George R.R. Martin, the writer behind the Game of Thrones novels that have turned into a mega-hit HBO show, is learning a tough lesson. It’s the same one Joss Whedon learned. Hell, even Brianna Wu learned it (among others). What is this lesson? It’s that SJWs always eat their own, no matter what. If you’re an artist on their side, you better not create anything that goes against their dogma, or they will turn on your ass in a heartbeat.

Last night, a rape took place on Game of Thrones. I haven’t seen much of the show, although I’ve been meaning to catch up, but I know that the old ultraviolence is not out of place there at all. Men are regularly fucked up and tortured in various ways on the show (and women have been raped plenty before). But apparently we aren’t supposed to have rape scenes anymore. You see the same feminists wringing their hands every time it happens now. Well guess what, fuckwads? You don’t have a say in what creators do!

Here’s some of the wrath Martin has faced:


Gawker Media went on the attack, as did Vanity Fair, with Salon joining in with the full rundown of SJW hand-wringing. I see this every single time there’s a rape. It’s always “it’s bad storytelling” or some other bogus reason. They’re focusing on what the camera did, etc, trying to makeup how they think this is going to go. You could at least wait until the next episode. I’m pretty sure the showrunners think very highly of the actress who plays Sansa. Know why? They said so. So I think she’s going to have a lot of stuff to work with in the coming weeks.

For his part, Martin is defending the show:

“Let me reiterate what I have said before,” Martin told his readers. “How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have? Three, in the novel. One, in the movie. None, in real life: she was a fictional character, she never existed. The show is the show, the books are the books; two different tellings of the same story … There have been differences between the novels and the television show since the first episode of season one. And for just as long, I have been talking about the butterfly effect. Small changes lead to larger changes lead to huge changes.”

Supporting the SJW hatemob on their crusades means nothing. They will turn on you in an instant. Perhaps George R.R. Martin can put it off on the show a little bit, and get away from some of this. But for the life of me, I can’t understand what these people are thinking. It’s Game of Thrones, you idiot. Of course stuff like this is going to happen. I guess when you’re trying to enforce a political agenda on a populace who doesn’t want it, you throw logic like that out the window.


UPDATE: How did I miss this classic freak-out from The Mary Sue?Bn7wirQ

The Mary Sue has decided we will no longer be actively promoting the HBO series Game of Thrones. Allow us to explain…

Before we dive into why we felt this was a choice which would cause us to stop promoting the show, allow us to say something very important: rape is not a necessary plot device. Really think about that before shouting “creative freedom” in our direction, please…

In this particular instance, rape is not necessary to Sansa’s character development (she’s already overcome abusive violence at the hands of men); it is not necessary to establish Ramsay as a bad guy (we already know he is); it is not necessary to prove “how bad things were for women” (Game of Thrones exists in a fictional universe, and we already know it’s exceptionally patriarchal). Rape here, like in all instances, is not a necessary story-driving device…

So, from this point forth there will no longer be recaps, photo galleries, trailers, or otherwise promotional items about Game of Thrones on The Mary Sue. The newsworthiness of other items will be discussed by the editorial team on a case by case basis.

…We simply can’t bring ourselves to be excited by a product which no longer meets our needs as fans.

    1. You know those motherfuckers are gonna be back watching it next Sunday or picking up the latest entertainment magazine or reading reviews on websites trying to get tidbits of what happened.

      1. yup they have to face their own insignificance…and cant stand it being the only ones out the loop.

      2. I remember people were saying they were going to boycott after the Red Wedding. Still waiting for that to happen.

    2. Oh please. They’re going to stream it on torrent sites so that it doesn’t show up on their HBO GO queue.

  1. mind putting up archives for the gawker sites? I don’t wanna give em clicks.

    Anyway, the whole rape scene was done very mildly imo (well, as far as rapes go that is). SJWs are a bunch of nuts. “cmdost”‘s tweet was especially funny.

