Google is Hilariously Accusing Me of Stealing My Own Content

Google is Hilariously Accusing Me of Stealing My Own Content

Yesterday, I told you about how Google suspended my AdSense account. For the life of me, I could not figure out why. Well, I finally did, thanks to an email from their support. And while they have still not fixed their grievous error, at least I know why they fucked me over. They’re accusing me of stealing my own content. Yes, it’s that insane.

Let me explain. sometimes reposts work from this site, which I’m grateful for. They always link me in the byline, which increase my SEO and site visibility. I’ve had no problem with this arrangement and I’ve very appreciative, in fact. The problem is, the people who work at Google are now saying that I stole my own content. This is absurd in the extreme. And the AdSense review process is so messed up that I can’t really get them to look at the facts…yet. That’s actually one reason I’m writing this post, on the off chance they will read it.

Here’s the email exchange I had with an AdSense customer service rep…

I still haven’t heard back since my last reply, which is as follows…

The rep actually told me to delete my own content, which would amount to a large percentage of all my posts over the last 6 months…

And as I said, if you click on one of these stories, you can see where I (the original creator of the content) and this site is cited. How the hell can Google not know how to work their own search engine? Anyone with a brain can clearly see that the stories originated here and not there. Are they just not looking? Is it a bot? I have no idea, but this is ridiculous.

(The link above was reproduced from my original link, Google. Get your shit together.)

I’m hopeful that I can get this resolved soon, but with the ineptness of the Google AdSense bureaucracy, I’m not at all certain that’s going to be the case. I will keep you updated on the effort.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Egalitarian Alliance

    A multi-billion dollar company with the best PhDs + software engineers money can buy, fam.

    How do you expect them to do things properly with such a paltry set up? tsk tsk

    • Yea, I know. Silly me lol.

      • AnonMuser

        1. Google’s scraping-detection mechanism is automated.
        2. You ran into a (probably outsourced) customer support rep with zero input into the matter. His job is only to state the obvious in human terms.
        3. You were doing it wrong vis-a-vis PrisonPlanet anyway (actually, PP were doing it wrong). The correct way to repost commercial, copyrighted content is this:

        The idiots at PP are operating their site like Tumblr. The proper way is not to “reblog,” but to excerpt and post the real link for full content. I seriously doubt PP gave you any more views for your own site.

        Aside: If you publish paid content in a third party publication, NYT, for example, it becomes theirs for a period, unless you’ve got a syndication/non-exclusivity deal. You can’t repost the same on your own blog, for example. The legal implications vary, but it is unethical to do it, even if it is your own content.

        The correct way would now be for PP to remove TRR full posts and replace them with excerpts. However, I don’t think it’s going to affect Google now. Better hope that this stupidity actually floats up to a real, human salesman at Google.

        All the best!

        • David Addams

          “Aside: If you publish paid content in a third party publication, NYT,
          for example, it becomes theirs for a period, unless you’ve got a
          syndication/non-exclusivity deal”

          That’s really not applicable to the situation here.

          Here, the content was originally posted ON THIS SITE. That CLEARLY means the content belongs TO THIS SITE”S OWNER.

          It was then reposted by a different site, with the permission of this site’s owner. That does not change who owns the content AS THERE WAS NO CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT TO TRANSFER COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP.


          The fact that he basically had an informal arrangement allowing another site to repost his content does nothing to change the actually ownership.

          The problem is the Google apparently can’t figure that out, AND they are withholding money from the person that owns the content,

  • Mr0303

    What an epic fail on Google’s part. Their automatic algorithm can’t even detect simple associations like this. If it is this bad, better not to have it at all.

  • fnd

    Am i the only one who thinks this is a conspiracy by Google sjw’s? Ralph is big league anti-sjw and they are itching for any excuse. Incompetent maybe, but it was originated in bad faith (i bet).

  • Danlantic

    Icky Wojcicki would fix it but it’s 5pm she has to helicopter home and take the children back from the care of the Mexican nanny while the Mexican cook makes the dinner and Icky serves it.

  • Some Rabbit

    There is no Adsense bureaucracy. I think it’s being run by an AI bot being fed data by an army of hired snoops who roam the web looking for violations of Adsense TOS. I suspect they get paid by the violation and their decisions are final.

  • Danlantic

    Reminds me of Heinlein’s Law: “You have mistaken for malice what can be explained by stupidity.”

    Which when combined with Clarke’s Law of Magic–“A sufficiently developed level of science is indistinguishable from magic” — to make the Clarke-Heinlein Law:

    A sufficiently developed level of stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.

  • Whaler31

    Another excellent reason that Google, YouTube and Facebook should NOT be in the business of censorship. They have gotten too big to tame. They are now just horrifically massive monopolies.

    I argue they have become “utilities”, simply by their sheer size and near-total control of information, and should be regulated as such.

  • D-Bone

    Wow, this is ridiculous.

  • The Mother of Dragons

    It’s all the curry niggas that Google insist on hiring from India. Those fools are incompetent and sloppy at coding or developing.

  • teapartydoc

    Chances are they’re fucking you over on purpose. ID take them to small claims court over any lost income. If you can find others in the same boat you have a class action suit.