I have to weigh in on this #IStandWithTauriq hashtag real quick. Honestly, Tauriq Moosa isn’t really worth another article. His histrionics the last couple days about quitting Twitter is one of the biggest displays of bullshit that I’ve seen in awhile. He’s approaching Arthur Chu levels of offensiveness here. Moosa writes about video games, openly talks about how he knows almost nothing about them, and expects to not get mocked for that? It’s not like he’s writing positive things, either. He’s calling out The Witcher 3 for being racist, and shit like that. So of course he’s gonna get scrutinized when he says he doesn’t know what Fire Emblem is and talks about being ignorant of Steam. He writes for Polygon about gaming, but revels in revealing his ignorance. It makes no sense. Most would try to keep those facts under wraps.


Keep in mind, I’ve been trolled on Twitter for months. I’ve been doxed, had swatting threats, friends and family of mine were mocked…the whole nine yards. Never, at any time, did I think about quitting Twitter. I spoke up about it and moved on. This clown is getting sad stories written about him by the likes of The Mary Sue. How long until he raises money off this sob story?



Of course they use the white male crying photo just to gin up their psychotic crowd of rad fems. The funny thing is, I actually posted a comment there on the article, but it was flagged and deleted. They don’t seem to respect the type of open commenting system that I favor. Why even have comments if it’s just a place for everyone to agree? That sounds boring as hell. Well, that’s The Mary Sue in a nutshell. Actually, it describes most of the SJW media sites in general.

The whole story is a joke. Can you imagine any justification for someone writing this many words about some unknown video game writer (who happens to be games illiterate)? There is one, though. Propaganda. That’s all this is. They wanted to write another hitpiece on GamerGate, and they used this dumbass crybaby to do it. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    1. Ethicist? That clearly can’t be being used as the actual word right? I’m going to assume that means he hates ethics, that it’s something he thought he made up going along the lines of racist or sexist because fuck knows these people love those words enough to try to make more of them.

        1. “Critical thinking.”

          I write for a gaming website. But I don’t know what Steam is.

          “Critical thinking.”

        1. That is an actual word, oddly enough. Never heard of it before, had to look it up.
          Looking at GuitarAnthony’s post though, I’m going to put this in the “Those that can’t, teach” category and pray that he’s at least a good teacher… But knowing the sort probably not in any way beyond the example of what to avoid.

    2. ” Waaa, ehh, Waaa ” !!!, he does look like he needs an ass wipe, powder/diaper change & a soother!!, sort of speaking though folks, either that or the metaphorical ” Grow up ” ass kicking.

  1. Fire Emblem has pretty much ALWAYS had gay characters (aside from Awakening). And incest. It’s only a big deal now because god forbid a Japanese game not live up to the current day wealthy western social justice standards.

  2. What purpose does announcing you’re “leaving” Twitter serve but to draw attention to yourself throwing a tantrum because you couldn’t stand hearing meaningless insults from people you’ve never met and probably wouldn’t say to your face in real life? I could sort of comprehend it if he were then linking to a new site for his fans to go to, maybe mentioning he has a Patreon if they want to “support him through this difficult time” (or whatever); there’d at least be some sort of incentive to draw attention to himself. Right now it just seems pointless and makes him look petty. The only people it benefits are a handful of Anti-Gamer zealots who can point to his departure as further evidence of GG’s “harassment.”

    I’d understand this if he could somehow profit from it. Otherwise, it just makes me pity him his lack of self confidence and inability to exist on social media.

    1. If the last few times these tissue-soft toddlers threatened to quit Twitter is any indication, then it’s fair to say that he’ll be back within a week or two. They can’t stand not having an audience to pat them on the back as if everything they tweet is holy writ. This whole circle-jerk is why they develop this attitude of “I’m free to criticize anyone, but if you do the same to me, you’ll hurt my fee-fees and i’ll go running to my hugbox”

  3. Sadly, in this state of media, he might’ve gotten hired based on his name, which tbh is kind of a cool name to have.

  4. There is a game I like to play on prog websites called “how many comments until you’re banned?”

    My record is 1 comment.

        1. Might be. I find it laughable that they would even include ‘cull the herd’ in the official message. Think of the delusions they hold about themselves.

          1. It always seem that self-importance is inversely proportionate to talent and abilities.

            Which is why only bored, privileged kids become despots. The lower orders are too busy doing *actual work* to entertain wish-fulfilment fantasies.

            Even Lenin admitted as such. So much for “workers’ rights” >_>

  5. The most pathetic part is that he wasn’t leaving because of the things people were tweeting to him. He was searching for his name on twitter and then interrupting existing conversations where people mentioned him (but not as a twitter handle – just his name) and then accused them of harassing him! What a fucking drama queen. Fuck this guy.

  6. You know me and my friends believe this one was a troll account. Even for Polygon standards (basically gossip teenager magazines) he looks like so detached from reality and from the gamer community we really started to question if an elaborate joke from Polygon staff.
    I mean c’mon first the whole “witcher is racist” (or sexist i cant even remember) then “i dont know what a gaming PC is” (he turned casull into hardcore gamers with that tweet) then the fire emblem stuff…

    You cant blame us I guess lol.