    1. “mind putting up archives for the gawker sites? I don’t wanna give em clicks.”

      Same here – I’ll never go to any Gawker sites willingly EVER.

      I’ve never watched GOT but I may just start now.

      Hopefully the Streisand effect will drive millions more viewers to tune in. Would be appropriately ironic.

      Also these SJW’s are FUCKING INSANE…

  2. If I’m the head honcho at HBO, I wouldn’t show Game of Thrones this Sunday but rather a former show more grounded in reality and had more than it’s fair share of rape scenes: Oz! And knowing just how out of touch with reality these nutballs are, they’d probably think it was a documentary.

  3. Calling it right now. I’m pretty much certain that George R.R. Martin is gonna make an open statement defending and kissing ass to these bigoted sociopaths for attacking his work. Just like how Joss Whedon and John Flynt did in past.

    EDIT: Turns outs old Georgie doesn’t give a shit. So, looks like I lost that bet.

    1. Naw George usually doesn’t give a shit. Imagine the death threats he gets on a daily basis. He’s been doing this for years. If he cared he would not have written the red wedding.

  4. I saw some of the drama last night. Truly amazing. If SJW anger over petty (or non-) issues could be harvested as a source of energy, we would never run out.

    Why is it they hate rape being depicted in fiction so much? It’s a real thing that happens to real people and it can be used in any story. Rape and “violence towards women” are both real things and the best way to write a realistic story is to have realistic events take place in them, both good and bad. If this was a simple fairy tale, then all the characters viewers cared about would have been saved before they got their fucking heads cut off.

    I just can’t see where these people are coming from. They want a list of what can and can’t ever be used in a story and a list of what has to be in a story, but that would just make every story the same. Fuck that. People can and should write any kind of story they want.

    Why can these people not comprehend that they don’t have to watch Game of Thrones? They’re trying to pussify the entire world.

    1. Seriously. These people will suck on GGRM’s nuts and call it the most feminist thing on the fucking planet, but the second a rape occurs on a series where blood flows like water, the lose their fucking minds. They treat rape like those extreme religious nuts in the 90s that bitched about sex and nudity in TV, screaming “WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?”. Only now, it’s a bunch of rainbow haired harpies with librarian glasses screaming, “THIS IS TRIGGERING ME!”

  5. I have never read/watched GoT or had any interest in it despite my love of fantasy. I know about it because you can’t go anywhere without someone ranting about what a marvelous show/book series it is. It is ultraviolent. But why hasn’t the over the top violence turned these whiny babies off before now? It takes someone getting raped to make them say they’re done? Are they ignoring the atrocities committed to all the other people in the books and in the previous seasons of the show? They aren’t upset over the incest? Over the plethora of awful deaths of beloved characters?

    IS THIS REALLY SURPRISING? HELLO? Five seasons of this murder and gore and general atrocities, and NOW people are upset?

    As a writer with aspirations of publishing and making it big, these people scare me. I’ve tried to tell a lot of other aspiring writers to write what they want. The characters belong to them, the story belongs to them, and changing something because SOMEONE might find it offensive is a huge destroyer of artistic freedom and confidence. The Sad Puppies thing hit home pretty hard to me too. If I don’t tow the line, I’m going to be attacked. If creators don’t create to a prescribed ideal, they’re going to be attacked.

    How about no?

    No one should tell you how to create your art. Art doesn’t have to please everyone, and it never will. Bowing down to some pearl clutching, snivelling brats who can’t deal with the fact that BAD THINGS HAPPEN does no favors for anyone. If a character is raped, yeah it’s an overused trope, but the struggle to deal with the trauma and the redemption, if done correctly, is good fucking writing. If bad things don’t happen, characters don’t grow, and what’s the point of losing yourself in a fantasy if everything is sanitized for someone’s protection?


