DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of speculation and satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the article itself. (go & eat your hearts out hypocrites)

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll Status. For those who stayed, read on;

There are very respectful, very kind, hard-working very rational transpeople, despite a life of potential rejection by the religious/moralistic part of society, they remain kind and friendly. Despite all the hardships involved, they remain respectful kind and honest. Think about it, those often tormented but respectful transpeople, are not asking for a red carpet, because the reality is, what they want is what anybody else wants; acknowledgement for their humanity then secondarily, their identity (in their case their re-assigned gender)

But there is a problem, a very small number of very, vocal very public transpeople are incredibly disrespectful, narcissistic, retribution-seeking hypocrites with a giant chip in their shoulder. That small minority of transpeople have habits, attitudes & behaviors that consistently smear their own community and make it much more difficult for the majority of the kind, respectful, transpeople to be given a chance by the society at large who, unfortunately, still is on the fence about transpeople.

Who are some of those poisonous transpeople? Let me give you a list of only 3 of the most narcissistic, pathological transpeople that actively defame their own community.image

Biologically born male under the name Thomas Riley Peeples


Thomas/Anna openly states “hating males” & claims to be lesbian. as well as spouses racism and genocide. He/She even has subreddits dedicated to such ideologies which has a very well documented hateful & traceable online track record. Thomas/Anna even went as far as applying for a job, and, when they found out about his/her hateful online track record they avoided hiring them such conflict-prone person but then Thomas/Anna tried to get several people in that company fired because they were “transphobic bullies”. Thomas/Anna even had the gall play the victim by Storify-ing them.
Thomas/Anna is so hated that they included him/her in the Reddit poll of the “10 most hated people on Reddit” featured on a“little” high circulation site called the “Daily Dot”. Which was even featured even by the the massively leftist audience at the Daily Dot.
See the pattern here? Their hateful reprehensible behavior is never their fault.VeAUAqS

This one is a classic simply because despite all the evidence, Thomas/Anna has not admitted to any wrongdoing, to be honest, Thomas/Anna is so hateful I decided to troll him/her which resulted in a little saga depicted in this article (the Storify was taken down at 2k views unfortunately/fortunately, and no, Thomas/Anna has not forgiven me).

Based on his/her track record, the reality is far from elegant: Thomas/Anna, is a troubled individual who grew up in a heavily religious Mormon household, was rejected by his family and now wants the internet to pay for his/her personal struggles. Thomas/Anna is a deeply troubled individual who is too narcissistic to realize his/her behavior damages the reputation of transpeople as a whole.


Biologically born male under the name John Walker Flynt 

Apparently adopted John grew up in a privileged rich household and almost perfectly qualified as “White Privileged Man” with the only difference that he was notcisgendered or “cis” and later in life transitioned. Brianna/John’s online track recordhas been plagued with theatrics, false claims and constant media dramas that resemble that of AnitaSarkeesian; baiting the trolls for hate then using that hate toobtain donations. Problem is, this track record hints at a shared pattern with these conflict-pronetranspeople: narcissism. The inconvenient truth is that very often, as adults, people like Brianna/John thrive in the toxic attention they never got as children.It would stand to reason that the Brianna/John’s rich parents gave everything financially wise but love and attention (it seems less likely Brianna/John was molested but again rich people tend to keep their skeletons in expensive closets) As a result we have an impulsive narcissistic partial adult that sees all criticism as “trans-hate” because they have never accepted accountability for their mistakes. Think about it, it must be really hard to make progress in life when everything is either paid for or just “trans-hate”. (See the pattern here? Their hateful reprehensible behavior is never their fault.)

But it must be especially hard for narcissists like Brianna/John accepting his/her own mistakes when their default mental attitude is to say “this is not may fault” and must be even more frustrating for Brianna/John to be confronted with the reality that respect cannot be paid for, only earned.

What is Brianna/John’s track record? What have they done for society at large?

Based on his/her track record, the reality is far from elegant: Brianna/John is an extremely mediocre, psychologically fragile rich kid with a life full of failure and refusal to be accountable for anything.


