You know how we were waiting for someone from the anti-GamerGate side to come out and at least question the blatantly fraudulent UN report that came out of the Blowey Zoe & Anita the Fraud panel last week? Well, a funny thing happened early this morning. I actually missed it at first, because I was working on other things, but Hamburger Harper sent out a barrage of tweets calling bullshit on that panel’s proposals. She stopped short of saying the whole exercise was a joke, although the report is the major thing all of them were shilling. So how can any of it be useful? Maybe she was trying to avoid calling her partner Zoe Quinn an attention seeking camera-hound. I don’t know. But credit where credit is due, she did speak out. So, here are the relevant tweets:

You’re just now finding out that Anita Sarkeesian is a sex negative ideologue? Well, I could have told your big ass that a long time ago, Randi. You need to read moar.

OK, now I’m beginning to understand what’s going on in her meth-soaked brain. She’s one of the most notorious trolls in the history of the Internet, if you want to know the truth.She doesn’t partake in the fun kind of trolling, either. She lies about people at every turn, goes after your job, tries to sink your reputation. Former allies are not safe. She’s dangerous, and the fact that Google Ideas hosted her last week is a goddamn disgrace. Regardless, I think she sees the writing on the wall, and doesn’t like where this is headed for trolls like herself. To be fair, I don’t like the shit either. How long is it going to be before they start shutting people down under an Anita-style internet? It won’t be long, given the fact that she thinks calling her a liar is online abuse. Well, Sarko, maybe you could try lying just a little bit less, you fucking phony.CPwRdxuWoAA6hED

ANYWAY, back to the tweets:

That might actually be the smartest thing you’ve ever written, Big Randi:

I think I’ll just screenshot these last few…4JWMK1cI must say, that was a pretty good rant there, Harper. Kudos for speaking out. One more thing though, before I go. When are you going to stop using that patented camera trickery of yours and let people see the real Hamburger Harper? fo1ylru

I won’t hold my breath waiting on that to happen anytime soon. Lemme know what your thoughts are about this somewhat surprising story. I’ll be back on the evening shift with a few more posts. I feel like the new layout is energizing me a bit haha. See you later, folks.