    1. While I’m not a fan of the show, nor at this point care for it, I see no reason to get outraged over this particular scene. Characters grow from experiences they face and how they handle it is what draws us into their world. I used to watch novelas (Spanish soaps) that often featured rape, sometimes of a character/actress I like. And it’s at that point we wonder where the story goes from there. Do you stop watching? No. You continue. Why? Because like the character you need to move on and see things through to a resolution. Positive or negative it will give the character life and identity. And if the character grows from there so will you.

      1. Exactly right. If people are going to get upset over this and not all the other bad stuff that happened, they probably need to sit down and re-evaluate their morals or lack thereof. If bad things don’t happen to people, fictitious or not, they can’t grow. If they can’t grow, what is the point of living?

    2. To these snowflakes, rape is like Voldemort. Never mention it, and fear it like it’s waiting right behind you. Brothers and sisters fucking? No biggie. Attempting to murder children? Who cares? People getting stabbed to death? Oh well. A woman gets raped? OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING. NOW I CAN’T WATCH THIS SHOW ANYMORE AND ELSE EVERYONE THAT IS WATCHING IT WILL GET THE URGE TO RAPE ME!

      1. Good Voldy comparison. I was having a think. This show is influential. It’s important to a lot of people. Let’s say hypothetically that someone who is a rape victim sees how this character handles her rape. Does she lay down and die or does she fight back? What if that rape scene brings inspiration or fight into someone who suffered trauma? Is that all bad? I don’t know anything about the character — Sansa? — but if she chooses not to let the experience destroy her, someone somewhere can draw strength from that, even if it is a fictitious world.

        1. The SJW crowd can’t have that, they need their victims to stay victims, cuz…you know…stuff.

        2. As much as I try to like SJW types despite their idiocy, Anthony Burch contributed something to the conversation so retarded I’ve been mildly angry about it all day.

          He suggested that the writers should have scripted Sansa’s consent to the sexual encounter to “play the game” and thereby give her agency.
          The SJW solution to a fictional rape? Make the character consent to her rapist.
          I cant think of anything more disgusting than that.
          A rape is a horrendous crime, to suggest the victim of it (even in a fictional setting) can avoid being a victim just by… consenting. That is the rape culture they complain about so much.

          He literally suggested they “normalise” the brutal rape of a woman by making her acquiesce to it.

      2. Rape is okay to mention as long as it’s on their terms, and it’s a non issue when it happens to a man to these fucks.

    3. This season has the highest viewership of the series so far. I’m willing to bet a lot of those outraged just started watching this year, or still don’t, they just need something to whine about.

      1. I’d say just like with these SJWs attacking video games they don’t play, they more than likely don’t watch the show either.

  6. ” I guess when you’re trying to enforce a political agenda on a populace
    who doesn’t want it, you throw logic like that out the window.”

    I see what you did there.

  7. See, I figured they’d be pissed because this doesn’t happen in the books. There have been differences between the books and show before, and the two have been steadily diverging over the course of the show’s existence. So much so that now, the two are effectively separate entities that just happen to share the same characters and settings.

    But no, muh feels! Muh rape culture!

    1. Isn’t it just hilarious that the only place rape culture actually exists is in a fictional universe and people treat it like it is reality because they are apparently too deficient to tell the difference?

      I have a fun idea; how about we get a male on male rape scene next? Will the the SJWs get upset by that? I’m sure we can get the Knight of Flowers to bugger some young, pretty thing against their will.

      1. Actually I was figuring on Loras getting raped now that he’s a prisoner of the faith. It’d be a good time for some commentary on the hypocritical nature of these so called men of the gods.

    2. Actually they’ve done it cause there is so much the book goes into that they can’t go into in the show. They’ve done all this with permission from Martin. Also I bet half these people bitching never read the books and read what Ramsey does the the minor character Jeyne (I have and honestly I felt like I needed a shower afterwards). If they put in half of what he did to her not even Cinemax when they go porno would be able to air it.

  8. and meanwhile theron greyjoy’s torture and castration is a lol meme, done by the same character.

