I know today has been kinda slow around here. I apologize for that, but I’ve been giving Hearts of Iron IV a test drive which will result in a few columns, starting right after this one. But the more exciting news has to do with the Donald Trump rally tomorrow night in Richmond, VA. Guess who got a media credential for the event? That’s right, your intrepid editor will be live bringing you updates from the Richmond Coliseum, where it’s taking place.

I also noticed some guys doing their radio show there the last time I went to a Trump rally, so I figured why not do a live stream from the event around 6PM EST tomorrow, provided conditions permit it? I think they will, so I’m going to go ahead and set it up.




Join me for that if you have time. It looks like things might get hectic…


Hopefully I’m wrong, but you saw what went down in San Jose. I’ll be there to bring you live reaction whichever way it turns out.