I know I said I was going off to play Zelda, and I am. But this statement needs to be spread far and wide. I’m still in disbelief even after watching it. I said I was going to do a wrap-up of the Rotterdam stuff later on this evening, and I still think it deserves its own post. This is a good starter, though. Geert Wilders, the Party for Freedom leader who is running for Prime Minister of the Netherlands on Wednesday, just put Turkey and their dumbass voters on full blast. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a definitive statement from a politician.

He flat-out tells Turkey they aren’t getting into the Eurpeaon Union and that they only have themselves to blame after voting in an Islamic thug like Erdogan.


This is top level stuff. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday, but I can only imagine that the events of the past 24 hours have boosted Wilders’ candidacy even further.

  1. The values of western civilization and Islamic civilization are incompatible and we’ve been saying it for years here, but it’s important to note that in this video Geert Wilders is saying it more plainly and forcibly than we’ve typically seen it stated by a major Western politician even including Trump. Frankly one of Trump’s flaws is he doesn’t go far enough and he’s not as hardline against Islam as we need him to be. Cross your fingers and make offerings to Lord Kek on behalf of Geert and LePen because if those two can get elected the dam will finally break and the West will move unstoppably toward the sort of policies regarding Islam that are desperately needed.

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    2. They were compatible for decades according to older Muslims and Indians before Saudi Wahhabism spread from the royalty’s moves to secure power in their country while funding radical religious terrorist factions.

  2. The backwards, savage Islamists are just going to help Wilders and Le Pen win and that will spell the end of the EU and a new rise in anti-Islamist sentiment. Fuck yeah!

  3. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was meant to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim otherwise is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people

    This talk about “oppressed minorities” belies the real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and denies us our rights to public empathy, dignity, or to even survive in a world of our own.

    1. I guess Ralph’s site is now a favorite for White Nationalists to post their anti-American white-terror and hate of all other races. You know Ralph’s girlfriend is non-white? So America was never meant for her? Do you know anything about the Constitution, the founders of America, or the history of the United States?

      This site is infected with racist fearful hateful white-power imbeciles who think fair treatment only applies to them based on the color of the skin they were born with which they had no choice in yet wear it like a badge they earned the military. You want to be discriminated against by your skin color or religion? Keep pushing to discriminate against non-whites and Muslims, because if that’s the America you want, you’re saying it’s OK for it to happen to you too.

  4. That was pretty savage. I still don’t think he’s going to win, but this will sure boost his popularity.

  5. Islamic thug like Erdogan? Wait, if he’s a thug, why does it matter that he’s Islamic? Is he radical Islamic? If so, then why not say that? Is his religion why Geert Wilders doesn’t want him as part of the European Union? Or is it that he’s radical, or a thug?

  6. Coming soon to a town near you…..For all of you wishful thinkers and “enlightened elite” who think that peace can be achieved through negotiation with the radical faction of Islam will face a rude awakening. The 2 sects of Islam do not recognize each other and have gone out of their way to kill each other in the last 1,000 years. They have persecuted Christians and other minority groups with impunity while we sit on the sidelines. The radicals are now bringing their hatred to our doorstep and will stop at nothing. If you can live with terror attacks like the ones in Paris continue on your path of appeasement and live with the consequences. The ONLY thing that will stop this , and the ONLY thing they understand, is violence and death. It TRULY is an “us” or “them” scenario. Even the silent Muslims say nothing, because they believe we are non-believers and deserve our fate. These actions by the radicals will eventually lead to world war because, to them, there is no solution, other than our demise. This madness must be stopped, or our nation will follow what is happening in Europe

  7. They are NOT ‘refugees’.
    They are NOT ‘migrants’.
    They are NOT ‘immigrants’.
    They are NOT ‘asylum seekers’.
    They are NOT American ‘citizens’; nor will they ever be citizens of any country, except of the subhuman, murderous, political filth & ideological sewage called Islam.
    Islam is NOT a ‘religion’. It is a total political-social system, intended and designed for conquest, destruction and death of anything which opposes it.
    The enemy is the subhuman filth, called Islam. It is incompatible with Western Civilization.
    These Islamists will not assimilate, and are coming to take over our country, our way of life
    The flood of Islamic rapists, mutilators, child molesters and murderers is just beginning.
    The murderous Islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal Muslim filth, are on the move, worldwide.

  8. With ‘Tacquyya’ the cultural mandate in dealing with Infidels, absolutely nothing in the way of ‘Vetting’ will ever be functional. In case anyone does not understand, Tacquyya is the requirement to blatantly ‘LIE’ to the infidels, as lying serves it’s purpose of ‘Progressively’ advancing the Islamic influence ‘Over’ the invaded nations.

    Eventually taking totalitarian Control through outbreeding and demographic change, as the historic political structure is transitioned, taken away from the ignorant indigenous. The ancient concept is nothing new, it has worked for centuries…. on every continent., with every country.

    Europe has today in one generation, naively succumed to it’s own desire for cradle to grave Welfare, which is a super magnet for Islam to invade…. by invitation.

  9. Islam has no sense of common decency or respect for anyone or anything. Islam will bring rot and ruin wherever it goes because that is its nature and nothing can change this. This is also the reason why if the West, or any society, for that matter, values its culture, heritage, and people, it will not tolerate Muslims within it, because it is through the Muslims that Islam is able to establish itself and cause the destruction it naturally brings wherever it goes. There can be no tolerance for any religion or ideology which poisons the people who come in contact with it. Islam has no place in the West or anywhere, and anybody who attempts to spread it or give excuses for its bad behavior is a direct accomplice to the crimes that will inevitably follow.

  10. Islam thoroughly destroys the conscience. I want no part of people that have no conscience and respond to the worst inclinations man or animal can have. Islam, is a perfect religious home for sociopaths, psychopaths and the criminally insane.Islam is the path of cowards. Destroy Islam and all its artifacts, followers, and books now. The fires of the death of Islam must burn for eternity. To allow Islam to remain is suicide.If the globalist want to cut down the world’s population why not wipe out the most dangerous culture on the planet?Islam is incompatible with everything. It’s a religion(ideology) of uncompromising conquest. Liberals are so naive, they think Muslims will assimilate and not WANT TO KILL THEM, if they’re “nice” to them. They’re committing national suicide and they either don’t know it or don’t care.

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