  9. Oh I love hypocrisy from these dumb shits. Ok we have had kids die, or get crippled. Several characters get raped or assaulted. Pregnant woman getting stabbed in the stomach. Man getting tortured and his dick cut off (don’t hear anything about that). Also one guy got sexually assaulted with a leech (again don’t hear anything). Welcome to Game of Thrones bitch! I’ve also made the connection that Cersei is a SJW. Think about it for a second. Yeah believe me I thought that scene was horrible (hell I was silent for at least 10 full minutes) but that was the point. The beauty (horrible beauty) of it was they didn’t even show anything. The actor that played Theon Greyjoy sold that scene with the look on his face and tears in his eyes. That guy should get an Emmy.

  10. Every time we warn them and they don’t listen. And every time the same thing happens. And every time it’s funny.

  11. And yet come this time next week every last one of those idiots will have watched the newest episode. I’m certain they’ll play the part when on twitter, but behind the scenes GoT is as much crack for them as it is the next person….

    And we’ll see that proven when we finally see the ratings haven’t dropped in the least.

  12. These are the exact same people that, years ago, proclaimed that violence on TV, and in movies and video games didn’t cause IRL violence.

    1. Well that was when the mean old white straight man, Jack Thompson was leading the crusade. Now that they’ve taken his arguments it is all true.

  13. I have marginally more respect for Martin than I had for Whedon. But when you jump into a pool of cannibalistic sharks, you gone git eaten. I reiterate, it’s dog eat dog in there

  14. Yeah I do find this funny. GRRM should have listened but nope he didn’t. To be honest the scene sucked. It was garbage, but not just cause rape was in it, but rape was shown in and done with very bad story telling.

    Wasn’t even in the book to. It was Jeyne Poole but instead they replaced her with Sansa which doesn’t make much sense considering the scene’s point of view was meant to be aimed at Theon/Reek rather than Sansa.

  15. I guess smelling your own farts can get old from time to time. As I’ve said (and was attacked for it), you throw your lot in with the SJWolves, you deserve each and every retaliation you get.

    I’m just going to sit on the sidelines with a popcorn in hand to watch you writhe in agony.

  16. Oh no how will this show survive without the aid of such a respected weshhhhhh God I can’t even finish that sentence with a straight face. Yeah, hey marysue maybe you should change your name first before giving advice on story writing you hacks. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Any website that calls themselves the marysue unironically should never ever write. Also notice how they say “newsworthiness of other items”. In other words we’ll still comment when there is controversy because we need clickbait. Because that is still how we stay afloat. You know I still would have thought this was stupid but at least they would be willing to stand on their bullshit principles. Either commit or don’t you can’t have both you hypocritical parasites.

  17. Rape is not a plot point? Have any of these idiots watched Law and Order SVU? Fucking ridiculous

  18. The Mary Sue will no longer support Game of Thrones. When asked how he felt about this; Author George R. R. Martin, on location in his treehouse made of money replied “Who is Mary Sue?”

    1. “Isn’t Mary Sue a criticism of hack writers who can’t make a character 3 dimensional and has no flaws what so ever?”

        1. Funny thing is I was in a creative writing class and I made a mary sue joke and no one in the class got it. The class was full of hipsters btw just to give you an idea. Not even the teacher who has 3 books published and is one of the biggest hack writers I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.

          1. I’m in a writing program at an art school. You wanna talk about hipsters and hacks. Jeezy creezy. My professors were all fantastic, but my peers, my fellow students….oh god. I have heard some shit and I have read some shit too.

