When I got my college results back in 2015, there was this letter attached from UCAS. It had statistics on how everyone did and who was going to university. At the bottom of the letter, almost like an afterthought, it said that nearly 20,000 more girls got a place at university than boys that year. To say I was shocked was an understatement. If it had been the other way around, people would be losing their minds.

Which brings me to our story today. For the first time in history, Oxford has admitted more women than men. According to the Guardian1,070 18-year-old female UK applicants got a place on undergraduate courses in autumn 2017, compared with 1,025 men of the same age. Congratulations to everyone who won a place at this world-renowned institution. The competition for a place at Russel group universities, well done.

Some would say the university is trying to overcorrect after the awful press they got last year. Last October, MP David Lammy called out Oxford for its lack of black students. However, something important to point out is that according to the most recent statistics, only 5% of applicants were black. Out of the 11556 undergraduate applications that Oxford received that year, only 218 were from black students and over 8700 were from white students. Makes sense why there aren’t as many black students.

We’ve noticed for a while that fewer men are applying and going to university, so Oxford accepting 45 more women than men isn’t all that shocking. 10% fewer men applied to Oxford this year in comparison to 2013, and it’s only going to get worse. Only 276,700 men applied to university in comparison to 373,000 women.

Oxford is calling this year’s stats a win for gender equality. A spokesman told the Mail Online, “While it’s too early to call this a trend, it is a welcome sign of progress for female applicants.”

Let me know what you guys think about this. Do you think the university is consciously picking more women over men? Do you feel the education system is failing boys? Or do you think it’s not worth going to university?

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