I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out how to replace Google AdSense as my adserver of choice. The reason for this is because it was suspended earlier today over a Sarah Nyberg post. The article that was reported is from May of 2015. The sad thing about it is that it likely came from my enemies on our own side. The reason I say that, is because I got a tip on Twitter last night that people were mobilizing in order to get me shut down.

Here’s that message:


It’s sad to see that folks who are supposedly dedicated to free speech have gone this route, but that’s the situation. I’ve filed an appeal and expect to hear back from Google within the next day or so. The account wasn’t completely banned, so there’s a chance the ads could get turned back on. This happened to me once before back in the fall of 2014. As of now, I’m preparing for the worst.

To be honest, the whole advertiser attack method is anti-speech, and I wish I had never participated in such a scheme. But, the fact remains that I did. So I’ll consider this punishment, should it stand, a just reward for my past advocacy. I’m not quitting, by any means. There are several options I’m going to explore, including starting an entirely new site. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that. At this point, all options are on the table, though.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support. I won’t lie, days like today make this whole endeavor very frustrating. I do have methods for you to donate to the site, should you so choose. There’s Patreon, and you can also chip in directly on PayPal ([email protected]). Due to the nature of what I do here, I don’t ever expect to be able to support myself via these methods, but help of that nature is always very much appreciated.

Again, I thank the entire community of readers for sticking it out with me. The last couple days were the biggest the site has had since before I went to the UK, so that makes it all the more depressing. Still, I stand firmly commited to my work.

Here’s the screenshot from the Google email. I’ll be back sometime relatively soon with a regular report.



UPDATE: The person who was spreading the pastebin that enemies within GamerGate were passing around to get my ads suspended was @TheIvyClover1. This is a sad night for me, since he was one of my closest allies within the movement. As it turns out, he put this out to people on the “GamerGatePlus” side of things as a way to get my revenue taken away. I’m sure this snake has more info on me, as I talked to him about everything in my life, including plenty of private material, but I no longer give a shit. Here’s the screens that prove what I’m saying. I’m kind of at a loss here, so I won’t expound on it too much at the moment. I might have more to say later, though.

The reason I was able to figure this out was because of the name on the pastebin. Not that many people have a personal pastebin account, and so the name on this one stuck in my mind. The reason for this is Ivy used to send me info dumps under the same handle. I went back through my direct messages, and sure enough, he was the culprit. By the way, this is the same clown who was butthurt over MisterMetokur taking Jayde Fox away from him, which is just as bizarre as it sounds. He somehow thought he had a shot with her, and hated Jim forever for that reason. I might talk about this some more later tonight. For now, here’s the screens.

First, here’s the paste that was circulating to try to get my ads pulled:


The stupid fucker tried to delete it, but to no avail:2016-01-21_20-37-44

Here’s a screen from last summer showing another paste that Ivy had sent me…


Along with a screenshot from it…


As you can see, the name stands out, and that’s what triggered my memory in the first place. I’ll be back later tonight with more on this whole thing.

    1. There was more:

      Violation explanation

      Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or mature content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages that contain:

      erotic stories or descriptions of sexual acts
      sexual jokes
      erotic or sexual forums
      sexual or profane terms in the URL
      crude language or excessive amounts of profanity
      For more information about keeping your content family-safe, please review our program guidelines and these tips from the policy team.

      Additionally, you can watch our short animated video & policy refreshers on this topic.

      Google considers pedophilia to be any content (images, texts, videos, etc.) or behavior that depicts, encourages, or promotes sexual attraction by adults toward minors (i.e., under 18). This includes, but is not limited to:

      collections of child or baby photos that may contain sexual undertones (model sites)
      underaged themed sexual jokes (ie jailbait or pedobear content)
      “fantasy” or “role play” scenarios that depict pedophilia
      Google AdSense absolutely prohibits monetization of content related to child sexual abuse imagery or pedophilia. Google has always been at the forefront in the fight against online child abuse, and an avid supporter of family safety online.

      Please visit the Help Center for more information about prohibited content and our program policies.

      Additionally, you can watch our short animated video & policy refreshers on this topic.

      Why was this action taken against my account:

      Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or any kinds of non family-safe content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages with images or videos containing:

      Strategically covered nudity
      Sheer or see-through clothing
      Lewd or provocative poses
      Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
      Content of this nature is considered to be in violation of policy, even when placed inside articles which are innocuous. Please note that to fix this violation, you need not censor the content itself, but you should stop placing ad code on the page.

      1. Interesting – the topic of that Nyberg article is of course uncomfortable and unsuitable for children, but doesn’t seem to me to contain anything matching those lists. Surely they wouldn’t hang their hats on the “… but not limited to …”. And don’t call me Shirley.

