GDC GRAVY TRAIN: Randi, Zoe, & Cuckster Alex Cash In With New "Harassment" Org

GDC GRAVY TRAIN: Randi, Zoe, & Cuckster Alex Cash In With New “Harassment” Org

For a long time, I’ve thought that the true endgame for Zoe Quinn and her bitchboy of a boyfriend Alex Lifschitz, was to cash in with the online harassment gravy train. There were a lot of articles and talking heads discussing this issue even before GamerGate. This simply showed the way to make money off it. Patreon, Crash Override Network (CON), GoFundMe…you name it, the SJWs are making money off it using their phony victim status. Well, Zoe needed a new organization to milk, because today they announced the formation of the Online Abuse Prevention Initiative. I don’t know what that will entail, but I’m sure those three frauds are about to make a lot of money off of it. 

Here’s the tweet from Big Randi herself:

I’m not sure how this is supposed to be different from the aforementioned CON, but I did have one thought about it:


Not a lot of color in the room, is there?

That the only angle I can think of. The tax-free part is likely big as well. But why Randi? I guess she weaseled her way into the money due to her contacts at Twitter. Either way, I would expect the fundraising to commence shortly. They’ll hit up a few corporate entities for cash as well, following in Anita/FullMcIntosh’s footsteps. They are going to have more money than they know what to do with if they play their cards right.

Don’t get discouraged, though. A fool and his money are easily separated. There’s nothing you can do about that. What we can do, however, is watch these motherfuckers like a hawk. They will slip up, like they always do. Or, they’ll turn on each other. It’s almost guaranteed. So much for your big announcement, Zoe. I already know you were a money-grubbing tart. No surprises there.

Let me know what you think down below. Many more stories coming between now and daylight.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • dingl_

    These people have no shame.. no shame no spine no dignity. They’re off to milk cash sympathy’s and ‘help’ only those they like-approve.
    what the fuck kind of help is that… these folks I’m telling you, scum of the earth

  • waka1111

    So they’ll keep ignoring any and all harassment as usual since the only harassment comes from their side and they think it’s okay when they do it? What a waste of time.

  • tz1

    freebsdgirl? Maybe so they could put some scriptography on their new site.

    “founded by CEO Randi Harper”. who apparently couldn’t find an honest job.

    Well, we will see how well she codes (as it is now serious if all the credit card info is breached or other records are exposed).

    Even worse, IIUC, they are suggesting they will write code to put on other’s websites.

    The quickest scam would be to “pay” Randi for maintaining and developing the libelware currently on github.

  • Nick_Soapdish

    It’s funny, the media who supported her will slowly die (it’s never a good idea to paint an industry as horrible then try and get advertisers for said horrible industry) and she’ll cash in. They’ll be left paupers begging her for money

    Everyone in GamerGate could see these people playing up for profit from the start. The only ones who can’t are ghazi, the media and other idiots. They get nasty words way less then any celebrity (don’t believe me? check a footballer’s twitter after a bad game or think about how many words are said about Kardashian) but play it up and fools fall for it hook, line and sinker.

  • DutchSanta

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was money laundering since I know Harper owes the IRS at least $40k in back taxes

    • A Real Libertarian

      So she’s going to pay off her back taxes with money embezzled from a fraudulent charity?

      I can’t wait to see what the IRS does.

  • Aj Retro

    Spread Stephanie’s article about Randi’s harassment mobs far and wide. Don’t let them live it down.

    EDIT: Steph’s Twitter link didn’t work:

    • REAPER

      Your comment needs more upvotes.

      • Silence Dogood

        Upvotes win wars? 😀

        • REAPER

          LOL, I never thought of it like that tbh.


    • Aj…. YOU…. ARE MY NUMBER ONE…. GUY.,,

      • Dick Gozinia

        Great, now I wanna watch 89′ Batman.



