Guardian’s Leigh Alexander Goes Full Rioter: Time to “Pick up a Brick” After #Brexit

Guardian’s Leigh Alexander Goes Full Rioter: Time to “Pick up a Brick” After #Brexit

I went to bed after a long night celebrating my second favorite country’s stunning display of democracy last night, but originally I had a column planned. Right before I went to sleep, I saw our oldest friend Leigh Alexander sperging out over on Twitter. I was so sleepy that I couldn’t bring myself to show it to you at the time, but I had to type it up this evening. After all, she’s an old friend of the site, like I said.

Again, we’re talking about Leigh Alexander, so nothing surprises me. But it’s still pretty staggering to see her go full rioters in response to the Brexit vote.


Childish displays on Twitter and calls for violence. Leigh sure has grown a lot over these last couple years. Oh, and most organizations would be embarrassed to have someone like this on staff, but she works for The Guardian, so we can’t really expect much out of them. 

Ethan Ralph

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  • RuralScot

    “ignorant rich fucking right wing fascists” because it wasn’t like it was the working class vote that made the difference or anything.
    America, please take this thing back.

    • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG


    • Mr. Saturn

      You picked her up. She is yours.

  • Mykeru

    I’m not rich. I’m not right-wing, I believe in liberal values. I think the greatest example of fascism in the world today is Islam, not me or people like me. The salt over this glorious event will be further matched no doubt by the ever inane student protesters who thoroughly enjoy throwing bricks at the police at the tax-payers expense.

  • Mouth

    This daffy cunt….global banks wanted to remain. These are the richest of the rich. These are the people that collapse economies for profit! Alexander and her ilk are useful idiots parroting globalist propaganda. Fuck her.

    • Silence Dogood

      Exactly. To these brain dead fools EVERYTHING is fault of the rich, even when the events that transpire are bad for the rich and totally championed by the working class. She’s in the same boat as McIntosh, although he’s more amusing because of the fact that he’s from a very wealthy family. I’m no fan of the rich, but there doesn’t need to be any scapegoating here. Obviously she’s butthurt because Brexit sets back globalization and will allow the UK to say FUCK OFF to the swarming, backwards barbarous immigrants who have been flowing into their country unchecked these past several years.

    • Nathan Clark

      They’re still under the delusion that they’re radical hipsters taking it to the man.

    • Jacob Wunder

      You disagree with her?

      Bigot. Racist.

      • Throwingrocks

        You forgot misogynist and sexist.

      • Melissa Michelle Wray

        Also Islamophobic shitlord.

    • JasonC5

      Yup and powerhouses like Samsung want to leave the UK after results favored Britain leaving the EU.

  • HisShadowX

    ‘SJWs’ don’t have to be your audience. ‘SJWs’ are over.

  • One-Eye

    Is this pathetic soak still trying to get attention?

  • Fisterbottom

    Seeing that melt down makes me proud I voted Leave.

  • Mr. Saturn

    Why is it that the so called “peaceful” left almost by default resort to violence when they don’t get their way?

    • DisneyVillain

      Because they have no brains.

    • Silence Dogood

      Because they are no better than screaming, spoiled children.

    • Lost Question

      Because they believe they will get away with it.

  • Mr0303

    Wait, when did she go to the Guardian? She’s in good company with Jessica Valenti and just reminds everyone to ignore that feminist shithole.

    More on topic – Brexit was never a left/right issue. David Cameron – a conservative – was one of the greatest supporters of the Remain side. Leigh would actually require a brain to comprehend that though.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      It’s kind of where they collect now. The entire paper from it’s writers to it’s editorial staff are all neurotic white chicks between the ages of 25-40.

      • Lost Question

        neurotic white chicks whose only defining feature seems to be that they have a vagina.

      • How the mighty have fallen.

        Then again, I’ve read Edward Snowden’s tweets re: Brexit, and I’m starting to wonder…

  • DisneyVillain

    Leigh Alexander is such a nobody I keep forgetting she exists.

  • SaltHarvest

    Queen Zeal is angry, oh noes…

    • Lost Question

      where is chrono and his party

  • Dave The Sandman

    Ok….looks like Professor Sandman needs to give the drunken spunkbucket a geography lesson.

    Look at the map below. The Yellow bits are the electoral districts which voted “Remain”.

    The yellow bits of England, which voted Remain, are actually where all the “rich fucking right wing fascists” that Liegh is accusing the Leave supporters of being actually live. Yes…. its a case of classic SJW projection – the districts which voted Remain are full of the people she claims to hate.

    The blue “Leave” majority bits – the majority of England and Wales you will note – is where the working class, (rural or industrial) live. Note that even parts of London – the industrial edges – voted to Leave.

    So Liegh you tatty drunken hobo, feel free to choke on your own hubris. This, my dear, is how the English working and middle classes (left, center and right) react when they are called knuckle dragging racist bigoted Little Englanders. We punch you in the face and tell YOU to fuck off.

    We have enough of our wn street drunks and hobos dear, so we wont miss you not coming…..but feel free to tell us who your family is so we can put them on the next flight to LA.

    • Sheba

      >> both have large and thriving Asian and Black communities who came to
      live here over the course of the 20thC. Both districts strongly voted in
      favour of Leave.

      Damn man, you just shattered a narrative.

