This is one of the best trolls of 2016. I won’t put it at number 1 without much more thought, but I think it’s defintely in the Top 5. Master media manipulator Godfrey Elfwick just struck the British media once again, and this time the victim is the Guardian. Before I show you some of that, let me remind you that this guy also conned the BBC World Service (which, I admittedly enjoy) awhile back.


I think his latest stunt topped this one, though. He has a full-length article in the Guardian titled: ‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist. 


It gets even better from there, ladies and gentlemen…

I am a happily married, young white man. I grew up in a happy, Conservative household. I’ve spent my entire life – save the last four months – as a progressive liberal. All of my friends are very liberal or left-leaning centrists. I have always voted Liberal Democrat or Green. I voted remain in the referendum. The thought of racism in any form has always been abhorrent to me. When leave won, I was devastated.

I was curious as to the motives of leave voters. Surely they were not all racist, bigoted or hateful? I watched some debates on YouTube. Obvious points of concern about terrorism were brought up. A leaver cited Sam Harris as a source. I looked him up: this “intellectual, free-thinker” was very critical of Islam. Naturally my liberal kneejerk reaction was to be shocked, but I listened to his concerns and some of his debates.

This, I think, is where YouTube’s “suggested videos” can lead you down a rabbit hole. Moving on from Harris, I unlocked the Pandora’s box of “It’s not racist to criticise Islam!” content. Eventually I was introduced, by YouTube algorithms, to Milo Yiannopoulos and various “anti-SJW” videos (SJW, or social justice warrior, is a pejorative directed at progressives). They were shocking at first, but always presented as innocuous criticism from people claiming to be liberals themselves, or centrists, sometimes “just a regular conservative” – but never, ever identifying as the dreaded “alt-right”…

At the same time, the anti-SJW stuff also moved on to anti-feminism, men’s rights activists – all that stuff. I followed a lot of these people on Twitter, but never shared any of it. I just passively consumed it, because, deep down, I knew I was ashamed of what I was doing…

Top-notch, Godfrey. Top-notch.

On one occasion I even, I am ashamed to admit, very diplomatically expressed negative sentiments on Islam to my wife. Nothing “overtly racist”, just some of the “innocuous” type of things the YouTubers had presented: “Islam isn’t compatible with western civilisation.”

She was taken aback: “Isn’t that a bit … rightwing?”

I justified it: “Well, I’m more a left-leaning centrist. PC culture has gone too far, we should be able to discuss these things without shutting down the conversation by calling people racist, or bigots.”

The indoctrination was complete.

You and I can read it while obviously noting the trollish quality. But it sounds quite different to the “progressive” editors of the Guardian. They must have thought this was pure gold. So, of course, do I. But for a much different reason.

It’s fucking hilarious.

I unsubscribed and unfollowed from everything, and told myself outright: “You’re becoming a racist. What you’re doing is turning you into a terrible, hateful person.” Until that moment I hadn’t even realised that “alt-right” was what I was becoming; I just thought I was a more open-minded person for tolerating these views.

It would take every swearword under the sun to describe how I now feel about tolerating such content and gradually accepting it as truth. I’ve spent every day since feeling shameful for being so blind and so easily coerced.

US election day rolled around, and I was filled with dread. Trump’s win felt like EU referendum morning all over again – magnified by a hundred. Although I never shared any of this rubbish with anybody, I feel partly responsible. It’s clear this terrible ideology has now gone mainstream…

I haven’t yet told my wife that this happened, and I honestly don’t know how to. I need to apologise for what I said and tell her that I certainly don’t believe it. It is going to be a tough conversation and I’m not looking forward to it. I didn’t think this could happen to me. But it did and it will haunt me for a long time to come.

Oh, and just in case you think he’s falsely taking credit for this masterpiece…it’s pretty clear that he isn’t.

Simply legendary.


UPDATE: The loons over at GamerGhazi ate it up as well.


UPDATE II: They were far from the only ones to buy it. Glenn Greenwald tweeted it out THREE TIMES yesterday.

Just take the hit, Glenn. You got owned, first by Godfrey, then by Sam Harris.

  1. i don’t know if this stands as a testament to elfwick’s trolling genius or the guardians blatant idiocy, and their ‘journalists’ complete inability to do the basics of their profession

  2. That’s brilliant. The media is so dull and desperate to get relevant stories on the alt right that they’d fall for anything. Great work from Godfrey Elfwick as usual.

  3. “Writer, feminist, dreamweaver.”

    How fucking stupid and culturally illiterate can these progtard talking heads be? With that tagline he’s flat out declaring himself to be a fraud, he’s screaming how fake he is right into their faces. It’s a reference to a comedy television program about a smug hack writer who produces incompetent garbage.

  4. Well played. I especially liked the End.

    Too bad you couldn’t get this on Huffpo or Salon. Their heads would have exploded.

    1. Godfrey is brilliant at trolling, he has convinced people has a time machine!

      I agree with the others, though. It probably ain’t Elfwick, but is most certainly is a hoax.

  5. Maajid Nawaz is right, whether he wrote it or not he wins a top trolling award. The fact we believe he could and that Anon wont come forward effectively paints it as a piece of cringe wank worthy or peak-Guardian ranking.

  6. I feel chronologically priveleged. Years ago as a young left wing man the world always seemed to be going my way, and it felt wonderful. Now I am older, wiser and increasingly right wing the world has obliged me yet again by reversing it’s direction and is sliding rightwards right along with me. It’s great 🙂

  7. I want this to be true. However, more definitive evidence needs to be provided. A picture of a print-out and a screenshot of a file really just aren’t enough.

    If Elfwick actually did write it and submit it to the Guardian, there will be a record of the correspondence. Why is he not supplying that? He has been asked. Should be easy enough to provide…

  8. And the leftwingers think they’re so smart, they will bite on anything if it can be used to smear people or push their agenda.

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