I haven’t watched much of anything from the SXSW Harassment Summit, or whatever the hell they called it. I couldn’t even muster up enough fake enthusiasm to power me through a panel or two. I saw that Brianna Wu did something early Saturday morning after it had already happened, which again, didn’t matter because I wasn’t going to watch it anyway. Randi Harper was scheduled to do a panel at 5PM later that day, and I actually did turn it on for a minute a looked for the presentation. For some reason, I couldn’t find it. I wonder what happened?


Ah, I see. Well, there must have been some sort of reason? Maybe the room was too crowded for the cameraman?


Ouch. OK, well, I’m sure it was still a rousing success, Randi. At least you can still count on the SJW media to spin this as some sort of triumph. Here’s a hack who works for Ars Technica:


Anyway, we could talk about that sort of thing for awhile, but that’s not fun. Let’s talk about Big Randi clowning on Brianna Wu instead, shall we? That should be a lot more interesting and less depressing than thinking about dishonest media spin. In fact, Harper went in on Deceitful Wu time and time again, much to my delight. She got started early on Friday night after Wu put out another one of her clinically insane tweets…


Damn, you weren’t important enough to be a part of that convo, huh Brianna? That must have stung a little bit, since I know your ego is as big as the Grand fucking Canyon. But Randi didn’t stop there. In fact, she seemed to question why Wu was ever invited in the first place. I understand this complaint, since if you’ve ever seen more than one of Brianna’s presentations, then you know they’re almost all exactly the same. I’ll let Ms. Harper explain further…



It would be easy to find someone less privileged that Wu, who if you’ll recall, received a loan of $250,000 upon completion of college and proceeded to blow that all on a failed animation company. But, ya know, Wu is trans so that automatically equals oppression, apparently.

Randi, to her credit, seems content to keep roasting this nutter at every turn…



Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. We know Randi Harper is one of the most fraudulent people that we’ve ever seen on the internet. I’m still amazed that one of the most prolific bullies in World Wide Web history is now trying to position herself as a anti-abuse advocate, but such is a sign of the times, I suppose. Don’t expect Hamburger Harper to change her ways, either. She know no one in the mainstream media will ever call out her bullshit.

Ah, gotta love that sweet, sweet consistency.

    1. i wonder if there is a way to make a bunch of twitter accounts that will get themselves automatically added to the blacklist in order so that they assemble into a virus on the block bot. turning the shoddily coded block bot into a virus spreader. probably not. but would laugh if all the sjw’s using the block bot got their twitter account deleted and computer crashed, maybe then they would realize that there is indeed a world outside of twitter… probably not.

  1. The only real solution is truth, listening, understanding and ignoring. Accept the truth and don’t lie. Listen to what people tell you rather than putting words in mouths. Understand the entire situation before spreading oil on a fire. Finally and most fucking obvious of all: if its a troll, griefer or general jackass = ignore it.
    Why the fuck are these bigots getting paid 2k a month to peddle shit?

  2. Lol the irony in Harper “If you’re unwilling to commit your time to helping others”

    Fuck if Brianna Wu is the Godzilla of feminists, she must be the King Kong of feminists. Fuck Hungry Hungry Harper.

    1. done in the voice of a national geographic documentary narrator: “the wu as per its usual ritual squeals his usual lies, unable to face reality in any form unfortunately for the wu it’s squealing has caught the attention of a hungry harper, usually wu’s and harper’s exist in a uneasy state of mutual self delusion, whilst feeding upon the patrion shrub however in lean times when the patrion shrub is plentiful the harper like many of the creatures in the socjus species will turn upon each other in a attempt to supplement its food and remove competition for the patrion shrub that they all so desperately enjoy”

  3. In a fight to the death Harper will definitely win. Unfortunately for her she’ll be poisoned straight after devouring Wu.

      1. “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Tumblr’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last latte at thee.”

  4. This is sad. A tragic story that shows the trajectory of disingenuously using victimization as a launching pad for your career.

  5. i recall a great article, by the NYT or Verge or some-shit

    Basically saying ‘great ideas but no ears to hear them’. But of course, none of those ideas were actually, you know, in the article or anything. They definitely exist though! We just failed to mention any of these ideas, in an article about these ideas…who knows why.

    rule of thumb: if an article makes an assertion, these days, check to make sure if they provide evidence. sad that i have to say it!

  6. ars technica used to be somewhat respectable but they have been taking a noticeable dive and seem to be getting worse and worse

    a real shame

  7. I loved hearing on NPR that SXSW had determined that computers could be racist and sexist. That truly made me giggle.

  8. She says they need to hear more people speaking besides their little clique. Maybe the issue is, most people aren’t harassed or don’t consider disagreement harassment. It’s not that people are afraid to speak out, it’s that harassment is just a figment of their collective imagination.

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