Biologically born male under the name Nicholas Edwin Nyberg 


Biologically born male under the name Nicholas Edwin Nyberg
Nicholas Edwin Nyberg AKA “Sarah” is currently under investigation for alleged charges of both bestiality and pedophilia.
This one is, ostensibly the worst of them all (trans or not) because most likely has committed and boasted about said crimes (pedophilia and bestiality) and most likely will face charges for those very serious crimes. What really sets Nicholas/Sarah apart is the fact that he/she constantly lambasted others for their “bad morals” despite being a closeted bestiality-pedo offender. (which is akin to a urine-soaked crystal meth addict with a collection std’s and open sores all over saying people who have hangnails are “nasty” ).

But it would be unfair to say Brianna/John and Thomas/Anna are entirely different from Nicholas/SrhButts quite the opposite, if we remove the pedophilia and the bestiality Brianna/John and Thomas/Anna share many similar behaviors, namely; the tendency for theatrics, their tendency to constantly display screen-shots of “attacks” on social media then set off their followers against those who dare criticize them, the tendency to doxx people, the tendency to never accept any accountability for their mistakes or morally reprehensible actions. See the pattern here? Their hateful reprehensible behavior is never their fault.

Suffice it to say that the behavior these people share is far more harmful for the transpeople community as a whole.

For those who were keeping track, you may have noticed the 3 people above share several behavioral patterns which can be boiled down to the following list of SJWs/Feminists/Radicalized transpeople redflags because these individuals often share the many of the following:

  • Has a history of molestation/ sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse led into Radical Feminism/Hard left/Marxism
  • Embraced feminism as a religion to cope with trauma
  • Has untreated PTSD+Erotomania+Delusions of persecution
  • Raised by single mother
  • Has daddy issues
  • Struggles with science math and STEM in general
  • Claims of oppression to compensate for inferiority complex
  • Holds a humanities degree but little or no formal scientific training
  • Has a tendency for public speaking more than actual work
  • Constantly censors language by using the word “offensive”
  • Expects nobody to get “offended” when making vicious comments when angry
  • Has an “US VS THEM” mentality
  • Has a history of conflictive relationships at work
  • Guilt-trips people with their past to gain sympathy/Intellectual immunity
  • Constantly displays screen-shots of “attacks” on social media
  • The screenshots are used by supporters to authentically attack critics
  • Claims is constantly at risk but has filed ZERO police reports

Of course, SJWs/Feminists/Radicalized Transpeople do not always exhibit all of the red flags above but their online behavior is often time similar, they seek retribution for a giant chip on their shoulder, it is also very important to be aware, they will guilt trip you with stories of their past then will surreptitiously request you give them intellectual immunity. You are not their therapist and you have no obligation to hear their often manufactured tales because they are trying to manipulate you and the reality is that they are not children anymore.

Think about it, if you have religious/rightist/traditionalist leanings BUT still on the fence about transpeople and you are eager to give them a chance then a hateful noisy conflict-prone transperson starts making noise on social media. What is gonna happen? That person is gonna push those on the fence towards rejecting ALL transpeople because they are gonna take for granted they all are as toxic as RobotAnna, Brianna Wu or Sarah Nyberg. That is what trans-narcissists do not stop to think about, the people that matter are not the few thousand “progressive” ones that already are on their side, not at all, the ones that matter are the millions that are on the fence.
So what do we do? Do not judge all transpeople for the actions of a few. But also learn to recognize the red flags the rotten apple SJWs like the ones above tend to display.

The internet is the place where all religions including feminism come to die, the internet is not anybody’s Prozac. Neither you nor I have any responsibility to carry these people’s psychological burdens, you and I are not their unpaid doctor Phil not their Twitter-prozac. They are not children anymore, if they want to to guilt-trip you with stories of their past abuse they can go an tell their therapist instead, just stop them in their tracks. I for one, do not care about their suffering because they are not children anymore and neither should you.

Granted, as a Troll, I voluntarily remove all of my empathy towards hypocrites like the ones above because they are not children anymore and neither am I, therefore, I welcome everyone to remove their sympathy towards me as well. Nobody is above the rules, nobody is off the menu.

Anna had been thoroughly doxxed by the time I added this infographic to the now defunct Storify.f8hCo1t