      – Frenchman, born from parents who ran away from Khmer Rouges here, and tsundere for UK

  • Silence Dogood

    That stupid bitch thinks it was the RICH who voted to leave the EU?! How fucking ignorant and disconnected from reality is she? Never ceases to amaze, that one. It was the WORKING CLASS who rejected the strangulating edicts of the EU and worried about being overrun by barbarous immigrants from the most arse backwards parts of the world. The people getting the most burned by this separation ARE the rich who hide their ill-gotten gains abroad.

    • Dave The Sandman

      It had nothing to do with hating refugees, “teh muzzies” or “Them Poles are takin our jerbz” for me.
      Its that our country was being taken over by a shadowy cabal of cheap suited spivs like Junker and his cronies.
      That and I fucking hate the Frogs, Sprouts, Krauts, Spics, and Dagos….. 😉 (joke)

      • Typical

        you forgot the hunkies, man us slovaks always get discriminated against.

        • Dave The Sandman

          Yeah….but you do have hot hot women by the truckload chum so it aint all rainy dayz.

          • Typical

            I don’t recall, all my family members on that side are fatties.

  • A SJW feminist moron displaying a vast amount of ignorance and stupidity. Shock horror.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Now for some approppriate music…. our new National Anthem perhaps?

  • ash

    LOL. It’s amusing to see a Marxist retard like Leigh Alexander lose her shit.

    • Lost Question

      if people like leigh had showing self awareness they would be very different people

  • Hawk Hopper

    I was thinking about Brexit last night, and it’s a calm before the storm. Millions voted, and about half of the population don’t see eye to eye on what’s best for their countrymen.

    Brexit should have been a huge landslide, but many in the UK decided to ally themselves with the EU. They believe the EU’s control over their country is legitimate. And tens of millions see things the opposite way. There have been countless fights between 2 guys who can’t agree on something, what happens when millions upon millions can’t agree?

    It’s happened before, especially in Europe. If you want to know what caused the downfall of the West, look at WWI and WWII. Both killed millions upon millions of Western men and women and left the Soviets dominating much of the world for decades to come.

    What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t believe things will be peaceful for much longer or that these disagreements are going to be solved with votes. Things are going to get even darker in the West.


    Jesus, what a fucking baby. People voted for a choice she didn’t like for a country she doesn’t even fucking live in, and she’s already talking about beating in heads with bricks.

    A bit hypocritical to complain about “hood men” when you act just like them, Leigh.

    Maybe the real root of her anger is that the drinking age in Europe is 18, not 21, so she was robbed of 3 whole years of pickling her liver.

    • Lost Question

      in leigh’s “mind” if you vote wrong then its time to bring on the violence. the thought that doing so might inspire others to do the same when they think she and those like her choose wrong never comes into the equasion.

  • Celerity

    Could we spare a brick off the great wall and throw it at her? You know, like a game of catch. She can catch, right?

    • Lost Question

      please the bricks off the great wall would be too good, an old sock jammed full of gravel off the side of a road is around her class

      • Celerity

        Rock em sock em. 😀

  • fart stick

    Ah look, another human-shaped tentacle of the globalists.

  • chris perez

    It’s nice to see Leigh is still the same daft cunt she’s always been. It’s no surprise she had to sink so low she took a job at the Guardian. This has been a wonderful last few days. Only Trump winning the presidency could make the salt flow even harder from these demented assholes. As expected the response has been more of the same. Racist old white people ruining the world for everyone. Here are 2 examples of their lunacy. The worst of which I unfortunately don’t have was a tweet from a woman saying “since when does 52% of the population get to decide how everyone should live?” No wonder there has been such a rise in socialists lately as they have no idea how a democracy works.

    • Mr. Saturn

      Considering they tend to think that extreme minorities should affect how we should think, act and live I think she stuff the bottle where the sun don’t shine.

    • D-Bone

      0/10 would not bang.

  • AnotherOne

    This cunt has managed to latch onto a guy from a UK boardgaming blog, so she thinks her opinion matters again. Sad to see what her influence has done to the content on that site, I used to love it unconditionally, now I have to filter the content to make sure there isn’t any SJW bullshit sprinkled in.

  • ash

    You hear endless whining from the leftists at Salon and the Guardian about the vote

  • This is not funny at all.

    Everyone should contact the proper authorities and report this terrorist for inciting riots & threatening violence to innocent people. There are laws that cover that, right?

  • fnd

    To be fair, if someone only watch MSM media they would be led to believe that Brexit was all about Xtreme right wing racism.

    Ok, just kidding, Leigh doesn’t deseve any fairness.

  • Phasmatis75

    A bit advice to this cunt. Don’t screw with Right wing fascists. They’re some of the most passionate caring people who you will legitimately meet when you are on their good side. Get on their bad side and you end up dead. Unlike the left that needs government to do everything for them, right wing people have private industry and themselves ready to defend them.

  • runloganrun

    Just you wait, Leigh. Just you wait until all the people you’ve been shitting on will take to the streets. We’re fighting for everybody’s future and everybody’s safety, not just for people who agree with our big dreams of utopia, like you do.

    If you want to know where your dreams and ideology will take you, look at Venezuela, where currently only the people voting and being registered as Socialists will get a shitty bag of food to maybe help them not starve to death. Your dreams put into action are the nightmares of millions of people that have been forced to live them for years, decades, all their lives.

  • Iso

    No wonder…the Guardian is a crap rag that I wouldn’t wipe my a$$ with. Stupid ignorant cow.

  • Kellen Joel

    Haven’t seen her in a while. Speaking of old friends, how’s Anita doing?