      2. I think this is where they got you: “fantasy” or “role play” scenarios that depict pedophilia

        If you posted Sarah Nyberg’s fantasies even as reporting them that might be enough.

      1. Lol

        >>>>gawker equivalent

        Mad because you can’t deal with reality… Vivian and Liana are two social justice lovers who leech off the movement for an easy supply of thirsty nerds.

        1. Ralph is running guest editorials to fuel his personal grudges. To cause drama. Who gives *A FUCK* what Vivian said? Who gives one fuck about Liana’s twitter? Who thinks Viv’s twitter feed is worthy of writing an article about?

          Ralph is the equivalent of Gawker – he will start drama, he will start fires, just to get clicks. What he didn’t expect it that the people who attacked Gawker’s ads will see this and go after him for being the same gossip vomit rag.

          And as a disclaimer – I never participated in an attack against Ralph. But I’m not surprised that people did it. That’s what he gets for being Totilo tier.

          1. Ah. Good move. I’ll be sure to follow that one. Shame your original account is still down. Got an idea how much longer?

  1. Wow, what a cowardly cunt. But these GamerGatePlus degenerates are just as ideologically warped as the Atheism+ faggots that worked so hard to ruin the online Atheist community with their divisive retardation.

  2. Don’t you hate it when your friends turn on you and try to take you down? I had it happen to a friend of mine who left me and a book I was working on cause of some personal issues,, which made me restart everything again. My utmost apologies about the crap you are going through!

    PS: Thank you for the re-follow on Twitter ^w^

    1. Happened to me too, old roommate of mine. I went to work, came back and he was gone, even took some of my stuff. Couldn’t find anyone that knew where he was, and he owed me for rent and some money I had let him borrow.

      1. I had it when my best friend started going out with my girlfriend at the time in about 2006-7. I had a laugh though cause they split up and then she became pregnant a few months later and the last I heard was she got done for pirating Disney movies, so LOL!

  3. It builds strength. Don’t worry, these attacks are directed on a fairly pathetic level. On some level they must know that.

  4. Sorry but does that guy have NO LIFE whatsoever to compile that Ralph hit list. No wonder he couldn’t get the hot Asian chick..he was to busy being a faggot keyboard warrior on twitter. Maybe CoV or Lianna K can give a cos-play pity tittie show for his GG+ work.

  5. It amazes me how much people hate you even supposed “allies”, not to knock you but I don’t understand what it is about you Ralph that inspires this level of hatred. There are others that are farther out there, offense-wise and yet they descend on you like birds of prey.

    1. Because he won’t play their particular bullshit game of “Lets be SJW surrender monkeys and pretend that there is nothing more to talk about when it comes to the culture and psychology of our opposition.”

      1. yeah, bitches hate when they see someone stronger than them. That’s what SJW is all about: Beta bitches trying to turn culture around on its head so they aren’t the pathetic twats they are.

        1. They are men of ressentiment, who attempt to make their wretchedness a virtue to hide their shame, and make the strengths of others an evil, to wound the pride of their betters.

  6. Fucking shiesty motherfucker, he’s talking to you in August and less than six months later he strikes like a rattlesnake and for what? Calls you an ally but rather than come to you as a man about disagreement, he stabs you in the back instead, the weak prick. It’s shit like this that feeds my misanthropy, you can’t trust no one theses days.

    Really sorry to hear this Ethan, it plain fucking sucks!

  7. Goes to show people don’t learn that infighting is retarded.
    I will *always* be honest in my criticism, even if that means insulting people, but I don’t see the point in burning bridges or escalating shit.

    I’ll always shake my head when Ralph engages in online beefs, same when anybody else does it (sometimes even if the subject is an aGGro) but taking it beyond criticism doesn’t sit well with me.
    Call me naive or altruistic, but I prefer people to get over themselves and remember what this is all about.
    Not making BFFs with everyone, just tolerating each other enough to be effective against the media.

    Disagree with Ralph’s content?
    Don’t support it.
    Strongly disagree?
    Criticise him, offer an alternative interpretation.

    Until the man engages in wholesale propaganda or actually *intentionally* causes damage to a person without contrition, he hasn’t sunk to the level that requires a letter campaign imo.

    This shady cabal crap has pissed people off EVERY TIME, no matter which “side” does it.

  8. Based on the update, I’m guessing that probably shook your trust in a few people. So you gotta wonder: who can you trust, if one of your closest allies just twisted the knife in your back, hard?

  9. I guess that explains why I got another message last night offering me another 100 bucks to post in #jesuisnora “Say bye to your website ralph. Bye bye adsense” wtf did you do to piss them off so bad?. Dudes gunning for you.