    “CEO Randi Harper”? LMAO muh sides! The CON partnering with a criminal that openly trolls, harasses, blacklists, and doxxes thousands of innocent people for a living without fear of consequence? Sorry to tell you this CON, but the money you guys are making that this BIG BLUE LAND WHALE is going spend it on is on Five Guys Burgers and Fries and meth. You dun fucked up right there LMAO! Although CON was always soiled from the start, so why not soil it even more I guess.

    • A Real Libertarian

      The “Online Abuse Prevention Initiative” is her.

      She made it solely for this.

      • REAPER

        Fixed* 🙂

        I meant to type CON, but typed OAPI instead.

        • A Real Libertarian

          CON is Zoe Quinn.

          • REAPER

            I know. They were always a sham to be begin with. Now they’re an ever bigger sham for partnering with Randi Harper.

    • Freeman

      I’m betting this is going to be like the Lifelock scam where they just did shit you could have easily done yourself. Why not pay a meth head and a professional victim/dick storage to block people on Twitter for you? What could go wrong besides everything?

      • A Real Libertarian

        Why not pay a meth head and a professional victim/dick storage to block people on Twitter for you?

        Meth-headed bully & professional victim/backstabbing sociopath.

  • Sherlock Homes

    Sheri Rubin’s linkedin is a total joke. Devry University is a diploma mill like University of the Phoenix. She is Summe Cum Laude from a diploma mill. They let a diploma mill woman on the IGDA board. Her so called company Design Direct Deliver isn’t even a real company. They invent these fake companies and call themselves CEO to cover resume gaps. She has no customers for her company.

  • the red army

    trying to get a clutch of what i could not…

  • Charmieos

    I suspect becoming a charity will be hard when the “CEO” is a convict, controls have gotten tighter around charities, if I am not satisfied with their behavior I will report them to cybercrimes

  • Silence Dogood

    These people are going to crash and burn. They’re running a con, but they seem to forget the internet remembers…

  • Archfriend

    I like to think there is a difference between making money and taking money. These C.O.N.s are takers, or looters, no doubt about that.

    • Silence Dogood

      Well Randi is a professional at chasing people out of an arena. To her it is NEVER about helping anyone, only about making money. Not only can’t men discuss women, they can’t discuss minorities either. Only women can discuss it, and of course, by women, she means herself. This is the same cunt who “reviewed” a book she hadn’t FUCKING READ. And for that, may karma see her violated with a broken bottle. No, I will not apologize for that. If I had to choose between saving her and a Neo-Nazi from a burning building, I would take the Neo-Nazi 100% of the time, simply because the odds are better in my favor that the Neo-Nazi has SOME kind or redeeming quality.

      • dresden

        At least the Neo-Nazi is honest…

  • robojones

    oh wow. i dont see this ending well for either project. they seem a bit too proactive.

    from the CO services

    “Furthermore, we will push for more effective policies on the internet at large to better combat online hate, and to minimize the ability for abusers to target and hurt people.”—

    i really hope they dont end up poking sleeping bears.

    i can see it now …OAPI vs the entire furry community.


    Welp, I just found out that sack of shit Bobby Oliveira got his twitter account unsuspended. While RogueStar account remains suspended still… again. Proving once again that the SJ twats get special treatment… as always. -_-

    • A Real Libertarian

      I’m waiting for them to hire Bobby Oliveira as “Domestic Violence Counselor”.


    Oh my God – this is like letting Leigh Alexander run Alcoholics Anonymous.

    There are tons of examples of Harper harassing people online, the most egregious was her treatment of the head of IGDA’s Puerto Rican division, and her treatment of Claire Shulman. These are people that were on HER OWN SIDE, and she treated them both like shit because they had the gall to call her out on her fuck ups. Who wants to work with or employ someone who treats her own allies like that?

    As for Quinn, she was a member of HellDump, which was basically all about doxxing! Not to mention the emotional and psychological abuse of her ex boyfriend during their relationship, and her further abuse of him by filing false allegations against him and using her connections in the industry to smear and harass him.