    1. Idiots constantly confuse depiction with endorsement, yet demand to be taken seriously as critics and industry professionals.

      Boggles the mind.

  7. I wish this guy luck in his future projects,i don’t like him, i think he is a racist bigot, who should be shot into the sun for his idiocy and to cleanse the gene pool, but those are just my opinions and I don’t have the money to make that wish occur so it will never happen. Please Mr. Moosa, keep your racist opinions to yourself, no one want to hear them and if they do, remember what happened to you after the Witcher article. If you do decide to go through with your opinion piece please do your research on said subject so that you don’t come off as a huge idiot as your ignorance of said subject will be shown in your piece, again use the Witcher article for what not to do. I wish you a bon voyage from Twitterchan. You will not be missed by people who support the GamerGate consumer revolt.

  8. As usual, the Social Justice White Knights are coming out in force to push their fucking “he was harassed off Twitter!” bullshit. ZenOfDesign, one of the worst SJWKs, claimed that “we need voices like his not to be silenced”. Bitch, who the fuck was stopping him from writing articles or posting Twitter? He was being criticized for admitting that he didn’t know jack shit about video games, DESPITE IT BEING HIS GODDAMN JOB. If some idiot wrote articles about nuclear physics without even knowing what an atom is, you can guarantee that he’s going to get BTFO of Twitter – so why should this be any different? Why should he get a free pass simply for being a minority?

  9. Fuck that bitch, let him leave. The entire SJW movement is just a bunch of weak fucking people banding together to whine and cry collectively. Let them take their toys and leave like the childish pussies they are.

  10. I wrote it on twitter , I write it here. This guy makes a verender jubbal and will be back in one or two weeks.

  11. I give him two weeks and he’ll be back. He also writes for polygon which makes him 2x worse than other twitter attention whores.

        1. considering you have guitar in your name that pose better include a bitchin’ shred metal guitar.

      1. I know a female gamer who I met back in Guild Wars 2 and became mates with her.

        She despises feminists with a passion and has repeatedly questioned the relevance of feminism in our modern day societies.

        1. There’s a lot of us out there. The problem is that feminists accuse us of internalizing misogyny and all kinds of stupid shit. Basically, they consider us traitors to our gender and believe we’re being brainwashed by men to think the way we do. I really hate feminism.

          1. All while denying women their own agency and presuming to speak for them all.

          2. How could you defy the identity like that? Don’t you know that if you reject the identity politic you are rejecting everything that you are and ever will be?

  12. I got banned from commenting on The Mary Sue last year because I disagreed with them on an article. Yet all their members that sat harassing me for hours (I kept getting emails I could not respond to) were absolutely fine. Fuck The Mary Sue.

      1. Is there even ONE radfem that doesn’t dye their hair to resemble a My Little Pony character or wear glasses that used to belong to a librarian in the 1950’s? It’s like the red/yellow/black markings on coral snakes that let you know they are venomous.

        “Oh crap – here comes that chick with the cat-eye glasses and purple hair. I’d better cross to the other side of the street before she accuses me of stare-raping her”

      2. what is this lump of human waste
        In a just world this degenerate wouldn’t exist

    1. Same thing happened to me. They’re a hug box and a propaganda machine. They loooooove to claim they’re banning people for “breaking their rules” which are nothing but arbitrary drek that boils down to “you’re disagreeing with me, and I can’t be wrong, therefore you should be banned because you’re obviously an idiot or a troll.” I would love to know who it is that runs that shit hole and the people who actively participate there so we can move to have their ability to vote rescinded. -_-

      1. So true. I always make a point not to be insulting or mean when I engage with people, yet merely disagreeing with them is harassment in their eyes. I’d love to tell these women to grow some balls.

        1. They’re ideologues. They have confused their unfounded beliefs with reality and when anyone disagrees with them, questions them or asks for proof for what they’re saying, they lose their shit. I’m an Atheist and I run into the same shit with theist allllll the time. Theists are considerably more fun to argue with though.

    2. The Mary Sue isn’t good for anything but the occasional laugh. When Joss Whedon got ACTUAL harassment over Twitter (enough to convince him to leave), they downplayed it because the majority of the harassment came from radfems. These are the same people that think that trying to get respected scientists fired for wearing a shirt or making jokes about women is totally OK….but calling out a writer who admitted that he doesn’t know anything about the subject he writes about? THAT’S HARASSMENT to the ladies at The Mary Sue! It doesn’t help that whenever Brianna Wu spews crazy batshit lies, they lap it up without question, because asking people to back up their accusations with evidence is being a rape apologist, you shitlord.

      Pretty much anything they write can be boiled down to “IT’S OK WHEN WE DO IT” and “IF YOU’RE MALE AND WHITE, THEN YOU’RE AUTOMATICALLY WRONG”

    3. I got banned from The Mary Sue on the same day that I discovered their site. Apparently injecting some logic in their mentally ill echo chamber is a bad thing.