          2. Yeah I have had my fair share of hipsters and gender studies crazies. It was either in the film classes or the writing classes I was taking the hipsters would keep coming up with just awful ideas. And no one could have fun. I was the only person in the entire damn class that wanted to have fun. No we had stories about spousal abuse, school shootings, rape, depression, all this stuff and I was wanting to write fantasy and scifi stuff. Then you had the gender studies people who, of course, tried to turn everything into a gender debate. Got to justify that bullshit degree somehow. The professors were hit or miss. I had an excellent teacher in my adaptation class but the conversation sadly kept getting hijacked by the gender studies nuts. Then there was my horror professor that pretty much gave those idiots free reign. He tried convincing the class that everything in horror represents a penis. I’m not even kidding. If you want to know where this shit is coming from there is your answer right there.

  19. I’ve sorry but if that Twitter poster “Merve” hasn’t already been raped, then let them get the unlubricated cock of victimization. It’s a terrible thing to wish on someone, I know, but I’m sorry, if you’re going to drama whore that much AND insult D&D that much in the fucking process then you just deserve all the most awful shit to happen to you.

  20. Funny how the Marry Sue will advocate a cyber mob and boycotting of a product they disagree with, but when Gamergate did it they were terrorists. Oh, wait, NO IT’S FUCKING NOT FUNNY! And of course what the fuck is George R.R. Martin doing explaining the shit that happens to fictional characters is no big deal because they’re FICTIONAL? Isn’t this the same idiot who stood against Gamergate cuz muh feelz regarding “female depiction in gaming”? Can I have whatever drugs he’s using because they must be fucking AWESOME. This is a world set in what are effectively Medieval times… rape happens. Violence happens. Men being castrated… happens? Ok, not so much (I think Martin might have a dick fetish, but South Park already covered that). These people really do need to get a grip.

  21. I LOVE how the Mary Sue and all these other jackasses think they have a right to dictate what is or is not necessary for a character’s development. There’s a reason it’s called “word of god” folks; the creator of a fictitious universe is the GOD OF THAT UNIVERSE. They get to call the shots; no one else. Too bad, so sad.

    We should promote a new hashtag on twitter… something to show how much the “rape is a problem in fictional universe”… maybe we should promote the equality of rape as a tool of character development? Yeah, that’s it – I’m just so TRIGGERED there aren’t more men being raped in fiction. I demand equality of violation in fantasy! It’s not enough that they’re being pushed out of windows after witnessing incest or having their genitals and heads cut off. Men need deserve sweaty, grunty, weepy victimization too! How about a hastag along the lines of: #GameOfThronesNeedsMoreBuggery or maybe #WeDemandMoreBuggeryInFantasy

  22. What I dislike about the scene is that it only shows that benioff and Weiss don’t know what to do with the story.

  23. I think we should start a straw poll and ask the SJWs what they thought of “Quills” one of my all time favorite movies. Seriously, I will resort to fisticuffs if they want to talk shit about “Quills” or “Fight Club”.

  24. The funniest part is that I doubt even a single one of them will stop watching the show. Fucking morons.

    They are clearly watching the wrong show, and if they didn’t figure this out after episode 1 (literally episode 1, Danaerys is raped and you see the whole thing), then what are they even doing here? It didn’t even show it. Just faded to Reek’s face, and then cut the scene. What exactly do they think happened on the wedding night of an arranged marriage?

    Last season, they all claimed Jamie raped Cersei too, when he 100% didn’t lol. They just had some slightly rough foreplay. This is the couple that gets aroused by pushing little kids out of windows lol.

  25. LMAO the Mary Sue thinks the Game of Thrones universe is “bad for women” because it’s “exceptionally patriarchal”…. um, no you crazy people, there are plenty of powerful women who do horrifically violent and monstrously cruel things. Fuck, I mean, Khaleesi is going to slaughter a few thousand people when she finally gets around to it (well, her dragons will, but slaughter by proxy is still slaughter; counted for Hitler, right?).

    It’s a “bad” world because it’s got:

    White Walkers and their legions of undead.
    A non-cyclical winter/summer cycle with winters that can last years resulting in starvation and disease like nothing you can imagine.
    Seven (well, that number varies) Kingdoms in a constant, bloody power struggle (resources people, resources).
    Did I mention the undead and DRAGONS?

