In case you missed it, a Breitbart reporter is claiming that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski roughed her up after Trump’s press conference on Tuesday night. There’s a few problems with this. One of them is the way the media is portraying it. Ben Shapiro’s co-host called Mr. Lewandowski a “batterer of women” over this allegation, even though if it were actually true, he still wouldn’t be a batterer, for God’s sake. The way the media, specifically the right wing part of it that’s still opposed to Trump, is handling this whole thing is certainly cause for alarm.

In my opinion, none of this has been proven. Politico has a transcript from some audio they claim to have obtained, which Trump haters are holding out as some sort of smoking gun. First off, even if they really did have that (they’ve since released it, but that means little), that still wouldn’t be enough. It would just be the word of two reporters against the word of Lewandowski and the Trump campaign. We know that reporters lie, frequently. The media has never been held in lower regard than it is now. But we’re still supposed to just take their word over this.

There’s a simple term for what the anti-Trump caucus wants you to do: Listen & Believe.

If you want us to buy these accusations, then I’m going to need to see some video evidence. So far the only video that has come out seems to directly contradict the account of Ms. Fields.

And Ms. Fields arguably has a shady history, if you start doing a little digging…

Could she be telling the truth here? Sure. Will I just accept her word, no questions asked? Hell no. I also won’t rush to label someone an abuser of women simply because I don’t like the candidate he works for. Those are SJW tactics, plain and simple. These people are so desperate to beat Trump at this point that they will literally say and do anything in order to accomplish that goal. It certainly is interesting to see all these Republicans get exposed for the phonies they are. All these years they preached against these sorts of tactics from progressives, but now they’re more than happy to use them for their own ends.

It’s shameful.

  1. I’m inclined to agree with Mike Cernovich, if this really happened then why didn’t she go to the police and file charges? Instead she posts pictures on Twitter, sounds like an attention grab for her book.

    1. I think the same reason that dbag that got choke slammed by the SS didn’t. There is more hay to be made by not being found out to have exaggerated.

  2. The lengths the establishment is starting to stoop to in order to attract Trump are blatantly absurd, I think they realize if he has another good showing on the 15th the thing is over so they’re pulling out every stop now.

  3. Is that how a valley girl is supposed to sound after some sort of horrible assault on her person? “Like, OH MY GOD, did you just see that?”

    I guess this Corey dude allegedly threw her down in front of a crowded room and NO ONE swung their cameras around to capture the commotion? From other scuffles that have happened during these sort of events, there is usually a lot of people screaming, yelling, and shouting when people are fighting, but I haven’t seen any of that from this. Is this Corey dude some sort of ninja that threw this lady to the ground and nobody, except one other dude, noticed?

    Also, Tweeting about an incident like this isn’t the same as going to the police. This whole thing is fishy, a cheap, desperate way of getting at Trump.

  4. The whole thing is weird as hell.

    First off, Breitbart has been /backing/ Trump, for the most part. It makes absolutely no sense for a Breitbart reporter to suddenly make some accusation against Trump’s CM.

    Second: no video? Seriously? There’s ONE other eyewitness — but eyewitness testimony is usually the most unreliable (seriously, this is why prosecutions build on more than just eyewitnesses).

    Third, unless Lewandowski is a goddamn moron, he has to know tossing reporters around is a stupid idea. I could buy some kind of misunderstanding, where she tripped, he grabbed her, but then they got swept apart in the press of people.

    Strange shit.

  5. Character assassination is certainly escalating, if only by proxy. I wonder when the real attempts at harming/killing Trump will begin. The Left is certainly as filled with extremists, if not more so, as the Right. The Left also has a diverse cast of freaks who believe the same kind of dogmatic, near religious insanity that you see circulating through the Right, so it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

    1. Ironically the quickest path to the sort of incoherent nightmare scenarios they expect from a Trump presidency would be assassinating him at the height of his popularity.

