I mostly took yesterday off after a long Saturday, but now it’s Monday and so it’s time to get back to the grind. There was one particular story that I was ready to write up before all the stuff with Robert Stacy McCain went off. It’s not exactly breaking news, or anything, hell it’s not even that juicy. But I do think it illustrates how goofy some of our opponents are, especially one Laurie Penny.

You all remember Laurie, right? The last time we checked in with her was a little over a week ago, after she had just published an anti-man screed in honor of Valentine’s Day. Now, she taken the craziness one step further by suggesting that world should get a vote in America’s presidential election. The column seemed to be a joke at the beginning, but when I got to the end I realized that she was serious.


The world is obsessed with the US elections because the outcome of those elections will have an impact on every person on Earth. So, let the world have its say. Why not? Even limited voting rights for everyone affected by US foreign, environmental and trade policy might restore a measure of sanity, or at least oblige the US to acknowledge the existence of several billion non-American human beings who would really prefer not to be blown up or under water.

The world is burning. America is watching a creaky junior string quartet try to play Wagner. Let’s give the species a chance to change the channel.

So, because America is such an outsized power we should have to let foreign citizens have a say in our electoral process? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read…and I’ve read a lot of stupid shit during my time here. I know she was probably just trying to write something sensationalistic, but it’s unworkable for about 100 different reasons. How do you decide which countries get to vote? What people in those countries get to vote? The whole thing is just asinine.

Still, I think it reveals the nature of the people we’re up against. They hate the United States, they hate men, and they hate logic. I can only sit back and wonder what kind of batshit idea Ms. Penny will try to float next. Perhaps she should focus on her own countries affairs, like the Brexit campaign, and keep her nose out of American electoral politics? Then again, please don’t. I need something to laugh at here and there.


PS: This video will explain the cover photo to those who do know the reference.