    Fuck me, if you think a world run by men is the worst of your problems in that setting you have some very, VERY low standards.

    1. Almost all the major political developments now are run exclusively by the 3 main queens (Cersei, the new Queen in Westeros and the old Queen who is her mother), not to mention the witch controlling Stanis, or Danaerys. And they had the Sand Snake ninja women kicking ass the same episode. There’s always been lots of strong women in GoT. Not to mention Arya training to be an assassin for like, 1/3rd of that entire episode.

      1. If women aren’t completely controlling everything and men aren’t in chains and castrated or under some kind of magical compulsion to be equivalent to furniture then these shrieking neo-puritan harpies aren’t satisfied.

    2. Funny how they used to crow about how super-ultra-mega feminist it was, and now that the magical forbidden trigger word was used, now it’s the most misogynist thing on Earth since female genital mutilation.

  26. This show is full of nudity, sex, murder, incest, and genital mutilation, yet the second it shows a rape, it’s suddenly too much? The way that Westeros is portrayed, I’m surprised there hasn’t been at least one rape per episode.

  27. I’ve read the complaints, “something bad happened to a major character” “she’s already been through bad stuff this is unnecessary” “it’s a tired plot device” “been done before” but they’re all phony excuses masking the true reason they’re butthurt.

    For starters I don’t know if you can even call it rape. It was a woman on her wedding night who accepted the marriage, knew what she was getting into. It was rough she was a virgin so she was in pain. It was all off screen and what made the scene amazing and a necessary plot device is what it did to Theon. The whole scene was just his face and you can see it’s all going somewhere and I can’t wait to find out.

    1. Khaleesi had a man’s head chopped off! What about the men! Misandry! Misandry! It’s a pattern, it’s a pattern.

  28. “We warn them” “they never learn”, but what you are all missing is the fact that these sociopaths hold a great deal of power in Hollywood and literature. It took Sad Puppies to get deserving authors nominated, it took gamergate to fight back against their control structure. The people behind this system, the rich people in corporations funding it, they not radicals like you see online. They’re simple evil people who just ruin your career if you step out of line.

    Awhile back I remember reading an article, can’t remember where, names or anything, but what struck me was this person talking about these actors having their careers ruined because they spoke out or said something people didn’t agree with. What he said was it’s bs because they all say that stuff behind closed doors. So remember privately these people might agree with us, but publicly they can’t say anything until we dethrone these people.

  29. what a bunch of whining faggots. The Mary Sue staff should just all kill themselves for being pathetic cunts.

  30. They’re going to create their own Streisand effect for the few people who have not watched GOT, they’ll see how great it is overall and the plot point is in line with the story and it isn’t overly obtuse and all the SJW gloob will accomplish is free advertisement for HBO’s juggernaut of a show.

    From the beginning I’ve always seen Sansa as becoming one of the most powerful and cunning of all the Stark’s because of everything she’s had to deal with and even Little Finger adds it to the plot of her story-line talking directly about using her ordeals as a strength. Cersei ain’t seen nothing yet, Sansa is going to tear her to pieces. But of course once that happens nobody from this mob of angry tweets is going to say ‘we spoke too soon and were 100% wrong’

  31. Funny old world:
    SJWs see a fictional rape on a show filled with sex and violence in a medieval style world where dog eats dog every episode and freak the fuck out screaming about how their feelz have been upsetz.
    SJWs pen and read a similarly graphic fictional rape story in Rolling Stone which while totally fictional actually accuses real world people of actual crimes, and trumpet it as a cause celebre and refuse to stop even after said story is debunked and revealed to have been one big fat lie from start to end.

    We here in the real world call this “McIntosh’s First Law of Hypocrisy”:-
    “Fictional Rape – its only acceptable when we say it is.”

  32. I don’t get this people. If you can’t stand the violence, just don’t watch it?
    But why bitching about it on Twitter?