      1. I would be shocked. I mean, we’ve had presidents and candidates (George Wallace) shot before, but the fact that Obama made it eight years and he’s the first black president- not to mention with drones survivors probably hold him personally responsible in a way leaders haven’t been before- makes me doubtful of some nut shooting Trump. People like talking about him and despising him and so forth but I don’t think anyone would throw away their life to get him. If he gets shot it will come from someone very powerful invested in the establishment. And you’re right, it would be their own undoing.

        1. Yeah, but the odd thing about the guy who shot Wallace (a Republican), was that he claimed (and friends and family confirmed), that he wasn’t into politics at all. He simply did it to get famous like Oswald, Siran Siran and James Earl Ray. His initial plan was to shoot Richard Nixon but he figured that would be too hard. So a Wallace event was happening near where he could get to easily, so he targeted him. Had George McGovern (a Democrat), been near, he would have shot him.
          The scary thing about Trump being a target is that with his more widespread fame, he will not only attract an extremist leftist (or possibly to a lesser degree, an extremist conservative who feels Trump is killing the traditional Republican party), but any unbalanced fame whore who wants their blood-soaked 15 minutes of fame and lasting historical place that most assassins enjoy.
          In a way, Trump’s position now unfortunately makes him the most likely target from more than one faction, which mirrors his popular support from more than one faction.
          Hopefully the Secret Service is factoring all of this in.

    2. As a prime example, go check out Gawker. They have a brief video clip from another angle where they claim it’s “proof” that Fields was assaulted. The problem is, you can barely see anything in the video, even with it slowed down. Yet Gawker is analyzing it like it’s the fucking Kennedy assassination video, and proclaiming it as a smoking gun. Even if you take Gawker’s side and claim it shows him grabbing her arm, that’s not proof that the reporter assaulted Fields.

      It this point, Gawker needs to quit worrying about other people’s bullshit and worry about their own, because Hulkamania is going to be running wild over Denton’s wallet very soon.

  6. Should we be thanking Saint Anita for poisoning “Listen and Believe”?

    Honestly the whole war over video games, while personal, was entertaining, we may actually be talking about the future of our country (and possibly the world with the idiots who keep thinking that threatening Russia is a good idea). Discrediting that whole concept with large number of people may be her true great accomplishment.

  7. You know whats funny? Breitbart didn’t ask the secret service what happened, and theres a lot of people pointing this out. Secret Service is saying nothing happened, and they are a VERY professional group of people.

    1. has been sucking Trump’s dick for eight months, for all the good it’s done them. Today, they issued the mildest of milquetoast rebukes of Lewandowski’s thuggery, got branded as liars by Trump Central, and now all the Trump disciples who have been hanging around that site bathing in the non-stop ass-kissery have turned on the site’s editors like a school of starving piranhas.

      Somewhere, Andrew Breitbart is rolling in his grave. He spent his entire career calling out lying politicians and the media ball-polishers who enable them. There’s no way this shit would be happening if he was still alive and in charge.

      1. Nothing about it on the radio today at least as far as I heard and I was listening to the Trump haters at NPR who did talk a bit about Trump, considering how much the media hates Trump they’d leap all over this if there was even an ounce of anything to it they could possibly twist into a controversy.

        I think the media establishment realized if they pushed this bullshit they were just inviting a black eye and giving Trump more ammunition next time he starts talking about how shit the media is and how we should all be able to successfully sue the hell out of it when it lies.

        1. And is Jennifer Fields “inviting a black eye” by filing assault charges against Lewandowski?

          You guys still haven’t figured it out, have you? The mainstream media is handling Trump with kid gloves because they want him to be the Republican nominee. Of the four remaining Republican candidates, Trump consistently performs the worst against Hillary in most of the polls. And the mainstream media is as committed to putting Hillary in the White House as they were for Obama. Once he gets the nomination, those gloves come off.

          Trump has turned the electoral process into a circus. His supporters think he is the ringmaster, but you’re wrong. The media is the ringmaster and Trump is just the biggest, loudest clown.

