All day yesterday, anti-GamerGate on Twitter denied that the logs from my report yesterday were real. Instead of accepting that they had a predator in their midst, they closed their eyes, and denied reality. Well, now it’s staring them right in the face. And I’d like to see them try to deny it now. Minutes ago, an anonymous group calling themselves @notgoatsesec released definitive proof of the authenticity of the logs. 

Here’s video proof of her lies. Click the link in the tweet. Daily Motion already took it down, so I don’t have much hope in YouTube lol. I’ll look for another place I can upload it that won’t take it down.

UPDATE: You gotta love LiveLeak…

UPDATE 2: LiveLeak has joined Daily Motion lol. Why are you trying to hide this so furiously, Sarah?

UPDATE 3: WTFMagazine gives no fucks, and put it up on his YouTube channel haha (music is edited due to copyright):


UPDATE 4: Back with the original Disco Inferno theme one until DMCA takes it down.


  1. So srhbutts and her friends went a round saying that the IRC logs on ED and TheRalphRetort were faked
    so the hacker team known as potato squad

    the hacker known as 4chan
    head mod of /v/

    took them self upon the task of doing some skiddie hacks to prove that the logs are real
    the best part is! YOU CAN BE JUST LIKE US!

    a huge faggot!

    just download sqlmap and run it with these parameters:

    sqlmap -u –ignore-proxy –random-agent –threads 10 –dbs

    and you can king of pol it for yourself!

    video :

    1. You really are a huge faggot. By running a single regex, you could have reduced the file size by 30% and made it easier to read.

      Seriously, delete the whitespace or compress the file. No need to waste our time on slower connections.

      1. Actually I screwed it up. You could have shrunk it to 50 MB by removing the trailing spaces. Do that next time, dumbass.

  2. The issue with this is if you showed anti-gg the video they would have no idea what’s going on. I have a feeling most aren’t very good with technology.

  3. While normally I wouldn’t approve of articles like this, they do seem to be abnormally interested in proving that they are pure snowflakes who do no wrong. In that case, fuck em.

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      1. Ewwwwwww….

        This does kinda explain his Twitter picture though. Some kinda gross dog glory hole or something. Nasty.

      1. Ok. saw original webm and it is (somewhat) readable.

        I don’t have much background into this specific individual or their contentions, though.

        As an outsider, this doesn’t make much sense : /

        Maybe some more exposition/annotation is needed, or maybe I just need to watch it in slow motion and digest the info.

  4. Using findings produced by hacking, from a side claiming to care about ethics makes us look as bad as they are. I fully support GG but I do not support using these kinds of tactics even if I have no doubt they would do it to any of us. If I was neutral and saw this I would stay as far away from Both GG and aGG and be alot more inclined to beleive the MSM and their shady reports.

    1. What’s wrong with some harmless SQL queries? Not to mention, anything harvested that demonstrates the corrupt, disgusting or illegal (especially the later) is justified. No one is being hurt here, save srhbutts, who asked for this attention when she/he/it declared war on innocent people. You live by the jack boots, you die by the jack boots. Your last sentence is outright stupid though. Anyone with common sense knows not to trust the MSM – it’s far, far too politically/ideologically/financially motivated to care about truth. And your last sentence has a logical issue – the MSM IS the aGG. They chose who they want to stand with, and now they’ll all burn together for daring to continue on the impugning of harmless gamers for the sake of letting a few filthy, shameless wretches build careers. We’ve been taking this shit since grade school, and guess what? The kid gloves are off. Game on.

      1. The end of your response reads a lot like “I was bullied as a kid, so now I’m going to bully others to make up for it. They deserve it for thinking differently to me, anyway.”
        Well done you, I guess.

        1. I’m glad your subjective reading of my words is the perfect screen for you to project your insecurities onto. Glad I could be there for you.

          1. “We’ve been taking this shit since grade school, and guess what? The kid gloves are off. Game on.”

            Well, I’m not sure how else to interpret the above.
            You’re right, of course, any reading is subjective but…those words are actually there.

          2. That sentence is pretty clear – people who play games have been getting harassed about it forever, by subhuman morons who don’t comprehend that “real” doesn’t mean “tangible” and that a time investment in a game is just as rewarding as running around outside like a spaz or making a professional career out of destroying ones body and neglecting ones mind (yes, that was judgmental, no I’m not sorry). A bunch of hipsters decided they were going to use a consumer advocacy platform as their personal ideological platform and to incestuously promote their friends/lovers/financial cohorts, and when said consumers found out, were pretty pissed. And they’ve been nothing short of nasty and derivative ever since; hiding behind the skirt tails of women who frankly are despicable in their own right (but not journalists).

            The deflection from the issue is non-stop. I mean, in the very beginning Leigh Alexander went on national television and outright LIED about why Gjoni made the Zoe Post in the first place, which only makes sense because she’s very open about having bias and doesn’t believe in ethics (typical ideologue doesn’t care about right and wrong, just about what benefits her and her beliefs).