    To be honest, I am not a fan of “Dark Fantasy” myself. Too much misery, too much “brutal” violence … not my cup of tea.
    But I won’t bitch about it. I just don’t watch it.

    Also people who complain about a rape scene in a series, where much worse things are shown, are just giant hypocrites.
    And when there’s a guys dick cut off and sent to his family, and you complain about rape only because the victim is a woman, you are a fucking sexist.

  33. Storytelling 101: Are the actions true to the characters? Are the actions the ones the character would have made? If so, the writers have done their job. The “needs” of the “fans” are irrelevant, firstly because if something like this turns them away from it they were never fans in the first place, and two, the fans do not dictate the momentum of character choices. If that were the case, all popular fiction would devolve into unreadable, unwatchable fanfiction.

    Never read a page of Game of Thrones, never watched the show. Don’t need to to know the people complaining don’t understand storytelling. If the complaint was “it’s out of character for the guy to rape her,” or “there was no reason for the two of them to be in that place other than to justify a rape scene,” then they might have something. But none of the complaints actually couch themselves in terms of legitimate plot of character complaints other than “rape is not a literary device.”

    Fuck you, of course rape is a literary device. Some of the most important fiction to these SJW types uses rape as a literary device. When are these people going to boycott Toni Morrison? Beloved had rape in it. When are they going to crack down on Law&Order: SVU? The entire conceit of the show is dramatization of FUCKING RAPE!

    SJWs are so fucking poisonous, goddamn.

  34. >>it is not necessary to establish Ramsay as a bad guy (we already know he is)

    Sansa didn’t know. Or at least she have had a vague idea after seeing how broken Theon Greyjoy have become.

  35. Yeah, I mean, the show’s been all sweet and cotton candy G-rated until now! No blood, no violence, no sex at all!
    They sliced off a guy’s dick and mailed it to his family. There’s a guy in the woods who bangs a whole congregation of his daughters and wives. And people are upset that Ramsay is performing Droit du seigneur? Double standards much?

  36. And let’s not forget the Greek mythological tales, although I did hear students at Columbia whining about how Ovid was ‘triggering’ for them…

  37. That tweet from Merve… ‘d&d took everything from me’… what. No, really. What.

    It’s like none of these twats ever cracked open the books (I got to book 3 before I realized I needed a goddamn spreadsheet to track the characters. Then I stopped). The world of ASoIaF is NOT A NICE PLACE. It ranks VERY admirably next to the Warhammer settings in terms of ‘grimdark’. So why are they shocked, SHOCKED to find a rape occurring?

    On a side note, socjus types also tend to be the ‘ban all the guns!’ types too. It never occurs to them that ‘God made man and woman, but Sam Colt made them equal’.

  38. I started watching S1 of GoT and got a bit bored of it personally, though I doubt anyone with any brains is going to listen to anything the mary sue says.

  39. Oh boo fucking hoo SJWs, this is why Sad Puppies exists, YOU FUCKING SUCK!

    This is a blanket message to all people who align with the SJWs…


    You poison everything you touch. Go outside, get a job and interact with REAL people outside of your hugbox echo-chambers.

  40. Best part? No rape took place. They have mistaken Sansa’s chosen path to power having a part she’s not super enthusiastic about as being an indication that she somehow didn’t consent.

    1. Virgin privileged aristocrat agrees to marry a man who occupies her castle by force so she can reclaim her blood anti-meritocracy inheritance to rule peasants from a castle by force. The peasants should rape them both and set up a Marxist collective. Power and rape to the people!

  41. Where was the outrage when Theon was tortured, broken and castrated? I guess really not all victims are equal in the mind of many SJW.

  42. So you can implausibly kill off half the cast at the red wedding and throw an entire season’s plot into the garbage and that’s fine, but you have psychopath Ramsay predictably rape Sansa and “oh my god that was so gratuitous and unnecessary!”

  43. So older woman having sex with a 12 yr old boy is okay, as is the harm done to men along with “kill all men” promos but anything against women is cause for uproar…

  44. A bunch of increasingly irrelevant “news” outlets will no longer be supporting a show that bajillions of people will still watch.

    If these progressive libtards don’t get it together they’re gonna really shit themselves when conservatives start winning elections. Because it’s sites like FoxNews and Breitbart, the conservative ones, that are calling these people out on their selective activism, and drawing in readers / viewers.

    Also, jeez, spoiler alert lol. I have yet to watch any of this season, been way too busy with school. I’ll have to catch up on Blu Ray if HBO Now never shows up on my ps4!

  45. The least they could do is wait a week till the next episode comes out, something major might have happen right after that scene and of course the creators are jerks who like to tease us to make us want to watch the next episode. I’m calling it now, maybe that rape scene will have a major effect on reek and snap himself back to Theon. Or maybe he might actually finally kill that sick bastard.

  46. There’s a Bill Burr routine where he basically says that these types of people never go after organizations that are powerful enough to ignore them. His example was about them going after that Duck Dynasty guy’s homophobia as opposed to calling up the Vatican.

    They pick and choose battles they think they can win, but right there, you’re calling them out on why they are just shallow and pathetic.

    1. Or which can hurt them. One doesn’t protest people who kill cartoonists and throw gays off of buildings.

  47. It’s one of the most pirated shows. There is no way they could put a dent in it with their boycott. If anything, that would show how view followers their radical movement has.

  48. Imaginary character gets castrated, everybody laughs.
    Imaginary character gets raped, everybody freaks out.
    I don’t know what’s going on with the world anymore.. Actually I’m lying. I do know, I just want to pretend I don’t.

  49. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Viserys Targaryen having molten gold poured on his head is OK. Ned Stark getting his head cut off is OK. Bran Stark being thrown off a tower is OK. Theon Grayjoy being tortured and sexually mutilated is OK. But Sansa having sex she isn’t obviously wild about having, with the husband she married, squicks these people out beyond all repair?

  50. Hooray! Good riddance.

    Hahaha. The funny thing is the original version of that scene in Martin’s book is far worse so I’m sure Martin was sweating and rolling his eyes as he wrote that excuse note from teacher and hoping no one would notice. I guess he forgot the original girl was underage, had been whipped in preparation for her wedding night just for fun and was then slapped and painfully finger-stabbed in the crotch by the husband who then commands Reek to tongue-rape his blushing bride while he watches.

    Yeah, that’s soooooo much cleaner than those naughty show writers, George. Hell, the show version was the height of good taste compared to Martin’s version, which lacked only tentacle-rape and molten tongs.

    But ADHD-riddled feminists with mental health issues find it easier to watch the boob tube than read a book. But even a few of those admitted they found the show so triggery they’d already stopped watching it and so were complaining about a show they don’t even watch – on hearsay. What a cluster of morons.


    We can only hope men take the hint and write even more work even more inappropriate for girl-worship and feminists boycott the genre entirely and get onto romance fiction. Supremacist feminists have no place here. By their own reasoning they are guilty of cultural appropriation so just get out. Leave, and take Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu with you. Make your own proper media no one will buy. This is a cultural thing and we rule. Make feminist Conan and feminist Ringworlds and leave us alone. We won’t read your crap fiction about social justice dinosaurs or anything else you produce.

    You’ve already left skid marks all over the joint with your crying.

  51. FUCK YOU SJWorms and femnnists you need to fucking vanish from society bottom line you are a fucking pleauge,you worthless fucking narcissistic psychotic hypocritical fucking SCUM

  52. Lol gotta love how that obscure website that I’ve already forgotten the name of since 5 seconds ago thinks their refusal to have articles about GoT on their site matters in any fucking way, shape, or form. I’m sure the series is really gonna suffer for that loss. What a joke!

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