I’m getting ready to head to Washington D.C. here in a few minutes for the GGinDC meetup. But before I do, I wanted to setup a thread here on the site, so I could update you guys (and gals) during the festivities tonight. I will be sober and lucid, so this will be a little easier than it otherwise would have been. Keep checking back for thoughts and updates all night long.

Of course the salt has already started to flow from the usual quarters:

Here’s a few more tweets from people on their way to the meet, or already in D.C.: 





As I said, check back later for more. I’m about to go finish up preparations myself. Just like always, I thank you for reading the site!




The SJWs just have no idea what a free and open society is all about, do they? Now they’re trying to block our peaceful meeting? It’s not surprising, of course. In fact it confirms everything I’ve ever written about them here. So I guess I should be thanking them. But just think about all the meetings they’ve had where no one has said a word and consider what they’re trying to do now. It’s a disgrace.




We all had a wonderful evening at Local 16. I met a lot of people that I never thought I would, and they were all very kind. Thank you to all who came up and offered me some kind words. It’s always great to hear the good things and support firsthand.

No one was more kind than Milo himself. I’m honored that he enjoys my work, especially since I’m so amazing fond of his. It was also great to talk to Cathy Young and C.H. Sommers. I didn’t get a pic with Sommers, cause I forgot, but she was amazingly nice. Also, shoutout to Liz, Lauren, TokyoTVBen, Daddy Warpig, Bibby, Zengar, Dan, Matt, and anyone else I forgot lol. It was great talking to you all.

Also, I apparently left right before the bomb threats became apparent. I’m not sure who’s behind that, of course, but the SJWs were pissed all day long about our historic meeting. Hopefully the authorities get to the bottom of it.

Here’s some visual evidence of my adventures from the evening, most of them chronicled on Twitter:







  1. My boss just office spaced me earlier so I can not go, for which he will owe me. Unlike SJW’s, I don’t have a patreon and need to show up for work. I’ll keep an eye on the thread to keep up to date. Have fun ya’ll and be safe.

  2. “You guys know what this movement is doing to women’s lives, right”

    Keeping sane women (and men!) out of the clutches of your damaging and hypocritical movement maybe?

    ‘Cuz that’s all I see happening….

    1. The only thing that has happened to women because of GamerGate is that some of them are making thousands in hipster welfare.

      1. We made Anita a fucking million dollars
        We do more for woman than those fucking feminists

    2. It certainly ain’t kicking people out of venues for their political leanings or any misconceptions about their beliefs.

    3. You mean do what mom and dad didn’t tell them and Say NO to them for once in their lives? And by them I mean the Spoiled Just-Us Whinners.

    1. Then begging for money! Can you believe that shit? “You’re an asshole, give me money!” Honestly, it’s up to Notch what to do with that money, whether he donates it all to charity or have a Scrooge McDuck pool filled with money build with it.

      This shows the exact mentality of the SJWs. “You have it better than I do and you have money, give some to me for no reason. Here’s my list of self-diagnosed disabilities.” That’s all it boils down to, that seems to be the end goal of the Oppression Olympics.

      1. Insults + attempt @ guilt trip = $$$$$

        Did she learn this from her parents?

        Or did it not work on them either?

      2. She obviously is the last person to be handling money. She started a Kickstarter to make a guitar effects pedal, got about $50,000, then didn’t deliver (there was even an article about how Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins wanted to beat the shit out of her for ripping him off).

        Then she blew all the money and ended up in the hole for $40,000. But instead of paying back her debts and her Kickstarter donors, she sends $500 to Anita.

        When GamerGate started, she was all in with us, but the minute she saw how the Antis were raking in the Patreon bucks, she turned on a dime. Then she got all butthurt when sucking up to the SJWs and playing the victim didn’t make her Patreon account swell to the levels of the Literally Whos.

        Now she’s shitting on Notch for having money, and demanding that he give her some simply because she’s trans and as reparations for being a cis white male. That is some Wu-like levels of self-importance and insanity.

      1. Rings a bell, but honestly, I could give a shit 🙂 Probably small potatoes.

        Ironically, some of this IS Notch’s fault, in a roundabout way. Minecraft exploded so spectacularly — when people talk about ‘killer apps’, this should be one of the mentions — even Notch was dumbfounded. I have to wonder if this led people to think ‘hey, if he can strike it rich, I can do it too!’. Which of course leads to the parade of incompetent indies trying to soak people.

        Oh well. I am still a Minecraft fan, and I wish Notch the best in whatever he does next.

    2. She seems to be the jealous type. Also she may have made more games in the past year, but apparently they must have all sucked if she’s 100k in debt.

  3. The salt is already pouring out from the SJW hypocrites it’s laughable. I really should get a job as a salt miner, because it seems to me that those jobs are secured.

      1. Check your gastropod privilege, shitlord!

        Are they invisible to you because they lack homes like snails?

          1. Yes, but slugs don’t have shells. Thus you’re contributing to the invisibility of the homeless.

            You monster.


    1. That looks scary as hell.
      I guess the engineers know what there doing but I would not want to go in there.

  4. This this shit right here? This is exactly why we need to keep going. A simple fucking meetup of like minded individuals is (one again) being labeled as a hate group, by a real hate group, to stop some people from having a good time just because they engage in wrongthink — I mean, hold different opinions.

    Chu is still a slimy piece of shit.

    Record everything, Ralph! Can’t stress this enough! Protect yourselves (and capture any SJW tears you might see.)

      1. You know it’s sad that it’s actually gotten to that point. That, to defend our selves if we go to an event as a known GG member, that we would have to be recording to protect ourselves because their lies are taken at face value and no amount of proof aside from literally recording can save us.

        At this point I don’t know if I’m going to do anything to visibly show my support for GG when I go to FanExpo in September, but regardless I will be carrying a recording device just in case. I’m hoping someone has some Vivian prints or the Honey Badgers show up with those Ethics! posters or something.

        1. Gamer Gate should remain in the shadows. It is not the movement people wanted, but the one they deserve. SJWs will persecute us, but we can take it. We are no heroes. We are watchful protectors. The Dark Knights of gaming.

          With that out of the way have fun at the expo and don’t let SJWs ruin your experience. You can be subtle about it – wear a Vivian shirt and when they confront you play the fool saying that a friend gave it to you.

          1. Nah, they couldn’t ruin it for me. The way I look at it, it would be win-win. If they don’t bother with me, I enjoy the convention, if they do bother me, I’ll have the recording. But that’s still a few months off anyways.

  5. Wasn’t it that slime ball Chu who said in the first place that there’s no such thing as neutral? That you HAVE to pick a side? What kind of insanity is that? Oh right, I forgot 97% of his thought power has been decimated by being a SJW.

    1. I don’t know how any truly sane person can genuinely say something like that. Usually when I call someone insane, it’s just a generic insult for some asshole who acts a little crazy, like Otherkin, but Chu is on a whole different level. Going on about “mind killing” and how he has to preform this “dark arts” or “dark magic” ritual or whatever bullshit to purge his mind of “unclean” thoughts. I mean, that is the single most crazy thing I have ever read. It seriously sounds as though he believes he’s in Orwell’s 1984 and must rid himself of wrongthink before the Thought Police take him away for thoughtcrime. And I’d say this is why he’s so aggressively critical of GG and anyone else who isn’t on his side, because (I assume) he believes thoughtcrime is a real thing. It’s mind blowing that someone can exist like this and still hold any sort of respect or platform to speak from.

      1. See, that’s one of the worst things about the Social Justice community. They raise people like this up on a platform, they encourage people with legitimate issues because “you’re not crazy, you just think or act differently!”

        Take a look at these assholes who call themselves “multiples” or “multiple system,” the people who claim to have “headmates.” They’re attention whores, sure, but they act like having voices in your head is a fun little game, when in reality that shit DESTROYS peoples lives. I don’t know if you’ve seen Internet Aristocrat’s video on it, but if you haven’t it’s worth the watch.

        But they take these illnesses and prop them up on a pedestal, as if it’s an achievement or a goal to strive for. Do they think it’s a fucking achievement when my schizophrenic brother attacked my mother with a knife back in February? They got him back on his medication and you know what our aunt does? She tells him the medication is poison and that there’s other realities and shit. It’s the same bullshit with these SJWs. You don’t know who’s on the other side of that screen, but in the name of “progress” they turn mental illness into a fashion accessory and tell people there’s nothing wrong. It’s normal to hear Scooby-Doo telling you to burn down the local Walmart.

        Just take a look at any fucking blog on tumblr. They list a thousand self-diagnosed disorders, but they never truly tell you anything about themselves because all they have is the false identity they’ve crafted. These people are a fucking plague on society in every way, they encourage mental illness, they stall actual progress in the name of what they perceive as progress, they consume resource and give nothing back to the world, instead they make it worse.

        …Sorry for the rant. This shit just really pisses me off.

        1. Luckily, I didn’t meet anyone like that the short time I was in college a few years ago, but I get the feeling if I was a more social person, I would have run into people like that. I only realized a couple weeks ago that a game dev on the aGG side worked for the college I went to when I was there.

          But anyways, yeah when someone’s first instinct when talking to you is to list their faults, they’re likely just doing it for attention OR they’ve been brainwashed by these SJWs into thinking that’s the proper way to socialize. Like I said, almost every tumblr profile is exactly like that. You have a space to tell the world who you are and what do they fill it with? Not their interests or aspirations most times. What an absolutely pathetic way to have a social life. “Hi, my name is Bob, I’m a trans-otherkin, autistic, demisexual, vegan gopher. Here’s a seven page list of my triggers.”

          What happened to putting your best foot forward? When did being normal or striving to be normal become a sin? I only hold out hope for the ones who aren’t completely set in the SJW mindset. I’ve seen a number of stories of former SJWs who completely regret that part of their life and the realization of what they were doing. The most memorable one I had seen (and I really wish I could find this post again) was of this girl who made friends with some people online who turned out to be SJWs and slowly turned her to their side, poisoning (for lack of a better term) her views to be like theirs until it got to the point where they got her to drive away her friends IRL (for the typical SJW perceived racism/sexism/etc) and online who weren’t SJWs, so they were all she had left and even when she became disillusioned with SocJus, she felt as if she couldn’t leave these people because she wouldn’t have any friends anymore, it eventually got to the point where she realized no friends are better than SJW friends and that she could try to make amends with her former friends before she became an SJW.

          I really, really wish I could find that post again, because what she described was the most cult like community I had ever heard of and it would serve as a prime example of why social justice is really not a good thing.

          And in case anyone forgets, these are the people we’re fighting. This is what social justice leads to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTOoYxOf92s

          1. “Hi, my name is Bob, I’m a trans-otherkin, autistic, demisexual, vegan gopher. Here’s a seven page list of my triggers.”

            TOO. DAMN.FUNNY.

            You are my hero Jaker…

            …although GeekVariety Customs is a close send… 😉

        2. There’s no shame in getting angry over these cunts, just think of it like this, would does the shit that goes on in North Korea piss you off?

      2. I would love to see someone do an edit of Chu’s interview with Packman that has him screaming “LEAVE ZOE QUINN ALONE!”

      3. I remember that interview. I kept screaming “let it go, Zoe is not gonna fuck you!!!” several times at the screen.

    2. That’s the whole point. It’s also why I stress to folks here to NOT interfere if people want to remain neutral. Let them be. The SJW brigade will drive them into our arms for us.

      1. I’ve been saying that from the start. Just look at Mark Kern, he tries being neutral and at every chance aGG shoves him into our camp. I admire his tenacity on remaining neutral, despite the attacks and slander he has received from aGG. We don’t even need neutrals to come to our side, the very fact that they’re neutral helps us and hurts aGG, which is why aGG hates neutrals so much and tries to push them into our camp.

      1. “The only way to be rational is to be irrational.”
        I forgot just how crazy this shit is.

        Hey, what was it that was written on the side of the Ministry of Truth in 1984? Oh yeah, that’s right, it was:
        WAR IS PEACE

        I think Chu needs a good dose of being locked in a padded room for 20 years.

    3. How much you (generic “you”) want to be that those who insist there is no neutrality in GG also spoke against Bush Jr’s “with us or against us” (re: terrorism).

      Yeah, I know. Hypocrisy in SJWs, what a shock. /InspectorRenault

      1. I’d like to see the venue respond in the same way Protein World did, that would be fucking hilarious.

    1. They got free shots, and a ally establishment. It seems zero action = 100% productivity

      1. Yeah, I couldn’t be more complementary about the way they handled this. Kudos for them for defending people’s right to free speech and hold a peaceful gathering.

  6. Funniest thing about the whining they’re all doing to the Twitter account is that the last tweet was from July last year
    Normies give two fucks about internet slapfights

  7. Omg a meet in public!? Aren’t you folks afraid of being assaulted!? The horror the fear Jesus Christ.

    Have fun.

  8. Wow. So true about wanting to control every square inch of land.

    Utopianism is a conquerer’s faith.

    1. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” –C.S. Lewis

  9. “This movement” – oh? We’re a movement now and not just a small group of neckbeard, basement dwelling misogynerds? That narrative seems to be crumbling.

      1. It looked like a great party. And then there was Arthur Chu’s veiled death threat and some russian burner account making a bomb threat. Funny how they have the nerve to call Gamergate a hate group and terrorists. Well, no, it’s not funny, it’s just hypocrisy coming from a bunch of self-righteous fascists.

  10. Great fucking job guys and gals….just awesome. You all are showing em HOWS ITS DONE. No hate, just celebrate. I, for one, am fucking thrilled by this whole thing. Thank you so much!

  11. Sucks about the bomb threats, I hope someone gets held responsible and goes to jail, and I don’t believe it’s a light crime, isn’t it considered a federal offense?

    1. Well the police station and fire department were basically across the street and around the corner, and the bomb threat tweet said they had them around the area the bar was at… So yea, it will be considered a federal offence because of the close proximity of those buildings if charges are filed

    2. That may have actually been the word I was looking for. I looked up more on federal crimes though and eventually got linked to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_crime_in_the_United_States (which I know we’re not big fans of the wiki here, but I’m assuming it’s hard to have a bias when writing stuff like that). So it is a state crime and felony is the right word, but I think that might even vary by state.

      Also people retweeted me when I made the statement about it being a federal crime, although no one called me on it there, makes me wish I had done a little more than misremembering something before I originally tweeted it.

  12. Opponents of #GamerGate:

    1) Routinely bully and insult in lieu of actual discussion

    2) Fabricate #GamerGate “sarin gas”, “mass-shooting” and “bomb” plots

    3) Download/alter/distribute porn in attempts to shut down a website #GamerGate frequents

    4) Run women out of conventions, then sic the cops on them and make them cry

    5) Launch ACTUAL bomb threat to disrupt #GamerGate get-together

    At some point, I’m hoping the mainstream media finally noticed just how punk’d they’ve been.

    1. The flip side? Organize events that give EVERYBODY a voice and do it in a way that real people can enjoy, and come away feeling good about themselves, and the cause. THAT is the way its supposed to be. Social discord leads to a great many things when people choose to debate and find solutions, rather than bicker and hate. I think this was a huge success, and not being there myself and all, it was a resounding success. Thanks Ralph(and others). Much love.

    2. I think the “Big 5 media” now have too much vested interest in the current “forced mass hysteria” narrative, they would rather go down with the ship.

  13. LMAO! Chuthulu… Darling, I want to personally thank you personally for showing everyone on what bottom feeding, narcissistic, sociopathic, deranged, fascists scumbags that you hypocrites really are and for that we thank you.

    1. And the USA. Especially the USA. Every single day since Pearl Harbour.
      No wonder americans thinks its legitimate to bomb ppl they dont personally love.

  14. This should be sent along with Slade’s report above as well as any news articles about th bomb threat to every single site that Chu-cockka writes for and then some. And i mean en masse, just fill their inboxes till they pop. Even if he didnt do it, its clearly a supportive theme he publicly posted to any unstable enough to do so. And it should never be forgotten or thought of in any less harsh a manner.

  15. Good to meet you Ralph while we had peace before the threat. (BTW this is Matt, I added a picture of when some of the group went back to Local 16 to get them some money back)

  16. Someone called Fokusu made a hilarious Chu vid:
    Keks flowing…
    Inspired me to think of “Chuicide Bomber”…
    Chu clowned….
    Channel subb’d to…
    Brakes as yet uninstalled on GG train…


  17. I think we should do something nice for the good folks at, Local 16. Send them a thank you card. Something.

  18. Haha good times also these threats etc are the worst things they could have done…

    That “narrative” will be sooooo much harder to uphold now…

  19. I hope that little fuckwit ends up in a jail cell. This is beyond absurd. Blowing Milo and Based Mom and Liz into shreds as well as destroying an independent business? Has Chu been playing too many video games? Seems to have caused some violence.

  20. You really have to wonder what’s rolling around in their skulls besides tumbleweeds.

    I mean, bomb threats? Seriously? That’s a great way to get an up close and personal view of the judicial system. Not to mention it’s going to instantly polarize folks who might have been neutral before. Way to go, aGGros. *golf clap* A few more ‘victories’ like that, and you won’t have anything to worry about. Because you’ll all be discredited or in jail.

    1. This meet-up was a BEAUTIFUL thing – I wish I’d been there… 🙁 Really illustrates the commitment to our hobby and acceptance of ANYONE who wants to be a part of it.

      Hopefully this meeting will encourage others to stand up to the SJW clique and support the gaming hobby & themselves as well.

      GamerGate supporters have one thing the SJW’s will NEVER have – a sense of FAMILY (plus a sense of humour!)

  21. I’m sure all the sites that talk about the tone of gaming and gamers and the dangers of gaming while female will do pieces on this heinous action that has occurred against gamers, right? Polygon, Kotaku, GiantBomb, Patrick Klepek. I’m sure all these sites and more are in the middle of doing pieces charginag headlong against such vile behavior and explaining that clearly things aren’t so clear and cut as they initially made it out to be… right?

    Oh, wait. No, it’s going to be entirely ignored.

    They would literally ignore a gamer being murdered by an SJW. There is NOTHING that is going to change this narrative. It is definitive.

      1. My view is that anything positive he said in that piece is a “save face” insincere gesture at best, but that’s just how I take it…

  22. Gay. Straight. Bi. White. Black. Skinny. Fat. Male. Female. Liberal. Conservative. That’s a pretty diverse crowd.

  23. I can only imagine the look on the aGG’s face when zero GG’s didn’t gave a fuck about the threats

    1. Yep, yep. True, true, true. What the empty heads of the aGG’s will never understand is GG isn’t in it for the money. We’re in it show to expose corruption in the MSM and in game industry, ethics in journalism, and show everyone that we were right all along since day one. And that we’re not the terrorists the Anita, Jonathan, the Game Journos and every SJW zealot made us out to be when they hijacked the conversation about GG. Nothing will stop GG from exposing the truth. NOTHING!

    1. Also, go cry me a river Butts. You incompetent, cyber stalking, narrow mined, absolute simpleton.

        1. Me: You stoop to raping puppies?

          Callan Elliot: Nope, I lift them up it’s better for my back.

  24. It’s a shame I didn’t know about this, or have the money, or a vehicle. While I’m a nobody in GG, not even officially a part, more of a side line supporter (too busy playing games I guess, coupled with not caring for social media), it would have been cool to meet Milo and CHS. The rest of you too, I guess. I’m just down here in VA, so if I had the above mentioned things, I could have made it and taken part in the fun. Keep Calm and Game On.

    1. I’m a nobody out of VA too, but it was still a great time to just talk with so many nice and well-spoken individuals.

      1. I’m glad those who went had a good time. If I could have been, and had known about it ahead of time, I would have been there. Ah well. That’s what I get for staying out of the SocMed loop.

        1. Honestly, I think it would be a great idea just to hold periodic, smaller GG get togethers within areas even if we don’t have a more well known personality. I had limited time with Ralph and Jordan Owen but I still had a great time with the general populace of GG.

          1. That would be a good idea. Plus more meetups means more exposing SJWs for exactly what they are.

  25. Worse still, I can imagine the Butts and Literally Chus convincing someone to suicide bomb a place. Deeming it “for the greater good” to sacrifice one of their own.

  26. I felt that he was blown hot again. As far as I know he lives no where near DC and don’t think he has the balls to do, or the intelligence to build a bomb or operate a firearm

    1. I do agree, these people are bottomless. How ever making a *functioning* bomb would take practise, plus transporting it, so on so forth.

      As for firearms, well, my intellect thing was a bit of sarcasm, he probably doesn’t know how to use one, once he gets in there, someone will have enough booze on them to knock it out of his hand, and I doubt he’s mu cf a fighter to begin with.

    2. Tangentially, to take a somewhat cold and intensely cynical view, perhaps someone using the Anarchist’s Cookbook would be doing the world a favor, by getting themselves blown up while using one of the broken recipes in AC.

      Probably would be kinda hard on the neighborhood, though…

    3. ,,,you can drive to DC from Cleaveland (Chuville), in less than 9 hours jacked up on caffiene and weed and staying just on or a little above th speed limits,,,did it in 1986, with a couple decent rest stops to fuel up, eat, drink more coffee etc,,,never underestimate a cultish partisan,,,we were wasted college kids and did it on a whim,,,a partisan will have even more headfuel…

  27. That’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for sometime as well, but didn’t really want to say anything because I felt like it might be hyperbole. The reality people seem to forget is there are unstable people out there, some of them looking for an excuse and some who believe they can be the savior who will act on such a threat. Personally, I wouldn’t put anything past Chu himself. While he does strike me as a coward, even a coward can pull a trigger and he seems to be the right kind of loon to take extreme action. The sad thing is, I can’t even tell if he’s legitimately unstable or if it’s just the social justice rotting his mind and making him think these are appropriate, reasonable actions. Regardless, hate mongering will lead to violence given enough time.

    1. Yeah, it does seem weird that talking about video games could lead to any sort of violence, but like you say this has happened before and at this point, I think it’s something we should all start keeping in mind. Not to the point of worrying or getting scared, mind you, but take precautions because you never know what will set one of these people off.

      I haven’t personally seen a situation where someone got hurt or killed from something like this, before GG, I didn’t give half a shit about any controversy or news or anything and I can still see these warning signs clear as day.

      Mainly what I’m getting at is just…Stay safe everyone. The more wins we achieve, the more desperate those against us will get, the more hatred they will spread and the more likely a person with legitimate issues will snap.

      Just stay safe, everyone. The night isn’t the only thing that’s dark and full of terrors.

  28. Wow look at all those women. I thought GG was just full of white straight males. The media lied to me.

  29. Despite the bomb threats, it really looked like a great gathering. You all seem to be having so much fun.

  30. First Protein World ignores feminist threats. Now, GG meet-up does. The results? Only positive for anti-feminists, only embarrassment for feminists. Bottom line: feminists are all talk. Call their bluff and they fold up like a cheap suit.

    1. I personally feel we shouldn’t describe the vile, radical SJW’s as “feminists”.

      In my opinion the term “feminist” is too broad of a description – it lumps actual positive femnists in with them.

      When you think about it, these folks aren’t really interested in making things better for women or minorities. They’re all about bringing everyone else down to be as miserable as they obviously are and elevating themselves above their enemies.

  31. Holy shit. In one of Ralph’s recent threads I KINDA joked that I wouldn’t be surprised to see some SJW nutcase drive a car into a building screaming Anita’s name.

    Now we’ve got Aurthur “I’m not a terrorist” Chu stating it’s all going to “end tonight” and lo and behold, a fucking bomb threat pops the hell up.

    I’m sorry, but those people who think Aurthur didn’t have some direct hand or even influence on that should wake the hell up. Because you’re in a cult surrounded by radical cultists.

    That would scare the shit out of any reasonable, sane person. But then again, we’re not really dealing with reasonable, sane people are we?

  32. The threat of violence is always a sign of a weak position and an even weaker mind.

    This describes the veiled threats Chu made remarkably well.

    We should remain as vigilant as possible while at the same time not allow fear to control our actions and/or beliefs.

    That’s just my opinion though….

  33. Oh Lordy. Black women, white women, gay men, and older folks socializing.

    Golly gee, what an exclusionary and elitist bunch we GG folks are. Clearly totally dedicated to preserving the monopoly on gaming that young, angry, straight, white, antisocial males have.

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