I don’t worship at the altar of Michael Tracey, but the guy did some very solid work over the course of the 2016 campaign. It also known that he did that work while under the employ of VICE. As most of you probably already know, VICE is complete trash. The only bright spot on their entire site is Tracey’s work. The rest is incomprehensible SJW garbage. Ah, I guess I should change “is” to “was,” because Mr. Tracey just got shitcanned for proving that Lena Dunham is a liar who made a big show about voting for Hillary Clinton in the New York primary, while not being registered to do so.

Since his tweet has Ms. Dunham’s address in it, Randi Harper (aka Hamburger Harper) decided to make a stink over it.

Keep in mind, this is the same woman who doxed thousands during the heyday of GamerGate. She’s also one of the most notorious abusers online and her hypocrisies could fill a whole book. In fact, a good portion of this very site is chocked-full of her numerous contradictions. Just click on the Hamburger Harper tag above to see more of them. Why any media organization would listen to this bloviating harpie is beyond my level of comprehension. Also, her profile picture is another one of her massive lies. I wonder how long it took to put out such a blatant piece of body propaganda.

Posed picture.
Real life.

And the second picture is also posed. She’s really a lot uglier than even that. Must me all those years of alleged meth abuse. But, I digress. I’m getting off-topic. The point is, this bitch is a liar in the same mold as Lena Dunham. VICE just proved beyond all shadow of a doubt that they’re running a sleazebag operation that’s beholden to the whims of SJW frauds like Big Randi. Michael Tracey is much better off now that he can officially move away from all that cancer.

Oh, and if you would like to contribute to his journalism, you can do so here.