I was asked to promote #GGinBoston last week, but as you know, I sort of run things here by the seat of my pants. I’m slowly trying to change that, but it’s easier said than done. ANYWAY, enough from me. Let’s talk about the event a little bit. 

Originally, I was going to attend this myself. But, in chanspeak terms, I’m a kind of a poorfag at the moment due to extenuating circumstances. Thank God for piracy the free flow of information,  and all the games and movies I already have. But, I digress. Here’s some more info on the event, to be held this Saturday, May 23rd:




I encourage anyone who’s in the area to try their hardest to get there. These meetups are a lot of fun, and putting faces to some of the names you see online is always interesting. As I said, I won’t be there, BUT, I will have coverage of the event here on the site. So stay tuned for that.

Now, I’m off to write about some degenerate SJWs. I’ll be back soon.

(cover courtesy of @I_AM_IRON_VAN)