  10. Fuck this SJW bullshit! On the positive side, the sooner you learn someone you trust is a cunt, the better. I bet that’s the worst of it, that you’re mad with yourself for trusting a cunt.
    Don’t let it bother you, Ralph. We all make mistakes and let these fuckers in now and then. Cunts gonna cunt and sooner or later you find them out. Redmember “It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.”

  11. The Sjw-lites in GG are as anti frees-speech as the zealots we have been fighting all along. sad indeed, will give something to the patreon each month. hope you get it sorted out

    1. fucking patreon! my card got declined , fraud detection just rang up and wasn’t able to use my card because of it lol nvm donated monthly through paypal the other day

  12. GG+ is why I no longer care about GG. They’ve done their job well by polluting the hashtag with their drama, tone-policing and illiberal tweets. Even the aGG couldn’t have done this so well.
    Fuck Ivy. Fuck CuntOfVivian. Fuck Liana. Fuck anyone deluded (and sexually desperate) enough to support them.

  13. That’s how entryism works. You have an organization that is open and welcoming to all, then the cunts get in, start tone policing and eventually the inmates run the asylum. I was wary of this “we must be nice and fart butterflies and rainbows all day long, because SJWs are mean” shit from the beginning.

    Sometimes it feels great to always be right.

  14. Imo Ralph I don’t think you should of conceded with the anti advertising thing though. Gawker are a huge company, with the gaming press effecting everything in the industry from triple AAA to the indie scene. injecting insidious authoritarian identity politics into gaming. Whether i read their shitty gaming journo site or not it affected me, its comparing apples and oranges. you are just a solo muckraker, with your own small business model. if people don’t like it they can fuck off! it doesn’t have the same knock on effect, it just trying to silence someone with viewpoints they don’t like

    1. When a restaurant treats you like shit, you can tell everyone not to go there and cost them business while they still treat their customers poorly. Since online is not the same business model, hitting advertisers was clearly the way to do the same. I do not think it is “anti-speech” since they told customers who went the regular route (complaints) to fuck off. I do think it was a nuclear option, but others should be tried first before resorting to it. I can understand Ralph not liking that strategy turned on him, but I don’t think it makes it wrong for customers to use the power of the dollar to let businesses know they are unhappy with them. I hope Ralph comes up with a solution.

  15. What disgusting, pathetic losers. The tide has turned. We are winning the cultural battle. There is no possible gains to be had from hitting you now when our enemy is on the defensive and shrinking before us. This is all about petty, personal bullshit and no one likes hypocrites.

  16. Wow, what a bunch of sacks of shit. Look on the bright side, if they keep digging their little hole, they will hit a magma chamber one day, and watching them burn alive will be that much better. Stay the course. Steel your mind, and fuck these shit stains.

  17. KIA has recently been all butthurt over you too. Some people called for straight up bans on any linking to anything written here.

    I told them they were insane. My argument was simple. Free speech. I also argued that articles from other sites were still posted to kia as archives so as not to give the site hits. I said we don’t ever ban sources here we link archives and after that the conversation died basically.

    I don’t agree with everything written here but I read it anyways. How am I supposed to form an opinion on Any topic unless I have all sides of debate?

      1. If you say so. I’ve posted many comments here being critical of Ralph of an article some he’s responded to some.not bit I’ve never had one deleted. I can’t really say you are wring on this but its not been my experience.

      2. The only comment I’ve seen deleted was because of nudity and he apologised and explained why. I’ve also seen at least a couple of people insult Nora in the comments yet those stayed up. If he didn’t delete those, there’s no fucking way he would delete any nonsense coming from SJW lites…fuck outta here.

  18. What I don’t get is WHY
    You weren’t sublimating and trying to silence an art form
    You weren’t, say, outing people to be complicit in their extortion
    You weren’t posting celebrity nudes
    I mean, yeah, Wildgoose is a speculative dipshit that has no business playing at analyzing motives of others, but even that trash article wasn’t anything untoward, just comments on a series of tweets someone didn’t like.

    People can and will hate you, Ralph, but when it isn’t tempered by principle and introspection we see moves like this. With Disrespectful Nod, we weren’t bringing down advertisers on large publications to silence them, we did it to make sure that THEY HEARD US and FAILED to silence us. It was to cost big corps money so they would still be impacted by simultaneously lying about and no-platforming a fuckton of people.

    I wouldn’t call this censorship, but I would call it an ill-advised attempt to tell you “I mad” from people who can’t actually point to anything meaningful you’ve done wrong. Activism w/o a cause,.

  19. I’m sorry you got burned by someone that you consider a friend, but I think enough people respect what you do that Patreon is a reasonable way to support yourself.

  20. So they got your ads pulled because they think you’re a dumb meanie poo poo pants? And they used the butts article to get them pulled?

    How are these guys not SJWs again?

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