            These idiots made a bad choice when they decided they could make a career taunting and harassing gamers, because gamers have been getting that forever. It’s a stereotype that gamers know isn’t true, but is comfortably perpetuated by ignorant people, outsiders and those who see it as a means to an end.

          3. So because there are negative stereotypes perpetuated about gamers since forever, it’s therefore ok to hurt others?

            …Is that what is meant by the kid gloves coming off?

            and how are you so sure it’s the same people who’ve been giving shit since grade school? or does it not matter?

          4. I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Who hurt someone? To date no one has been hurt as a result of the actions of UNRELATED trolls who attack SJWs and GamerGate supporters alike because they find it amusing. Or did the doxxing and threatening shit sent to Sargon of Akkad and Milo Yiannopolous just magically slip your mind you fucking HYPOCRITE. Get the fuck out of here with your disgusting hypocrisy you joke of a human.

            Come back when you and those like you are ready to acknowledge the corruption and lack of ethics in games journalism, and now obviously ALL journalism. Because that what it’s about. Not feminism. Not minorities of any flavor in games. Certainly not untalented sociopath-bints out to make a buck through lying and professional victimhood. The only thing people who support those retards do is provide a nice big list of people to turn your nose up at as delusion, imbecilic fucktard lacking in basic critical thinking ability.

            Oh, and have a nice daaaaaaay. 😉

          5. I’m talking about your comments.

            What did you mean about the kid gloves coming off and being bullied since grade school? What does that even mean if it’s not “I’ve been hurt, so it’s ok to hurt others?”

            You realize that if you’ve suffered mockery as a child it doesn’t justify anything anyone does as an adult…right?

            (ironically, gaming is so mainstream and popular now that the jocks of yesteryear who once beat up geeks for liking games and computers probably play CoD and Halo in this generation…)

        2. Your response reads a lot like “No! How dare you filthy nerds raise a hand against your betters! We may do as we wish to our property, as we have for decades!”.

          1. …Yeah, it kind of doesn’t though? I didn’t say anything about that?
            But ok?

            (Though I’m a nerd too, but I suppose the difference being I don’t have a massive complex about it)

  5. Let me take a look at Twitter to see how they try and spin this one… I doubt any media site will pick up Butt’s side of the story based on the conversations in the chat dump.

  6. That is what #anallyrekt looks like.

    Thunderf00t just put out a video countering some disgusting SJW white knight cunt calling him a misogynist and a nazi sympathizer (all slander, but not legally actionable – now, were they to call him a pedo or something that requires proof… but they’re not that stupid… yet.).

    At the end of the video there’s a segment of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Captain Picard is talking to Worf about a woman who deceived Worf and did terrible, terrible harm. Captain Picard tells him that they will never be rid of people like her and those people will bide their time until they can “spread fear in the name of righteousness”.

    This is the definition of one flavor of SJW. You have the typical, ignorant and emotional children who are hypersensitive to EVERYTHING and want to be viewed as “good open-minded person” at all costs because GroupThink and public approval, and then you have the shills, con artists and sick fucking monsters who wrap themselves in a cloak of self-righteousness and shame anyone who challenges them with faulty logic these simpering white knights lap up.

    They use this to attempt to curtail freedoms (because this helps them hide and allows them to attack others and shift the focus from themselves aka “obfuscating”) and to empower and enrich themselves, continuing a life long pattern of victimizing others, all while actively tarnishing and corruption the very idea of “good”. This is the exact OPPOSITE of good and justice; and it cannot be tolerated. This is how the Nazi’s rose to power (yes I am aware of Godwin’s Law, but this is poignant); claiming the mantle of righteousness while being irredeemably evil. This is why we must stand against them, and why they must be utterly and absolutely destroyed.

    These SJWs have proven time and time again they are willing to die on just about any hill that has to do with their warped view of reality – so let this be another “killing ground” for them. The fact they want to stand with a monster like srhbutts is just more ammunition for their ultimate destruction and discrediting.

    1. Good post but GamerGate should increasingly use Stalin/Communism/The Soviet Union as our example of an evil dictatorship and form of government when we make our analogies about the Orwellian social justice warrior crowd since Communism is what these special snowflakes are ultimately trying to replace the US constitution with not Hitlerian National Socialism or Mussolini’s fascism.

      1. What’s the substantive difference between Stalinist communism and Nazi fascism? Lots of dead people, totalitarian government, they seem the same to me.

        1. The substantive difference between Communism and Nazism is the ability to hide in western democratic societies.

          We have institutionalized safeguards against one – not the other. Constantly people claim communism is just “misunderstood” or Stalinism was not “real communism”

          Nobody ever talks about “real nazism” the same way.

          1. The difference is in this situation Stalinist = Nazi, i.e. they’re a subset of a larger group like communism/fascism.

            Marxism had a decades-long history before the October Revolution, the October Revolution was a decade before Stalin unquestionably came out on top, and Marxism is not and never was the only type of communism.

