I’d rather be gaming right now, but I figured I would come here and post something. Responsibility and all that good shit, you understand. Before I get to the meat of this post, go check out the LIVE show from last night if you missed it. Janet Bloomfield was great, and I hope to have her back on again soon. OK, let’s talk business. What’s first up this morning, you ask? Well, I don’t really know, since I didn’t decide before writing this intro. So, let’s pick something out of a hat. Zoe, Anita, Wu, Hamburger Harper Let’s start off with The Hulkster, if you guys don’t mind. There’s was a new bit of news that came from the upcoming Gawker trail. It’s being celebrated as a victory by Hogan and his lawyers. Let’s all hope this gives them the ammo they need to finally sink these dirty Gawker degenerates once and for all.

Here’s the relevant bits from the New York Post:

A Florida judge on Thursday allowed Hulk Hogan access to Gawker’s computer system — giving the former WWE wrestler his most important victory in years.
Hogan believes there’s evidence on Gawker hard drives that will prove the embattled gossip website leaked a tape of a racist rant by the former WWE star to the National Enquirer.

“It was a beautiful day.”

That’s what Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea had to say leaving Pinellas County court Thursday after Judge Pamela Campbell agreed to seal 15 documents provided by Gawker Media for their upcoming trial, set for March 7, 2016…

“The second motion was a motion brought by Gawker consenting to unseal or remove the confidentiality aspect of certain discovery in this case and the court agreed with us on all but one item that it was important to preserve the privacy of a litigant than release the information publicly,” [Hogan attorney] Houston said. “Again, the judge agreed with the position taken by Bollea and his attorneys.”…

Houston said he is looking forward to the trial.

“We’ve been trying to get this case done for nearly four years. Like the old saying goes, ‘you can run but you can’t hide.’”

I know Hogan seemed to lose a lot of steam after Gawker allegedly leaked his n-word rants. It cooled me off on the case somewhat as well, but it’s still going to be decided on the facts. Plus, if they can prove Denton and/or his thugs are the ones who released that sealed info, then Hulk is gonna take them for everything they’re worth. Hopefully they’re going on something here, and it’s not just a wild goose chase. Either way, I’m pretty sure the lawyers are going to get something out of all this. We’ll see, I guess.

It really is astonishing that Gawker is still rolling around acting like the biggest shitbirds on the internet. They’ve been wounded a lot over the last year, though. Never forget that. We all took a huge chunk out of their ass. We cost them seven figures, and that’s a lot for place with small profit margins. GamerGate also started the drumbeat against them in social media. People had already went after them before, but we really kicked it up a notch and presented them with an organized resistance for the first time. Keep the pressure up, and they will eventually make an even bigger mistake. Can we totally sink them? I don’t know, but we can at least continue being a persistent thorn in their side. Who knows, maybe Hogan will end up obliterating them like we all hoped he would. This latest news shows the possibility is still there.