Guest Editorial by Dave the Sandman

In Part 1 of this series we covered the findings of Spiked magazines 2016 survey of UK Universities in respect of free speech, a strategic report which provided a truly grim picture with a horrifying 55% of universities classified as being hostile to free speech, free expression and free assembly while only 10% are classed as freedom friendly. In Part 2, again care of Spiked we took a closer look at the Worst 5 Halls Of Shame, with London’s LSE coming in as probably the biggest SJW dungheap in the UK, a university so adverse to free speech they are in the process of considering a ban on the student free speech society (LSE SpeakEasy). Well chums, as promised, here is the third instalment of this Trilogy of Tragedy….a look at some other UK universities showing that, while things at the Worst 5 Halls Of Shame are truly a greasy horrorshow for free speech fans, the same SJW censorious cancer is spreading across the seats of higher learning faster than a dose of crabs in a WW1 French army brothel.


It’s often said that the cream of British youth attends Oxford University and I agree. After all, cream is rich and thick. But it seems it’s not just the Hooray Henrys and HeeHaw Henrietta’s who populate Oxford nowadays….no….our rainbow haired SocJus freaks and their BLMaLike race hustling fellow travellers have taken over in force. Classed as a very unfriendly Red in both 2015 and 2016, Oxford University administration have imposed harsh and wide ranging regulations in respect of “harassment” which appear to include students use of social media, and a laughably ironic set of “Free Speech” regulations which are anything but freedom promoting. And I quote: “‘The university believes that a culture of free, open and robust discussion can be achieved only if all concerned avoid needlessly offensive or provocative action and language.’ Obviously going to one of the best universities in the UK does not impart skills in logic, or a sense of irony. Following up on the same train of thought they banned students debating abortion in 2014.

Not wanting to be outdone by their PC obsessed administration, the Oxford Students Union (SU) have no platformed avowed free speech advocate and Wikileaks supremo Julian Assange, banned the song ‘Blurred Lines’, and disbanded a Mens Rugby Team for cracking lewd jokes, which is like disbanding them for drinking beer or playing Rugby. Student societies wishing to put up stalls at Freshers Fairs must now undergo vetting of their content and presumably purity testing to ensure no taint of maleness, irony or humour. They have banned students having access to LIFE, an anti-abortion advisory group, and all student and SU meetings must come complete with “Trigger Warnings” just in case a delicate bloom looses their shit. But best of all, the censorious chucklefucks have been lobbing the banhammer at any student press which dares to question the SocJus approved party line. The two videos below cover student papers the SU have tried to close down….including through making trumped up police reports about harassment and threats. Watch in horror …..

Just for good measure, the Oxford Union Society debating mafia have flagged Sargon’s channel for a laughably stupid reason, causing our favourite bearded Britlord to go back to 15 minute posts. Personally if I were Sargon I’d respond in kind and do them under the Trade Descriptions Act for their obviously deceptive use of the laughable claim to be Britain’s “last bastion of free speech”.


Let’s face it ship mateys, no roundup of SJW shitpits would be complete without a sneering look at the home of misandrist race hustler and rainbow haired feminazi-fatwa-flinging hate pig Bahar Mustafa.

Goldsmiths (University of London) is, by its own description “a public research university specializing in the arts, design, humanities, and social sciences”. In other words the body-warm Petri dish in which problem glasses wearing hipster chucklefucks breed like Ebola. If the plague that is SocJus has a Patient Zero, its arts colleges like Goldsmiths.

The university administration seems blissfully unaware of existing anti-discrimination laws in the UK as it thinks it needs its own which basically just repeat what already exists as UK law adding a few broader sweeps of the SocJus paint roller. Then they impose a broad reaching “Dignity” policy which, among other things, bans lewd humour and jokes. No fun and jollity allowed at Goldsmiths.

As you would expect though infestation central is the loony run SU, which has imposed draconian policies in respect of no platforming speakers and groups (especially right wing groups), what it broadly defines as “transphobia”, and preventing any opinion other than those of the pro-abortion crowd. Marching to the National Union of Students drums they have signed on to BDS and have banned the Socialist Workers Party from campus. Then there are policies on freedoms-free safe spaces, racy advertising for sports events and clubs, and best of all one requiring student clubs and societies to actively combat “lad culture” and “laddishness” of all stripes.

Basically chumraids Goldsmiths is a Dr Mengele’s laboratory for bad ideas, shitty policies, nanny bullies and censorious chucklefucks. The only way to cure the plague is through the purifying flame. Crank up the sirens, it’s time for The Purge.

And now, to prove I haven’t an axe to grind with the fashionable and posh, let’s take a look at what is going on at my old alma mater, the leafy Midlands haven that is Keele.