      1. Doesn’t take much – I made a comment addressing factual errors about GG and immediately got my account banned.

  13. My comment also got deleted, all for basically pointing out that as a user of the GGAutoBlocker he can’t have been hounded off twitter by Gamergate because hes’ blocked 90 odd percent of us.

  14. LMAO SJWs and their “you need to empathize” nonsense. No, you need to suck my dick or grow the fuck up. Well, we can make that an and/or, as they’re not mutually exclusive. 😉 Seriously though, I am SO sick of these feelz fucktards and their “omg I’m soooo sensistive” (no, you’re mentally ill, recognize it and be honest) and their “you need to change things to be sensitive to my sensitivities”… um, no, you need to be a fucking adult and not engage in activities that are going to make your crazy worse. *mic drop*

  15. curse you ralph, I cannot play my copy of wild hunt cause of the heat where I live. seriously though if I started TW3 my comp would overheat in in 10 minutes, so have fun with the witcher, any places that you would recommend in the witcher 3, and keep on with the good work.

  16. i registered here because i want to say this here. this asshole is everything that is wrong with games journalism.

    here he is, after being called out on calling a game racist condesendingly telling us that we are all racists deep down:


    here he is saying he dosen even know what fire emblem is, even i know what it is and i have not owned a nintendo console since the 90’s


    he also dosent know jack shit about pc gaming


    but does that stop this asshole from claiming pc gaming is racist? nope.


    look at him here trying to bully and harrass someone, the same thing he claimed people did to him


    here he is bullying someone for calling him out on his garbage:


    look at him here crying like a LITTLE BITCH because he was called out on his stupid attacks on pc gaming:


    he is such a fucking narcissist that he googles himself, sees he is being laughed at and whines:


    sargon of course puts him in his place. then he deletes his twitter and the lying begins:


    when this tweet was made tere was NO racism, no porn, no sexist attacks. this ugly bitch lying through his yellow stained teeth to build up sympathy.

    here is another loser claiming that calling games racist for attention makes the industry grow:


    how is calling a game racist for attention brave?


    look at this cunt claiming some non exsisant KFC joke at a middle eastern person. get your racism right you idiot:


    also, kfc jokes when your people call us ISIS? disgusting.

    he dosent know jack shit about games but truly loves it?


    look at this asshole, living up to the dumbass part of his name calling someone a “bigot” for pointing out the truth about tauriiq


    look at this asshole saying turkey is some kind of expert when he does not know jack shit about what he writes:


    that tweet is so retarded that the obese sperg movieblob retweeted it


    this buck angel looking asshole lying for taureeq.


    some cunt threatning then blocking people


    know the funniest bit about all of this? it is the same people who did this:


    taureeiq, if you really do love games, then don’t bring back twitter, quit your job at polygon and go elsehwere. being a condesending cunt who accuses everythign of racism is annoying, stupid and EVERYTHING wrong with games journalism. it is already in the toilet and you there does nothing but make it stink there. id tell you to go hide under a rock but you come off like you actually do live under one with those idiotic tweets.

    oh and fuck you.

  17. The Mary Sue and Polygon writers (some of them) seems for the most part to be social hipsters or radical fems who just loves to piss on everything. What a pathetic life to live :/

  18. I actually had a comment of mine removed from the MarySue’s post on the Calgary Expo fiasco.

    “SJW #1: Quick guys! This group has “infiltrated” our expo and is speaking out their opinions! What do we do, what do we do, WHAT DO WE DO?!?!!!

    SJW #2: We’ll just ban them from the expo.

    SJW #1: Brilliant, that’s it!”

    Turns out they removed it the day I commented it. Also Devin Faraci (not surprisingly) was being praised for his comments on the whole event as well. Guess alternate opinions are like the patriarchy to these people.

  19. People weren’t harassing they were criticizing. If you want to see harassment, look at how SJWs treated Joss Whedon, that’s when harassment drives someone to leave Twitter, even though Joss feeds a line of BS saying it’s not the reason why, just like Brendan Eich deciding to resign on his own and not being forced to resign.

  20. Marxists and Race Hustlers allying to defeat those damn liberals, capitalists, and rootless cosmopolitans? What are the odds?#molotovribbentrop 😉

    On a side note, it’s rare someone on the internet can be ignorant enough to make a laptop thrall like me feel like the pc übermensch 😀

    Only Marxists give a damn about ethnic dumbfuckery anyways, which isn’t all that surprising given their history as german imperialists(where’s your multicultural god now bitches?)

  21. If you leave Twitter because people wrote mean replies to your tweets, you probably deserve to be socially isolated

    Nature culls the weak

  22. How do you get a job as a games journalist and not be at least familiar with pretty much every game? I’m not talking intimately or anything just aware of the name and what it is about. I guess for mostly western releases from major companies.

    Ignoring that most of them don’t give a tinker’s shit about games, they just want to lecture.

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