          1. For that to be the case the media as a whole would have to realize how hated they are and then they’d all have to effectively plot together to pull off the reverse psychology ploy you say they’re doing. Your theory requires that the mainstream media is both self aware and competent, and both of those possibilities are extremely suspect.

            I think it’s far more likely it may finally be dawning on them they can’t hurt Trump’s image because even we his supporters tend to think he’s more than a little ridiculous. We’re voting AGAINST the media and the establishment more than we are FOR Donald Trump. If that is dawning on them then it makes sense they’d attack his campaign manager instead and thereby try to weaken his campaign’s logistics and strategy.

            As for her filing charges I suspect she’s just following the SJW playbook and doubling down on her bullshit. I’ve seen the same photos, audio recording and videos as everyone else at this point and she’s clearly full of shit.

          2. The media is well aware of how much SOME people hate them. For the most part, they don’t care. Seriously, when was the last time you saw the editors of a major newspaper stand up and say, “You’re right. We screwed up. From now on, we’re committing to reporting the truth.” There are more than enough uninformed people out there to counterbalance the loss of the informed ones.
            Re: Fields. I’ll wait until I hear what the police have to say. But Lewandowski’s reputation as a thug is well-documented.

          3. They’re past the tipping point, according to pew research the media is sitting at about 60% of the population considering the entire mess somewhere between shady incompetents or habitual liars. Alot of the things happening right now are happening specifically because the mainstream media is losing it’s grip on people.

  8. I guess you missed the part about Washington Post reporter Ben Tetris releasing an audio clip that supports Fields’ story. Terris was standing next to Fields, confirmed it happened, and identified Lewandowski as the assailant in the audio clip.
    Lewandowski has a history of harassing and threatening women on Trump’s behalf. He reportedly threatened Megyn Kelly in January after Fox News refused to replace her as moderator of a debate that Trump ultimately skipped, His decision to puss out was probably a deciding factor in his loss at the Iowa caucuses.
    Also, late breaking news: Fields has filed criminal charges against Lewnadowski.

    1. And in related news, around the same time the audio clip was made, Terris is talking calmly to Lewandowski: (around 18 seconds in).

      Admittedly given the audio tape he had just enough time. Follow trump, talk to Lewandowski, run back to Fields talk matter of factly and boringly about the assault he just witnessed.

      BTW whose microphone is the audio from? If its from Fields, not a whimper when she was assaulted. If from Terris, where is the conversation with Lewandowski (you see his lips moving and his head shaking affirmative).

  9. More “listen and believe”: The Daily Beast reports that Lewandowski contacted Washington political editor Matt Boyle and said that if he’d known Fields was a Breitbart reporter, he would have kept his hands to himself. (I guess Trump only encourages assaults on reporters who work for non-Trump-supporting media outlets.).

    Later, the Trump campaign claimed (and continues to claim) the incident never happened.

    So which story do we “listen and believe”? Lewandowski’s, who admitted he roughed up Fields, or the Trump propaganda office, which insists he didn’t?

    1. Actually there is a email chain between Boyle and Lewandowski that asks where the hell that claim comes from. Pretty much says “Uh Matt, we haven’t talked in weeks” and Boyle replies “Yeah, we are preparing a statement about that claim”

  10. Ok this is weird, what’s Breitbart up to? I paid them no mind before Milo got there, how “anti-establishment” were they during the Bush era?

    1. did not exist until 2010. It’s predecessor, began in 2007 and more or a general news portal/video blog.

  11. Both Liberals and Conservatives have the tendency to white knight so fucking hard for women on their respective sides. Any woman toeing their party line cannot be criticized, and for the conservatives that’s doubly so for a veteran (even if she was caught bullshitting/ stolen or exaggerated valor).

    This is the same shit on KIA as well especially with a recent story on a female streamer losing her stream in a divorce. White knights need to be shot.

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