I went to Keele back in the bleak and windswept days of the mid 1980s, when left wing leaning bods like me were busy kicking at the pillars of Thatcherite Britain. My angry generation had emerged from the miners’ strike riots and the ‘race riots’ of 1981 with bloody knuckles and the “industrial holocaust” of 1984 only reinforced our hatred of the government. Keele was back then known still by its 1970s nickname “The Kremlin On The Hill” and was a hotbed of radical student politics. But despite that the Feminist Society was a mouthy minority generally ignored by most everyone, and as President of the Keele Rock Society I and my fellow metal heads organised rowdy bacchanalian parties with loud music, dwarf throwing and wet T Shirt contests (and “wet boxers contests” for the amusement of the ladies) and on occasion saucy dancers and jelly wrestlers, much to the ire of said feminists. If you have ever watched the classic Animal House you know the sort of antics we got up to.

Well, it seems the times they are a changing, and the beloved leafy haven of free speech and rowdy fun of yore is increasingly coming under the sway of SocJus. In Spiked’s 2015 survey Keele rated a very healthy Green, but in 2016 it has slipped down the SJW shitpole and is now rated in the Amber category. As the summary says: “Keele University and Keele University Students’ Union (KUSU) collectively create an environment that chills free speech.”

The university administration has banned student society “initiations”. Now I’m all for banning bullies making freshers jump through loops, but most of the stuff on that list was average consenting behaviour at parties I went to while at Keele. There is also the worrying and ironically named “Freedom of Speech” policy which does exactly the opposite of what it says on the front page. If I were a student at Keele now Id be a tad concerned at how my rights to free expression and free assembly were being quietly curtailed. Beware Velvet Gloves my Keele brothers and sisters, as you usually find the hands that wear them are Iron Fists.

The SU has imposed somewhat vague rules on what is are acceptable forms of posts and communications, including to personal social media profiles. Big Brother much KSU? The SU has also pledged to issue trigger warnings before some topics are discussed at SU meetings and AGMs just so pansies and buttercups don’t get their delicate ikkle petals bruised. And in common with many SUs they have banned pay day loan companies advertising in the union building and press. Now while I agree with preventing predatory lending and loan sharks having an outlet to sell their snake oil, it is also the thin end of the wedge as has been proven time and time again. Today it’s the loan sharks, tomorrow…?

So relatively mild by the standards of the Top 5 Halls Of Shame and SJW shitpits like Goldsmiths, but still a worrying decline in the past year. I hope the Keelers see this as a clarion call rather than a positive step….but fear that the SocJus creep is beginning, and next year will see further declines in free speech protections at my beloved Keele.


So how did our universities, once bastions of freedom where students were willing to shed blood to defend their rights, turn into hotbeds of censorship and nannying? How did our society’s wander down Enlightenment Road take a devious detour down Stalin Street and run smack bang into a Thought Police roadblock?

Good question. Sitting back with my strategic analysis hat on I feel like the copper in V For Vendetta: “I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected…

There are a thousand and one reasons you could suggest, all valid to a great or lesser degree.

I think Based Mom hits one nail on the head when she explains that the more moderate radicals like her moved on once they considered their battles won in the Second Wave of feminism and radicalism, leaving behind only the truly loony to carry on their madness at academic institutions.

I think the rise of the narcissistic entitlement society is in a big part to blame, a society that tells the duckyface selfie obsessed dimwits that they are all special snowflakes and deserve medals. I see the erosion in what passes in debate and exchange of ideas seemingly brought about by news and panel discussion shows that are no more than shouting matches where nobody can be heard clearly, and at the same time expression is rendered down to a shit tsunami of broadcast brainfarts bleated 140 characters at a time. The net, once forecast as the future of information exchange, has degenerated into an endless chain of chimpanzee enclosures full of poo flinging primates. Intellectualism and integrity are no longer virtues they are vices, and meritocracy is seen as the Great Satan which must be purged in the name of the new god Diversity.

Back in the 80s The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy released the killer track Television, the Drug of the Nation. Well kids… replace ‘Television’ with ‘Social Media’…..

What we are seeing at Universities is the rise of the Idiocracy, a mass takeover by Generation Selfie, a Duckyface Dawn.

And why is this such a worry?

Well, consider my pedigree chums that universities are the traditional recruiting ground for politicians and policy makers and you see the problems ahead. The SJW gimpos running Students Unions today may well turn out to be the Parliamentarians of tomorrow, the movers and shakers in policy mills both private sector and public sector, and the people who tell you what you can think, say and do.

Personally, that’s a world I never want to see.