            On the other hand, Nazism was under Hitler’s thumb pretty much since it began (He was the DAP’s 55th member, and he became a leader almost as soon as he joined), and any others were purged as soon as possible.

  7. LOL I have somehow accumulated 11 followers via Disqus. And over 3600 upvotes in less than 930 comments (ok, ok, I have no life… kind of). I’m starting to feel special. <3 haha.

          1. Whatever hater. What flavor is that jelly you’ve got there? Grape? Raspberry? Pathetic-hater-berry?

  8. This doesnt end until all gawker media is down, ppl need to know corrupt jurnos lose cash. And if Gawker dies so does game hype and so does crappy game companies, crash ala 1983. Support honest jurnos and less centralized sources of info.

    1. Also, the hoisting up of shit stories as “news” needs to come to end. Glad the FTC is taking a bat to the side of Gawker and the rest of the media with those sneaky fucking affiliate links. Eat. A. Dick. Gawker! These fools are so arrogant they’re practically tripping over each other to give us their heads on a plate. They don’t GET it – they can lie and spin whatever bullshit story they want; we will take them apart brick by brick, sjw by sjw, shill by shill if we have to. We are the Vox Populi and we are officially sick of their shit.

  9. Gotta love the technically inept thinking that computer data is just gone after the conversation is ended. LMFAO.

  10. So, my understanding is that a “Grace Lynn” aka a male to female tranny was “swatted by 8chan” (yeah, sure), according to the Verge and Ars Technica (funny how these douche bags haven’t figured out quite yet that you SHOULDN’T drop stories at the same fucking time because it is an indicator of COLLUSION. *ahem* I then came to find out that this he/she is the creature we all knew as “Devi Ever”, who is claiming he/she/it was originally part of Gamergate because they were a misogynist (yeah, just like Ian Miles Cheong is magically not a nazi anymore, or Arthur Chu isn’t totally cool with rape, because healing powers of SJW cult life) and left for blah blah reasons.

    The funny thing is that these articles take care to NOT mention that this person was Devi… because Devi explicitly left GamerGate over claiming to have been harassed by SJWs and had their bank and other personal accounts hacked. And now this “thing” has become almost a carbon copy of Brianna I-didn’t-flee-my-fucking-home-durrr Wu… I’ve started calling it LiterallyWu2.0, because this poor excuse for an animal doesn’t get the privilege of it’s own, unique pseudonym of mockery. Apparently this person has been defrauding people on Kickstarter, and recently bragged about giving away the proceeds of a failed project to Feminist Frequency, instead of returning them to the donors, as per Kickstarters guidelines. Because being a dick girl will somehow protect it from legal action.

    This is exactly why I hate crowd funding. It just enables people who shouldn’t be trusted in the first place to fuck people. And why are they coming out of the woodwork with this likely faked swatting attempt? They need money (why else?). Funny, I don’t recall any MSM press coverage when Mike Cernovitch was doxed and swatted by LiterallyWho#1 and that other cow… although I do hear he’s taking legal action against them.

    1. Because he wasn’t Swatted. No one threatened to swat him. A photo of his “office” since it was his business location in a public database (it turns out his home) was briefly posted online from Google street view, no street address was included and then it was soon removed when someone one indicated that it wasn’t a business address and he lived there. Cernovich got hysterical, claimed he was doxed (though no address was published) and has milked this incident, months later, for all that it is worth. No police came to his house. No one on Twitter claimed they were going to Swat him. It’s all in his imagination.

      It’s remarkable to me that someone who preaches for men to make no excuses and take responsibilities for themselves has been crying that he was a victim for months now…even though the police never called him or showed up at his house. He calls it an “almost Swat” and by that standard, we have all been “almost Swatted” (meaning. not Swatted at all). It’s kind of shocking to see Cernovich still whining about this “nonincident” months after the fact when everyone else has moved on.

      1. Really? Because he posted photos of cops in front of his house after he was warned that he was going to be swatted. I could be mistaken, but I recall that being a thing.

  11. It’s funny because most of the content of those logs is plausibly done in jest/phrased ironically. If she had simply owned up to it and claimed it wasn’t a big deal, she would have gotten away with a few recurring jokes about her being a pervert. Now that she’s tried to lie about it, I can’t help but wonder if she was being serious in all those comments…

    I couldn’t imagine a more perfect demonstration of the Streisand effect if I tried.

    1. He paniced, acted irrationally, clear qualities of a weak person.
      Be polite, Be professional and let them dig their own graves egg them on, we dont need to talk, alot of these SJW idiots are weak and unhinged like Butthurt. let them dig themselves into obvlivion.

  12. It seems that instead of taking her medicine and GTFO the internet, butthead is doubling down by trying to pass off doxings by /baphomet/ as “all of #Gamergate” (her favorite phrase).

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