being thrown at Gawker Denton’s reactions in fact make sense (a reasonable person would just apologise and work things out, but Denton isn’t a reasonable person he’s a narcissistic blowhard).

    I have no reason to believe the people telling this story are lying about it.

  19. If this is indeed legit, between this and Oliver Campbell’s informant, this is gonna be an interesting time.

  20. So this is what I had boiled down to me from reading websites from BOTH sides and talking to a few friends who are gamers (2 guys and a woman), tell me how far off I am, please ….: An ex-boyfriend of a female game reviewer insinuated that she was having a relationship with a game designer/maker , which people now say isn’t true, but he insinuates that sex for good reviews was exchanged. Sooo, gamers felt betrayed and some of them started spouting off about integrity in gamer journalism, then some attacked (on-line horrible comments and threats) this woman, then some prominent women in the industry came to her defense, and rather than dealing with the scandal of integrity in the review of games, etc., they decry the misogyny that exists in gamer culture , bringing up the long complained about way in which women are depicted in some games and then tied that into the nasty remarks made by a few guys to the woman (who was outed for her “too close” connection to the game maker and the appearance of impropriety) ..??…..Then more guys jumped in feeling that these supporting gals were obfuscating their (the guys) original complaints by shifting attention to “gamer misogyny” and “rape culture” in an effort to garner support, and push an agenda..?? … Then more threats, outings (doxxing?), and accusations, etc. from more select nasty gamer guys…?? ….Am I right in thinking that there is A LOT of blame to go around, or am I misunderstanding/incorect on some issues/facts …??

    1. You are indeed incorrect.

      Quinn and her friends are not known for honesty. The Rothschild media machine is backing them and trying their best to paint gamers as a misogynist culture via some deeply dishonest coverage; and gamers are fighting back. And by the way – there have been some among the Quinn contingent and friends posing as gamers, making threats themselves, posing as the “nasty gamer guys” in question…

      I’m not saying that gaming as a culture doesn’t suffer from these issues; but the dishonesty from the media contingent is off the scale.

        1. “” I left Xe a while back after serving in Naval Intelligence and the D.I.A., and even I’m not THAT paranoid !” –Matthew Smith”

          Your whole life and all your choices in it?

        2. Your post denies all allegations against Quinn and company without context or investigation; then basically attacks all of gamer culture. Yes, you are biased and wrong.

          1. NO, I specifically and firstly mentioned that she had been accused of starting this mess by trading good reviews for money/sex , then went on to add that the women turned the story from THAT into one about misogyny’..,….How do you get the ides , from what I posters, that l was biased more against the gamers ? Yes, it s3ems that they took the bait and dug their grave based on the new narrative that these gals created, and that is stupid and immature, but as a result most Americans don’t know anything about what originally started it. Instead it’s now just a story about rape culture !

          2. I actually mentioned, somewhere up-thread, that the whole thing started over allegations that she was trading good reviews for stuff, and this started as a question of her integrity.

        3. More specifically – you fail to discuss that Quinn is alleged to have traded sex with superiors for workplace advancement, that she went out and started a major flame war over a male virginity board – basically, that her behavior to start the conflict was provocative in the extreme.

          Oh, and she’s accused of stabbing someone as well.

          For what it’s worth, I don’t particularly see any heroes here. I see a lot of people who picked fights and started drama for the sake of causing drama.

  21. hmm… Hotwheels said something about this topic. Are you going to delete this post or serve this as an archive?

  22. ” Sooo, gamers felt betrayed and some of them started spouting off about integrity in gamer journalism, then some attacked (on-line horrible comments and threats) this woman” –Matthew Smith

    “” I left Xe a while back after serving in Naval Intelligence and the D.I.A., and even I’m not THAT paranoid !” –Matthew Smith”

    Seems this site is attracting a higher level of paid pro-Gawker forum breaker and shill these days.

    Remember when everyone called me paranoid for insisting that Denton and Gawker might just have military-industrial friends, fans, and backers?

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