In case you missed it, a Breitbart reporter is claiming that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski roughed her up after Trump’s press conference on Tuesday night. There’s a few problems with this. One of them is the way the media is portraying it. Ben Shapiro’s co-host called Mr. Lewandowski a “batterer of women” over this allegation, even though if it were actually true, he still wouldn’t be a batterer, for God’s sake. The way the media, specifically the right wing part of it that’s still opposed to Trump, is handling this whole thing is certainly cause for alarm.

In my opinion, none of this has been proven. Politico has a transcript from some audio they claim to have obtained, which Trump haters are holding out as some sort of smoking gun. First off, even if they really did have that (they’ve since released it, but that means little), that still wouldn’t be enough. It would just be the word of two reporters against the word of Lewandowski and the Trump campaign. We know that reporters lie, frequently. The media has never been held in lower regard than it is now. But we’re still supposed to just take their word over this.

There’s a simple term for what the anti-Trump caucus wants you to do: Listen & Believe.

If you want us to buy these accusations, then I’m going to need to see some video evidence. So far the only video that has come out seems to directly contradict the account of Ms. Fields.

And Ms. Fields arguably has a shady history, if you start doing a little digging…

Could she be telling the truth here? Sure. Will I just accept her word, no questions asked? Hell no. I also won’t rush to label someone an abuser of women simply because I don’t like the candidate he works for. Those are SJW tactics, plain and simple. These people are so desperate to beat Trump at this point that they will literally say and do anything in order to accomplish that goal. It certainly is interesting to see all these Republicans get exposed for the phonies they are. All these years they preached against these sorts of tactics from progressives, but now they’re more than happy to use them for their own ends.

It’s shameful.