All day yesterday, anti-GamerGate on Twitter denied that the logs from my report yesterday were real. Instead of accepting that they had a predator in their midst, they closed their eyes, and denied reality. Well, now it’s staring them right in the face. And I’d like to see them try to deny it now. Minutes ago, an anonymous group calling themselves @notgoatsesec released definitive proof of the authenticity of the logs. 

Here’s video proof of her lies. Click the link in the tweet. Daily Motion already took it down, so I don’t have much hope in YouTube lol. I’ll look for another place I can upload it that won’t take it down.

UPDATE: You gotta love LiveLeak…

UPDATE 2: LiveLeak has joined Daily Motion lol. Why are you trying to hide this so furiously, Sarah?

UPDATE 3: WTFMagazine gives no fucks, and put it up on his YouTube channel haha (music is edited due to copyright):


UPDATE 4: Back with the original Disco Inferno theme one until DMCA takes it down.