    Those two are the last fucking people to run ANYTHING having to do with stopping doxxing and harassment.

  • Sevuz

    The amount of greed from these pricks unfathomable. Randi is pissing on people online 24/7 and she thinks she has the right to tell others how to behave o_O

  • masterninja

    I love the irony of how actual harassers and abusers thanks to the SJW ideology can start up something against online abuse..Just to cash in on the gullible fools surrounding them!

    Let us never forget the Wizards!

  • Peter Penis

    Wow … it’s a 3 in one.
    3 frauds building a company to do 3 things:
    – Harass
    – Censor
    – Getting Rich

    Someone should finally report them (and Anita) to the feds.
    They are doing large scale tax fraud after all.

    • Denny Crane

      What makes you think the feds haven’t been watching them for a while?

      An ex-felon for a drug offense rings bells in databases.

      • A Real Libertarian

        Still should report them.

        Makes it easier for the Feds to investigate, might have been some evidence they missed, it’s not impossible that they missed this, etc. etc.

      • Peter Penis

        But what about Anita?
        Has her business ever been checked?

  • Freeman

    No one will hire you? Make up a job!

  • Typical

    Just look at that crowd, they hit all the markers: fat, ugly, hair like a macaw, piercings, and bitch men.

  • Dr. Michael Poole

    who is the last person mentioned, Sheri Rubin?

  • Gregg Braddoch

    I hope this ends in a catfight between Harper and Quinn.

    That said – I also hope they are planning on laundering money, so we can report them to the IRS.

  • Mr Snow

    Online Abuse Prevention Initiative


    Pronounced “Oh-pee”

    As in Opie

    As in:


  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,all 3 of them sittin’ in a room seeing whose ass widens faster,,,but seriously, th’ rancid beef-cloud that is their combined farts from a marathon online censoring session has to violate several OSHA workplace safety regs alone, nevermind th money laundering,,,and no one will clean up that toxic site,,,their are jobs that even an undocumented migrant won’t do,,,

  • Erthwjim

    Didn’t Brianna try something similar? Whatever happened to her organization for handling harassment on the net?

  • Ross

    Hey guys, Friday night is bourbon night. That disclaimed, I made a Twitlonger post. It realtes to this article. Please read it and give me feedback I do not really care if you like it or hate it but read it to the end and give it to me both barrels and honestly.

  • Denny Crane

    March, 2016:

    “We’re being HARASSED by the IRS! Donate to… well, wait, my Patreon has been frozen. Chelsea?…. Um, I mean wire donations directly to our friend Nick’s account 31337-666, Transit 09615, Royal Bank of Canada, Brades, Montserrat! This government harassment and misogyny needs to end! Also call Hillary Clinton’s campaign and let her know about our victimhood! This is like another Gamerghazi incident!”

  • Denny Crane

    This guide may come in handy to these secular televangelists. (Cybervangelists?)

    “Many people wonder what exactly makes Televangelism successful over other religious programs. The answer is simple; they use specific persuasive tactics to attract their audience and keep their interest by appealing to their wants and needs. But some may ask, what happens when there are scandals involving televangelists? Does this affect their audience base? How must they (televangelists) handle the repercussions of their actions? The televangelists must handle their situations very carefully in order to please their audience and to not push them away to the point where they lose viewers. Two televangelists that have been in a scandal or two, throughout their careers are Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker. Both of these men handled their situation in similar ways but there were still some differences. The commonality between all televangelists, including Swaggart and Bakker, is their goal to spread the word of God to all people. For the purpose of this essay, only the element of persuasive tactics Swaggart and Bakker use to influence their audience will be analyzed. Overall, it is apparent that in order to come back from a “scandal”, televangelists must be very effective at using persuasive tactics to retain their viewer’s trust and to continue being successful.”