After a long week or so of battling with Google, they did the right thing and reinstated my AdSense. The whole thing was a misunderstanding caused by some algorithm or automated response from their system, as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, I don’t get any sort of refund or make-good on the days of revenue that I lost, but I’m going to resist being bitter and just focus on working as hard as I can to make up for lost time.

Also, I’ve been trying out some new ads on mobile. I just now tested them myself and the video player on every load is kind of annoying, so I’m going to adjust that or get rid of it altogether. The AdSense mobile stuff seems to be a little less intrusive, but we’ll see how things go. Expect to see some experimenting.

I have a sponsored post coming up as well, which I’ll run later today. Yea, they suck, but whatever.

Thanks for your support in all this. Several people send me donations on PayPal, which went a long way towards making up the lost revenue. I really appreciate the help, as it’s mitigated the damage done by the unfair suspension. I’d also like to thank Roy over at AdSense support. He worked with me to get things back up and without him I doubt it would have happened. I wish Google made it a little easier to contact those guys, but once I got through Roy worked diligently to get things turned back on.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.