I’m getting ready to head to Washington D.C. here in a few minutes for the GGinDC meetup. But before I do, I wanted to setup a thread here on the site, so I could update you guys (and gals) during the festivities tonight. I will be sober and lucid, so this will be a little easier than it otherwise would have been. Keep checking back for thoughts and updates all night long.

Of course the salt has already started to flow from the usual quarters:

Here’s a few more tweets from people on their way to the meet, or already in D.C.: 





As I said, check back later for more. I’m about to go finish up preparations myself. Just like always, I thank you for reading the site!




The SJWs just have no idea what a free and open society is all about, do they? Now they’re trying to block our peaceful meeting? It’s not surprising, of course. In fact it confirms everything I’ve ever written about them here. So I guess I should be thanking them. But just think about all the meetings they’ve had where no one has said a word and consider what they’re trying to do now. It’s a disgrace.




We all had a wonderful evening at Local 16. I met a lot of people that I never thought I would, and they were all very kind. Thank you to all who came up and offered me some kind words. It’s always great to hear the good things and support firsthand.

No one was more kind than Milo himself. I’m honored that he enjoys my work, especially since I’m so amazing fond of his. It was also great to talk to Cathy Young and C.H. Sommers. I didn’t get a pic with Sommers, cause I forgot, but she was amazingly nice. Also, shoutout to Liz, Lauren, TokyoTVBen, Daddy Warpig, Bibby, Zengar, Dan, Matt, and anyone else I forgot lol. It was great talking to you all.

Also, I apparently left right before the bomb threats became apparent. I’m not sure who’s behind that, of course, but the SJWs were pissed all day long about our historic meeting. Hopefully the authorities get to the bottom of it.

Here’s some visual evidence of my adventures from the evening, most of them chronicled on Twitter: