The GNAA's Teridax Responds to My October Post on GamerGate Sabotage

The GNAA’s Teridax Responds to My October Post on GamerGate Sabotage

Teridax has been fucking with me for months on Twitter over a column I wrote back in late October. So, I told him to just go ahead and write an editorial about it. Why not? This is The Ralph Retort, after all. A wide range of voices is something I enjoy. I won’t get into countering too many of his claims in this space, except to say there are very good reasons people took the Zoe stuff badly. Also, Teridax has been provocative this entire time, but that’s for the comment section, if anyone wants to have a go. I will admit that my understanding has grown since the first column, where I basically knew very little about GNAA, weev, trolling, etc. 

Without further delay, here’s the guest editorial.

GUEST POST by Teridax of the GNAA 

I’ve been asked by Ralph to write an editorial regarding his GNAA blog piece from a while back, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m no professional, but I definitely noticed a number of holes in his telling of things.

First off, the logs in question. These logs were “leaked” (read: screencapped from a public IRC channel by a person who didn’t hide his identity well enough) on 8chan a few days before this article came out, and they say exactly what I and several others have said for months, that the two or three people in GNAA that actually care about GamerGate don’t really give a shit past laughing at the lamer parts. The fact that most people seem to take this write-up as some concrete evidence of false-flagging and shillery just shows me that most people didn’t seem to read the actual screencaps.

The below selection from the logs:

< rabite> Teridax: did u see all the gamergaters
< rabite> saying that because
< rabite> i manipulated SJW reporters
< rabite> and built friendships with them
< rabite> i was being deployed
< rabite> as a false flag gamergate supporter

Gets somehow misconstrued as:

“user rabite talks about gaining the trust of a SJW journo, presumably so he could end up hurting our image.”

I’m doing my best to assume good faith here, but that’s not even close to what was said.

“User Teridax mentions people thinking Zoe Quinn paid him money in order to have people tweet threats at her, since he been so effective with his false-flagging.”

There’s that word again, “threats”. The only mindset where “drop dead” is considered a threat is the same “professional victim” mindset I’ve seen be criticized so many times by GamerGate. By that logic, telling someone to go fuck themselves is a threat sexual assault. Not to mention the actual Zoe Quinn seemed to recognize that I wasn’t entirely serious and retweeted my “threats,” which I guess most of the paranoid seemed to take as a sign that I worked for her.

And my “false-flagging” (lol) was only effective in the sense that it got nerds that take the Internet way too seriously and don’t understand what a troll is to flip out and assume that I expected to be taken seriously.

“Teridax is just a sick little troll with no life. He actually partakes in this sort of thing for personal pleasure. He does it for free, in other words.”

Trying not to get too personal about this, but I’d honestly consider it more sad to be paid to screw around with people online rather than for my own entertainment.

“But hopefully, the media will now start acknowledging that the nastiest tweets aren’t coming from us.”

I’ve never once been in any major media publication for my GamerGate trolls, sadly. Most I’ve gotten is a slight reference on the GNAA Wikipedia article and various Storifies and YouTube blogs angry about me. And even if I did make the media, it would make them look worse than anyone else for actually believing a known bullshitter.

“I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if this group was also behind things like the threat Anita Sarkeesian received before her planned speech at Utah State.”

Ralph is definitely welcome to host his own opinion on his own site, but I’d like to comment that this is a complete stretch.

Even with all these various half-truths and exaggerations, the main point of the article, that not every bad thing to happen in the lives of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian is the fault of GamerGate, is a valid one. Even so, the answer to avoid being a scapegoat for random internet assholes isn’t to find a scapegoat of your own.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • nobody

    I don’t know, I think Pineapple is a great pizza topping. I for one am glad that Teridax will fight for what I believe in. The GNAA have been known to stand up for civil liberties, I’d trust them.

    Fuck weev, I’ll piss on his grave when the time comes. Snitch.

    But yeah. Pineapple topping. All the way.

    • Nick_Soapdish

      I agree. Pineapple is a fine topping. I don’t know what problem people have. The sweetness and slightly acidic tastes goes well with the saltiness of the cheese and the texture of the pizza base.

      • nobody

        I think some people put pineapple AND ham on it, and that’s where I draw the line. The full flavor of ham is too much when paired with the creamy cheese, and it also absorbs the pineapple juice because ham is greedy.

        • Nick_Soapdish

          Unrelated but I draw the line on pineapple fritters. It’s a deep fried slice of pineapple, it just seems wrong.

          • nobody

            Those sick fucks!

            What are your thoughts on pineapple upside-down cake, with yellow cake?

          • Nick_Soapdish

            I had never had it, I just had to google it. I am unsure if it looks good or bad but I am definitely willing to try.

          • nobody

            It’s pretty good as long as you keep it simple. No icing or shit like that, just yellow cake and pineapple.

      • hawaiian pizza would be nothing without pineapple

    • Snitch? Seriously? When I was brought a federal indictment, they offered me a misdemeanor charge to snitch. I told them to go fuck themselves, and went to prison. Maybe you’re thinking of JacksonBrown, my co-defendant, who pled out and cooperated like a bitch instead of sharing the defense table with me on a winning case.

      • Bubba

        Take that Swastika tattoo and shove it up your ass!

      • nobody

        Weev I’ve known about you being a piece of shit snitch long before they snatched you up. Fuck you. Your days are numbered, like everyone else’s, and when the drugs catch up to you. *I* will fucking be there. You aren’t above being loyal to the scene, and you had your chance.

  • Sculptor

    Ironic that Teridax hasn’t made media ground since most of the actual threats/harassment came from trolls/eggs.

    The bias is kinda staggering. Hence GG’s frustration with you and others.

    You know if you were seemingly “pro-GG” you probably would’ve made BBC, MSNBC, ABC, etc etc by now right?

    • Teridax

      Lol, who cares about the media? I’m not out for that.

      • Sculptor

        What are you out for then Teridax?

        • Teridax

          Entertainment. I mean if the media picks it up, that definitely adds to it, but that’s by no means an end goal for me.

          • Sculptor

            Solely entertainment then?


            I wish there was something I could say that would convince you to seek entertainment elsewhere, but alas, not likely.

          • Teridax

            The only thing that would do that is if this stopped being entertaining, which for the most part it has.

  • Nick_Soapdish

    I think the whole, “hey look it was that person! blame it on them!” is a waste of time. We’re in an age where criticism is harassment and even just including in a twitter mention is abuse. Even if a single nasty message didn’t exist GamerGate would still be painted as monsters. People need to stop getting butthurt about trolling. Just laugh at the idiots who fall for it.

  • Cari

    Your point about scapegoats is spot on. We can’t complain about the media using us as a convenient boogeyman all the time, when we’re always doing exactly the same, protecting the arseholes in our midst by pointing fingers at you and other third parties any time something goes down.

    Re. The Quinn “threats” – can’t speak for all, obviously, but I do believe at the time it was more a case of “aGGro will consider these to be threats and will lose their shit” rather than GG as a whole genuinely believing such things were really considered threats.

    Of course, we’re becoming the monster we hate and losing all rationality. I couldn’t say the same if it were to come up now.

    • I wouldn’t go as far to say that we’re becoming them. Remember, the whole point about scapegoats only came about in the first place because we at least have the good sense to collectively point out, condemn, and disassociate ourselves with any harassment that occurs on our side. Antis, meanwhile, have some of the most disgusting things being said by some of the most prominent faces in their ranks, and they don’t do a bloody fucking thing about it (worse, they get funding from Intel and further backing by the mainstream news media). Sarkeesian using a school shooting to promote a book, Arthur Chu saying that he idolized Hitler, Sam Biddle’s call for bullying, Full Mcintosh sympathizing with terrorists, etc. We may have some bad apples here and there, but the other side consists of what may be the absolute worst people short of those who have committed murder (though it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them are responsible for that as well).

      • Teridax

        This all falls on the assumption that “anti-gg” is a side of its own, rather than just a bunch of people that think GamerGate is stupid. Also Ian Miles Cheong was the one to make the Hitler comments (like a decade ago ffs get over it)

        • Falcon D. Stormvoice

          Anti-GG is definitely a side of its own. Moreso than even pro-GG is. Pro side is an eclectic bunch of individuals with their own motives. Anti-GG is a hivemind of authoritarians who even have a tendency to look the same.

          • Teridax

            Not from the way I see it. Pro-GG is a group of people all united under one banner, while anti-GG is just assorted folk who think “hey, this one thing is dumb” no matter how many different opinions they have. For instance, implying that SJWs and the GNAA have any sort of place in a hivemind is ridiculous.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            Of course it is, which is why I don’t consider GNAA a part of aGG. You’re third party.

      • Guest

        Cheong was the asian white supremacist guy. Chu was the jeopardy guy.

  • GamerGate Developer

    “Even so, the answer to avoid being a scapegoat for random internet assholes isn’t to find a scapegoat of your own.”
    This sentence was great

    • Here’s another one “when you act like and ass-hole on the Internet don’t be surprised people look for a scapegoat in your direction“. It cuts both ways.

  • Heaven Smile

    “By that logic, telling someone to go fuck themselves is a threat sexual assault”
    Dude, you do realize that SJW are the kind of people who will reach that conclusion, yes?

    Just as Criticism = Harassment.

    And Evidence = Opression.

    GG knows how these people work and they know this simple act “counts” as harassment and it will be used against GG, against all logic and reason.

    • what’s “passive-aggressive violence”?
      it sounds cool 😀

  • Erthwjim

    Why was Teridax on the blocklist as someone that would not be blocked? There’s plenty of other people that have done less than him that are on that blocklist yet he somehow gets to be whitelisted? How do you get whitelisted when you’re a random when thousands of other randoms never got whitelisted? You see why people would come to the conclusion that Teridax is a shill, he’s getting better treatment than others, because?? And how is it that his “threats” were retweeted as jokes without Zoe having prior interactions with him? She recognized his threats as not being serious but somehow other people have made similar off the wall unrealistic “threats”, she’s quick to condemn and blame on gamergate and tell the world how serious the threats are? I’m sorry but there’s too many holes in his attempt to show the “holes” in ralph’s blog, so yeah, good job with not answering a damn thing.

    • Teridax

      I was put on the whitelist for asking. Her explanation made perfect sense (strange how everyone ignored it) in that the list, at the time at least, was for GamerGate people, and I’m far from it. You’re right that I’m not special, all I did was request it. As for the Zoe thing, it seems like common sense, especially since I’d been offering nonexistent Smash codes for a bunch of stuff days before. Not sure what I didn’t answer, but if you have more questions then I’m willing to talk here.

      • Erthwjim

        Then my question is, how were you added so quickly? You’re apparently a known troll and were whitelisted 3 days after the blocker was created. Even though you trolled gamergate with your smash brothers tweets, your history should make someone like Randi wary to whitelist you so quickly, especially if she was looking through all your tweets like she said she would for a whitelist request. Also as stated in my last comment, other people who have tweeted about gamergate less or not at all have had issues being whitelisted or been turned down for whitelisting, yet you somehow were approved? Granted you were removed from the list about 3 weeks later, but given your history I don’t know why you were put on it in the first place. Perhaps saying you’re a shill is wrong, but Randi must have seen you as some sort of an ally to put you on it so quickly, which frankly looked bad for her and made people question the connection given your reputation.

        • Teridax

          I dunno, I just randomly tweeted at her and honestly I was surprised she went through with it myself. She did say she had some issues with it personally but ultimately made what she considered the ethical decision. That said, this was all before there was an appeal system and other people were brought into the process so I doubt it’d work if I tried again today. As for being removed that was also by my own request, I was tired of hearing people whine about me being in cahoots with her and the whitelisted account was already suspended at that point anyway so it did me no good.

          • Erthwjim

            Yeah that makes sense, if anything they latched onto you because they saw you picking on gg supporters with your tweets and thought you were a potential ally, the side effect being that people thought you were in cahoots with anti-gg. I can see why people would jump to that conclusion, especially given the history of gamergate and those against it at the time. If anything it should look more bad for them than you, which is what I’ve always though anyways, the fact that they whitelist a troll regardless of the affiliation. A troll trolls and generally holds no alliances to anyone and I’m still under the impression that the most vile attackers that use the gg hashtag and even some of the anti-gg supporters are trolls, although they might not be a part of your group. I think most of gg does realize what trolls are, they’re just frustrated the the media is paying attention to those fringes to paint their picture instead of the moderate majority

          • Teridax

            I doubt Randi of all people saw me as a potential ally, especially since she’s already had quite a run-in with the GNAA (before my involvement with them) and recognized me as a member. Though I’d be lying if I said I knew it wouldn’t be starting a controversy if I got added to the whitelist, I mainly wanted on because I’m not much a fan of being on instant block lists, and that (at the time at least) I genuinely didn’t belong on it.

  • Murderville

    This whole deal is a false flag

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,spoken like a true troll shill…
    …nawsuh boss i ain done nuthin to nobodee…
    Congratz on guest editrolling,,,