I happened to see this image floating around earlier today and many people have asked me questions about it. So, I figured I would do a hit on it. Why not?

Here’s the pic…

And it originally came from the dude who did the presentation. He posted it onto his Twitter last night…



By the way, the subtitle says: The Historical Ties Between Homophobia in Communities of Color & Colonization

He claims that was a ruse and that he didn’t fail.



But let me ask you guys something. Do you think a white student would have gotten away with such a gambit? I can see it now, the outrage warriors marching for his or her expulsion. Young black females would be talking about how traumatized they were. Lawsuits would be filed. Hell, someone might even try to deem it hate speech. To be clear the black student in question here has every right to do this sort of presentation. But I just think the double standards at play here are staggering.

Also, he gets the bonus honor of being absolutely wrong, but that’s another story for another day.